Idol Headlines for 05/22/07

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Idol Chat: Which Finalist Has the Most to Gain by Winning?

What is running through the respective minds of Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, as American Idol’s big finale looms? Might Blake pull an upset and win this thing? And how does this Idol showdown compare to years past?….


‘Idol’ to settle the score
The beauty and the beatboxer compete for America’s affection

NEW YORK — “American Idol” finalists Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis are attractive, talented and have millions of adoring fans. That’s where their similarities end.The two telegenic singers — The Beauty and The Beatboxer, respectively — will try to out-sing, out-groove and out-charm one another in this week’s fairy-tale finale. Who’s gonna win? It’s a tough call. Though many argue that Sparks is the clear frontrunner, Lewis is full of surprises….Centre

American idol judges have too much power?

Since “American Idol” seems to be the juggernaut force in pop music these days, and since there are only three “American Idol” judges, a question arises. Actually, three questions arise.Do these three individuals have too much power?

Are these the best three people to have this much power?

Are there any three people who should have this much power?…..

PAULA ABDUL BROKE HER NOSE LAST WEEKEND: ‹Idol judge was trying not to step on her Chihuahua and fell

… Early reports had Abdul being rushed to the hospital over the tumble, but that was not the case, said her spokesperson Howard Bragman. He also said there no indication that shell have to wear any protective headgear as the final two contestants, Blake and Jordin, battle tonight for the …American Idol

Is the thrill gone?
Win or lose, nearly all ‘Idol’ contestants are cashing in

This could be the least suspenseful drama in the history of TV.Tonight, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis compete for the title of sixth-season “American Idol” winner, the glory of performing a treacly ballad amid a shower of confetti Wednesday night. The victor will get bragging rights for life and a picture in the background of next year’s opening credits.Oh, and an automatic contract with 19 Entertainment, the “Idol” producer that is a recording/management/merchandising juggernaut. But ask Chris Daughtry how much that matters…..

‘Idol’ runner-up McPhee projecting a new image

Taylor Hicks is headlining in clubs and casinos. Kellie Pickler is opening for Brad Paisley. Chart-topping Chris Daughtry is gigging all over the place.Last year’s “American Idol” finalists are working it harder than any of their predecessors.Runnerup Katharine McPhee, 23, is promoting her self-titled CD, which was a curveball to “Idol” worshippers. After showing off her big, Broadway-ready voice on TV, she gave herself a musical makeover, serving up a collection of dance pop, R&B and pop. Coupled with her new sex-kitten image, the sound suggests that she’d be a strong candidate for the Pussycat Dolls reality show….

Beauty and the beat box

Perky teen Jordin Sparks and hipster Blake Lewis make the perfect duo for the Idol finals.It’s a travesty that Melinda Doolittle will not be singing for the title of American Idol tonight. However, in the big picture, it’s not a bad thing….South

‘Idol’ showdown loomsJordin and Blake, the last two contestants, are ready for sing-off And then there were two. After four months of emotional eliminations, it has come down to 17-year-old powerhouse Jordin Sparks and 25-year-old, beat-boxing champion Blake Lewis who will duke it out tonight for the American Idol title…….Jam

Ayla reveals her ‘Idol’ predictions

…The Sun Chronicle spoke to Ayla Brown of Wrentham, last year’s local “American Idol” contestant and 13th place finisher, about who will win, who will sell records and how long “Idol” can last:

The Sun Chronicle

American Idol’s final two just happy to be there

American Idol’s two finalists, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, despite your personal preferences, deserve some credit. The dynamic, diverse duo survived an up-and-down season ‘  Sanjaya silliness, the talented Melinda Doolittle and the wrath of Simon Cowell ‘  to make it to this week’s finale at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.The polished pair will slug it out Tuesday night with three songs each, including one chosen in an online songwriting contest. Wednesday’s season finale will reveal who gets the dubious honor of releasing that tune ‘  likely a big, sweeping ballad ‘  as their first post-Idol single.Listen closely, because you’ll likely never hear it again after that first promotional push….

Is ‘Idol’ losing its worshipers?

Since the best singer has been kicked off American Idol, there’s a question more pressing than whether Jordin or Blake takes home the top prize on Wednesday:Is this the moment TV’s favorite talent competition hits the skids?…..SP Times

Ballads or the beat? Who will win ‘AI’?

Who’s it going to be? The bubbly girl next door who specializes in ballads or the cool hipster who’s all about the beat? Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis take Hollywood’s Kodak Theater stage tonight (7 p.m., Fox) for the last performance round of Season 6’s “American Idol” competition. The winner will be crowned in Wednesday’s finale (7 p.m., Fox). It’s a tough one to call before tonight’s round. Until then, let’s see how the remaining two stack up against each other….


Who are these people?

At the start of this year’s “American Idol” semi-finals, I asked, in all seriousness, “Who are these people?” And three months later, I still have no idea. We’re down to beat-boxer Blake Lewis and pop princess Jordin Sparks for the Season Six crowns, and if there have been two more opaque “Idol” finalists, I can’t think of them.In Season Three, Fantasia’s daughter Zion was almost as big a presence as Fantasia herself. In Season Four, we visited the Underwood family farm about 17 different times. And by the time last season ended, I had the sound of Taylor Hicks barking out the words “Soul Patrol!” forever drilled into my brain……

Yamin and two other Idols get some Sirius time

To tie in with this week’s “American Idol” finale, Sirius Satellite Radio has recruited Elliott Yamin, Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee to each host an hour of “Celebrity Shuffle, ” airing on Sirius’ Super Shuffle (Channel 12).Yamin’s turn to spin will be at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. today, repeated at 3 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. tomorrow. Hicks will be on at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. today, repeated at midnight tonight and at 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. tomorrow. McPhee takes the mike at 1 and 10 p.m. today and 6 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

‘American Idol’ top 2 square off
Sparks, Lewis dispense compliments, talk about jitters, styles and voting

After months of auditioning, performing and being judged, it all comes down to this:A professional neophyte who bubbles more than a can of soda, and a veteran beat-boxer who says he does things his way.Yes, it’s time for Fox to anoint its sixth American Idol, although many viewers may be thinking that the rightful winner, Melinda Doolittle, was denied her shot at the title.

Remember, no matter how many times Simon Cowell says it’s a singing competition, “American Idol” is a popularity contest…..

‘Idol’ down to the wire

After 18 weeks and the tearful eliminations of thousands of wannabe pop stars, a bubbly teenage diva and an edgy nonconformist will hit the “American Idol” stage this week for the top spot in the world’s biggest singing competition…..

The Washington Times

Leslie has some closing thoughts on the season’s highs (Blake! Melinda!) and lows (hellllooooo, Sanjaya!)

Depending on who you ask, the sixth season of Fox’s American Idol has been either the biggest collection of no-talents, unappetizing bores and goofballs ever to blight a reality show stage or an exciting festival of gifted singers who defy cookie-cutter typecasting and actually sing songs written this millennium.If you ask me – and thanks for asking! – both of those camps have a point…..Palm Beach Post

Obies, Theater World give kudos
Barrino, Nighy receive awards

Gotham ordered up another round of legit kudos Monday night, when two orgs — the Off Broadway-centric Obies and the Theater World Awards, given to a dozen thesps making their Broadway or Off Broadway debuts — announced their winners.
Biggest names to nab honors were Fantasia Barrino, the “American Idol” alum who garnered gushy reviews last week for her turn in “The Color Purple, ” and Bill Nighy, who co-starred in “The Vertical Hour” on Broadway earlier this season. Each won a Theater World Award…….


Idol speculation: The final word from our coaches

The Idol season end draws near, and it’s time for our coaches to surrender their international celebrity and return to their humdrum lives. But before they left, they cast their votes and declared Jordin the likely winner while offering their final assessments of the two finalists….


At Finale Time, ‘Idol’ Strains to Hit a High Note

…For Fox execs and competitors, the real drama will begin the morning after, when the Nielsen numbers come in. If the finale stats are down from last season, it will signal the start of navel-gazing at all the networks as to whether this year’s uninspiring cast of competitors is to blame or, as the other networks hope, it’s symptomatic of the show’s decline….


‹American I-dull
Plenty of blame to go around for worst season of ‹AI yet.

…For this final assignment, Ive been asked to regurgitate what has been learned and discerned from this year competition, which has been widely regarded as the dullest ever. (And if another has been duller, Id like to know how the show survived its tedium.)A list of lessons learned:Kansas

The Jordin factor: ‘Idol’ star leaves mark on the Web, around Valley

How has the Valley’s Jordin Sparks influenced American Idol viewers this season? Here’s a quick look:

The Arizona Republic

Grumbles trail Idol into finale

Could the country be ready to stop praying at the altar of “American Idol?”With the season finale of the No. 1 rated show airing Tuesday night, observers from the blogosphere to the office water cooler are buzzing with critiques over the way this year failed to measure up to Idols of seasons past.“This year there was less drama from the start, ” said Michael Slezak, a senior writer for Entertainment Weekly’s….

am New York


CARRIE UNDERWOOD has become only the second country star to reach score six million sales with a debut album.
The former American Idol winner’s first release, Some Hearts, was certified sextuple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) last week (ends18May07).
Underwood’s feat is only matched by LeAnn Rimes’ 1996 album Blue.
The Jesus Take The Wheel singer’s hit album, which was released in November, 2005 has spent a total of 26 weeks at number one of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.
Last week was a good one for Underwood – as well as claiming her new RIAA accolade, the singer also claimed three trophies at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

When ‘Idol’ season is over, Seattle will be singing a happy song
It seems a certain judge hit all the wrong notes when he ripped Seattle’s lack of musical talent … Take that, Simon Cowell!

For a city with “absolutely atrocious” singers, Seattle has kicked some serious Simon butt on Season 6 of “American Idol.”We don’t expect to hear apologies anytime soon from Simon Cowell, but by now he surely knows he picked on the wrong city……

Predicting American Idol: Blake Lewis will upset favorite Jordin Sparks to win

I have a bold prediction to make. I think Blake Lewis will become the next American Idol winner when the votes are counted after Tuesday night finale. Oddsmakers at disagree as they predict Jordin Sparks will win the competition based on the -400 odds they have bestowed upon her. Lewis on the other hand is considered the underdog with +300 odds….


Britney Spears lip-synching disaster

…After arriving in Florida via another flight with leather seats, Spears made her scheduled appearance at the House of Blues. She took the stage at 9:30 p.m. and started the show with …Baby One More Time. It wasnt until her performance of …Do Somethin that …somthin terrible happened. The back up CD began skipping repeatedly. Britney turned away from the crowd until technicians fixed the problem. However, the CD continued to skip four more times during the song. …It was an ugly scene. The crowd started jeering and heckling her. Britney looked absolutely devastated. When the CD started skipping during the song ‘Do Somethin, ‘ Britney hid her face and turned her back. Then, when it resolved itself, she turned around with this look on her face like she was going to puke, ” according to a concert goer.If the CD skipping wasnt enough, her headset microphone broke during a dance move. Not that is really mattered, Spears wasnt actually singing into it…

…Despite her lip-synching, people are lining up to see this train wreck perform. Rumor has it she may be performing on American Idol this week. Yippee!


Blake to Win ‘American Idol’ Based on Poll

The vote is in and Blake wins “American Idol” — or at least is expected to win based on a
poll released by Quepasa Corporation (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: QPSA). In a poll sent to its approximately 1.2 million members, 60% voted for Blake and 40% voted for Jordin….


‘Idol’ Showdown
Will Sparks fly… or is Blake the one to beat?

OK, can we all take a deep breath and talk rationally about “American Idol” for a minute? Can we officially declare the Melinda Wars over (please)?Those maestros of high dudgeon, the blogs, have all had their say. Angry crowds around the office watercoolers have dispersed. We’ve moved on.Exhaled? Good, because here now are some basic points that probably most of us can agree on. Ceremoniously dumped last week, Melinda Doolittle was the most brilliant performer on the show this – or any other – season.

But she’ll do just fine. In the business, we call this “a given.”….

am New York

American Idol Songwriter Contest a Flop With Amateur Songwriters?

…But when will American Idol really look for commercially popular songs for the winning contestants? Every week, American Idol asks the contestants to take big risks. Yet, every season, they take a highly conservative road and actively search for a song that is about an eagle soaring, that big moment, their time in the sun, etc.I was expecting more songs focusing on the singers pursuing their dreams – the singers that really want to sing so much that they subject themselves to fierce judging and criticism every week. When will American Idol take the same risks that they ask their contestants to take each season?…

Weekend Sale at The Oaks ‘A Huge Success’; Taylor Hicks Greets Fellow Property Owners

…Just over 100 of these highly-coveted lakefront and lake access lots were released and “more than 60% sold, ” said Mr. Patch. Alabama’s own Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame was on hand to greet customers and fellow property owners at both events. Mr. Hicks signed autographs and posed for photos. He also toured his own lot in the development. See pictures and video of the event at ….


THE winner of the “American Idol” songwriting contest will be unveiled tonight – with finalists Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis both crooning the winning tune. The identity of the victorious songwriter is being kept a secret until tonight’s show (8 p.m./Ch. 5).

But sources say it’s actually two people – a male songwriting team who’ve penned what’s described as a “ballad” for Sparks and Lewis to sing…

NY Post

The Kelly Bowlin Band from Corona to Perform With American Idol Bucky Covington

The Corona based Kelly Bowlin Band will be performing with country star and American Idol finalist Bucky Covington, May 29th at the Belly-Up Tavern in Solano Beach….


EU clears Universal, BMG music deal

…Vivendi SA’s Universal had resolved the issue by promising to sell several significant song catalogs – mostly the European rights to British and American pop hits owned by Zomba UK, 19 Music, 19 Songs, BBC music publishing, Rondor UK as well as the European licenses for the U.S.-based Zomba Music Publishing.The Zomba catalog owns songs written by Max Martin’s Swedish hits factory for Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys that dominated the ’90s charts, while 19 has the rights to hits by the Spice Girls and other acts propelled to success by manager and “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller.

The selloffs go beyond what the Commission wanted because it was more viable to divest complete copyrights, including performance and print rights….

Myrtle Beach Online

Song Picks From Conor Oberst, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Lowe and Dave Matthews

…Read on to find out what everyone from Conor Oberst to Kelly Clarkson are name-checking these days…

Rolling Stone