Idol Headlines for 06/17/07

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Sparks on Super Bowl radar

Only two weeks after Jordin Sparks’ American Idol win, rumors started swirling that the Valley teen would sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale.

Jordin’s management team would not confirm the rumor. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy did not rule out the possibility but said a final decision would not be made until late fall and no discussions with the 17-year-old’s representation have taken place.

However, many insiders say the chances look good…..

An Interview with Mandisa: An American Idol Speaks Out On Her Passions In Life

Kelly Jad’on recently spoke with Mandisa, author of IDOLeyes and the powerful voice of her soon-to-be-released debut album, True Beauty. Rising to fame during her appearances on American Idol, she is an example of what it is to be a true American beauty.

Mandisa, what is your passion in life?……


The wild times of Roy Head, rebel rocker

…Sundance is close to signing a significant label deal with Universal. But 19 Management, which has a right of refusal deal with American Idol contestants, isn’t so quick to let him go even though he didn’t make the show’s final 12.

It wasn’t clear during Idol what sort of artist Sundance wanted to be. His audition was one of the show’s best, a soulful Bobby “Blue” Bland cover, and later he nailed Mustang Sally. But old soul with a fresh face doesn’t sell today.

That’s probably why Sundance isn’t planning to make a fresh-faced, old soul record. Decades after his father recorded at Gold Star, Sundance recorded some songs at SugarHill Recording Studios with producer Joe Hardy, who has worked with ZZ Top. Carving Your Name and Medicate Me are bracing on first play. Sundance came across as a little reserved on Idol, peculiar since he got to the stage so young. But these songs have no identity crisis. They could sound at home on modern rock radio, something like a soulful and Southern Soundgarden.

If only he could get freed from the TV show that launched him. Lucrative performance opportunities have been missed. It’s a source of tension that comes close to bubbling up. But despite his professed track record of combativeness, Head keeps his cool.

“The waiting’s killing us, ” Head says. “It’s like, ‘You’ve won a super prize! . . . But it’s going to be a few months.’ But I won’t say anything bad about American Idol. It’s been great for us. In a way he had a bigger hit than I had with Treat Her Right. He had 39 million people hear him sing.”…

The SBA All-Stars Were Shining On Memorial Weekend

…Besides the game highlights, the opening Pledge of Allegiance was led by Peter Meyer of Cub Scout group 168, presenting the colors to both fields and National Anthem being sung by Holly Roselle. Holly will be attending the 1st ever American Idol camp this summer and with her talent and coaching, hopefully, Syosset will be home to an American Idol…


A song, a dance and a pig at the piano – that entertainment
Profile: Britain Got Talent

When playing cameo roles in dire Hollywood clunkers in his twilight years, the actor John Gielgud perfected a visual expression that signalled: …It the money, dear boy. Im not really in this film. During the past week, the same look has often crossed the face of Simon Cowell, creator and judge of Britain Got Talent, the show that has taken television viewers by storm…

Times Online

Desperately Seeking Stardom
Bug juice. Hiking. Swimming. Why settle for ordinary summer camp when you can chase fame at American Idol camp in – not Hollywood – but the Berkshires?

Good thing Im not Simon Cowell. Down in a musty-smelling basement, papered in fraying playbills for middle school productions and bumper stickers proclaiming …Singing Gives Me a Trill! 14-year-old Sean Gearin is working through puberty with his vocal coach. It not pretty. His sweet girl-boy voice creaks and cracks. He forgets words. Unforgivable sins by American Idol standards. Oh, darling Sean: Simon would eat you alive……..

New singles

…Taylor Hicks, “Heaven Knows, ” Arista. On paper, the 2006 “American Idol” winner has a hit with this tune, which boasts production by Matt Serletic, A-level songwriters, a live jam band and a melody line from Marvin Gaye’s 1965 “Ain’t That Peculiar.” But Hicks’ Southern rock delivery could be a deterrent to contemporary radio.

Ventura County Star

Five questions with … Sanjaya Malakar

The news that this year’s Top 10 American Idol contestants were going on a nationwide tour July 6 (although the only Texas stops are Houston and San Antonio) is another flimsy excuse to ask everyone’s favorite — or maybe not — 17-year-old singer, Sanjaya, some more silly questions. In honor of judge Paula Abdul, we vowed to make them as vacuous as we could.

1 What’s the worst pronunciation of your name you ever heard?…..