Idol Headlines for 06/28/07

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New ‘American Idol’ champ Jordin Sparks has a hectic summer ahead

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer for recently crowned sixth-season American Idol champion Jordin Sparks, who’ll be juggling preparations for her debut album with her participation on the Fox mega-hit’s 2007 summer concert tour….

Reality TV World

Kelly Clarkson has uphill battle with her latest album

…While Clarkson has gotten plenty of publicity, it’s doubtful it’s the kind of media campaign the 25-year-old intended. But industry watchers say it’s doubtful, too, that the turmoil will lead to the industry’s dreaded f-word — flop.

Sean Ross, who tracks the radio industry for Edison Media Research, said that so far the only problem Clarkson’s faced is not achieving a No. 1 single out of the gate…

Detroit News

TAYLOR HICKS: Still enjoying ‘Idol’ worship

Taylor Hicks is getting used to life on the road.

Preview caught up with the illustrious gray-haired blues “Idol” while he was on his way to Wisconsin to play with some of country music’s most well-known. It’s just one of Hicks’ tour stops this summer.

“This has been an amazing ride ‘  like sitting on a rocket ship, ” said Hicks of his rise to superstardom….


‘Paula’ just painful

Hey Paula!” proves something most of us already knew. Paula Abdul is not particularly smart.

She makes like Kathy Griffin ‘  well, more like Bobby Brown ‘  in this new “reality” show (11 and 11:30 p.m., Bravo), which is all about Paula. It’s a transparent attempt at image rehabilitation that’s supposed to demonstrate to all of us little people out here that she’s “just an everyday girl.”…..


The amazingly desperate life of Paula Abdul

It’s not easy being Paula Abdul.

Your assistant forgets to pack your sweats for the plane trip from L.A. to Philly. Joan Rivers ignores your Valentino at the Grammys. Your dogs poop a lot….


‘Hey Paula’ all dressed up as real life

A couple of years ago, in a funny yet cringe-inducing HBO series called “The Comeback, ” Lisa Kudrow played a moderately talented, crazily energetic, deeply insecure actress named Valerie Cherish.

Valerie would have given her right arm – in fact, chewed it off without hesitation – if it meant staying in the spotlight. And stay there she did, thanks in large part to a near-total incapacity for embarrassment.

Paula Abdul’s new day-in-the-life reality series is something like Kudrow’s comedy played straight, the main difference being that Abdul can’t make a comeback because she refuses to go away…..

JS Online

Paula’s life on the B list (as in boring on Bravo)

A bleary-eyed Paula Abdul is hours away from appearing on QVC to hawk her jewelry collection.

But the dippy American Idol judge isn’t happy. In fact, she’s downright Simon Cowell-ish. As Abdul carefully eyes her precious creations, she spots several imperfections. The bracelets she designed aren’t as shiny and smooth as she believes they should be…..

Palm Beach Post

Songs of praise
Festivalgoers build faith, friendships, and families

….Organizers expect 75, 000 people to attend this year. Standard admission was $110 for the entire event. The 70 artists scheduled to perform included Christian bands Newsboys, Switchfoot, Reliant K and former “American Idol” contestant Mandisa…


Paula Abdul’s new reality series reveals her strange world (Hollywood)

….And that, dear viewers, is all you really need to know. If you are looking for a depiction of anything even remotely resembling normal, you need to look elsewhere. But you probably knew that already. Abdul has lived most of her adult life in the tabloids and, more lately, on the Internet, where her often-questionable deportment on “Idol” is balanced only by her questionable deportment in life. So what “Hey Paula” offers, with great zeal, is a window into the high-pressure, histrionics-plagued and very lonely life of an already overexposed celebrity…


‘Idol’ contestant coming to Ahwatukee to help teen who needs transplant

American Idol contestant Rebecca Bond has a heart. And she’s coming to Ahwatukee July 7 for a free performance to help a Valley teen who needs one…

…July 7, Dy_Verse, featuring American Idol Season 2 contestant and Arizona Idol winner Rebecca Bond, will perform free at Va Bene restaurant, 4647 E. Chandler Blvd., in hopes of helping Sarah’s family and friends raise money for her medical care, which is estimated to be at least $3, 000 a month for medication alone…

Kevin Sorbo Ready for Gay Time in ‘The 300’ Spoof/Rigors of Movie Promos More Work Than Movie, Finds Blonsky

…MEANWHILE: Word from casting sources has it that Friedberg and Seltzer, who are making their comedy for New Regency and Fox, have had their forces on the lookout for look-alikes for Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, Tyra Banks, Sanjaya, Ryan Seacrest, the three “American Idol” judges, the three “Dancing With the Stars” judges and Sylvester Stallone. Hm. We don’t remember anyone like them in ‘The 300.” Well, maybe Sanjaya…

PETA’s perplexing pin-up

The media-savvy meat-shunners at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals revealed the winners of their annual “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” contest this week, and, well, let’s just say something tastes a little off this year. The world’s most appetizing female vegetarian is evidently multiplatinum Idol alum Carrie Underwood, which seems fair enough. And Carrie’s male counterpart is… drumroll please… Kevin Eubanks from The Tonight Show?!…


Behind the Scenes: Kelly Clarkson

With her third album My December set to drop Tuesday, Kelly Clarkson is in a rock-and-roll state of mind (check out her air guitar to Guns N’ Roses!). The singer also answered your questions ‘ about being a role model, comments about her weight and her own style secrets.

Famous Birthdays

…Country singer and former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler is 21…

Relish Now

Blake Lewis answers the question: Is he gay?

We asked your opinion in May. Is Blake Lewis Gay? At the time all we had was one strange myspace photo and some photoshop work done with him and Chris Richardson.

Blake was a guest on the Johnjay and Rich radio show in Arizona on Wednesday morning and he addressed one pressing subject of speculation.

…Im definitely not gay, he told the deejays. …Im straight. Ill scream it out loud.


Do You Really Want To Live Under Religious Fundamentalist Control? Errrr, Um…No!

…As far as entertainment is concerned, you will love Andy Griffith and hate American Idol. Chris Sligh, outstanding singer and all around good guy, on American Idol, and Bob Jones University drop out, will be executed unless he rejoins the choir. Bob Jones is very disappointed in Chris for misusing his talents and spending time with the enemy. Any feelings that the kind of religious control he experienced is creepy or confining will be purged from his deceived mind, should he survive. Movies will be strictly monitored and you will learn to love “The Sound of Music”and “Oklahoma” as you never thought you could, or else. Stores will close on the appointed days and times and only sell the appropriate Christian things. I imagine only Christians will be allowed to even own or run a store. Oh yeah, the non-believers will be dead…