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Jordin Sparks is Living the ‘Idol’ Dream

JORDIN SPARKS is gearing up for the Pop Tartsà ¢’ž ¢ Presents American Idols Live! Tour 2007, kicking off on July 6 in Sunrise, FL. But as the youngest-ever “Idol, ” Jordin can’t go alone, so she will be taking her family along for the adventure of a lifetime!

ET caught up with the 17-year-old from Glendale, AZ, at her rehearsal in Burbank, CA, and this is what she told us:


Melinda Doolittle to Travel to Africa with First Lady Laura Bush to Distribute Bed Nets Funded by American Idol Viewers

American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle will travel to Zambia on June 28 with Malaria No More to see and participate in malaria prevention programs as a part of First Lady Laura Bush’s upcoming trip through Africa. During the four-day tour, Doolittle will see the impact of malaria on the continent firsthand and assist in a distribution of 500, 000 bed nets in Lusaka, Zambia to at-risk populations.

Doolittle’s visit is a part of the First Lady’s five-day tour through Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, and Zambia to highlight the Administration’s work on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and education in Africa….

‘Idol’ finalist accused of keeping rental car

American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra kept her rental vehicle 12 days over its due date without paying, said a local rental car company manager…….


‘My December’: Kelly Clarkson, Striking Out On Her Own

That screechy sound you’re hearing right now? It’s the driver of Kelly Clarkson’s pop-star bandwagon slamming on the brakes, attempting to avoid a spectacular wreck. Not an easy thing to do, given that the American Idol’s bandwagon is hurtling along without wheels — all of which have come flying off in recent months…..


Kelly Clarkson – My December Review

Why Kelly Clarkson so pissed off?

My Story
This year was the first time Id endured a full season of …American Idol since the show premiered. Like many other TV viewers, I always enjoyed the first rounds as losers and assholes were put in their place by the acid-tongued Simon Cowell, seeing their dreams crushed before my very eyes. But once the contest proper kicked in, I just couldnt enjoy the cookie-cutter karaoke that was the standard of being put down. This year, however, there were some great singers in the competition, making things much more interesting. It took me back to the first season, the year I fell in love with the show for a brief few months. The big reason then? Ms. Kelly Clarkson…..


‘My December’ by Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson’s New Album, Though Uneven, Shows Growth

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t looking for trouble when she set out to make “My December, ” though she certainly found it.

All Clarkson really wanted to do was to write a bunch of songs and record them, which doesn’t seem unreasonable for a singer who has already released two albums that sold more than 1 million copies each…..


Paula Abdul’s reality series reveals her strange, lonely world
When your best friends are your stylists and your publicist, it’s time for a reality check.

“Hey Paula, ” the Bravo reality series following the “life” of “American Idol” judge and frequent tabloid fodder Paula Abdul, begins with its subject telling the camera that she may seem like a fabulous famous person, but like everyone else she has good days and bad days and is really just a normal everyday gal. The proof of this, she says, is her best friends, whom she proceeds to introduce: her stylist, her publicist, her other stylist and her four cushion-reclining Chihuahuas…….

FRENCHIE ALLEGES RACISM ON ALASKA AIRLINES FLIGHT: It all started when boy says he doesnt want to be near …big black person.

Frenchie Davis says she was a victim of racism by a passenger and flight attendants on Alaska Air, and plans to discuss her ordeal in a press conference scheduled for this week in Los Angeles. Her rep, however, has already told EUR what went down. Her account is as follows:

‹PURPLES FANTASIA CONTINUES TO BANK GREEN: Church groups encompass bulk of the audiences at Broadway musical.

While …The Color Purple has enjoyed a steady stream of business last year, the addition of …American Idol winner Fantasia in the lead has led to a huge financial windfall for the production.

According to the New York Post, the play has been grossing more than $1 million a week since Fantasia arrival in April, and advance ticket sales are nearing $10 million, thanks in large part to scores of church groups across the country who board buses and attend shows as part of package deals….

Fox ain’t no spring chicken
Once-youthful network growing older

Don’t be surprised if Fox suddenly buys a Ferrari and acquires a hot young girlfriend: The once-youthful network has officially hit middle age.
Fox’s median age passed the 40-year-old threshold for the first time last season, according to a new study from Magna Global USA’s Steve Sternberg. The net, which boasted a median age of 35 just four years ago, aged up to 42 last year.

That still makes Fox the youngest of the Big Four — although the gap is narrowing.

Fox doesn’t have much to worry about, however, as its median age is still in check with the national population, and reflects a broadening out of its schedule. Shows like “24, ” “House” and even “American Idol” reach a wider age range than the net’s shows did even a few years ago — and have helped lead the net to the No. 1 spot in adults 18-49….

Elliott Yamin goes his own way

For 2006 “American Idol” finalist Elliott Yamin, it’s time to leave the show behind and focus on his self-titled Top 10 album. For starters, in concert, don’t expect Yamin to pay homage to the top-rated show.
“No, no, I don’t do any of the songs from the show, ” Yamin told LiveDaily. “I do more stuff from the record. We do some covers, but I try to stay away from songs that I did on the show.”…


Jamboree’s new show has something for everyone

…”Dexter is probably me in real life, ” Mitchell said with a laugh. “I really snort when I laugh like he does, which is embarrassing. He’s a combination of Jerry Lewis and (Steve) Urkel (from “Family Matters”).”

A Knoxville native and University of Tennessee graduate, Mitchell performed at Dollywood for six years. He auditioned for season four of “American Idol” and made it to the Hollywood round before being eliminated in the third stage.

“That was a great experience, ” he said.

He added that being able to sing gospel music during the show fulfilled his dreams. “It was a real blessing, ” Mitchell said. “I’ll just continue to go wherever the Lord leads me.”…

Keith Urban joins Live Earth

Aussie country icon Keith Urban is the latest name on the bill of the New York leg of Al Gore’s Live Earth gig on July 7.

Nicole Kidman’s hubby joins chart-toppers Fall Out Boy, former American Idol Kelly Clarkson, rock legends Bon Jovi, Roger Waters and The Police, rappers Ludacris and Kanye West, plus KT Tunstall, Alicia Keys, John Mayer and many more in an all-star line-up….

Kelly Clarkson’s dispute with Clive Davis has made her music hard to hear
‘My December’ faces a kind of prejudice.

It’s not the actual content of “My December, ” Kelly Clarkson’s just-released third album, that currently makes it unlistenable. I’m not saying that it’s a bad album ‘  it’s a solid, heartfelt, occasionally beautiful exercise in mainstream modern rock, and most reviews are confirming that. “My December” is unlistenable in the sense that nobody can really hear it. Sometimes this happens to a work of art: The din around it from a controversy renders the thing itself mute…



ISAAC HAYES, MAVIS STAPLES and BOOKER T. & THE MG’S were among the soul stars who reunited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of record label Stax on Friday (22Jun07).
The 50 Years Of Stax concert was hosted by American Idol judge Randy Jackson and Public Enemy star Chuck D. at the Orpheum in Memphis, Tennessee, where Stax Records was based.
Also in attendance were Eddie Floyd, William Bell and Mable John.
Hayes played his hits Theme From Shaft and Walk On By, while the late Otis Redding’s sons Dexter and Otis III performed two of their father’s songs, Try A Little Tenderness and Hard To Handle.
Hayes says, “I really enjoyed the whole thing. Guys I hadn’t seen in a long time, we just had fun.” The record label was founded in Memphis in 1957 as Satellite Records, before changing its name to Stax in 1961.

Idol auditions in Miami! Your 15 minutes…

.. start here! Or should I say there, as in lovely downtown Miami at the AmericanAirlines Arena on Aug. 22. You must be between 16 and 28 years old on the date of the audition, and legally allowed to work in the United States.

Those are the official rules. Here’s Cousin Leslie’s rule – Please be able to sing. Seriously. Please don’t go down there acting like a fool or wearing a Big Bird costume or cussing Simon out and then telling people you’re from around here. Do not make Palm Beach County the new American Idol Clown Town. We’ve got enough problems…

Palm Beach Post Blogs

‘Idol’ Employee Told to Settle Harassment Claims

Do You Want To Be On Reality TV?
Attend The World Largest Casting Call & First ‹How To Of Its Kind!

…Attendees will also get to hear from current and former reality TV stars who got their start just the same way; they include William …She Bangs Hung from American Idol, Bachelor Rome runner-up Sadie Murray, two-time Deal or No Deal contestant Brooks Leach who pocketed a cool $410 for his two hours of fame, Craig Murray from Atlanta and on The Apprentice, Kristen Johnson ‘ Miss Kentucky and a contestant on Fear Factor and Treasure Hunters and more!…

Curve Set To Open Eight-Game Homestand On Tuesday

…The Curve Idol Series presented by the New AT&T continues on Wednesday as Kevin Covais from the popular Fox television show American Idol will make an appearance at BCB…

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Clarkson’s latest tangles with ‘Idol’ factor
In pop music it’s all about the dollar signs

Kelly Clarkson’s new album “My December” hits stores today; the next few days and weeks will tell us whether it hits with a bang or a whimper. (Judging from the tepid response to the first single, “Never Again, ” it’s not looking good.)

Not as much launched as dribbled out by Clarkson’s record company, RCA ‘  which is headed by Sony BMG chief Clive Davis ‘  “My December” comes with an avalanche of sketchy press, controversy and bad feeling on both sides, not to mention a recently canceled summer arena tour, which would have been Clarkson’s first….

Country music veteran teams up with Idol contestant

Tracy Lawrence played first in a co-headlining capacity opposite Josh Gracin, much to the confusion of some of about 5, 500 fans in attendance Monday night at the Greeley Stampede at Island Grove Regional Park Arena in Greeley….


Caption this: Airport McPheever!

Last week, the Gossipaholic blog featured some photos of Katharine McPhee at an unnamed airport. I’m usually nonplussed by such photos ‘  uh, so, people go to the airport sometimes? ‘  but one of these caught my eye.

Care to try your hand at captioning this little gem? I’m stealing the obvious one. (Sorry. Not really.)


Would-be ‘Idols’: Get outta town!

New Yorkers who happen to be Jordin Sparks wanna-bes will have to hit the New Jersey Turnpike if they want a piece of the “American Idol” action next season.

The nearest auditions for the next outing of the hit Fox series will be held in – get this – Philadelphia…..

NY Daily News


THAT Victoria’s Secret Beauty is setting up a beauty candy store at 52nd Street and Broadway tomorrow and that supermodels Heidi Klum, Selita Ebanks and Alessandra Ambrosia and recording artists Katharine McPhee and Kat Diluna are expected…