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Today in History – June 16

…Today’s Birthdays:

…Singer Diana DeGarmo (“American Idol”) is 20.

Caspar Star Tribune

Crystal Bridges At The Massey Presents First Exhibition
Open House Coincides With Bentonville Art Walk

…Festival organizers have added several new attractions this year, including a Main Stage for musicians and a Kids Art Park.

The Main Stage performances begin at 11 a.m. and include performances by Patrick Hall of the 2006 American Idol contest, Sugar Creek Jazz Band, Take Cover, Burford and Miller, Kevin Bennoch, Bent Grass Green, Truth About Movie Starts, Drum Spirit and Bentonville High School Jazz Band…


Opera guy opens his mouth, listeners open their hearts
The Welsh cellular phone store manager wowed the judges of “Britain’s Got Talent” last week and is a YouTube hero.

…When Potts first steps onstage, the judges look skeptical, and the audience seems to be bracing for another William Hung-like “She Bangs” performance on “American Idol.” The singer has a face for radio: He looks a little like Mark Addy’s character in “The Full Monty” ‘  a bit rotund, a tad hapless ‘  and his suit doesn’t quite fit…

…Now while some are skeptical of Potts’ TV packaging as just a salesman (seems that he’s had formal opera training), masses from around the world are pulling for this opera underdog. Hmm. Could be a new reality TV show in there somewhere.

Studdard sings way into hearts

It was billed as “Lover’s Night” for a reason.

Ruben Studdard, season two “American Idol” champ, proud “Velvet Teddy Bear” and frequent presence on the R&B charts, seduced the women at last night’s Fridays at Sunset show — even the ones snuggling with male companions — with his easy charm and soothing voice.

He also generously gave up the stage for a few minutes so Richmonder Vance Hayes could propose to girlfriend Tia Wansley (she said yes) as the crowd cheered them on.

Studdard, 28, launched his 90-minute set with the uptempo “Ain’t No Party, ” a song written by Richmond native Harold Lilly, who received several shout-outs from Studdard throughout the concert….


Kelly Clarkson Needs Publicity Help STAT!

…This week, we talked to two big publicists on both sides of the country; a New York old timer who handles A-list television, music, and film clients, and a major Los Angeles rep who has managed to diffuse even the most potentially damaging celebrity stunts. They both asked not to be named because, well, they both have clients linked to American Idol, and you know how it goes when you mess with that behemoth. Read on for their emergency remedies for the pop star, who both publicists admitted could use a lot of TLC (and Chinese herbs) at the moment.

Kelly Clarkson, you’re in the PR/ER!………..

Radar Online

A difficult week in Posh Angeles: A former Spice Girl takes on LA
As Britain’s top WAGs totter expensively down their aisles, the original celebrity footballer’s wife is trying to transfer from A-list to LA-list. So far, it’s been an imperfect pitch. But, reports Andrew Gumbel , there’s a steely professionalism behind the campaign to sell Victoria Beckham to the Americans

…Wishing for Victoria Beckham’s failure is a whole different thing from seeing it come to pass, of course. And there are plentiful reasons for thinking she won’t fail at all. The Beckhams, first of all, have some powerful allies. The man behind Victoria’s reality series is Simon Fuller, something of a marketing genius who turned Pop Idol – now rebranded as American Idol – into a worldwide sensation and has been the guiding hand behind the Beckham brand for several years…

Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire in a very gay-friendly duet.

The American Idol winner and country music icon Reba McEntire have dyked things up in a duet of Clarkson’s hit single “Since You’ve Been Gone”. You Tube

After Ellen

Don’t Miss Ayla Brown Perform on Opening Night

Wrentham, Mass. native Ayla Brown will kick off the Lobsters 2007 season on July 6th by singing the National Anthem and performing during halftime! !
With the realease of her new chart-topping album Forward former American Idol finalist Ayla Brown is bound to become a superstar. Don’t miss your chance to see Ayla sing on a beautiful July night. Tickets start at just $20! Visit our website for details .

Our Sports Central

Developer talking to ‘Idol’ winner about nightspot

A Memphis developer said his firm is in talks with former “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard about opening a nightclub in the planned Birmingham entertainment district….

Jon Bon Jovi: I’ve been no saint but my wife still rocks my world

…He recently appeared on an episode of American Idol as a coach to the acts (“I liked Simon Cowell – he was nice”), and admits that although it “works as a TV show, it’s important that the kids learn to write their own songs.

“With these kids, their first album goes multi-platinum, but where do they actually go to learn their chops?”…


Beckham Named Top Brit on Forbes Celebrity 100 List

…American Idol Simon Cowell, musicians U2 and model Kate Moss came in at 21st, 22nd, and 74th place, respectively…

The Celebrity

Rob Thomas starting his own record label

Tired of a being a hired gun for Taylor Hicks, Mount Kisco rocker Rob Thomas has announced that he forming his own record label. Billboard reports that he creating R Tel Records with longtime friend Evan Lamberg, and the two already have a deal with Sony BMG Epic Records, which will provide funding for R Tel new acts and release the label records through either Epic or RED………..


Rock-Critically Correct: “Spin” Parties Like A Rock Star

…In the first story, former Entertainment Weekly chief rock critic David Browne opines that the likes of Chris Daughtry, Nickelback and Three Days Grace–all heirs to the unapologetically mainstream rock tradition–aren’t particularly charismatic and don’t do decadent things. His principal interviewee is Butch Walker, an extremely well-connected renaissance bro who hangs out with old-school Sunset Strip dudes and writes and produces Fall Out Boy and Avril Lavigne. Poison’s Bret Michaels is also interviewed regarding faceless rockers, and your correspondent can’t help but remember that the late ’80s/early ’90s Spin considered Michaels and his ilk as less of an august avatar of “the way rockers should be” and more of a scourge upon music itself…

Album Reviews: Paris Bennett ‹Princess P

…This album is not a …grown folks album. The beats are mostly up-tempo, …snap music, style of instrumentals. The songs, though random in order, are the thoughts and emotions of a young woman, expressed from the point of view of a young woman. Going through it is almost like going through that awkward phase we call puberty. There are points youll love and want to go back to, and there are points youd want to forget ever happened. But overall, it worth experiencing at least once.