Idol Headlines for 09/23/07

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Elliott turn to shine

His big bright-eyed smile is the first thing you notice upon meeting Elliott Yamin, who was in a cheerful mood, despite having flown in at 5 a.m. Friday morning from LA……..

Where Did Green Day and “Wonderwall” Go?

…But times have changed in a big way. It is crazy to me when great music goes unnoticed while people actually spend money to convince themselves that Daughtry does not sound exactly like Nickelback. You know who you are, and the joke is on you…

The Cowl


Jennifer Lopez is set to replace Sharon Osbourne on X Factor.

The stunning singer was approached by show bosses after it emerged acidtongue Sharon is planning to quit…..


Ruben to perform at Calhoun

American Idol winner Ruben Studdard will entertain Thursday on Calhoun Community College Decatur campus as part of its 60th anniversary celebration……

Decatur Daily

TV boss with the X Factor
Tony Cohen makes TV shows that the world loves to watch: Pop Idol, X Factor, Baywatch and Neighbours. Now he wants to buy rivals and make Fremantle Media an unstoppable force

…You might say Tony got talent ‘ he just leaves it to others to flash it about. London-based Fremantle Media, which has close partnership deals with X Factor creator Simon Cowell and Pop Idol co-producer Simon Fuller, now sells more programme brands than anyone else, and has production subsidiaries in 22 countries to back that up.

And that makes money ‘ Fremantle Media revenue topped à ¢’Å¡ ¬1 billion ( £698m) last year, with Britain emerging as a creative hub for global TV ideas. For some, 53-year-old Cohen is one of the most underrated, and invisible, media bosses around…

…..And then you can build on audience loyalty. Over a quarter of the value of the Idol series, co-owned globally with Simon Fuller 19 organisation, comes from off-screen income, according to Cohen.

…We do all the merchandising, all the telephony, there an Idol Camp ‘ a summer camp where you can learn all aspects of performing ‘ and a website that is the No 1 television website in America ‘ it got 1 billion page impressions last year. There have been Idol cars in Belgium and Holland, Idol-branded perfume in multiple territories. People really like it. ….

Times Online