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…LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY // Journalist Charles Gibson; American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis performs. (10 a.m., WBAL-11)…


Injured Hughes surprising starter

…American Idol semifinalist Melinda Doolittle belted out a rendition of the national anthem that could have given Marvin Gaye’s classic version a run for its money. She was rewarded with more than a few fans screaming out that she should have won the recently concluded contest….

Beacon Journal


Those who saw former Wichitan Phil Stacey on “American Idol” know he can sing.

But the 2, 900 people who attended Stacey’s sold-out benefit concert at Central Christian Church on Tuesday learned that singing is just one of Stacey’s talents.

He also can play guitar and piano — well. He can write music, as he proved by performing an original tribute to the American flag. And he’s really pretty funny….

BuddyTV Fan Popularity Rankings – May 14-20

The season is all over, everyone. Bask in the glory of summer or mourn the passing of Spring (and a plethora of TV options). You know, whichever floats your boat. Many of your favorite shows bid adieu for the summer months last week, which also happened to be the last week of May sweeps. As a result, ratings were high. This past week’s BuddyTV Fan Popularity Rankings were, therefore, probably some of the most true rankings we’ve had all year. Almost all of the shows end at the same time, so fans are all out in full force. It’s an equal playing field. Here is what the final verdict was, followed by some commentary…

Buddy TV


With Bucky Covington’s arrival in Nashville, sightings of “American Idol” veterans along Music Row have become almost routine.

Thankfully, Covington’s Country credentials are as real as they come and his singing is anything but routine. Growing up with his identical twin brother Rocky in Laurinburg, N.C., Covington was still a kid when he started listening to and imitating Tim McGraw, George Strait and Travis Tritt on the family’s karaoke machine.

At 19, he heard guitarist Jeff Healey’s “Angel Eyes, ” and his fate was sealed….

American Chronicle

Paula Abdul Fights Crippling Health Crisis.

…The Straight Up singer, who has four titanium plates in her neck and has undergone 14 surgeries, opens up to this week’s OK! magazine in America about her crippling health crisis…


Idol chatter about a local TV anchor’s love life

Caroline Lyders of Channel 12 is an attractive, talented and accomplished broadcast journalist. During her 2 ½-year tenure in Milwaukee, she has established herself as a favorite in the editorial offices.

That said, we were a bit perplexed when the “Milwaukee Talks” interview that managing editor Bobby Tanzilo did with Lyders back in November began to receive unusually heavy traffic during the recent holiday weekend.

It didn’t take long to figure out why….


American Idol Supports Greensburg

…Stacy, the North West High graduate, made it clear that he wasnt only there to raise money, but also awareness. He wanted to remind people that even if they dont have money to give, they can give time. All proceeds raised at the concert go to the Salvation Army for Greensburg Tornado Relief.

Daughtry coming close to home

…Platinum record sales, No. 1 album spots, playing with Slash. What next?

…Were working on a new album, Daughtry said. …But youve got to write a lot of crap to get to the good stuff.

The singer-songwriter said he been furiously at work while on the road, which can be a harsh lifestyle. There are some rules….


TV success depends on quality, network
Right show on the right channel part of ‘hit’ equation

The broadcast nets would like to think of themselves as all-embracing, capable of casting as wide a net as necessary to snare the next smash.
But when it comes to developing, producing and scheduling a hit series, each has its limitations.

For better or worse, the Big Four broadcasters possess fairly immutable strains of DNA, and while each offers examples of brand-busting hits (think “American Idol” on counterculture Fox), certain shows simply have a better chance at succeeding on certain networks.

It’s hard to imagine “Everybody Loves Raymond” doing as well on a net other than CBS, “Friends” flourishing away from NBC or “Prison Break” busting out anywhere but Fox.

Landing the right show on the right net, then, is an important part of the “hit” equation — but the best fit isn’t always the most obvious suspect.

As 20th Century Fox TV president Gary Newman says, success also rides on who wants a show most…

…Another studio exec says he’s recently seen more examples of nets not wanting to be pigeonholed.

“They’re now all after the same 18-49 audience, ” he says. “It’s not as simple as saying a traditional show goes to CBS or a hip show to NBC.

“They’re bound to overlap, and they do.”…

Emmy still awards variety category
Latenight killed the vaudeo star

…Will the traditional form amalgamating comedy, music and dance ever see a resurgence? “I’d be surprised if it came back, ” Van Dyke says. “Today the model is Jon Stewart, which I see as a political cartoon. And it’s the reality shows, that ‘Dancing’ thing and ‘American Idol, ‘ that satisfy people’s desires for variety now.”…

Do tea leaves say Jennifer Hudson will play Aretha?

Aretha Franklin recently wrapped up auditions for some of the roles in the forthcoming musical of her life story, “Aretha Franklin: From These Roots, ” and the big question is: Who will play the Queen of Soul?

Fantasia Barrino’s name has popped up and also that of another “American Idol” contestant, Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson recently took home an Academy Award for her portrayal of “Effie, ” loosely based upon Motown’s Florence Ballard, in the musical “Dreamgirls.”

Franklin gave a hint about her wishes by taking high tea with Hudson in New York recently to discuss the possiblity of Hudson playing ‘Ree. Joining Franklin and Hudson at their tete a tete was Franklin’s close companion, Will Wilkerson.

Review: `Knocked Up’ Is a Knockout

…Here’s how good Apatow is: He even manages to make Ryan Seacrest funny, in one spectacular scene in which the “American Idol” host takes a sledgehammer to his self-important image…

The Columbian

R&B legends Earth, Wind catching Fire again

Earth, Wind & Fire is best known for genre-bending musical voyages with a cosmic vibe, but Ralph Johnson doesnt get mystical about the group success.

Speaking from Honolulu, longtime drummer Johnson sounds matter-of-fact when asked to explain the resurgent popularity of EWF, which performs Thursday at the Bank of America Pavilion….

…And last month the band earned the ultimate stamp of pop cultural relevance: a featured spot opening the …American Idol: Idol Gives Back charity special…

Boston Herald

Jordin, Blake – who cares?

…Im not displeased that fresh-faced, Beyonce-mimicking 17-year-old Jordin Sparks is your new American Idol. Truth be told, my household voted for her – twice. There a reason she and beatboxing Lewis lasted: They were by far the most contemporary candidates. Music mogul Clive Davis, whose interminable …report card about …Idol”-related albums proved yet again he doesnt belong on television, must be tickled – the final two contestants are clearly the most salable would-be stars to further market to teens and their parents nationwide…


Fantasia to Perform at Tony Awards; More Presenters Announced

Fantasia Barrino, the former American Idol champion who has earned rave reviews for her portrayal of Celie in the Broadway musical The Color Purple, will perform at the 61st annual Tony Awards ceremony, to be held at 8pm on Sunday, June 10 at Radio City Music Hall and broadcast live on CBS Television…


Life After ‘Idol:’ Finalists Visit Access Hollywood

Following her “Idol” coronation, Jordin Sparks made an exclusive stop by the Access Hollywood stage to show off her winning vocal chops.

And what’s the only thing better than one exclusive visit? How about eight of them all at once, as eight of “American Idol’s” final 10 visited the Access stage to chat about life in the spotlight and their new found fame….

…One thing is for sure ‘ everyone knows them now! But the top eight apparently still arent used to seeing themselves on camera, as they took every opportunity to ham it up on our set before the interview began, with Sanjaya Malakar smothering LaKisha Jones with kisses.

“Sanjaya you kiss me one more time and I’m gonna beat you down, ” she smiled.

In that regard, it looks like LaKisha stands alone, because plenty of girls are clamoring for smooches from Sanjaya….


10 Reasons Not To Hire a PR Agency

3.You dont have to seem all grown-up and boring. Every entrepreneur feels vaguely disreputable. Maybe you drive a crappy car. Maybe you never went to prom. There are enough stuffed suits in this world to fill fifteen Wall Street Journals a day. As anyone who watches American Idol will tell you, what this spun-out, over-hyped world is absolutely famished for is a little genuine personality. And, outside of your technology, it probably the only thing you have. So stop trying to be like IBM and just be yourself.

Digital Mediawire

2007 Fair Entertainment Features Steve Holy, Josh Gracin, Survivor, Loverboy, Don McLean

…After winning over fans as a top four finalist on season two of American Idol, Josh Gracin’s self-titled debut album went gold and he is set to release his sophomore album with the popular single “Favorite State of Mind.” Gracin will take the stage August 17…


…An insider told Page Six Osbourne was confirmed to perform on last week’s finale of “American Idol, ” but canceled at the last minute “when he learned he would have to do a duet with Sanjaya. Ozzie said he didn’t want to be onstage with that idiot.” Fox ended up pulling Steve Perry from Aerosmith to do the somewhat embarrassing duet with the artist with the gimmicky hair…


Celebrity culture makes writer yearn for the return of strong, silent types

…It wasn’t that long ago one was forced to go through the humiliating experience of purchasing the National Enquirer at the supermarket check-out counter to learn who was cheating and who was in rehab.

But now any consumer of news and information is going to find it very difficult to avoid getting their fill of celebrity gossip.

I’ve yet to watch 30 seconds of American Idol, yet I know all about Simon’s sarcasm, Paula’s drunken slurring and Sanjay’s hair.

For me, the turning point was several years ago when the first season of Survivor, another show I have never seen a moment of, was treated by the media as an actual news item. Every major newspaper provided detailed coverage each week as one person after another was voted off the island. And this wasn’t in the entertainment section. It was treated as Page 1 news.

One cannot blame the media for blurring the line between entertainment and actual news. Clearly, there was, and remains, an appetite for this type of information. It would be quite reckless and dishonest to chastise the media for providing the coverage and content their readers and viewers demand…

A job well done
‘American Idol’ stars are among those getting awards for good deeds.

Where can you find an inspirational speaker who was born with no arms or legs, an Aliso Viejo CEO who spends his spare time trying to save the natives on a primitive island, a Hollywood producer, a homeless guy and “American Idol” superstars Katharine McPhee and Chris Sligh, all hanging out together?

At Coast Hills Community Church.


OC Register

Ugly ‘American Idol’: U.S. Invades Eurovision Song Contest In Bigger Than The Sound
Taking over the impossibly cheesy contest is a sure-fire way to get the U.S. back on top.

…And while I saw many amazing things on my travels around Europe, I return home both enlightened and frightened (typing that sentence made me feel like this guy). Because no matter what you might have heard, people in the rest of the world aren’t exactly the biggest fans of Americans.

And by “aren’t exactly the biggest fans, ” I mean they pretty much hate us.

And yes, I’m as puzzled as you are as to just why this is, but it’s not exactly a stretch to say that right now, the U.S. is sort of like the “Rowdy” Roddy Piper of geopolitics. We’re the country the rest of the world loves to hate.

So perhaps we should start to behave a little bit more like the Rowdy one.

Which brings me to the point of this week’s column (you knew I’d get here sooner or later): the Eurovision Song Contest. And, tangentially, how America needs to positively dominate it…

Maroon 5 Earns Biggest First Week In iTunes Store History

…In addition to online and radio exposure, the excitement for Maroon 5’s album release was paved with a list of television appearances that includes American Idol, Saturday Night Live, Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MTV’s Total Request Live…

Oscar Mayer(R) Pairs with American Idol(R) to Support Jingle Contest

Singing sensation and American Idol Season 5 finalist Elliott Yamin signs on to kick-off search

Calling all …hot dogs with a taste for Hollywood! It icon meets Idol as the Oscar Mayer brand today announced its official partnership with FremantleMedia for sponsorship of American Idol Season 7. America favorite hot dog company will amplify the partnership to support their …Sing the Jingle, Be a Star promotion via broadcast and online advertising, on-pack, and online at …

Hispanic PR Wire

Jordin reportedly had some help to win ‹Idol

……Jordin was just 14 years old when she studied with me in 2004, vocal coach Melissa Black told Star magazine. …Her mom, Jodi Sparks, and her grandmother, Pam Wiedmann ‘  who acts as her manager ‘  found me on the Internet. We were together for nine months of intense vocal work, with Jordin taking one 30-minute class a week at $25 per class ¦ I knew she wouldnt take long to perfect her craft because she was so good.

Black says they havent spoken since Sparks stopped taking the classes, and she said mostly good things about her alleged former student. Nevertheless, Black admits, she was …hurt for a week when the …Idol winner said that she hadnt had any formal training. …Jordin didnt have to mention my name, but at least acknowledge you had training, she told the tab. …But Ive moved on, and I hold my head up high….


Clive Davis and Kelly Clarkson: Power Struggle

…According to a source at Clarkson label, …She wrote all of the second album herself – including the hits ‹Because of You, ‹Behind These Hazel Eyes and ‹Walk Away. Clive hated ‹Because of You so much, he would routinely mock it in meetings. It was one of her most successful singles.

…She only gets like $250, 000 an album when she could get millions. She refuses to take more money because she wants artistic control. And she has always turned out to be right. If Clive had had his way, she wouldnt have sold nearly as many albums as she did.
We are appalled he is picking apart one of our own acts – and one that we all love.

But according to Clive Davis camp, there is another side to the coin. …Clive gave her ‹Hazel Eyes and ‹Walk Away and he gave her the production company to help make ‹Because of You a hit. We pay millions for the albums. This is incorrect….

Police, Sting to Do MTV ‘Unplugged’

Kelly Clarkson vs. Clive Davis: Nonsense

…This is either some kind of urban myth that started outside the label or a PR stunt from within ‘ maybe designed to show Clarkson is a bit of a rebel, an “American Idol” with an edge.

Here something that is true: No albums go out under Davis name without his approval or imprimatur. It just not possible. For better or worse, Clive Davis is the last word on all his releases.

The new single, …Never Again, is not only very edgy, but it also reminiscent of Clarkson modern classic, …Since U Been Gone. Ironically, it was Davis who brought Clarkson that song for her last album, and transformed her from bland ballad singer to a pop new wave star a la the Go-Go’s or Chrissie Hynde lite.

It was one of the smartest changes in pop history, and gave Clarkson a career that the other “American Idol” winners have not achieved……………..



…Even former American Idol contestant Sarah Mather stopped by to perform a song for the adoring crowd…