Idol Headlines for 11/10/07

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Fox won’t mess with good thing
Network’s ratings still up with ‘Idol’ on the way

One of the clear winners in a strike-saddled season figures to be Fox, whose already dominant “American Idol” will burst onto the scene in mid-January — around the time most scripted series from fall run out of episodes.
The net last week detailed its midseason sked, with “Idol” returning to its traditional pattern of a performance show on Tuesday and a results show the next night.

And that’s a bit surprising…………




Former American Idol Contestant and The Bold & The Beautiful Soap Star, Constantine Maroulis, is coming to Oneida Bingo! Everyone 18 and older is welcome to attend this free event.

Oneida Bingo and Casino

Josh Hoge goes rogue, following an indie path that pays off

….Today, Hoge, 26, is without a major label contract — unceremoniously dropped by Epic, which never released his album, and a casualty of the atmosphere of turmoil at major record labels.

And while he’s hopeful of becoming the next big thing, Hoge epitomizes something else in the music industry.

He’s among a crop of young artists — including Elliot Yamin, for whom Hoge will open Monday at Crocodile Rock Cafe — choosing indie labels over major corporations as a path to success….


(VIDEO) Saturday Softy: Kellie Pickler’s Memorable CMA Night

I saw this clip when it aired live this week. The sound is simplistic and corny. Her look is soooo NOT Metropolitan New York City.

But then there’s the part of this that grabs you by the throat and chokes you with a grip that won’t let go.

Kellie was part of the by far MOST talented class of American Idol ever: Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Kellie Pickler, and Brooke Barrettsmith all landed major recording gigs – and of course only Hicks took home the trophy.

But Pickler’s story is a moving one because you could tell she had endured a hard life growing up in the reality that her mother had walked out on she and her baby brother when they were just little kids. They were raised in their Grandmother’s home and Pickler’s breakthrough on Idol was what set her on a course to the top…….


Underwood takes listeners on a ‹Carnival Ride

….The album title originates in this song through the metaphor, …God put us here on this carnival ride. We close our eyes, never knowing where it will take us next.

The most pleasing thing about Carrie Underwood latest release is its consistency with the country genre. She has stayed true to her roots on …Carnival Ride and has absolutely blossomed in this musical context. Fans should definitely expect more wonderful, inspiring musical from Carrie Underwood for years to come.


‘Dawg’ of a cook: She mixes her Idol fever into Chicken Soup

Rachael Ray or Paula Deen, Dena Harris is not.

Harris’ dishes aren’t what one might deem delectable. But once every two years or so ‘  fueled by the shiny pots and pans she sees in unintended visits to Williams-Sonoma ‘  Harris renews her attempts to be a gourmet chef.

One of those attempts coincided with the first season of the popular reality TV show, “American Idol.” It was an experience Harris found so humorous that she wrote about it. The story can be read in the newly released, “Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul.”

The short story, “Under Dawg, ” gives a brief glimpse of Harris’ efforts to cook for her husband Blair in the first season of “American Idol.”

“I tried. It was not successful, ” said, Harris, 37, of Madison.

The story’s title is both a reference to Harris’ cooking skills and the slang commonly used on the show by “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson. Jackson happens to be her husband’s favorite on the show.

Harris’ story focuses on one night when she served her ginger-baked chicken and instant mashed potatoes with a wild rice and berry side dish to her husband.

He took a bite and complimented her in Randy Jackson fashion:


Abdul’s young ‘Idols’ make her so proud

After she helped announce the nominations for the People’s Choice Awards on Thursday night, I had a little chat with Paula Abdul about the upcoming season of “American Idol, ” which has launched the careers of such superstars as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry.

When the new season of the monster hit debuts in January, Paula thinks yet another star will emerge.

“I think we can expect the best season so far; I honestly feel that. I’m not just saying that – I didn’t say that last season, ” Paula insisted. “But I do believe that we have an amazing season coming up, very interesting contestants coming up, great back stories, really great singers, and adorable! Really, really cute.” …..

LA Daily News

Blake Lewis is awesome.

…..The question when Lewis was on “American Idol” was how his beatboxing shtick and propensity for liking 311 was going to translate to record. We now have the answers: The beatboxing fits in well with his urban pop edge, and there’s no traces of 311 anywhere. Phew!

Lewis’ debut album “A.D.D.: Audio DayDream, ” is due Dec. 4, two weeks after “Idol” winner Jordin Sparks’ album hits stores.

My prediction: Lewis will blow Sparks out of the water, if not in first week sales then in three months’ time. Any takers?

Det News

Sparks to play Cooper’s show

Glendale’s own American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, will appear at this year’s installment of Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding on Dec. 15 at Phoenix’s Dodge Theatre.

Joining Sparks and Cooper onstage will be country’s Whiskey Falls, Flo & Eddie of the Turtles, comic Mike “Blackjack” Wilson and the Destiny Dancers, a troupe founded by Cooper’s wife, Sheryl………


Muggs bounced from band search

The Detroit-based blues band the Muggs had a great run on Fox’s “The Next Great American Band.” Their luck ran out on Friday’s episode, however, when it was revealed the band didn’t rack up enough votes to continue on the show. Both the Muggs and all-girl band Rocket were eliminated………..

Det News

Daughter Of Guam Makes Waves On The Next Great American Band

A daughter of Guam could make it as a superstar. Rose Ana Laguana, a former resident of Guam, is the lead guitarist in the band DOT DOT DOT. The group is part of a televised battle of the bands. Laguana is already a star on the next hottest reality show since American Idol – The Next Great American Band. Guam’s FOX 6 airs the program on Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

Laguana is the daughter of Guam musician Carlos Laguana. In an interview with …ClubLine, in Chicago, Rose Laguana credited her father for getting her started as a musician. She said her dad’s side of the family is filled with musicians. Rose Laguana also spoke about the stereotypes of women playing lead guitar and not rhythm. According to fans of Rose Laguana, Chamoru clubs across America are watching the action and are voting for DOT DOT DOT…..

Pacific News Center

Q & A: Talking with Johnny Rzeznik

The Goo Goo Dolls’ front man is a judge on the new Fox reality show The Next Great American Band. The Goos’ new album, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, is out on Nov. 13.

How big an accomplishment is the Greatest Hits CD for you and the band?
It’s a shocking thing for us because we didn’t realize we had 12 Top 10 hits. We sort of looked up a few months ago and thought, Wow, it’s been 12 years. We’ve done pretty well for ourselves.

What inspires your writing?
I have this morbid fascination with being completely alienated from everybody, and a lot of the time I really do feel that way.

Why did you decide to participate in The Next Great American Band?
They told me that I could give my honest opinion, and it’s real bands who get to play original music, which is really important. It’s nice to see bands you could see at a bar finally get a chance……….

Metro calendar

…TREE LIGHTING: Lighting of The Great Tree, 5-8 p.m., St. Johns Town Center, 4663 River City Drive. Includes live entertainment by former American Idol finalist George Huff, Santa’s arrival, carolers, strolling entertainment, giveaways, balloon artists and fireworks….


Will they cancel Oscars because of the strike?

….Then comes the march of the reality shows.

Remember, reality TV writers aren’t covered by the WGA, so they can continue to feed inane lines to Heidi and L.C. in perpetuity.

One truly terrifying possibility: Even more American Idol than we already get every season.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the network tried to stretch it out to five nights a week, ” suggests Jeffery Stepakoff, a voting member of the WGA and a writing professor at Kennesaw State University. “That’s just speculation, of course.”

Too late. I just threw up my own stomach and a portion of my small intestine. Answer B!tch out.


Daughtry show is like rodeo air

….While it would be entirely accurate to say that the rodeo-animal smell at the AAC perfectly epitomized how unfair it is that Chris Daughtry was even on the stage, what would be the point? You’re the ones who put him there in the first place.

As expected, the show relied heavily on all the usual rock-star cliches. There were the menacing, serious-artist facial expressions from Daughtry; the scaling, descending, formulaic melodies of songs like Crashed; the band member with a mohawk. The only thing that seemed to be missing was pyro. Maybe next tour.

This might have been slightly tolerable if Daughtry had even a moderately interesting voice. But he’s more about presentation than actual talent — making a big splash but not a lasting impression.

Just can’t wait to see what AI churns out next year. Bated breath, bated breath.

Texas Stampede Pro Rodeo performances
7:30 p.m. today: Josh Turner
2 p.m. Sunday: Kellie Pickler