Idol Headlines for 08/21/07

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‘Idol’ runner-up Doolittle has busy life

…Doolittle says she remains in the planning stage with her album. “I don’t know the details or if I will sign with a label or if not …, ” she says. “All I can do is prepare myself ‘  doing some writing, taking the songs that come in and kind of listen to those, and hopefully when the tour is over we can maybe be at the point where we can start recording.”…

Courier Press

American Idol RAW Video

Thousands auditioned for American Idol, very little received the “Golden Ticket”. Watch the RAW video of American Idol participants singing their lyrics (15 minutes of footage).

You be the judge! What do you think of the participants that auditioned……


Crowds swelled to thousands outside AmericanAirlines Arena for season 7 auditions signup for TV’s ‘American Idol.’ Everyone’s gearing up for auditions on Wednesday.

In the predawn hours Monday, it seemed as if every person in South Florida between the ages of 16 and 28 had descended on AmericanAirlines Arena in downtown Miami.

That’s par for the course for registration days — continuing all day and night today — on these cross-country American Idol auditions, Fox officials said. Everyone wants to get there first……….

Miami Herald

‘Idol’ Hand Ryan Seacrest Put to Work On the Emmys

Will “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest be able to lure that show’s millions of texting-crazed teens to a three-to-four-hour trophy show in which William Shatner is favored to win best supporting actor in a drama series?

……..Last season he hosted 29 of the 33 most-watched individual telecasts of the 2006-07 TV season. All were “American Idol” episodes; many of them were live and all involved Seacrest being the center of gravity as people with enormous egos and varying degrees of talent danced wildly around him.

Seacrest is the Practically Perfect Primetime Emmy Awards host, once you get over whining about him not being a stand-up comic like the other Primetime Emmy Awards hosts the past several years and about how is he going to handle the traditional five-minute opening joke-fest written by comic/host and his/her entourage of writers/hangers-on.

“One thought I had was to not pretend to be a comic, ” Seacrest told The TV Column in response to our rude “but you’re not a comic” question…….

Washington Post

Hygienist wins ‘Idol’ gold
She gets to skip the mass audition and meet the producers in Miami.

Until last week, the biggest crowd Emily Poe had performed for was the Friday night karaoke regulars at Miss Kitty’s Hilltop Lounge.

That was before last Friday when the 25-year-old appeared as a finalist in the Tampa Bay Idol singing competition in Brandon, a precursor to the official American Idol regional auditions in Miami….


Five Idols Learn From the First American Idol

The remaining five “Canadian Idol” finalists were guest mentored this week by Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of “American Idol, ” as they performed songs by their musical idols.

“The thing about Kelly is she has massive acclaim – critically and commercially; that is very rare, ” judge Sass Jordan said about Clarkson.

The shock of the night came when Clarkson was shown sitting front row for the show…….


Elliott Yamin And Constantine Maroulis To Take Part In Concert On The Bold And The Beautiful

A special concert featuring recording artist and former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin, singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin, and current cast member and former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis, will take place on The Bold And The Beautiful to be broadcast Friday, August 24 on the CBS television network……

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