Idol Headlines for 08/12/07

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Get ready to scream as Idols tour hits the Palace

The “American Idols Live!” concert tour is rolling through town, bringing with it the opportunity to see your favorite overnight stars in the flesh.

What’s appropriate behavior for “Idols Live!”? Well, screaming at the top of your reality-TV-loving lungs always works….

Contestant had an ‘American’ experience

For Gina Glocksen, even though she didn’t win, being on ‘Idol’ was even better than expected

No regrets. That’s how 2007 “American Idol” contestant Gina Glocksen views not only her day-to-day life but also her experience on the popular talent-contest television show……


Constantine goes it alone
‘American Idol’ singer puts impressive pipes on display in debut CD

CONSTANTINE Constantine Maroulis Sixth Place Records

The fourth season of American Idol had two standouts: country singer Carrie Underwood, who went on to win a Grammy and sell millions of CDs, and rocker Bo Bice, who has faded into oblivion.

Then there was Constantine Maroulis remember him? Your mom and Paula Abdul were fans. Maroulis, who would stare dreamily into the Idol cameras, had the girls phoning in votes on the strength of his smoldering looks and raspy tenor. He later parlayed his 15 minutes into stints on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful and on Broadway in The Wedding Singer.

Broadway is where he clearly belongs.

His self-titled debut disc an odd and unbalanced mix of 12 pop-rock songs showcases his impressive pipes, which are pitch-perfect for, say, the male lead in Rent…….

MUSIC REVIEWS: Constantine Maroulis; Kat DeLuna; Matt Nathanson; Colbie Caillat;

Constantine Maroulis — “Constantine” (6th Place Records)
TWO STARS out of four stars

Constantine Maroulis was nearly the first rock “American Idol, ” and he left his band to go it alone, Daughtry-style. But he was voted off before fellow Season 4 rocker Bo Bice and diverged into stage roles. On his post-“Idol” debut (going the one-name Daughtry route), his voice stays mostly free of Broadway boom-the-room excess and displays appealing grit. The best songs evoke ’70s and ’80s rock classics. But several overblown ballads and other dismal material undermine a promising, wildly uneven album.

By Ken Barnes, USA Today

‹Idol singer mom tells of shame, amends

…The song ‘  and Pickler discussions about her tough childhood ‘  unleashed a range of emotions for Malone. Embarrassment faded to anger, which turned to hurt. Now, Malone is using the conversation that Pickler started in a song to speak to strangers about her struggles.

Malone, 38, spoke last week about leaving her daughter and her efforts to escape abusive relationships. She said she is finally free and healthy and wants to help other victims of domestic violence. She has joined with Interact, the domestic violence support center in Wake County, N.C., to assist victims and hopes her unwelcome fame as Pickler estranged mom will make them listen….

Times Leader

The stars of the state fair
Music’s heavy on country, blasts from past

…Aug. 17: American Idols Live! (Freedom Hall; $46, $51): Seen the previews for the new Nicole Kidman-Daniel Craig movie The Invasion yet? It’s the umpteenth remake of the ’50s sci-fi creepfest Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in which aliens bring giant pods to earth to produce soulless replicas of human beings. Judging by American Idol, the aliens already have a corner on the pop market….

…Aug. 18: Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler (Freedom Hall; $36, $41): Louisiana-born country tough guy Adkins is the singer responsible for the hip-grinding dance hit Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, and Bentley is the only country singer we know brave enough to play The Dame, Rupp Arena and Bonnaroo. Pickler is a fifth-season American Idol country pod … er, pop alum….

Downtown rebound?
LaKisha, ‘Semi-Pro, ‘ big August weekends breathe new hope

…Finding new Crim-esque events to charm people to the central city could be the secret to polishing its image – something leaders say is key to a successful area revival.

Already this year, Flint has seen its share of good PR that has drawn visitors. A Hollywood movie shoot and a homecoming party for “American Idol” darling LaKisha Jones have offered hints of what could be…


Idol: The Musical Opens Off-Broadway Aug. 12

Idol: The Musical ‘  based on the fan worship of former “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken and featuring direction by Daniel Tursi ‘  officially opens at the 45th Street Theatre Aug. 12. Previews began July 5.

During previews the entire cast of the new musical was replaced…….