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Kris Allen talks Queen, Adam Lambert, and, oh yeah, winning ‘American Idol’

You seemed really surprised up there when Ryan announced you won.
Always. [Smiles] I’m always surprised, man. For me, making it through each week — everyone is so talented, and, I don’t know, to make it through each week is crazy.

People kept referring to you as the dark horse. When you got to the Top 36, we’d barely seen you. Did it add any pressure, or make it easier, being the perpetual underdog?
For me, it was kinda nice. That’s kinda who I am, and having the spotlight on me would’ve been weird. That’s me. I’m that laid back guy. I stick my head behind everyone else and every once and a while peek out and say, “Hello!” [Chuckles]

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Adam Lambert after the ‘American Idol’ finale: ‘I’m really happy for Kris’

I want to just get this question out of the way first, something that’s been dangling a bit over you for the whole season: Would you like to put to rest all the speculation about your sexuality?
It’s not dangling over my head. [Laughing] It may be dangling over yours, but it’s not over mine. Yeah, I think speculation keeps things really interesting.

So you don’t want to say anything one way or the other?
Like I said, I think speculation keeps things very, very interesting. [Laughs]

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Live from the Idoldome: What you didn’t see on TV — the final night!

11:18 p.m. Three hours after being named the latest …American Idol, it didn’t appear the news had yet to sink in to Kris Allen. “I feel tired but I feel great, he said as he greeted the press backstage. …I’m exhausted but I’m shocked, I’m really shocked.”

He wasnt surprised to win ‘ he was astonished just to have made the final round. “For me, I felt shocked almost every week that I made it, he said.

Immediately after being told he won the top honor, Allen remarked on live television that the prize should have gone to Lambert. He echoed those sentiments backstage. “I actually felt that Adam deserves this just as much as I do. He’s really just an amazing guy. It was fun doing this with him.”

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Scenes from Nokia Theatre: Despite loss, the Lamberts stay in harmony

The black color of Eber Lambert’s fingernails described the mood for much of America’s music critics and some of its more ardent rock fans. Although the elder Lambert meant it as a gesture of solidarity with his eyeliner-wearing son Adam — who lost his bid to be crowned the next American Idol to mellow underdog Kris Allen — instead it became a commentary for Lambert-lovers.

Though clearly disappointed by the results, the Lamberts showered the Allen family with congratulations and best wishes, and perhaps realized that the Adam phenomenon, now ignited, would continue to burn. The goodwill was more than returned backstage after the show when Allen gave his onetime competitor several bear hugs before a gantlet of press.

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Adam Lambert On Rumors: ‘Blogs Have A Lot Of Opinions, Don’t They?’

Q: What’s next?

A: My dream now is to make a really dope record, to do something new, push the boundaries a little bit, push people’s buttons, open people’s minds up a little bit. And you know what’s really, really cool about Kris being in the finals tonight? We are seemingly so different, but we found a way to get along and find a common bond ‘  mostly through music, but also just through talking and getting to know each other. And if there’s anything that could come from this experience that I hope all the fans out there can pick up is that even if you’re really different, there’s a way to get along with each other. It’s not about, “Oh, you beat me because of this” or “You’re different.” It’s about finding the common stuff that makes it work. We got up there and did the Queen duet, and we made it work, because we found a common ground with each other.


Kris Allen Reassures Adam Lambert Fans: ‘He’s Gonna Be A Megastar’

“American Idol” fans might have been surprised by Kris Allen’s victory over Adam Lambert on Wednesday night, but no one was more floored than Kris himself.

When “Idol” expert Jim Cantiello caught up with the new champ backstage, he talked about fans Googling his wife, working with Kara DioGuardi and what he has to say to all those heartbroken Glamberts.


‘American Idol’ recap: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Horse

Five (and only five) words for you: ”Adam deserves this. I’m sorry.”

Yes, folks, the only thing more shocking than witnessing Kris Allen’s upset win over Adam Lambert during tonight’s season 8 finale of American Idol was hearing the unassuming (and yet in my estimation, completely worthy) victor utter those astonished words of apology. I mean, what’s next? Rachel Alexandra giving Mine That Bird some room on the rail to pass her in the Belmont stretch? Federer handing a Wimbledon title to Nadal? Coke and Pepsi swapping cola recipes?

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Allen throws a wrench into `Idol’ outcome

LOS ANGELES (AP) ‘  Kris Allen beamed with disbelief, shook his head as if to reject that this was really happening and doubled over in shock.

The fact that he’d just beaten rollicking vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert for the “American Idol” title wasn’t going to sink in quickly for the unassuming underdog from Arkansas. The only downside to this stunning victory: He was going to have to sing “No Boundaries” one more time.

“I’m sorry, I don’t even know what to feel right now. This is crazy, ” said the 23-year-old from Conway, Ark., as he leaned on host Ryan Seacrest to keep from staggering.

Allen’s smooth vocals and boy-next-door image gave him the edge after nearly 100 million viewer votes were cast, turning the theatrical Lambert into the most unlikely of also-rans. When the season started, Allen seemed unsure he had a right to take center stage, let alone stand there and snatch victory from such a formidable rival.

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How Allen ascended from meek audition to ‘Idol’

LOS ANGELES (AP) ‘  Not much has changed about Kris Allen since his mostly forgettable “American Idol” audition.

Well, except for the winning-it-all part.

When the 23-year-old college student from Conway, Ark., first auditioned with Leon Russell’s “A Song for You” in Louisville, Ky., he seemed nothing more than a boy-next-door “Idol” hopeful, lacking the instant juggernaut feel of showy 27-year-old runner-up Adam Lambert or even plucky 17-year-old spark plug Allison Iraheta.

A newsboy cap pulled down around his eyes, Allen was asked back then by the judges if he was the best singer.

“You know, there’s probably people who are better than me, ” was his response, a humility that Simon Cowell said he found off-putting.

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‹American Idol winner made himself a star
When Kris Allen was asked by the …American Idol judges at his first audition if he thought he was the best singer in the competition, he replied by saying …You know, there probably people out there who are better than me.

That was true in Louisville, where he first performed for Simon Cowell and company. It was true in Hollywood, when he advanced to the semifinals. It was true in his semifinal heat, when both Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta earned more praise and he tagged along as the third singer to earn the assigned spot among the 13 finalists.


The Rushfield Review: Kris Allen gives ‘American Idol’ back its heart

Finals Some brief thoughts after an emotional night. More post-mortem to follow tomorrow.

Tonight, American Idol found its heart.

In all the talk and punditry about this season, there was often a sense that what was missing wasnt a clear problem with the judges or the rules or the format or the contestants — even something almost ineffable, beyond the grasp of producers to help it.

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Ann Powers: Kris Allen beats Adam Lambert. A shock? Nah.

Minutes before Kris Allen was announced as the new American Idol, he and Adam Lambert sang …We Are the Champions, the 1977 smash by the rock band Queen. As the pyrotechnics sizzled and a large choir (including this year other …Idol finalists) backed them up, those two unlikely partners in bringing back heat to the long-running series had one last laugh together.

It was Lambert moment. It felt like his victory. Ever since he auditioned with an a cappella version of Queen …Bohemian Rhapsody, fans of the fiery-voiced Southland native had been clamoring for him to sing a Queen song. And here he was doing it, leaning on guitarist Brian May shoulder, fitting right into the spot originally occupied by Freddie Mercury ‘  one of the most sensationally gifted frontmen in rock history. Allen seemed delighted to be his wing man. And then, in a surprise that really wasnt a surprise at all, he grabbed away the spotlight.

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“American Idol”: And the Winner Is …

Whoa. So it’s really true: Kris Allen is the new American Idol. Really. Seriously? This is the biggest upset’ well, ever, in the show’s eight seasons. Even more than when Chris Daughtry was voted out or when Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken. It wasn’t just that Adam was pimped out by the judges more than any Idol contestant this season’ Paula practically crowned him the winner when he sang “Black or White” 11 weeks ago’ it’s that he really was the best vocalist we’ve ever seen on Idol. Simon Cowell has even said that he thinks Adam’s going to be an international star.

So what went wrong? Here are the top seven reasons why Adam Lambert lost American Idol.


‘Idol’ shocker

Kris Allen (right) could only gape last night in Los Angeles as he learned he had been named winner of “American Idol, ” defeating early favorite Adam Lambert of San Diego. Watching at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, Adam Lambert’s fans, including Susan David (left) and Gloria Dungco, groaned when the result was announced.

LOS ANGELES ‘ In the end, after all 100 million votes were counted, Arkansas’ dark horse triumphed over San Diego’s dark prince.

In a shocking turn of entertainment events, Kris Allen was named this year’s …American Idol winner last night, leaving San Diego’s black-clad, eye-liner-sporting Adam Lambert to settle for second place.

Sign On San Diego

What Are The Lyrics To ‹No Boundaries About?

Somewhere in the depths of the Nokia Theatre, Im convinced there is a secret underground vault filled with pixie dust, a man-size vat of Velveeta and a rhyming dictionary that is the source of every …American Idol winner song.

Jordin Sparks …This Is My Now. David Cook …The Time of My Life. Taylor Hicks …Do I Make You Proud (not so much). Kelly Clarkson …A Moment Like This. What do they have in common? All terrible, schmaltzy songs that even the superfans who instantly downloaded them have probably deleted from their iPods long since.


Paula Abdul Sells, David Archuleta Sings On ‘Idol’ Finale Red Carpet

LOS ANGELES ‘  The “American Idol” red carpet has to be especially surreal for all the returning “Idol” contestants, kind of like the first day of high school. The vets from the early seasons are the seniors, and the season-eight kids are the naà ¯ve freshmen.

For season-six runner-up Blake Lewis, it’s that dynamic that brought him out for Wednesday night’s (May 20) big finale. “I’m back here, hanging out with friends, seeing the new class, ” he laughed.

But fellow seasonf-six finalist LaKisha Jones had her own analogy: “It’s like a family reunion, without the barbecue.”


Why did Janice Thibodeaux choke Terri Seymour? To get even with Simon!

Terri-seymour-simon-cowell- Why did Janice Thibodeaux try to strangle Simon Cowell ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour?

According to, who talked exclusively to the attacker behind bars, she was doing it for revenge. She watched Simon jokingly choke fellow judge Paula Abdul during Tuesday show . And she didnt much like it.

…I wasnt cool with Simon Cowell choking Paula Abdul on the show last week and with her crying-out ‹help as he did so, Thibodeaux said. …Nobody said anything about that, so I wanted to confront him about it because that is not appropriate behavior, is it?

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Carrie Underwood Explains Why She Limped Off American Idol Tuesday

Carrie Underwood told Ryan Seacrest why she limped off stage after performing on American Idol Tuesday night.

“You’re gonna laugh at me, everyone does, ” the Season 4 winner jokes on Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show.

“I was running last Saturday in my little community [in Nashville]…It’s about three miles, ” Underwood says. “I was about halfway through and I fell.

Check out photos of Carrie’s style through the years.

“And this nice lady was driving behind me — I’d never met her before, ” Underwood continues. “She saw the incident and was nice enough to pull over and roll down the window and say, ‘Can I take you home?’


Exclusive | Fantasia talks about nearly losing her homes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There is harmony once again in Fantasia Barrino’s Charlotte house — the one she shares with her mom, her young daughter and many other family members.

That harmony is, in part, from Barrino herself. She and her mom often break out into song.

But the harmony was hard to hear this time last year.


Kelly Clarkson Responds To Haters: ‘I Ain’t Gonna Change’

Kelly Clarkson doesn’t care what you ‘  or the gossip blogs, for that matter ‘  think about her appearance. In fact, Clarkson doesn’t even have time to worry about it, as she’s too busy making music and touring to even get online.

“I’m rarely on the Internet. I blog every once in a while ’cause my fans will yell at me if I don’t, ” she told MTV News. “I check my e-mail on my phone … I’m never really on the Internet.”


EXCLUSIVE – Red Carpet access at the American Idol Finale!

Oh. Em. Gee. What an amazing, awesome, and yet sweaty day. As the second day of the American Idol finale kicked off, the press spent three long hours in the sun on the red carpet. Truth be told, the three hours flew by ‘ it was incredibly exciting to see the stars and get an insight into how this whole red carpet, American Idol finale event happens.

The first celebrities on the red carpet are Diana DeGarmo (with purple hair), Kimberley Locke and Blake Lewis. It also interesting to note that they were the last people to leave ¦three hours later. You dont see Simon Cowell mingling on the red carpet for three hours. Im just sayin.

Elliott Yamin Fights For Love; Parties in the Back

In a battle of “American Idol’s” nicest guys ever, one artist handily wins and it’s not Kris Allen, David Cook, and definitely not Chris “Sideshow Bob” Sligh. It’s Elliott Yamin, the former pharmacy employee turned overnight “Idol” sensation, who made a habit of wowing judges back in 2006 with his soulful vocals and humble personality. Years removed from the Paula fan club and Randy dog pound, little seems to have changed for the artist. In an interview last week, Yamin discussed his sophomore album “Fight For Love, ” which was released earlier this month. The album is especially poignant for Yamin, because his beloved mom Claudette passed away during the recording process. Yamin discussed that, “Idol” (he still watches, and yes, he suspects Adam Lambert will win) and more. Delightfully, he had no problem addressing his much-publicized new haircut from the “Love” music video. Party in the back.

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Review: Jennifer Hudson show short but sweet

It was short and to the point. Which fits Jennifer Hudson well right now.

During the singer and actress’s 45-minute set at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre on Tuesday night, Hudson relied on her voice and songs, while being careful not to overextend herself.

It seemed like Hudson was still getting her concert legs under her, two weeks after postponing a handful of shows (including one in Oakland) because of a throat condition. And, of course, she’s still recovering from the murder of her mother, brother and nephew only seven months ago.

While her show didn’t have many moments one might remember in 10 years, it was more than enough for this particular point in her career.

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Carrie Ann Inaba says goodbye to ‘DWTS, ‘ season 8

Great season! It was a close race all the way to the finish line. Great finale dancers = an exciting finish! There was great artistry, beautiful passion, intense competition, graceful athleticism….moments of glory and special moments that will stay with us forever. I love Len and Bruno and have had a wonderful time working with them. Special thanks to our incredible staff and production team, who put our show together. Congratulations to the winners of season 8…

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