Idol Headlines for 07/16/07

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LaKisha’s out singing

The “American Idols Live” tour kicked off July 6 in Sunshine, Fla., to good reviews….

Country ‹idol wows crowd

Whoever said second place is the first loser clearly has never met Bucky Covington, and after his Friday night performance at the Lycoming County Fair there are some pint-sized fans who agree.

The American Idol fifth season eighth-place finalist is making quite a name for himself. Early last week his first single, …A Different World, from his self-titled album, broke into the top 10 on country music radio stations………

Sun Gazette

Fuller to create an American Idol
Our correspondent reports from Los Angeles on the deal maker

THE MULTIMILLION-POUND DEAL TO bring David Beckham to the United States was in the planning for as long as two years, according to the man who helped to piece it together. While some people around the England midfield player needed persuading of the wisdom of signing for Los Angeles Galaxy, Simon Fuller made it plain in an interview with The Times that he had always been a great believer in chasing the American dream………

Times Online

Desperately Seeking Stardom
Bug juice. Hiking. Swimming. Why settle for ordinary summer camp when you can chase fame at American Idol camp in – not Hollywood – but the Berkshires?

Good thing Im not Simon Cowell. Down in a musty-smelling basement, papered in fraying playbills for middle school productions and bumper stickers proclaiming …Singing Gives Me a Trill! 14-year-old Sean Gearin is working through puberty with his vocal coach. It not pretty. His sweet girl-boy voice creaks and cracks. He forgets words. Unforgivable sins by American Idol standards. Oh, darling Sean: Simon would eat you alive……

Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Who needs Paris?

Just how important was Paris Bennett to the Idols Return tour? Not enough for fans to demand a refund when she dropped out of touring with other former “American Idol” contestants – Justin Guarini, Kimberly Caldwell and Anthony Federov . The group is booked at the Clark County Fair in August.

Bennett announced in June she was leaving the group to pursue a solo career. Clark County Fair officials offered refunds to anyone who had purchased a ticket for the Aug. 4 show.

“I don’t know of anyone who requested a refund, ” fair director Tom Musser said. “Hey, this is just a fun show and I think people just want to come out and see former Idol contestants. Perhaps if we had lost Justin, things may have been a little different.”

First-class Countryfest lacked female voice

…Covington, who opened the show, and Turner, who closed, played stellar sets, sandwiching impressive performances by Worley, Nichols and Carroll….

Times Union