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Cool hair beats out singing
This reunion of Idol contestants left at least one fan ho-humming.

TAMPA – They came for the goofy hair, the killer legs and the creepiest bald dome since Nosferatu roamed the night. They came to see the goth chick, the pretty-boy Timberfake and the 17-year-old champ with the megawatt smile. They came, alas, for the beat-boxing….


‘Idols’ Tour Provides Sparks And Sputters

As talented as some of the current “American Idols” are, they still need to cover well-known pop songs to get a crowd on its feet.

The 12, 420 fans who packed the St. Petersburg Times Forum on Saturday night came to life most often when their favorite Idol sang an old favorite tune….

Hicks shines at Innsbrook with solid, no-frills show
The blues-influenced singer shows he’s a skilled musician

Want to know why Taylor Hicks isn’t having Chris Daughtry-level success on the radio or sales charts? Because he isn’t an “American Idol.”

Sure, the gruffly handsome Hicks scored the “Idol” trophy last season, but the title always fit him like a sweater in July. He isn’t a pop star. He’s the guy holding court in smoky bars. He also doesn’t craft brainless Top 40 fodder or soaring anthems. He plays raw music, influenced by the soul and blues he studied as a young musician.

At last night’s Innsbrook show, about 2, 000 Soul Patrol-lers simmered in the thick, humid air as Hicks bopped around the stage with a grin. Looking trim in jeans and a Stax T-shirt, Hicks and his impressive five-piece band drew from material from his 2005 independent release, “Under the Radar, ” and last year’s a-little-too-slick-for-Hicks self-titled major label debut….


Aiken, Woman Involved in Airplane Spat

Clay Aiken was involved in an airplane disturbance with another passenger Saturday while en route to Tulsa International Airport, a newspaper reported. The dispute on a Continental Airlines flight took place between Aiken, who was traveling Saturday morning to a performance at the Brady Theater, and a woman, the Tulsa World reported for Sunday’s editions. Concertgoers who attended the former “American Idol” singer’s show said afterward that Aiken joked on-stage about being beaten up by a girl earlier in the day………


Celebrities, Dignitaries And Local Fans Turn Out For Inaugural Guitar Smashing At Hard Rock

…Then the dignitaries and celebrities made their majestic entrance to the smashing site. Chris Daughtry, members of 3 Doors Down and our own Dave Elliott were among those strolling down the red carpet…

Fantasia adds bright color to musical

We arrive in pairs and quartets, small groups and hordes. In bright dresses, shawls and strappy sandals, we emerge from taxis and chartered buses into the blessedly temperate summer night.
We have come to see the brightest light on Broadway, the toast of the town, in a role she was born to play. And no one could have been more eager to see Fantasia Barrino as Celie in “The Color Purple” than those of us from her home state….

News Observer

Inqlings | Mighty Mac sisters sup with Ellen

…’Idol’ chatter
So you want to be on Fox’s American Idol. Better read the rules, says producer Patrick Lynn, who will help run the Aug. 27 auditions at the Wachovia Center. It will be the reality series’ first time in Philly as it preps for the seventh season.
“We have every question you could ask” at, Lynn says.

Idol will announce this week that registration will be Aug. 25 and 26. Contestants line up in the morning, with identification, and pick up a wristband and ticket. “Don’t worry about being first, ” Lynn says. Camping out is not permitted. After you get the wristband, go home and return Aug. 27.

Producers will line everyone up. Tip: “We’re going to be shooting the line, so the auditions start the moment you show up, ” Lynn says. You know what they’re looking for.

But don’t try to sweet-talk producers, or maybe find their hotel and offer to buy them drinks. “I had a mom and daughter who made a sign for me last year in Minneapolis, ” Lynn says. “The other producers wouldn’t let me forget it.”

“First and foremost, you have to be able to sing, ” Lynn says. “Or not.”…

A drumbeat for action on warming

…And American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson had the youngish crowd on her side as she powered out the industrial-strength “Since U Been Gone.” …

Traverse City stages 81st cherry fest

…Scheduled entertainment is: Emerson Drive, former “American Idol” star Kellie Pickler and rocker Marshall Crenshaw on the bayside stage…



…The star of a new reality show all about Paula called Hey Paula, Paula mines a seriously deep narcissistic vein and basically claims she’s some kind of prophet.

“I’ve endured life journeys that people never in a million years would ever think of experiencing, ” Paula says about the bumps in her life, which have included an airplane crash, a car accident, a nasty divorce from Emilio Estevez, and a killer eating disorder.

The pain has made Paula into a visionary, a latter-day William Blake for the nightclub set. “I have risen from the bowels of hell and come out tripping and singing and dancing, ” she says…

Big Spring Jam announces more music acts

…Previously announced acts include Leann Rimes, Foreigner, Creedence Clearwater and American Idol finalist Bucky Covington…

Decatur Daily

‹Psych predicts fans will tune in

It unlikely that the writers of such shows as …Law & Order, …Criminal Minds and …24 have as much fun as …Psych creator Steve Franks and star James Roday.

…There no fun in television right now, Franks said during a recent set visit to the show. …It all death and dismemberment, torture. I have no desire at all to do any of the grim.

Franks and Roday, who plays faux psychic and private investigator Shawn Spencer, joined forces to co-write the …Psych second-season premiere (Friday at 10 p.m. on USA Network).

It a send-up of …American Idol, guest-starring Tim Curry as the Simon Cowell-esque British judge Nigel St. Nigel and Gina Gershon as wild-haired, out-of-it ex-pop star Emilina Saffron, who may be based on Cowell fellow judge, Paula Abdul.

To discover who trying to kill Nigel, Shawn and his best friend and partner, pharmaceutical salesman Burton …Gus Guster (Dule Hill), go undercover as singing competitors, with a little dance coaching from Detective Juliet OHara (Maggie Lawson)…..

Boston Herald

Local media


Based on NBC commercials, Westwood resident Robert Hatcher likely will be seen on the “America’s Got Talent” show from Las Vegas Tuesday (8-10 p.m., Channels 5, 2).

Hatcher, 27, made the Hollywood round of “American Idol” earlier this year, and he advanced to the Las Vegas round on Jerry Springer’s summer series June 26. The show was repeated last week.

The 1998 Western Hills High School graduate is music director for First Baptist Church of Hartwell and a Metropolitan Sewer District dispatcher.

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