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We have World Peace: Ron Artest gets name change

The former Ron Artest’s ballyhooed switch to Metta World Peace is approved during a brief court session. The Lakers star skips the hearing because of a ‘jam-packed schedule’ for ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

The most ballyhooed name change of the year became official Friday morning when a Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner approved the former Ron Artest’s request to become Metta World Peace.

World Peace must now obtain a new driver’s license and passport. Barnes said his client would more fully explain his name change Monday when he appears on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

How convenient…right before the DWTS premiere!

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So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer Alex Da Silva: Guilty of Rape, Assault

Forget sequins. Alex Da Silva’s next performance coud be in pinstripes.

The former So You Think You Can Dance instructor was convicted today of raping one woman and asaulting another, stemming from a slew of shocking charges against the salsa expert. However, a Los Angeles jury deadlocked on four other counts.

Da Silva, 43, had pleaded not guilty last June to charges he sexually assaulted four different women during private lessons over a six-year period between 2003 and 2009. That time frame coincided with his 2005-08 stint on SYTYCD from 2005 to 2008, when the Latin dance choreographer helped contestants find their groove.

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Lauren Alaina on CMT’s Top 20 Countdown

Lauren Alaina introduced her Video for “Like My Mother Does” on the CMT Top 20 countdown. Her video sits at #14, Scotty McCreery’s “Love You This Big” at #3 and Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley took the top spot at #1 for “Remind Me”.

Tim Halperin – I’ve Been to American Idol Jail

On September 26th I’m going to prison…American Idol prison.

My jail cell will be at West Village in Dallas and I’ll be there from 5am on September 26th – 9am on September 27th

If you’ve followed my story over the last year, you’d know that I was nearing the completion of my debut full-length CD when I made it to Hollywood on American Idol, Season 10. I was fortunate enough to be a Top 12 Guy this year before leaving the Idol Stage…or was I fortunate? To continue in the American Idol competition, I had to sign a contract during the Top 40 Round that prevented me from signing a recording contract, a management contract, a booking contract, and it prevented me from releasing any music for several months.

Oh. Boo. Effin Hoo.

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Did Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Already Get Hitched?

Paparazzi spotted the Twilight chica out for a stroll recently with her quickie fiancé, Paul McDonald, and some très observant sleuthing revealed that the twosome were wearing matching gold bands on their ring fingers. Could the matching bling possibly be wedding bands?

No, insists Camp Nikki!

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Adam Lambert and Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia's photo PHOTO: Here I am with next week's #ProjectRunway guest judge @adamlambert. I LOVE him.
Nina Garcia on WhoSay

Nina tweeted, “PHOTO: Here I am with next week’s #ProjectRunway guest judge @adamlambert. I LOVE him.”

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‘American Idol’ Season 2 Alum Trenyce Thrills in West End Michael Jackson Tribute

The Hollywood Reporter: What did Michael Jackson and his music mean to you while you were growing up?

Trenyce:Michael Jackson is the epitome of greatness when it comes to being an all-around entertainer. That means writing, dancing, performing and philanthropy. He taught us how to love people, the planet, and simply groove, all with his music. As a child, I remember thinking he had magical powers when I would see him Moonwalk. He definitely set the tone for generations to come. There hasn’t been another like him who could combine the passion of music and hunger for the world to be a better place in such a way that it touched continents when he passed.

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Simon Cowell’s ‘Red Or Black?’ Will Come Back With Changes

CAMBRIDGE, England — It has been lambasted by critics as ITV1’s most expensive mistake and made a millionaire of a criminal who lied about his conviction for violent assault.

But ITV chief executive Adam Crozier has given the strongest indication that Simon Cowell’s Vegas-style gameshow Red Or Black? is set to return for a second series, albeit with some changes.

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‘Glee’: Ryan Murphy lays out Season 3 plans, where New Directions are headed

There’s a moment in Season 3 premiere of “Glee” where Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), overcome with doubt about their college prospects, break down crying. It’s the kind of thing you might expect from high school seniors. And according to co-creator Ryan Murphy, it’s something you will see a lot of this year.

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Dancing’s Maks: I’m Still Going to Pinch Tom’s Butt

Well, the big day is almost here. Everything’s great. We’ve been busy the past few weeks traveling for Hope’s pre-Olympic training and games. We’re in Kansas City right now, where she has a game, so she’s been splitting her time between dancing, training and competing. I’m just trying not to be too distracting! I feel good with what we have, so the traveling and her maybe not being able to devote more time to dancing doesn’t really worry me. She has the routine down. We really can’t complain about anything. There’s never a perfect partner as far as someone who’s perfect and a perfect situation. There’s always something — drama, injury, a difficult schedule or some type of problem. Having said that, I think we’re in a good situation. We’re not crazy. It’s been quite calm and drama-free.

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