Idol Headlines for 07/21/09

‘American Idol’ Fans Mob Tour Buses For Autographs, Marriage Proposals

LOS ANGELES ‘” The 2009 American Idols Live! tour is well under way, and for many fans, the highlight of the show doesn’t happen onstage. Instead, it’s all about the parking lot.

“I came all the way from Mexico City just to meet Adam Lambert, ” said Rebeca, one of several hundred “Idol” fanatics who patiently waited outside the Staples Center on Thursday night to catch a glimpse of this year’s top 10.

Simon Cowell: ‘I want Paula on the show’

Simon Cowell says we have nothing to worry about concerning Paula Abdul’s future on American Idol. “She’ll be fine. She’ll be on the show, ” he tells Extra, “I don’t get a lot of say. I’ve just made it clear that I want Paula on the show.”

Ryan Seacrest wants Abdul back behind the judging table too, telling Extra, “I think as far as I know, you’ll see everybody back. I hope so.”


Ryan Seacrest speaks out on Paula Abdul’s ‘American Idol’ future

Zap2it’s Hollywood Press TV was on the red carpet for Monday night’s premiere of “Funny People” and spoke with The Prince of All Media Ryan Seacrest about Paula Abdul’s future with “American Idol.”
When asked if Paula would be returning next season, Seacrest told Zap2it: “I hope so. Believe me, I hope so. I don’t want to do it without her.”

EXCLUSIVE: Paula Abdul Demands $20 Million From American Idol

Paula Abdul has 20 million reasons to be angry at American Idol – one for every dollar that she wants (and hasn’t received) to return to the hit show. has learned exclusively that Paula is asking for a $20 million deal to come back to the hit Fox show – a demand that has been turned down so far.

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‘American Idol’ finalists bringing their show to the Forum

Fans will have a chance to watch their favorite “Idol” perform live when the “American Idols Live!” tour takes over the St. Pete Times Forum on July 28.

“I always dreamed of this. But to see it come to pass was like, wow. And now that I’m living it, it’s amazing, ” Danny Gokey, a season eight top 10 contestant, said during a phone interview from a tour stop near Phoenix. “It does seem real.”

Idol chatter: Five American Idols open up about life on the road

Kris Allen, dressed in what looks to be the same plaid shirt, black jeans and high-top sneakers he’ll wear in concert that night, wanders into the arena from the direction of the nearby swap meet clutching a large soft-drink cup. A smiling Lil Rounds carefully pads around barefoot, cotton balls stuffed between her toes, so as not to smudge her fresh French pedicure. Michael Sarver, Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud cheerfully sign autographs and pose for photos for the crowd of 100 or so fans waiting patiently outside. And inside the arena, Adam Lambert’s feet are hot, so before he sits down for an interview he pulls off his boots and socks (mischievously handing them to an amused crew member) and reveals 10 toenails painted with the same onyx polish that’s on his fingernails.

American Idols Live

The American Idol top 10 finalists will be in the valley July 20 for a concert. FOX 10’s Diane Ryan has the details on how they geared up for the summer tour.


Kris Allen: Backstage At L.A.’s Staples Center

For a heart-stopping moment last week, it seemed like Kris Allen, winner of this year’s American Idol, wouldn’t even make it to L.A.’s Staples Center in time for his afternoon set of AmIdol press interviews. Sadly, he was flying back from his grandmother’s funeral (he even missed his Conan O’Brien performance the night before due to the tragedy), and while the other nine Idols were already busy chatting with the media, Kris was still racing to the venue straight from LAX. All reporters had actually been warned he might not show up in time, much to our dismay.

Backstage Pass: American Idol Season 8 – Part One

For the second year, The Chaparral gained exclusive backstage access to the July 18 American Idol Live! concert tour in San Diego. We had the opportunity to sit down and interview season 8 contestants Michael Sarver, Anoop Desai, Scott Macintyre, Allison Ireheta, and Adam Lambert. Over the next few days, we will be posting several interviews to whet your Idol appetite, so watch this space!

The Chaparral

Backstage Pass: American Idol Season 8 – Part Two

To start, here is a man who needs no introduction, Adam Lambert. Lambert, 27, was raised in North San Diego and has lived in Los Angeles for the last eight years. Before Idol, he was an understudy in the Los Angeles production of “Wicked.” He audititioned in San Diego with “Bohemian Rhapsody” and had people first talking with his unique version of “Ring of Fire.” He made it to the number two spot on American Idol, and since the show, he has graced the cover of Rolling Stone and been featured as “Artist of the Year” at the Young Hollywood Awards. Here’s what he had to tell us.


Hey, hey, Paula! Consider this a divorce

July 21, 2009 | Having watched “American Idol” since its first season, I am not mortified over the news that Paula Abdul might not be invited back to the show this fall.

In fact, I would love for Paula Abdul to leave the show. I would love for her to walk straight out the door and keep walking until she reaches the edge of a high cliff that leads into a horrible, swirling void (think “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”), that she might tumble downward and disappear forever and ever, amen.

I don’t want her to die or anything. I’d just really prefer that she go away and never show up in front of another camera again.

Fans support Paula Abdul, but would ‘Idol’ go on?

NEW YORK ‘” The clock is winding down to the judges’ round of “American Idol” auditions ‘” next month, the gates will be opened for a new batch of hopefuls. They’d do well to come prepared: Paula Abdul might not be around to dole out much-needed hugs and kind words of encouragement.

The kooky, feel-good judge, whose sweetness tempers the tart-tongued Simon Cowell, is reportedly unhappy about her status on the top-rated talent competition ‘” and she wants her frustration known. Abdul’s manager, David Sonenberg, dropped an “Idol” bombshell last Friday when he told The Los Angeles Times’ Web site that the longtime judge may not be returning to the upcoming ninth season.

Associated Press

‘American Idol’: This Paula Abdul news doesn’t mean Kara DioGuardi’s coming back, right?

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s already that time of year again. You know, the point in the American Idol off season when we all start asking “Should/could Idol give Paula Abdul the boot? And what would it mean to the show?” Yep, as you’ve probably heard, over the weekend, Paula’s new manager David Sonenberg took public the loopy judge’s contract negotiations (or lack thereof), telling the Los Angeles Times that “very sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back on Idol, ” and that he finds the lack of a formal proposal from the folks at 19 and Fremantle “unnecessarily hurtful, ” “unconscionable” and “rude.” (For the record, a call to Sonenberg this morning has yet to be returned.) Whether or not Sonenberg’s statement is simply Paula’s attempt to use public sympathy to score a better contract (quite possible) or whether, after eight seasons, Idol is finally planning to dump her (also quite possible), or whether this is just a savvy way for the whole Idol team to get us talking about their show during its down days (my best guess), it nonetheless raises some questions about how the show will look and feel for season nine.

Entertainment Weekly

Brooke White: It Would Be ‘Sad’ If Paula Abdul Left ‘American Idol’

During her time on “American Idol, ” Brooke White won over fans with her Carole King-ish pipes, her piano playing and ‘” most of all ‘” her genuinely sweet demeanor.

So when she stopped by MTV News to talk about her brand-new album, High Hopes & Heartbreak (available on iTunes right now), we just had to ask her about the “Will she stay or will she go?!” drama surrounding “Idol” judge Paula Abdul.

Pop Top: White’s first CD offers no heartbreak

Sometimes it’s pleasant to enjoy an album as quiet background music, and “High Hopes & Heartbreak” by “American Idol” alum Brooke White fits that category. None of the 12 songs jumps has hit qualities but all are enjoyable and a few have something to say: “Radio, Radio, ” “California Song, ” and “Little Bird” all proved to be interesting arrangements. White has a beautiful voice, reminiscent of a young Carly Simon, and though a few songs felt slightly overproduced, this is a worthy first effort.

New Music Tuesday: Jordin Sparks ‘Battlefield’ lacks Sparks of imagination

Oh, yeah: Jordin Sparks, winner of season 6, the youngest champ in the show’s history (just 17 at the time), a gal who boasts a winning smile, a gleeful presence and the will to sing songs that sound like … exactly what?

The question received no definitive answer on Sparks’ self-titled, 2007 debut, which may explain why it ended up the second-worst-selling opening bid by an “Idol” champ in history. (It was saved from that ultimate place of shame only by Hicks’ moldy bow.)

NY Daily News

Jordin and Demi go to the head of the millennials’ class with their sophomore efforts

Though her album is not as consistent as “Here We Go Again, ” it might be Sparks who will generate more hits from “Battlefield, ” which was written in four months, unlike her rushed self-titled debut. The 19-year-old doesn’t have the kind of actorly chops that Lovato uses to embody character, but Sparks does have the pipes — earthy, full and transcendent.

“Battlefield” is a bid for recognition as an adult with her own mind, and it offers some positive signs. The title track, cooked up in part by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, ends with an exhilarating, if bombastic, call to “get your armor.” “Watch You Go” is one of the best offerings on the album, an impeccable collaboration with T-Pain and Dr. Luke that shows Sparks’ natural proclivities toward lovelorn R&B.

LA Times

Music Review: Jordin Sparks’ ‘Battlefield’ is lost

“Battlefield” may be the perfect title for Jordin Sparks’ sophomore CD, simply because you’ll struggle to get through her warchest of songs.

The 12-track set is overloaded with too many songwriters and producers ‘” Ryan Tedder, StarGate and T-Pain help out, among others. Though all that talent is around, no real direction is. Some tracks sound Celine Dion-esque while others are clearly crafted for Radio Disney.

Associated Press

Jordin Sparks’ ‘Battlefield’: The review

Perhaps because they spend so much time on the show trying to impress judges, singers from American Idol often overdo things. So the songs on 19-year-old Jordin Sparks’ second album, Battlefield (*** out of four), lean toward hyperbole: Love is a battlefield, a boyfriend dancing with another girl necessitates an S.O.S. signal, a date who’s late requires a 911 call.

USA Today

American Idol David Cook rocks Duluth returning for two more Minnesota shows this week

Cook, who was the resident rocker on Idol, opened the show at the DECC Auditorium with the hidden track on his debut album “Kiss on the Neck.” His talent was evident within the first song but what surprised me even more was how talented and entertaining his band was. Two members of the touring band, Neal Tiemann (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Andy Skib (rhythm guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), played with Cook pre-Idol in the indie band Midwest Kings. Despite Cook taking center stage the band works well together as a cohesive unit which made for a very polished show.

‘American Idol’ winner David Cook still a hit

David Cook won what was probably the second-most closely watched election in the U.S. in 2008, and his approval rating seems to be holding steady more than a year after the fact.

After edging out David Archuleta in Season Seven of ‘American Idol, ‘  the country’s favorite TV talent show, Cook so far has avoided doing the disappearing act of such past winners as Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. His self-titled post-‘Idol’  CD has sold more than one million copies.

‘No Surprise’: Daughtry tops the American Idol airplay chart

Daughtry gets its first Number One on the American Idol airplay chart this week, ending a Kelly Clarkson lock on the top spot that goes all the way back to the second week of the chart early this year. In addition to No Surprise, Daughtry also has two new tracks on our chart this week — Life After You from the new Leave This Town album (13 spins, #94), as well as this cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face that Chris Daughtry performed on German radio (10 spins, #99):

USA Today

Cast party for “Grease!, ” with Taylor Hicks, will benefit Black Warrior Riverkeeper

An opening night cast party for the national tour of “Grease!” in Birmingham will benefit Black Warrior Riverkeeper.

The party, at downtown’s Rogue Tavern (2312 Second Ave. North) on Sept. 22, will feature Taylor Hicks and other cast members. Hicks plays Teen Angel in the show, which plays the BJCC Concert Hall Sept. 22-27 through Broadway Across America — Birmingham.

Lyric Theatre’s Joseph, with “American Idol” Finalists Fedorov and DeGarmo, Begins July 21

Anthony Fedorov and Diana DeGarmo, both “American Idol” finalists, star in the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which begins performances July 21.

Directed and choreographed by Gerry McIntyre, the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical will play through July 25 at the Civic Center Music Hall. Fedorov stars in the title role with DeGarmo as the Narrator. The cast also features Thomas E. Cunningham as Jacob/Potiphar, Dustin Dubreuil as Pharaoh/Levi and Max Kumangai as Judah.

‘Idol’ star comes to fair stage

Kimberley Locke was ready for law school. The grades were there. The money was paid.

Then her two best friends — Pam and Angie — sat her down on a Wednesday night to watch “American Idol.”

“They were both like, ‘You can do this, ‘ ” Locke recalled. “But I was so focused on going to law school, I was, ‘Ah, I don’t want to do it. It’s just another talent show.'”

Then Locke heard A.I. auditions were coming to Nashville. And her friends again were there to push her off the plank.

“Blame it on them, ” Locke said laughing.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Set To Become Top-Selling Album Of All Time

In the weeks since Michael Jackson’s death, his posthumous sales have gone through the roof, regularly outperforming the top new releases on the Billboard albums chart. Jackson’s Number Ones has done the biggest numbers, but demand for his classic Thriller isn’t far behind. In fact, sales have been so robust that the Recording Industry Association of America is reporting that it’s about to surpass the Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) as the top-selling album of all time.


So You Think You Can Dance: Chatting with Kupono

During his time on So You Think You Can Dance Kupono Aweau impressed and challenged the judges (and America) with his quirky style both on and off the dance floor.

Despite the fact he was eliminated the evening before, Kupono was just as positive, cheery, and quirky during our chat as he was on the show. He chatted with the SYTYCD press about working with Wade Robson, his signature dance move, and how working with Mia Michaels on the addiction piece was just the therapy he didn’t realize he needed.

Carrie Ann Inaba Presents Maks & Karina on Broadway

Oprah, move over. Carrie Ann Inaba is now joining the ranks of Broadway producer, too.

The Dancing with the Stars judge has signed on as a name above the title of the Latin and ballroom dance spectacular Burn the Floor, which for the first three weeks of its 12-week run will guest star DWTS’s Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff in their Broadway debuts.

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