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Kris Allen: The ultimate interview, Part Four

In the final part of this four-part interview, “American Idol” winner Kris Allen reflects talks about the “Idol” tour and discusses what’s next in his music career. Read Part One here. Read Part Two here. Read Part Three here.

Before you auditioned for ‘American Idol, ‘  was there ever a point where you were ready to give up music and get a 9-to-5 job?

I don’t know if there was a time when I was going to give up music completely. I was going to give up trying so hard, because whether it would be playing at a church or playing at weddings or anything like that, I felt like music would always be a part of who I was, but yeah, I was totally ready. I was going back to college and was going to finish and hopefully get a decent job so me and my wife could have a comfortable life together, which would have been fine. But things worked out this way. I’m really happy.

LA Times

Megan Joy: Still fighting for independence in a post-‘American Idol’ world

Here are some things you need to know about American Idol season 8 finalist Megan Joy: She’s not afraid to speak her mind in an interview, even if her answers seem likely to anger the powerful 19/Idol overlords. She’s as lovely (if not lovelier) without a smidge of makeup as she is when she’s gussied up on stage. And what you’ve heard from her (musically) to date is very very different from what she hopes to produce in a post-Idol career. Press play below and watch me try to extract info from Megan (at a recent Albany, NY tour stop) about a possible TV gig, the hot pink mini-dress she’s been wearing on tour, and her definition of success.

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Britney Peeper Guilty of Peekaboo-boo

Miranda Tozier-Robbins should’ve just bought a ticket for the Circus.

The woman who was arrested in April outside Britney Spears’ Calabasas home after security guards caught her peering into a ground-floor window was cleared of trespassing Thursday but found guilty of misdemeanor peeking.

For real! We didn’t know that existed, either!

Tozier-Robbins told E! News at the time that there was “no obsession with Britney”; rather, she had been practicing documentary filmmaking, paparazzi-style (which, to her apparently, meant in an invasive and illegal manner).

For peeking, the 26-year-old has been sentenced to three years’ probation, fined $100 plus penalties and ordered to continuing staying at least 100 yards away from Spears, her kids and her residence, as per the terms of a previous restraining order. Tozier-Robbins must also perform 240 hours of community service.


David Cook vs. Albert Pujols

David Cook’s athletic career is legendary ‘ ¦. sort of.

As a left-handed pitcher in American Legion level baseball (high school age), Cook’s exploits on the diamond took an abrupt halt. But not before he staked out a claim to fame.

Cook was on the mound one day in Missouri when up to bat came Albert Pujols. Pujols, who had hit 39 home runs for the St. Louis Cardinals entering Thursday’s game, has gone on to become one of the best power hitters in Major League Baseball history.

‘Well, he hit one off me one day deep to left field, ‘  Cook told IdolChatter in a phone interview last week, ‘and I don’t know that it’s landed just yet.’ 

Press Democrat

Advancing Cook’s performances

The blog world and the traditional newspaper world are ‘ ¦ well, two different worlds.

Many IdolChatter readers don’t and never will see the print edition of The Press Democrat on August 21, 2009. But I thought you might enjoy reading a story advancing David Cook’s appearances Friday night in Sacramento and next month in San Francisco.

Some of the story, diehard IdolChatter readers have seen already, some parts you haven’t.

Enjoy the story and look to IdolChatter on Saturday (May 22) for a review of the Sacramento concert and photos.

Press Democrat

Taylor Swift: Country’s hottest crossover artist

The success of Swift and Chesney is encouraging newcomers to look at country music in a different light. “American Idol” third-place finisher Danny Gokey counts himself as a country music convert.

“Country has really taken a shift, ” he said backstage at Nassau Coliseum before the recent “American Idols Live” show. “It’s growing as an industry.”

Gokey says he’s weighing two offers to make his national debut a country album. “I like the message – that’s what is very important to me, ” he says. “I can’t see myself making ‘booty’ songs or dancey songs, that’s just not me. I’m basically a person who wants to talk about what I talk about, and it’s one of the last genres you can do that in.”

He quickly adds one caveat, though, joking, “I’m not gonna have a twang.”


American Idol: Matt Giraud’s Accidental Lip-Sync

From unplanned lip-syncing to midnight rendezvous, American Idol’s Matt Giraud dishes on life on the road, life onstage and what’s to come next for the smooth singer.

“I’m finally feeling in the groove of things on the road, ” Matt tells us. “The performance part took a few to really get my thing going. Now it’s more natural. I don’t have to think about it, and I can improv a little bit here and there. And I still like my songs, which is good!”

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few bumps in the road…


It’s Not Too Late for a Hurricane to Interrupt Talentless Taylor Hicks’ Turn in Grease. Please?

That’s the sound of us thinking about Taylor Hicks. For the uninitiated, it’s a fart noise, meant to denote a lack of candor or warmth. In another case of the Good Lord shitting the bed of mankind, Hicks is coming to Houston next month to play “Teen Angel” (Frankie Valli’s role) in Theater Under the Stars’ production of Grease at the Hobby Center – which we don’t care about, hence the loud flatulence. The experience starts September 8 and runs five days or so; we are currently praying to various pagan deities to conjure a hurricane that week.

Music review: Daughtry loses a little edge

It’s hard to get over the embarrassment of finishing fourth behind Taylor Hicks in front of millions of “American Idol” viewers, but Chris Daughtry has handled it better than most. Driven by a potent combination of shame and unanticipated credibility, the 29-year-old Christian rocker recovered from the upset by releasing one of the best-selling albums of 2006 and a recent follow-up that this summer ended Michael Jackson’s beyond-the-grave chart reign. That doesn’t mean he’s not mad about it.

SF Gate

Review: Montgomery Gentry blasts past midnight

Kellie Pickler, the last of three opening acts, walked onto the stage singing to a backing track, allowing for a decent kick when her five-piece band started in live.

Singing into a sparkly microphone, Pickler performed hits such as ‘Best Days of Your Life’  and her latest single ‘Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You.’ 

She has the kind of pipes that help you get close to the final rounds of ‘American Idol, ‘  where Pickler finished sixth a few years ago, but her stage presence lacks emotional depth. She was constantly waving to fans near the edge of the stage, and even after the sad ballad ‘I Hear the Weather’s Nice in California, ‘  she was chuckling with her guitar player before the final notes had finished sounding.

Former Idol Singer: Paula Abdul Deserves $20 Million!

Paula Abdul’s good friend and former American Idol wannabe Michael Johns says it’s time for the reality show’s producers to pay up.

He doesn’t understand why they didn’t give the ousted judge what she wanted to stay on.

“She’s not asking for what [Ryan] Seacrest is getting paid, ” Johns told us last night at In Style editor Ariel Foxman’s Summer Soiree party at the London hotel in West Hollywood. “She’s asking for $20 million over three years, so I think she totally deserves that money. She’s a huge reason people tune in to the show’ ¦I think Fox should pull their finger out and pay her what she deserves.”

Johns said Abdul confided in him during the negotiations.

“We talk all the time, ” the Aussie singer said. “She was a bit upset. She just doesn’t understand why Fox made the decision they made’”especially when a lot of people got upgrades in money. But she said, ‘Look I’m not going to budge on this. I really think that’s my worth.’ ”


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