Idol Headlines for 3/12/08

Cowell slams “dull” ‘American Idol’

Simon Cowell has said that he’s “not enjoying” the current series of American Idol.

The reality TV star claimed the series was similar to the last X Factor in the UK, which he described as “dull”.

He told The Sun: “To be honest with you I’m really not enjoying the current American Idol season. It actually reminds me of the last X Factor series we did. It’s just a bit dull.”

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‹Idol finalists tackle Beatles songs

As the …Idol final sprint to the finish officially began on Tuesday, the show offered a new stage and a new songbook to choose from.

Ryan Seacrest was excited enough about the new set, which approximately zero percent of the viewers care about, to wear a suit and tie for the occasion. Simon Cowell cared enough to cover a full 50 percent of his chest area with his half-open shirt.

It was also the first time the show gotten the rights to the John Lennon-Paul McCartney canon. Not surprisingly, given that the Beatles were a male group, the guys tended to do better than the women. But both genders offered finalists who impressed the judges.


Idol Tracker: Stunner in the Idoldome

This day had long been promised. After the ups and downs of Season Six and its mixed post-mortem; after the greatest minds in entertainment convened to regroup, retool and restock the most powerful franchise in television history, showing its first hints of wobbly mortality; after the back to basics audition tour and the no-nonsense Hollywood week; after meeting and saying goodbye to a dozen hopefuls in the Top 24 level; after the boy who lives in his car, Danny Noriega, Kady Malloy, the David Hernandez revelations ‘ at last we return to the Idoldome. And what looks to be the most exciting season in American Idol history, can finally begin.

(Side note: If this is most powerful season in American Idol history, and American Idol is the most powerful show in the history of television ‘ in terms of rating impact relative to the playing field it surely is ‘ and if television is the most powerful entertainment medium ever invented ‘ communicating simultaneously with more people than anything previously imagined, then can not one empirically state that we are about to witness the most powerful 22 nights of entertainment since the dawn of civilization?)


‘American Idol’: Best 12 Ever

We’re down to the top 12, folks, on The Very Best “American Idol” Ever.

For the occasion, they’ve built a spectacular “Star Trek”-cum-Vegas set. The audience gives the set a standing ovation. Yes, they really do.

The new set includes, host Ryan Seacrest says excitedly, the very first “American Idol” Mosh Pit. It’s filled entirely with young chicks.

In honor of this very special occasion, the producers have declared this John Lennon-Paul McCartney week, having finally cleared Beatles songs for this TV season’s round of “Idol” after years of trying.

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”American Idol”: A Hard Night’s Daze

Chalk up another ”wow” moment for David Archuleta.

Unfortunately for the human equivalent of a fresh-hatched baby chick, his performance tonight of the Stevie Wonder version of the Beatles’ ”We Can Work It Out” provided a very different kind of ”wow” than what most American Idol fans were expecting. After all, the last time Little David got anywhere near a John Lennon-penned number, back in week 2 of the semifinals, to be precise, he delivered a rendition of ”Imagine” so pure and heartfelt that Paula threatened to squeeze off his head and attach it to her rearview mirror, and a lot of Idol prognosticators and fans wondered if the winner of season 7 was, for all intents and purposes, a foregone conclusion.

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American Idol: The Reward Paid Off

OK, so I stand corrected. That was not the train wreck I thought it would be. Sure, a few cars derailed throughout the two hours of Idol Insanity, but overall ¦pretty good. Expect the worst, hope for the best. I guess that a good strategy.

First off, Ryan introduced us to the new opening credits and the new set. The new credits were notable if only for the conspicuous lack of any winner who is not Kelly, Carrie, or the current crown princess Jordin. The new set is fairly interesting, being that the band is now situated above the stage. I thought this would throw off the vocalists, but it didnt seem to affect them much.


Beatles Night Best Ever on American Idol

People doubted whether the top 12 on American Idol could do the songs of The Beatles justice. Not only did the Idols do right by the Lemmon-McCartney songbook, they were part of what will go down as the most memorable night of American Idol ever.

Beatlemania kicked in as soon as Syesha Mercado hit the stage. She was droppin it like it was hot throughout her performance of …Got to Get You Into My Life. Girlfriend soulful singing certainly had Paul McCartney raising the roof.

Chikezie version of …She a Woman was part country, part rock and totally amazing. I was thrown off by the knee-slappin intro, but once Chikezie started to kick it, it all made sense. This dude is top dawg! He took a big risk by remaking this Beatles classic, but it gonna pay off for weeks to come. If anyone has any doubts that there are some superstars in the making on this season Idol, I have one word for them: Chikezie!


Recap: ‘American Idol’ Top 12 Perform

After many years of threatening to secure the Beatles catalogue, Tuesday (March 11) night’s episode finally sees American Idol tapping into the Lennon-McCartney songbook. It’s the start of the Top 12. There’s a new credit sequence (lots of scary close-ups of pop singing avatars). There’s a new stage (big and, um, big). But what about the singers and their interpretations of some of the finest compositions of the past 50 years?


American Idol: Top 12 Perform

After what went down last week, I’d be scared to death to perform first. On the girls’ side, Asia’h performed first, followed by Kady. For the boys, it was Luke up first followed by David Archuleta and then Danny. So, other than David, all four eliminated contestants sang first on their respective performance shows. Do we forget so quickly, America? Maybe a whole night of Beatles classics will make it all a bit more memorable for you.

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Idol’s Class of ’08: Secrets of the Top 12

“No one can argue that this year’s top 12 aren’t the best we’ve ever had, ” declares American Idol exec producer Ken Warwick. “End of story.” Actually, Idol fans argue about anything and everything. End of story? Hardly ‘  the real battle is just beginning. For instance, can David Archuleta be stopped? (Remember this time last year, the presumed victor was Melinda Doolittle, not Jordin Sparks.) In any case, Warwick has one crucial piece of advice for the contenders: “Make one mistake and you’ll pay for it.” Hey, kids, no pressure! Here we profile Season 7’s final dozen and all their biggest secrets ‘  their lucky charms, best buds and private signals.


‘American Idol’: Advice for the Top 12

Ramiele, snap out of karaoke mode! Michael, take bigger risks! And Amanda, for heaven’s sake, smile! Michael Slezak offers song and styling suggestions for each of the finalists as they hit the big stage.

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Meet the American Idol Finalists

‘Idol’: A musicmaker’s dozen of talented singers

USA TODAY takes a look at the American Idol finalists as they head into the first night of co-ed competition.

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Catching Up With American Idol

Welcome to the finals of American Idol, where plus à §a change, plus c’est la mà ªme chose’ starring Jason Castro as Blake Lewis, David Archuleta as Melinda Doolittle, David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay as Antonella Barba, and Amanda Overmyer as Sanjaya Malakar’s hair. Jason is the quirky, edgy one. David is the shy vocal genius pegged to win but doomed to be sent home early due to a fatal case of perfection’ even the judges know this, congratulating David on every microscopic mistake that makes him seem “human.” David H. and Ramiele have the kind of racy past that did in Antonella last season, and as for the coiffure comparison’ well, it’s not even just Amanda’s two-tone style. Really, when I look at the 2008 lineup, it’s been all about the hair.


American Idol Odds – David Archuleta leads the pack

17-year-old high school junior David Archuleta is the huge (early) favorite to win American Idol season 7 according to odds makers at, his odds to win currently sitting at 2 to 3.

Archuleta leads the 5 heads group of favorites to win American Idol season 7. He is followed by Carly Smithson (4 to 1), Jason Castro (7 to 1), Michael Johns (7 to 1) and Brooke White (8 to 1).

Critics argue if David Archuleta’s supremacy can kill this season’s ratings. He is definitely really good and he’s an early favorite, a status that rarely paid off in the previous seasons of American Idol…if in doubt ask Melinda Doolittle among others.

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“Idol, ” “Truth” cement Fox’s ratings dominance

Fox enjoyed another bonanza in the primetime ratings last week, thanks to a resurgent game show, a new drama, and the usual three helpings of “American Idol, ” according to Nielsen Media Research data issued Tuesday.

Tuesday’s installment of the talent show fell to a season low (28.4 million viewers, 10.6 rating/26 share in adults 18-49), while the Wednesday and Thursday episodes were each up a little in viewership from the previous week.


Ruben Studdard spends a little idle time with his pets before tour, return to Hollywood

We caught up with the 29-year-old crooner before he headed to Hollywood, where he returns to the “Idol” spotlight this week via the show’s new farewell song. Studdard’s cover of the Kenny Loggins “Celebrate Me Home” will play as each of 10 of the Top 12 contestants are voted off the show.

The song, produced by Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, will be available on iTunes Wednesday, after the first contestant is voted off.

OneRepublic frontman teams up with Clarkson

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder has confirmed that he is working on new material with Kelly Clarkson.

Tedder, who co-wrote and produced Leona Lewis’s number one hit ‘Bleeding Love’, told DS that Clarkson’s new songs will feature “big choruses” and “heavy drum programming”.

He also revealed that the songs are influenced by nineties electro-rockers Garbage, while one song, a mid-tempo rock ballad, features an experimental bridge inspired by Mozart.

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“Idol” Chatter: Phil Stacey, Travis Tritt

Contestants on “American Idol” have found a very receptive audience in country music with “Idol” graduates Carrie Underwood, Josh Gracin and Kellie Pickler all making an impact on the genre.

Country’s latest “Idol” alum is Phil Stacey, whose new video, “If You Didn’t Love Me, ” debuted yesterday on GAC.
“The video is set in an old motel, where you will see several different storylines of people who depend on the love of others, ” Phil writes in a blog on USA Today’s website. “I found the storyline very touching, since the reason I chose the song to begin with was my dependence on the love of my wife.


Kellie Pickler’s “9 To 5” Inspiration

Kellie Pickler has gotten a lot of mileage out of “9 To 5” – she’s sung the song on the Grand Ole Opry and added it to her set list for many of her concerts. The song is, of course, one of the biggest in the career of Dolly Parton, GAC’s current Artist of the Month. In fact, Kellie says Dolly is one of her primary inspirations, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be trying to sound just like the Country Music Hall of Famer.

“I never want my music to mimic anyone else, ” Kellie told The Salt Lake Tribune.


The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Gives Grants over $500, 000 to Programs across the Nation

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, co- founded by entertainer Clay Aiken, announced over $500, 000 in grants to support programs nationwide as part of the Foundation’s Let’s ALL Play program.

This is an exciting development in The Bubel/Aiken Foundation’s goal to expand Let’s ALL Play. The Foundation will support over 30 recreational programs in 2008. Programs receive a program model and Foundation training in addition to grant funding. Because of the Foundation’s support, children across the country will participate in inclusive programs for the first time.

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AT&T Launches ‘American Idol’ Framerz, Allowing Customers to Idolize Their Favorite Pictures

Just in time for tonight’s first performance by the Top 12 contestants, AT&T Inc. announced today the launch of American Idol Framerz, an AT&T exclusive application designed to bring customers a snap closer to the Idol experience. With American Idol Framerz, AT&T customers can frame their favorite pictures within an “American Idol” setting and receive the finished product on their phone in a multimedia message (MMS).

American Idol Framerz by AT&T has a frame for each of the Top 12 contestants, as well as other Idol-branded images, allowing users to place their photo in their favorite Idol setting. And if their friend or family member is a bigger Idol fan than they are, they can just as easily frame and share photographs of others, too.

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