Idol Headlines for 07/14/07

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Idol-izers paradise
Contest over and concert tour is a family affair, season-six finalist says

When asked whether he considers the American Idol contestants he touring with colleagues or friends, Phil Stacey says neither.

Theyre …family, he replies….

Arkansas Online

10 Simon-ized Idol veterans

Some Idol chatter about the Top 10 season-six finalists who will be performing at Alltel Arena tonight….

Arkansas Online

Jordin shares thoughts on tour, homecoming

…Right before packing into a tour bus to leave for the tour, Jordin chatted with The Glendale Republic about the upcoming gig…


American Idol Disaster: Sanjaya Malakar Video

Many of the doubters predicted that once American idol wannabe Sanjaya Malakar got on stage and tried to carry a tune it would finally all go bad. His performances during season six of American Idol were atrocious at times and even though he made it toi the top ten that said more about the horrid voting on the popular reality show than the talent of Sanjaya. Was he just a novelty act waiting to crash…..

National Ledger

‹American Idol Tour in Swing as Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis, Sanjaya Malakar and More Take Stage

While Simon Cowell may just wish to bury Sanjaya Malakar in the deep dark recess of his memory, over the next 2 ½ months the faux-hawked one will be front and center, ruining songs all over the United States while he on the ‹American Idol tour. The sharp tongued Cowell cant be pleased.

Having started the American Idols tour on July 6 in Sunrise, Florida Malakar has already been noted for mangling his rendition of …Life is a Highway. It probably wont get much better and unfortunately there is no way to vote the youngster off the tour….

Trans World News

Glendale Idol hits home stage

……Im excited because Ive gone to other people hometowns so far and I cant wait to see how full it will be, said Sparks, who called in from a tour stop in Alabama Thursday. …I love to feed off the crowd. They are so loud and supportive and we dont have to worry about being judged because they are there to see us. We can just go out and have fun….

Daily News-Sun

Nashville Records Enters Contract Negotiations with American Idol Finalist Kimberly Caldwell

Nashville Records, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: NSHV) enters contract negotiations with American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell. In 2003, she was a top finalist on Fox’s “American Idol, ” and her exposure landed her on-camera in Hollywood and on reality TV shows. She was an instant fan favorite, finishing among the top finalists competing for the “American Idol” title…..


Cowe £ £ doubles TV pay to £9m

YOU only need to cast an eye over SIMON COWELL accounts to see the true extent of his golden touch.

The high-waistbanded telly mogul has raked in a massive stash of cash during the last year with Simco, the company behind all his TV formats and programmes including X Factor.

Mr Nasty bumper year includes profits before tax of £9, 103, 833 ‘  more than double his earnings two years ago…….


Nickelback right on the money in explosive Tweeter thrash-fest

…The night hard-rock template also included Daughtry, the …American Idol finalist turned successful rocker, whose 50-minute set was missed by most of the audience because of traffic. Judging by Daughtry swift upward rise in the rock world, however, he should be back soon. And next time, he may not be playing so early on in the show.

Biel and McPhee at LA Premiere of ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’

…The Dress That Never Was
While JB rocked the carpet in ruffles, wish we could say the same for another stunner, Katharine McPhee. The American Idol star came out in a printed blue-green-and-yellow number and pointy-toe heels that puzzled us…..


Dave on Demand

Loose fit. A deal was announced this week to market a brand of American Idol jeans. Despite the popularity of the show, I’m not sure this will work. What teens will want pants with a spandex waist, a baggy butt, and fabric that is, I hate to tell you, really patchy, dawg?

Kelly Clarkson Tries Marijuana, Legally, in Amsterdam

Kelly Clarkson needs to be cool again. Eating dope in Amsterdam is a start, maybe.

In an interview with USA Weekend magazine, Clarkson admitted that she nibbled on a marijuana cookie while touring in the Netherlands. It’s a legal activity in the land of windmills and tulips, the former American Idol winner was quick to note….

Gloria Gaynor leaves her gay following scratching their heads

….More recently, American Idol contestant Mandisa was voted off the singing competition when her connection to an anti-gay writer was noticed. There’s reason for a disco diva to hide any anti-gay sentiments she may hold, but wouldn’t anyone smart enough to notice that danger also know enough to avoid the topic entirely?


Kellie Pickler’s New Roommate

Kellie Pickler recently got a break from her travels with Brad Paisley’s Bonfires & Amplifiers tour, and she took the opportunity to adopt an orange kitten with big blue eyes she found through a classified ad….

Makar to Perform at Halftime Show

Former American Idol contestant and Woodlands resident, Will Makar will be performing at the halftime of the Conroe Storm football game this Saturday, July 14, at the Lone Star Expo Center….

Woodlands Online

Chandler woman to audition for ‘American Idol’

Stacey Hane of Chandler is headed to San Diego in late July to audition to be one of Arizona’s newest American Idol contestants.

She is a native Arizonan, has been singing since childhood and has an incredible voice. After hearing her mesmerize everyone with her angelic, upbeat voice in my recent backyard wedding, I was compelled to share this tip.

I’m certain she has a great chance of making it to the show.

She has been fund-raising her way there through car washes, knocking on doors for donations and garage sales


Music video mayor

…Afterward, Cleer sang the song “Perfect Man, ” while Oden, in a black suit with open black shirt lapels, swayed in his chair. When former “American Idol” contestant and “Rent” star Frenchie Davis sang “Hot Stuff, ” Oden got up and started shaking his hips….

The Desert Sun

Hair today, gone tomorrow?


STARRED IN: The Toronto production of Hairspray in 2004, which co-starred Jay Brazeau as her mom Edna Turnblad.

POST-HAIRSPRAY: Olivarez, a former contestant on American Idol, appears to have left the acting world behind. After Hairspray closed in Toronto, she returned to the United States and formed a band called Butterfly Stitch.

TODAY: Olivarez and Butterfly Stitch bandmates Jen Lowe and Sonia Leigh are still together, and playing gigs in the United States…


Kat McPhee’s Mysterious McMarkings

Katharine McPhee turned up to the Hollywood premiere of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” last night with either a baroquely hideous skin condition or some unfamiliar mystic markings on her left arm and foot….

Former NCTS Champions Top Final Kentucky Speedway Practice Charts; Musgrave Fastest Among 36 Competitors with 175.501-mph Lap

…The July 14 race ticket includes a prerace concert with American Idol champ Taylor Hicks. Speedway gates open at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, …Built Ford Tough 225 Presented by the Greater Cincinnati Ford Dealers qualifying begins at 4:00 p.m., Hicks takes the Turn 1 Concert Stage at 6:30 p.m., and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series drivers take the green flag for the …Built Ford Tough 225 Presented by the Greater Cincinnati Ford Dealers at 8:00 p.m. The first 20, 000 fans through the gates will receive a race-edition deck of premium playing cards compliments of U.S. Playing Card…


Clay Aiken finds it’s hip to be square
The wholesome singer is happy to be an idol to grandmothers.

Clay Aiken ‘ despite the stylishly shaggy ‘do ‘ still isn’t hip.

“I’m never going to be, and I’m fine with that. We all must embrace our inner dork, ” he says with a laugh.

Aiken has still managed a successful post-“American Idol” career as the soundtrack of choice for enthusiastic grandmothers….

OC Register

Stars and strikes enrich Leinart’s charity cause

…Also participating in Thursday night’s event was American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin. Leinart had befriended Yamin one evening when Leinart was a guest of the Los Angeles Lakers in owner Jerry Buss’ suite.

“We’ve kept in touch, ” Yamin said. “He’s a hard guy not to like, a guy people are attracted to. It was one of those things . . . I was glad to be here. It’s a great cause.”…