Elizabeth’s American Idol Tour Philadelphia, PA Recap

I’ll give you a brief history. I’ve been watching AI since the 1st season – this was my 3d AI concert. I also attended Season 1 (Kelly & Justin) and Season 4 (Carrie and BO) concerts. This season my favorites were Danny, Adam and Allison (yes there are some of us who like both Danny and Adam). I attended the concert with my hubby (NOT an AI fan & only listens to rock music). He went only as my chauffeur as he reminded me more than once. I’m also going to tell you what my hubby thought of the concert only because he watched the concert without any bias (could give a rats ass about any of them). I was sure Adam and Allison would be his favorites ‘ but surprisingly they were not.

BEFORE THE SHOW ‘ We drove from Baltimore to Phili and got there around 3:30. I kind of tricked my hubby because I recommended we park at the Wachovia Center and take the metro to market street for dinner. I was hoping the Idols would be at the barricades but I did NOT tell him that. When we got to the Wachovia Center, I said Oh Look the Idols are signing autographs, stop the car and let me out. I grabbed the jacket from the top 4 ep, my sharpie and bolted before he could say anything. When I got to the barricades, Kris was there & I got his autograph. He is really tiny and cute. I asked the peeps in line who else had been out and they said Matt and Michael. I knew Adam would not come out but I asked about Danny and they said he had not been out yet so I stayed. A few moments later I saw Danny’s head appear behind a hill and over the grassy hill he came. I told those around me ‘here comes Danny’  and they screamed. He came right to us and I got his autograph. I can tell you that Danny is really good looking in person and is very thin. He went all along the barricade signing autographs and posing for pictures and ignoring security when they told him to come back in. I stayed till he went back in and then went to find my hubby who I had ditched.

THE CONCERT: I am not going to say much about the bottom 5 other than Michael was Okay, Megan was bad, I liked one of Scott’s songs and Lil and Anoop were okay. My hubby was NOT liking the concert so far.

The Top Five:

Matt ‘ Hard to Handle was amazing. The crowd seemed to come alive when he came out. Georgia was good and I did not care for You Found Me.

Allison ‘ I was disappointed in Allison’s set as she was one of my favorites. The music was just too loud. She got a good crowd response but I think she lost the crowd somewhat. My hubby said he did not like her set at all which surprised me since he likes rockers.

Danny ‘ I loved his entire set and so did the crowd. Danny has a way of bringing the audience into his performance. He definitely had the audience with him. They were singing and hands were swaying. After Danny sang PYT, my hubby said that was the best song/performance so far. My hubby said he liked most of Danny’s set. I can see Danny as a cross over country artist for sure.

Adam ‘ The cheers for Adam were unbelievable. Whole Lotta Love was my favorite of his set along with Slow Ride and I think the crowd agreed with me. I did not like Starlight or the David Bowie medley as much. I loved Mad World but Adam’s voice sounded funny (can somebody explain the helium thing). My hubby liked most of his set but did not like the David Bowie medley which surprised me ‘ again cause he likes rockers.

Kris ‘ Surprise of the night for my hubby. He loved Kris’ entire set and told me he thought he would sell lots of albums. He said he is a real musician. I was never a big fan of Kris on the show. I went more for the big voices ‘ Adam, Danny and Allison but I tend to agree. I think that Kris is probably the most radio friendly of all of them.

Last word from my hubby, they all finished on the show in the right order. I don’t necessarily agree with that because of my bias, but he could be right.

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