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Paula to Leave American Idol?

Paula Abdul is planning to bow out of American Idol!

According to a source close to the reality judge, Paula, 45, who has been with the show for seven years, is developing new TV projects and is hoping to …transition out of the Fox hit.

With her fellow judge, Randy Jackson, telling friends that American Idol has lost its magic, another Paula insider explains, …She knows that every season could be her last. Now she got a new secret venture that she really excited about.

OK Magazine

‘American Idol’ Runner-Up David Archuleta Shows His Range On Debut Album

Remember that episode of “The Brady Bunch” where Peter’s voice changes while the gang is recording a song? David Archuleta wishes that would happen to him.

“Well, I think my voice is getting lower ‘  I’d like to think anyway, ” he told MTV News, while promoting his self-titled debut album. “It’s actually a lot lower than it used to be, which is kind of funny, ’cause I don’t exactly have the lowest voice. It’s actually gotten a lot lower.”

While competing on “American Idol” earlier this year, Archuleta became known for his ballads. But the “Idol” runner-up hopes that, on the album, he can show everyone he’s not just some kid that sings sappy songs. “I’m 17; I’m still a teenager. I still really like pop and this is what I do, and I just wanted to show that I still wanted to be relatable to kids my own age, ” he said.


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A whole host of bad and great releases just in time for the holidays

David Archuleta ‘  “David Archuleta” (Jive): Let’s get something straight because it needs to be said bluntly. “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta’s self-titled debut sucks. It doesn’t stink. It’s not mediocre. It’s not misguided. It’s not bad. It sucks. Plain and simple.

This 12-song album is one of the worst records in recent memory. It’s a hodgepodge of different styles and bad production. It sounds rushed, maudlin and, mostly, simple unlistenable. It’s awful. The ballads are insipid; the fast tunes sound like Jermaine Jackson B-sides from 1991. Yes, Jermaine, not Michael.

New Haven Register

David Archuleta still adjusting to the limelight

NEW YORK – On last season …American Idol, David Archuleta version of …Imagine earned him the title of …the one to beat early on. He never once placed in the bottom three. In the end, David ended up losing the crown to another David ‘  David Cook ‘  but he still got a chance to pursue his pop star dreams with a record deal on 19 Recordings/Jive Records.

Now, the 17-year-old runner-up is hoping all those votes on TV top-rated show will parlay into album sales. His self-titled debut is in stores now.

So far, the teen future looks promising. His first single, …Crush, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and is a top download on iTunes.


David Archuleta: Self-Titled

If you were anything like me during last season American Idol, you wanted to violently vomit every time runner-up David Archuleta opened his mouth. His endlessly flowing earnestness and gosh-darn-it shtick eclipsed his tremendous vocal abilities on the show, as little David always seemed far older than his 17 years. And yet, it is this maturity level from Archuleta that makes his eponymous debut shockingly engaging. Even if it is undoubtedly the squarest record ever to come out of the Idol machine ‘  Archie is about as hip and cool as Clay Aiken is straight ‘  David Archuleta is an annoying indelible listen, full of swelling poppy choruses that become engrained into your subconscious.

Cornell Sun

CD review: The bland plays on in Archuleta’s debut

With the Idol furor mostly subsided, the reality becomes undeniable: Archuleta is little more than human Silly Putty. He been pushed, pulled and stretched in so many directions, it a wonder that he has anything even remotely resembling a personality. Add to this extreme professional malleability a truly odd mixture of innocence and sincerity that sits at odds with 98 percent of the music industry and the inescapable question becomes: How is Archuleta going to have anything approaching a conventional career?

No, this fresh-faced, falsetto-pimping kid is going the way of Clay Aiken, resigned to a life littered with overly earnest ballads and brain-damagingly dull, mid-tempo pop songs that evoke vaguely different moods but all traffic in the kind of lyrics that would get most serious songwriters laughed out of the room on open-mic night.


Archuleta debut one to idolize

He crooned to thousands during his stint on …American Idol, and now he can reach even more with his self-titled debut album. David Archuleta was the second place winner after David Cook on the seventh season of the hit reality television show, losing by only a small margin ‘  he received 44 percent of over 97 million votes. Archuleta started performing publicly when he was 10 years old and was also a contestant (and the junior vocal champion) on CBS Star Search when he was 12; he is one of the youngest contestants to become runner-up in …American Idol history. But Archuleta hides his youth well on his debut effort, releasing an album of tracks that Randy, Paula and even Simon would approve of.

Badger Herald

David Cook Schlocks The Vote

But since David’s victory on behalf of downtrodden rockers everywhere, he hasn’t, well, been rocking all that much, really. First, on his inaugural single–the hokey triumph-of-the-spirit power ballad “Time Of My Life”–he was forced to croon truly cringe-inducing, clichà ©d couplets about magic rainbows, finding his wings, or some such non-rockin’ nonsense. (At least, I’d like to think he was forced, by Clive Davis or 19 Management or whoever, since I still believe enough in David to imagine he would not choose to sing such drivel of his own free will.)

Well, I’m becoming even more disillusioned after the release “Light On, ” the lead single and video off David’s upcoming major-label debut album. It’s a totally forgettable, generically Nickelbackian, rock-by-numbers affair that sounds like a tossed-off outtake from Daughtry’s CD:

However, having listened to David’s independently released pre-Idol album, the now impossible-to-find Analog Heart, I know that he has the potential to make decent music. And so, I do still have some hope that David’s album, being released next week, will feature a few actual hooky rock tracks. I know he can do it, if the Idol powers-that-be give him the opportunity.


David Cook CD Review: No Catchy Pop Here

Then somewhere in the middle of the chorus of …Lie, the eighth track on the CD, I felt the smile. One track later came the head bob. And then everything was fine. In fact, when I gave the CD a second listen, I enjoyed it a lot more.

So what was my problem in the beginning? Maybe I just had too much David Archuleta stuck in my head ¦

The CD starts out with …Declaration, the song Cook sang on …SNL. It sounds much better recorded, but I think it could still use a little less soaring of a chorus ¦

…Heroes has a great chorus with some pretty good lyrics ¦

Then it the first single, …Light On, which I still think rocks, even if Top 40 radio doesnt ¦


The B team: Nickelback, Sammy Hagar and ‹Idol David Cook fail to thrill

Maybe Cook looked so tough on …Idol because he was standing next to the puerile David Archuleta. Out in the real world, the dominion of …Nevermind and …Appetite for Destruction, …David Cook (Grade: C-) is damn average. Cook problem is he aspires to imitate imitators – instead of finding inspiration in the classics, his chief touchstone is fellow …Idol alum Daughtry.

Cook does enlist some genuine talents to give him a hand, notably Green Day producer Rob Cavallo and Soundgarden/Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell, who helped Cook write the single …Light On. But both Cavallo and Cornell have been coasting for years. If hed recruited the pair in 94, the year of …Dookie and …Superunknown, this debut might be something.

But Cook got talent. When he finds his voice, expect better than this. Download …Bar-ba-sol, the most metal song to come from any Idol.

Boston Herald


The American Australian Association last night recognized its past honorees, including Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. chairman and CEO, Geoffrey Bible, Philip Morris chairman and CEO emeritus, Greg Norman, pro golfer and Great White Shark Enterprises CEO, and James McNerney, Boeing chairman and CEO.

The event also featured a preview of the upcoming Baz Luhrmann movie “Australia, ” which stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

Michael Johns, an Australian finalist on “American Idol, ” performed.

NY Post

Kimberley Locke Talking Potential Musical

MUSICALLY SPEAKING: Don’t be surprised if songstress Kimberley Locke tries her hand at a Broadway show sometime in coming months. The “American Idol” alumna tells us, “I’ve been doing a lot of talking about that, and I’m looking forward to doing it in the near future. I haven’t done theater since I was in high school. It’s always exciting to do something new, but nerve-wracking. It’s nothing like what I’m doing now.”

National Ledger

Brother: Dead Paula Abdul Fan Was Not Stalker

The family of Paula Goodspeed is coming to her defense following her apparent suicide outside Paula Abdul’s home earlier this week.

“She was not a stalker, ” Charles McIntyre, Goodspeed’s only brother, told E! News Thursday.

McIntyre, who lives with his family in Oakland, Maine, said his sister moved to California five years ago with only one dream: to be a star. “She went down there to have a career, and when she went down in front of those American Idol judges, it was over, ” said McIntyre. “She was just like anyone else, trying to make it big as an actor or singer.”

E Online

Friends defend Paula Abdul fan who committed suicide

The Paula Abdul fanatic who police believe committed suicide outside the star’s mansion had cased the “American Idol” judge’s block as far back as January, cops said Thursday.

But a good friend has rushed to the defense of 30-year-old Paula Goodspeed, telling the Daily News that the aspiring singer wasn’t a suicidal, “looney freakazoid” still obsessing over the mocking she received at her September 2005 “American Idol” audition.

Instead, Goodspeed was upbeat and planning for the future when she last communicated with pal Brianna Schlanger less than 24 hours before cops recovered her body Tuesday.

“She sent me a text at 10:22 the night before about meeting for a latte and movie. She ended the message with a happy face, ” said Schlanger, a model from Reseda, Calif. “She seemed fine. Something must have happened after that. It needs to be further investigated.”

NY Daily News

Did ‘American Idol’ Play Part in Former Contestant’s Death?

When the body of a former …American Idol contestant who was obsessed with Paula Abdul was found outside the “Idol” judge’s home Tuesday, several reports suggested that the woman’s harsh rejection during her audition on the show may have sparked the downward spiral that ended in her apparent suicide.

But neither the …Idol judges nor the show are to blame, a well-known psychiatrist told

…Goodspeed apparent suicide was certainly not just because of her experience on ‹American Idolƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  said Dr. Keith Ablow, a FOX News contributor, pointing to the likelihood that Goodspeed, 30, suffered from several other serious mental health issues that led to her death.

Fox News

Paula Goodspeed Sent Abdul Flowers Days Before Suicide

Last week, Paula Abdul got flowers with a note signed, “Love, J.T.” and the message, “Hope you’re doing great. Here’s my new cell number.”

Thinking they had come from her restaurateur boyfriend J.T. Torregiani, Abdul called him asking why he had changed his number, a source close to Abdul tells PEOPLE. When he said he hadn’t, Abdul knew immediately who really sent them: ex-American Idol contestant Paula Goodspeed, according to the source.

Over the last three years ‘ since Goodspeed was dismissed from her disastrous Idol audition with derisive comments from judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson ‘ Abdul has received more than 100 letters, numerous phone calls and uninvited visits from Goodspeed, the source says.


‘American Idol’ daily: Tragedy strikes Idolland

A terribly sad day in Idoldom. As has been widely reported, a former “Idol” auditionee named Paula Goodspeed, a longtime fan and follower of judge Paula Abdul, apparently killed herself outside of Abdul’s home.

In her 2005 audition segment, Goodspeed is shown eerily discussing how since she was a child she has made a hobby of drawing pictures of judge Adbul, before she goes on to be summarily dismissed after a typically misguided rendition of “Proud Mary.”

This news raises frankly mixed feelings for this “Idol” critic. First of all, whatever the temptation to point fingers, one cannot lay blame at the feet of the show as the cause of the tragedy; suicide is a messy, complicated, very personal matter. Someone as deeply unable to cope as Goodspeed apparently was could have been pushed over the brink by any number of things, and one certainly cannot blame the depths of her illness on her brief brush with fame.

LA Times

FremantleMedia Enterprises Partners with The Colibri Group for “American Idol”-Themed Jewelry and Accessories

LOS ANGELES, Nov 13, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME), the brand extension arm of FremantleMedia has forged an exclusive partnership with The Colibri Group to develop and produce a line of “American Idol”-branded men’s and women’s wristwatches, jewelry, accessories and clocks, it was jointly announced today by Nora Wong, Senior Manager, Consumer Products for FME, and John Gugliada, Executive Vice President, Sales for The Colibri Group. Centered around the “American Idol” logo and other graphical elements derived from the hit television series, the full range product lines will be developed and marketed in karat gold, sterling silver and base metals across several categories, and are set to hit the market in January in conjunction with the premiere of the show’s 8th season.

Market Watch

Carrie Underwood: …Revenge Isnt So Sweet

Carrie Underwood can bring down the house with …Before He Cheats, but youll probably never see her swinging a baseball bat at an ex-boyfriend car. At last night CMA Awards, a reporter backstage asked her for any tips about revenge, and the singer answered pretty quickly. …You know, revenge isnt so sweet, she said. …Anything that anybody says can come back to bite them in the rear end. Im one of those people that I think youre better off without. If you feel like you have to give revenge on somebody, most likely you should turn the other cheek and stick your head up high and walk away.


Caught in the Act!

Kellie Pickler, getting ready for the Country Music Association Awards with her BFF Taylor Swift. “We were just in the dressing room together and hair’s flying everywhere, ” the new artist of the year nominee told us. “Shoes and clothes [were everywhere] and people [were] running around, and we’d just sit there and talk and listen to her iPod.” What was playing? “We were listening to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. We were listening to everything!”

CBS’ “Thanksgiving Day Parade” Broadcast to Feature Mary Poppins, Grease and Aiken

“The Early Show” hosts Dave Price and Maggie Rodriguez will anchor “The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS, ” which will air live Nov. 27 on CBS 9 AM-noon ET.

The Thanksgiving special will feature the 82nd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as performances by the Broadway casts of Mary Poppins and Grease as well as the country music duo Sugarland.

“American Idol” finalist Clay Aiken, back on Broadway in Monty Python’s Spamalot, and CBS daytime drama stars Jessica Leccia (“Guiding Light”) and Julie Pinson (“As The World Turns”) will chat with Price and Rodriguez during the broadcast. Patrick Warburton will also offer a “Man on the Street” viewpoint as he reports and interacts with the parade crowd.


The Watcher: Mark your calendars for ‘Idol’s’ return

Yes, it’s already that time.

Fox has unveiled the schedule for “American Idol, ” officially beginning the discussion period for season eight.

Mark Jan. 13 on your calendars; that’s Opening Day. We’ll get two hours on Tuesday and two on Wednesday the first week, followed by one-hour episodes thereafter.

What Fox didn’t say is how ‘ or even whether ‘ the early season will be different from last year’s. The producers have promised changes, and many fans ‘ the Watcher included ‘ are hoping we’ll get less of the audition cities and more of the Hollywood round.

OC Register

John O’Hurley says Brooke Burke should win “Dancing With the Stars” — hands down

When he didn’t win the first “Dancing With the Stars, ” there was a national furor.

But then there was a dance-off, and John O’Hurley won the public’s vote over first champ Kelly Monaco.

Who’s O’Hurley’s pick this time? “Brooke Burke, hands down, ” he told me Thursday.


“She looks best in the outfit, ” O’Hurley said. “It’s as simple as that. Don’t even bet against her. She has all of the elegance and the grace.” He marveled at how well she had done without really dancing before. (She is pictured with partner Derek Hough.)

Orlando Sentinel

Samantha Harris Talks about Dancing With The Stars Finale caught up with Samantha Harris at the Store Opening of Alberta Ferretti in Beverly Hills to talk about the upcoming finale of Dancing With the Stars. Interview by Chelsea Cannell.

Warren Sapp dances onto Thursday Night footall

Warren Sapp was at the Culver City studios of the NFL Network on Thursday for a satellite segment to be broadcast during the NFL Network’s Thursday night pre-game show between the Jets and the Patriots.

The Total Access on Location crew — Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Rich Eisen, et al — was shivering on an outside set in New England. But Sapp was warm and toasty in the NFL Network’s Los Angeles studio after a hard day of dance practice with “Dancing With the Stars” partner Kym Johnson.

For the pre-game segment, Warren and Kym did about 45 seconds of a jitterbug that they’ll introduce during Monday’s “Dancing With the Stars” semifinal show.

Kym looked quizzical as Sapp exchanged football jokes with Sanders and Faulk. The show also will include a taped Sapp piece on Jets quarterback Brett Favre.

LA Times

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