Idol Headlines for 2/14/08

The Spoilers Were Pretty much Right On

The American Idol episode centering around the announcement of its top 24 contestants just ended, and in a sorta disheartening anticlimax, the spoilers that leaked to TV Squad at the end of January were 100% correct. Which means that we won’t be seeing any more of politico-in-training Kyle Ensley or car-living emo kid Josiah Leming, at least until they get picked up by Fox News Channel or Ultragrrrl’s label. (I’m pretty sure that either one could be signed by either entity.) The full list of finalists–in the order they were announced during the show, and with some supplemental details for those of you who have been following Idolator’s commentary on the show this season–after the jump.


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American Idol: The Top 24 Revealed

It’s amazing that what on paper looks like it has to be one of the most interminably boring hours on television still manages to be compelling and taut with suspense. Ronald Hodge, who I don’t remember having ever seen before is the first to take the chair, and the first to get cut. I might feel more sympathetic about this if I knew who the hell he was. That string continued as I said “Huh?” and “Who?” while Nina Shaw, Mycale Guyton and Lisa Aukerman all heard that their journeys had ended as well.

TV Squad

Judges pick the 24 semifinalists on ‹Idol

Last year, …American Idol became the Sanjaya Malakar show, and the other, more talented singers were left in the shadows. This year, the judges made one decision that will either prevent that from happening again or they missed out on one of the best stories in recent memory.

The dirty little secret of the final …Idol auditions show, in which the 24 semifinalists are named, is that there are very few surprises. Most of the people who have gotten a lot of airtime make it through, and most of the others dont.


‘Idol’ Watch: The many (MANY) songs of David Archuleta

Anyone watching last night’s American Idol — anyone with a beating heart, anyway — had their knee socks charmed right off after watching 16-year-old David Archuleta adorably sing his way through Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” Granted, he hasn’t quite pulled out the vocal fireworks that several of the other semi-finalists have during Hollywood Week, but can any of them claim to have torn the roof off of “And I Am Telling You” in front of Kelly Clarkson herself? No joke; check the clip below:

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ reveals the Top 24

The Top 24 for the seventh season of American Idol were announced on Wednesday (Feb. 13) night’s show. Click through to follow every filler-tastic second of drama…


Top 12 ‘American Idol’ Women: Odds and Ends

While there are several suprises and mysteries among the Top 12 American Idol Men, the Top 12 Women are more familiar, having all received plenty of pre-Hollywood exposure. Click through for a detailed peek at where you’ve seen the girls before, how much professional experience they have, which Idol favorites they remind me of and how I think they’ll do this season. See if you agree…


Top 12 ‘American Idol’ Men: Odds and Ends


Can Michael Johns be the first true blue American Idol?

MICHAEL Johns has been wooing the American Idol judges with his soulful voice and it’s been enough to carry the Australian-born singer into the Top 24 of the competition.

Idol Judge Simon Cowell said: “It was unanimous.”

The 29-year-old auditioned in San Diego earlier in the year, along with 12, 000 people from the area and only 30 people were selected.

Melbourne man makes cut on ‘Idol

WEST MELBOURNE – Melbourne rocker Robbie Carrico is one of the 24 finalists in this year’s “American Idol” on Fox.

A small but boisterous crowd of fans showed up to support their homeboy at West Melbourne’s Metro Entertainment Complex, which televises the show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The crowd cheered when judges announced the 25-year-year-old Carrico made the cut. A few faint boos followed with judge Simon Cowell’s assessment that the decision “was not unanimous.”

Florida Today

Lots to be said about ‘American Idol’

There was a striking moment on American Idol last week. A Clay Aiken lookalike — but without Aiken’s talent and ability — recalled that he had auditioned two years earlier alongside an unknown called Carrie Underwood, “my audition buddy.”

Idol producers rolled old tape of the moment, and sure enough there was Underwood, sitting in a chair and staring ahead, just another skinny blonde woman with a dream. She looked tense. Serious. Focused.

Cut to the 50th Annual Grammy Awards this past weekend. There was Underwood, completely transformed in black leather shorts and Shania Twain boots, tearing up the crowd with her chart-topping single “Before He Cheats.” She was handed the lead-off position in one of the most important music events of the year, the opening act in the milestone half-century ceremony for the Recording Academy.

Dish Of Salt: 10 To Watch On ‘American Idol’

We are just hours away from the …American Idol Top 24 being revealed. Ive poured over the eight audition shows and carefully watched the Hollywood rounds. Here is the list of the ten singers I think will be garnering your votes this season. Ive based it on a number of factors from 1 to 10 ‘ likeability, vocal ability, airtime and star quality.

Access Hollywood

Kellie Pickler Tells ‘Idol’ Contenders: ‘Stay Away From Mean People’

As …American Idol narrows down the field of contenders to 24, former “Idol” hopeful-turned-recording artist Kellie Pickler has some advice for the new crop.

…Stay away from mean people, the perky blonde told People. …Of course that with any profession.

Pickler, who made it to the final 10 on Season 5 of the popular Fox show, suggested that the new crop …surround yourself with people that support and pray for you.

Pickler said being in front of millions on television every week had a big effect on her personal life.

Access Hollywood

American Idol Winner Eventually Could Be Influenced By Gambling

Spouses everywhere are being forced to watch American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Starting next week, the show will also air on Thursdays.

Sports books have been driven over the years by obsessions of America. That is what makes American Idol so appealing for these odds makers, who are always interested in new ways to get into gamblers pockets.

William “The Refrigerator” Perry, was the person responsible for all of the insane proposition bets that can now be placed on the Super Bowl. For American Idol, the shows popularity itself could lead to the next level in gambling.

Casino Gambling Web

Kelly Clarkson Tour To Include Sean Kingston + Mandy Moore!

Kelly Clarkson kicks off her Australian tour on March 1 with the exciting announcement Sean Kingston and Mandy Moore supporting! Her new single ‘Don’t Waster Your Time’ is on your radios now – vote for it and snap up the remaining tix for this amazing tour now!
With young Jamaican sensation Sean Kingston (‘Beautiful Girls’ and ‘Me Love’) and charismatic songstress Mandy Moore also performing as special guests, no wonder there is huge anticipation for this massive tour!

After a short break at home in Texas, Kelly resumes here ‘My December’ world tour in Australia, kicking off in Perth on Saturday March 1, and then continuing on to the U.K and Europe. The concert includes all Kelly’s incredible hits like ‘Never Again’, ‘Since U Been Gone’, ‘Because Of You’, ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ and ‘Walkaway’ to name a few.

Sony BMG

Idol-Ridden ‘RENT’ Still Takes Us ‘Out Tonight’

A show that was a period piece even upon its premiere to Broadway twelve years ago, RENT, as time passes, becomes less and less relevant to modern times. However, this musical which broke a lot of ground in contemporary musical theatre, can still speak to a modern audience and the never-fading RENT-heads. The recent, muddled film adaptation has brought a new stream of fans to the soon to be closing Broadway hit. Currently playing for a limited engagement at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, this national tour of RENT brings some fresh talent but hardly new perspective to the windy city. This cookie-cutter tour from the original Broadway production, offers near-identical sets, staging, costumes and lighting. The excitement and energy of this rock-opera still invigorates the public and makes departed composer Jonathan Larson yet another reminder of talent gone far before its time.

Broadway World

‘Rent’ pays off as return to newly bygone days

There no shame in 2008 in singing along with TLC, or getting caught up in …Friends, or being moved by …Rent, the consummate 1990s musical now making a brief return appearance at the Cadillac Palace.

A game-changing, Pulitzer-winning phenomenon in its day, Jonathan Larson update of …La boheme now plays as a time capsule, as historic for today teens as …Hair was for Generation X. By the time the singers cop to …living in America at the end of the millennium, the presence of beepers and a big honkin movie camera already has made it clear were in another era.

Chicago Sun-Times

A country mile

SPECIAL TO THE TIMES UNION She won “American Idol, ” she’s a Grammy Award winner and was voted best female vocalist by the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. But when it comes to her voice, country singer Carrie Underwood is her harshest critic.

She doesn’t like listening to herself sing never has.

Lucky for her, she seems to be in the minority: Her smash debut album, “Some Hearts, ” has sold 6 million copies since its release in November 2005. Her follow-up, “Carnival Ride, ” has gone double platinum and produced the No. 1 country single “So Small.”

Times Union

‘American Idol’: Rehabbing Hollywood

A roller-coaster week for “American Idol”:

First, it’s going to become a Disney theme park attraction in which tourists who buy tickets can sing for a panel of judges. We like the certain touch of irony that will add to the show going forward each time judge Simon Cowell sniffs that some Idolette sounds “karaoke.”

Second, “Idol” suffered ignominy at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, going 3 for 16 — two wins for Carrie Underwood and one for Jennifer Hudson. On the bright side, former Idolette Chris ” ‘American Idol’ is on the skids” Daughtry, who came to the trophy show all cocky with his four nominations, went home empty-handed.

Washington Post

Everything American Idol Does, The show does it for you

Last night’s American Idol was the first episode of Hollywood Week, and the producers mixed up the format of the show a bit because they need to maintain last year’s ratings somehow the competition was fiercer than ever. (How many times did Ryan Seacrest say that the group of semifinalists this year was “the most talented group ever”? I lost count once it went into double digits.) What this meant: A lot of people singing “Everything I Do (I Do It For You) and other Bryan Adams hits, a few Simon bon mots (and no denigrating Broadway), and a mid-show “bloodbath” that eliminated people in huge groups and brought back the massive cruelty that the American public has come to expect from the show.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Hollywood Week’s Big Changes — More Instruments, Less Drama

New and improved Hollywood Week on “American Idol” can be summed up in two words: blue lollipops.

For me, it wasn’t about the “So You Think You Dance”-inspired changes in format, or the fact that contestants could now play instruments as they warbled a tune. Nope, all I could think about during Tuesday night’s episode was Carly Smithson’s and David Cook’s nasty blue tongues. Have Dum Dums replaced Coca-Cola and Ford as the major sponsors of “Idol”? (Hey, they would have perfect spokespeople with Randy and Paula on the show.) Or maybe, as a co-worker so, ahem, colorfully suggested, there was a Smurf backstage swapping bodily fluids with the contestants. Did a PA get fired for doling out suckers backstage? Seriously, this blue tongue thing really unnerved me. And it no doubt unnerved Carly “Green Card” Smithson’s tattooed hubby, who must have had some pretty awful thoughts after watching a male contestant perform with a similarly stained tongue moments later. Shame on me for starting trouble.


‘American Idol’: The Blue Tongue Brigade assaults the beaches

In every great war film there’s the scene where the company, after 25 minutes of high-spirited basic-training high jinks, stumbles carefree into the war zone and suddenly finds the platoon boy next door and the tough-talking born-to-be-a-hero blown to smithereens. And in that instant, the men who were 10 minutes ago children, bombs tearing up the earth all around them, look each other in the eye and realize that now, and not one second later, they must become soldiers or they must die.

For “American Idol” children of January, that moment came Tuesday night. Last week, they sat with their friends in the stadiums all chanting together, …Im the next American Idol, waving their golden tickets, jumping for joy with their families. Tuesday night, they entered a killing field, certain that all but the great would die, their careers ended in one fell blow. History has no place for those who came to Hollywood Week and made it no further.

LA Times

American Idol: Douche Bags Galore

Tuesday Hollywood round episode of American Idol 7 left many questions unanswered.

Where does Randy Jackson get his wiggedy wack white shoes?

How many Xanax does it take to keep the …salad and pizza Paula Abdul sedated?

Why was Simon Cowell acting like such a see you next Tuesday?


American Idol: We Went to Hollywood

The jam-packed Hollywood Week episode left me with a few questions. Why did we never get to see my homecoming queen Leo Marlowe again after he was told to dance ¦I mean, sing ¦for his life? Why does Josiah Leming cry so darn much? And why were everyone tongues blue?

The Idol Powers That Be mixed it up this year for the gladiatorial combat that is Hollywood Week. This time, contestants were allowed to perform with musical instruments (besides their voices), they were either given a free pass to the next round or told that they would have one last chance to impress the judges (a tactic used from the beginning by the far superior …So You Think You Can Dance), and the obnoxious group rounds were eliminated. Thank you, Powers That Be.


Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?

A popular video on YouTube shows Kellie Pickler, the adorable platinum blonde from …American Idol, appearing on the Fox game show …Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? during celebrity week. Selected from a third-grade geography curriculum, the $25, 000 question asked: …Budapest is the capital of what European country?

Ms. Pickler threw up both hands and looked at the large blackboard perplexed. …I thought Europe was a country, she said. Playing it safe, she chose to copy the answer offered by one of the genuine fifth graders: Hungary. …Hungry? she said, eyes widening in disbelief. …That a country? Ive heard of Turkey. But Hungry? Ive never heard of it.

Such, uh, lack of global awareness is the kind of thing that drives Susan Jacoby, author of …The Age of American Unreason, up a wall. Ms. Jacoby is one of a number of writers with new books that bemoan the state of American culture.

NY Times

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