Idol Headlines for 09/03/07

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Two Stars to Idolize

There was no question who were Central New York’s favorite idols Sunday night at the state fair’s Mohegan Sun Grandstand.

The photo flashes from the crowd were the telltale judges for this year’s edition of “American Idol Live.” Just like the Fox TV show, the final two were Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. Every time those two took the stage, thousands of flashes from photo-takers in the crowd lighted up the night.

And, just as in season six of “American Idol, ” Sparks and Lewis had the best two solo performances of the night. This year’s concert was set up differently than the last two years’ version that visited the Onondaga County War Memorial after seasons four and five…..

Cowell idles Monticello’s ‘Idol’ contender

….Of the 20 Sunday auditions only three golden tickets were awarded, plus 10 to 12 on Saturday, said D.J.’s father Darryl Miller…


Underwood gives a solid, yet underwhelming performance

…Underwood just doesn’t have the polish, the charisma, the pizazz of many other country performers and although she delivered a solid 16-song set that showcased her powerful voice, many fans may have been left wondering, “Is that all there is?”…

Do you know your Idols? You should
Everyone is a winner — even if they didn’t get your vote

This is a patriot game.

1. Name one of the four winners of Canadian Idol.

2. Name one of the six winners of American Idol.

If you had an answer for number two, and not for number one, shame on you……..

Johnny Rotten Praises Battling Bands, Trashes Internet Liars

John Lydon — aka Johnny Rotten, the legendarily outrageous Sex Pistols singer — is about to help judge Bodog Music Battle of the Bands, a hard-rocking older brother of American Idol that revises the talent show formula by featuring contestants who write music and play instruments.

During the show’s upcoming live finale (Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. PST on Fuse TV), fans will text votes to pick a winner from three bands vying for the top prize — a $1 million recording contract from the Bodog gambling site’s music division.

Lydon recently spoke to Wired News about judging the show, the importance of live music, an apparent lack of innovation on the part of major labels, what went wrong with punk rock, and how the internet is full of liars. (This interview has been edited for length and clarity, but not profanity)……….