Idol Headlines for 08/04/07

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…THE things you learn. We discovered yesterday that gay female fans of American Idol star Kelly Clarkson refer to themselves as “Kezbos”. If they were fans of Ashlee Simpson, would they be Asbos?

Daily Record

Bucky Covington’s Meteoric Rise

Heading into the Top 5 on the country charts this week with his debut single, “A Different World, ” from his debut album, has Bucky waxing poetic about producer Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown. Mark began his career in the early 80’s after winning “Star Search, ” another TV talent contest. Bucky, who hails from “American Idol, ” tells Dial-Global it helped to have a producer who knew just where he was coming from. He explains, “Who better to learn from than somebody that’s already made a 26-year career off of exactly what I did. No guesswork at it for him. He’s done it.”


‘Idol’ Mania Comes to DFW This Weekend
Thousands Expected to Audition

Thousands of “American Idol” contestants are expected to begin lining up for registration at Texas Stadium beginning Saturday morning. Auditions begin on Monday at about 8 a.m…..


‘American Idol’ contestant Sabrina Sloan talks about her recording deal
First album will be a collection of duets with fellow contestant Sundance Head.

Sabrina Sloan made the final 16 on “American Idol” this year before she was eliminated ‘ sooner than the judges and many fans had expected.

But there’s nothing like a major-label record contract to ease the sting of that defeat….

OC Register

Katherine McPhee Tries Weather, Traffic

Former American Idol star Katharine McPhee stopped by the FOX 2 studios in St. Louis and took a stab at weather and traffic reporting.
Watch her local news audition.


Dogs and kids backstage, rockers on stage

Sheryl Crow was walking her two yellow labradors. Michelle Branch was trying to teach her 2-year-old daughter how to ride a her new birthday tricycle. Bucky Covington, a 2006 “American Idol, ” was strolling around unrecognized.
That was the backstage scene Friday at the 25th annual We Fest, the camping-and-country event. Day 2’s lineup was a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, though Crow did have a country hit, “Picture, ” her duet with Kid Rock. The middle day was also a little bit corny, with Covington…..

Star Tribune

Jonesville grad has chance to audition for American Idol

As if preparing for his freshman year of college wasnt enough, Trevor Roderick is getting ready for the biggest audition of his life.

Roderick, who celebrated his 18th birthday on Saturday, won the American One Federal Credit Union Teen Idol competition, which was held at the Riverwalk Amphitheater in Jackson. His prizes for winning included local gift certificates, a $2, 000 savings bond and a trip voucher to any American Idol audition city to audition for the show…..

The Daily Reporter

Dassey said he is ‘scared’

…Taydch, who maintains her son is innocent, worries about Dassey who she said was put on a suicide watch when he was held at the Sheboygan County Jail after his arrest in March 2006.

Dassey said he read the new Harry Potter book in just over a day, and has been listening to his favorite song, …Home by Chris Daughtry.

After being in county jails for 535 days, he said he knows what he misses, and what he will miss in prison…


Camp nurtures kids ‹Idol dreams

Macy Gray taught her how to write songs.

Ashanti Floyd, known as …The Mad Violinist, helped energize her soulful voice.

And talent scouts galore watched Pearl Clarkin strut across the stage at a recent performing arts camp inspired by the television program …American Idol.

Clarkin, a La Crosse native who now lives in Florida but spends summers in La Crosse, was among several hundred kids selected for the first-ever Idol Camp…….

Lacrosse Tribune

Fair-ly new fair events planned

A big part of why we return to the Indiana State Fair each year is the familiar. We know to count on midway rides, …World Largest beasts and deep-fried arteryclogging eats. But, wisely, the powers that be at the Fair also tinker with the program just enough to make every year unique. And were not just talking about different headliners at the Grandstand (this year include Rascal Flatts, Kenny Rogers, the latest crop of American Idol finalists and a rap/R&B lineup under the banner Screamfest 07)…..

Indiana Business Journal

Can Ms. Underwood Carrie a show?

I wasn’t at first, but in the past three years, I’ve become an American Idol geek. And I can’t wait to hear Carrie Underwood tonight.

Because she was on American Idol? Yes and no.

The show’s success has to do with it being a good old-fashioned talent competition, something that goes as far back as TV’s grainy black-and-white days.

But, as anyone who has had any involvement in one knows, “talent” competitions aren’t exclusively about talent. The key to Idol success is that producers are aware of the bonus elements like beauty and stage presence, and have used them to create a Grade A television package. But that’s still not why I want to hear Carrie Underwood.

The dark side attached to Idol fame is the fame not yet lived, maybe not yet earned….

Edmonton Sun


BILOXI –Musician Taylor Hicks, who became a household name after winning “American Idol” in 2006, took the stage at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on Friday night…….

Sun Herald