Idol Headlines for 12/18/07

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Oh, ‹American Idol, why cant I just quit you?
Despite its numerous faults, there reason to believe in the reality show

………For starters, you fail almost completely at storytelling. Remember Rachel Zevita? I do. You introduced me to her last year during the New York episode, where we learned that she was an opera student risking her scholarship just by showing up at the auditions. It was all or nothing, she told us, right before blasting out Jeff Buckley’s “Eternal Life, ” safe “Idol” mainstay “Get Here” and a snippet of an aria in short turn like they were nothing. When Simon grumped that he couldn’t pin her down as a performer, she responded by pointing out the changing themes each week, stating flatly, “I can sing anything.” She made it to Hollywood.

She was an ideal person to follow through the process, cocky as hell but providing strong evidence that she could back it up. But you lost interest in her. Clearly, she never made it past Hollywood, but everything after her audition remains a mystery. Did she crumble under the pressure? Was she simply a one-audition wonder? Did the judges’ enthusiasm for her wane?

No idea, and that’s a problem, “Idol.” You spend so little time on successful auditioners, focusing instead on the untalented and the delusional, that folks like me tend to get invested in some of the few who do make it through. I don’t demand that they all reach the top 24, but it’d be nice to get some sort of closure…………..


‘She’s still just Gina’
‘Idol’ fame hasn’t changed Naperville native

….When the pair marry in January 2009, fellow “Idol” contestant Haley Scarnato will be a bridesmaid and Phil Stacey’s daughter will be a flower girl.

When not planning her wedding, Glocksen, 23, is making appearances, spending time with her family and friends, and working on a demo CD of rock music.

“It has a Pink-esque feel to it, ” Glocksen said.

Not surprising, given that she charmed millions of “Idol” viewers with her rocker-chick style.

Glocksen’s writing the songs with friends in both Chicago and Los Angeles, and getting input from fellow “Idol” contender Chris Sligh.

Staying in Chicago is a priority to Glocksen.

“I’ll move wherever I have to … but if I can, I want to make it out here, ” she said….

Daily Herald

Bo Bice Gives To Church

Former American Idol contestant Bo Bice is donating equipment from his American Idol tour to his church, New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The church is raising money to build a new sanctuary and plans to auction the equipment on eBay….


Josh Groban’s first-place ‘Noel’ is on record pace

….Last week, he sold 581, 000 copies, a gain of 8% over the previous week’s haul of 539, 000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. And early indicators point to a fourth chart-topping week with an even bigger take when SoundScan data are announced Wednesday for the week ending Sunday.

“It would be the first time a No. 1 album has increased four weeks in a row, ” says Billboard’s Geoff Mayfield. “It’s been a slow year, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he has amassed huge numbers.”

Now at 2.1 million copies, Noel could easily reach 3 million, making it the only title issued in 2007 to hit that mark. He’s in striking distance of surpassing High School Musical 2, which leads the sales pack this year with 2.5 million copies, followed by Daughtry, the 2006 debut by American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry, with 2.3 million…..


Ponder this

….2. Why does Daughtry have

Billboard’s best-selling album of the year?

He lost on “American Idol.” He named his band after himself and not in a Hall & Oates way, he did it in a “I’m more important than you so I’m branding us with my last name” way. That’s, of course, if he had any say at all. If not, then he’s a patsy and that’s worse.

I feel bad for Chris Daughtry. The poor guy has been trying to pass the same kidney stone since his stint on “Idol.” The poor dude sings like it hurts.

I feel worse for Chris because his album is essentially Creed-lite with a twist of Nickelback….

Post Star

Country Music Artists Release Holiday Compilation CD

….Two songs on Hear Something Country – Christmas 2007 are currently climbing Billboard’s Country Singles chart – “Santa Baby” by 2006 American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler” and “Do You Hear What I Hear” by 2005 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood….

Voice of America

‹Idol Camp: Westward ho

….Idol chatter ¦
…American Idol producers are branching out yet again, teaming up with CMT for a new show set to hit the airwaves soon.
…Can You Duet? is a search for …the next great country music duo. In case youre up for a roadtrip, open auditions are set for Jan. 12 at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tenn.

Unlike …Idol, …Duet has no age restrictions.

No word on an airdate just yet. Well let you know when we hear something.


Bowl ticket allotment sold out

….Idol cameo: The Orange Bowl Committee announced Monday that American Idol television star Katharine McPhee will sing the national anthem at the Jan. 3 game.

McPhee was the runner-up on season five of American Idol, with Taylor Hicks winning the contest. McPhee has since signed with RCA Records and released a self-titled album.

In addition to McPhee, rock band ZZ Top will perform at halftime of the Orange Bowl…..


The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Turns Its Back On Blake Lewis

Today’s second entry in the Bad Photoshop bracket pits Coheed And Cambria’s No World For Tomorrow against Blake Lewis’ Audio Daydream, two covers that have led to more great jokes from the comments section than perhaps any others in our tournament so far!……….


American Idol in Mossimo 10th year

Mossimo Philippines celebrates 10 years of world-class style and fashion at Greenbelt 3 Park, Makati tomorrow, starting at 7 p.m. with cocktails, and live entertainment at 8 p.m. Featured entertainer is American Idol 2006 winner Taylor Hicks who will regale the guests with his musicality that is presently taking the music scene by storm. Hicks is also here to promote his debut CD under Sony-BMG Records…….

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