Idol Headlines for 04/08/09

‘American Idol’: On the scene for the Top 8

Ooh, snap! Simon just stopped to talk to Randy and Paula. Yeah, just Randy and Paula…while Kara sat the judges table…talking to no one. Awkward. But you know who Simon chatted up more than anyone in the whole wide audience? Paula. They flirted, they finger-wagged back in forth. (I have no idea what that means, but don’t most couples have cute, nonsensical inside jokes like that?) They R in luv, y’all! In my head, anyway. It would explain so much: the love taps, the sexual tension, the fact that they must have conspired not to use actual baby pictures in the opening montage. Seriously, someone, somewhere has photographic evidence of Simon Cowell in nappies. We want!

Entertainment Weekly

No Sex Charges for So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer

Three days after So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Alex Da Silva was arrested for four counts of sexual assault, L.A. prosecutors said Tuesday that there is not enough evidence to pursue any charges, reports.

US Magazine

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‘American Idol’ recap: Simon’s Spontaneous ‘O’!

Let’s kick things off with a list of things I don’t need to see or hear ever again on American Idol: Scott MacIntyre playing an electric guitar. The judges engaging in a seven-minute discussion about the still uncovered and (possibly) mythical power of Lil Rounds’ vocals. Any contestant attempting to perform in what might be described as the seventh circle of hell, surrounded by mechanically swaying, dead-eyed teenagers. Simon Cowell giving advice about how to win a Miss Congeniality plaque. Randy Jackson invoking the name ”Keyshia Cole.” Kara DioGuardi using numbers in a critique.

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ Recap: Adam Lambert Owns Year-Of-Birth Night

As if it wasn’t clear before, Adam Lambert proved definitively on Tuesday night that he is the one to beat on “American Idol” this year ‘  assuming everyone actually saw his performance and their DVRs didn’t click off when the show went more than five minutes over.

Even if you missed Lambert, though, you saw some serious drama: Another top contender, Lil Rounds, was thrashed by the judges; Scott MacIntyre came in for his first serious criticism; and another favorite, Danny Gokey, did just OK on a night when the singers were allowed to pick a song from the year of their birth.


The Rushfield Review: Does Lambert vs. Gokey spell curtains for Idol Nation?

Live at the Idoldome, the tension grows steadily with every week, and with it, the celebrity wattage to witness the taping. On the tarmac outside during the final moments before “American Idol’s” Songs-From-the-Year-You-Were-Born Week, Music Director Maestro Rickey Minor chatted with Sinbad as actor Ray Liotta raced to get his child to their seats. Everywhere was the first sign of spring, hand-drawn signs were in bloom in every 11-year-old arms — in all the shades of Danny, Adam and Allison.

LA Times

Were Live-Blogging The Top Eight ‹American Idol Performances!

Sit back, relax and prepare to feel really flipping ancient, because it …Sing A Song From The Year You Were Born night on …American Idol.

Before the …Idol live-blog begins, Id like to take a moment and acknowledge how depressing it is that I am older than all but one …Idol contestant this year. (Never thought Id say it but thank God for Gokey.) It felt weird when I surpassed …The Real World casts, it definitely flipped me out when I realized that Im old enough to be Taylor Swift dad (if I was a twelve year old stud who practiced unsafe sex). And now the only reality show where the contestants are in my age range features ballroom dancing and washed up has-beens. Hell, even Kim from …The Real Housewives of Atlanta could have gone to my prom. Ive got one foot in the grave, dont I? Before I know it Ill be watching …The Mentalist and that 10pm Leno show.


Ann Powers: ‘American Idol’ contestants learn that the truth can hurt

Type matters, but talent can win out (thank you Adam Lambert).

MATT3_MLB_2037 This week’s round of the “American Idol” competition exposed a few undying truths about pop music. First: One man’s meat is another woman’s poison. The first two performances had me wondering if I needed to have my ear buds checked, or if the problem was with the judges, who couldn’t tell a clever bit of blue-eyed soul from a dance in a cornfield.

LA Times

Women remain vulnerable on ‹American Idol

In its annual effort to make younger viewers switch from Top 40 radio to oldies stations, …American Idol brought back the songs-from-your-birth-year theme this week. That left most focusing on the 1980s catalogue, and since few 1980s songs are still hits these days, the judges tended to be unhappy with the song choices and arrangements that resulted.

Among the most vulnerable are the two women remaining. This hasnt been a great year for their gender, as only five were picked to make the 13-singer final round, and three of those are already gone. It wouldnt be a shock if either of the two women were next out the door tomorrow, though for different reasons.


Phil Stacey Blog: Lambert shines on a standout night for all on ‘American Idol’

It was an incredible night for “American Idol.” The contestants sang songs from the year they were born and there were only two performances that werent extraordinary. Those two belonged to Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre. I would be surprised to see anyone else go home tomorrow night.

The night biggest surprise for me was Adam Lambert. While I am usually not a big fan of his, he was absolutely spectacular tonight. He gave a nearly flawless and original version of …Mad World ‘ one of the most depressing songs ever written. It was outstanding. Simon Cowell gave it a standing ovation, which I have never seen from him. Ever.

LA Times

“American Idol” Producers Very Serious About Making Their Show As DVR-Proof As Possible

Last night on American Idol, Adam Lambert was given the coveted “pimp spot”‘ the last performance of the night, right before Ryan Seacrest recaps all the night’s songs and the phone lines are opened’ only it wasn’t so much, since anyone who watched the show on time-delay missed his Gary Jules-inspired version of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World” thanks to the show running over its 62-minute scheduled running time. (The cutoff seems to have fired up his fanbase, who have landed him in first place on busy-signal tracker DialIdol, and I suspect that there’s no way he is going home tonight, what with Simon Cowell giving him a standing ovation instead of a critique. (Let the conspiracy theories begin!) Clip after the jump.


‘Fringe’ invades ‘American Idol’… or was it the other way around?

Hey, remember how yesterday I wondered aloud whether there was much overlap between the audiences for American Idol and my beloved Fringe? Well, that proved literally true last night, as Idol viewers saw numerous shots of a serene bald man in the Hollywood studio audience. It was Michael Cerveris, the actor who plays the creepy, he’s-everywhere Observer on Fringe. Since that hoggish Idol spilled over into Fringe’s time period last night, it was only right that The Observer should be there to patrol this unusual event, as he does so many unusual events on Fringe.

Entertainment Weekly

‘Naughty Minx’ Kellie Pickler and Simon Cowell Have Tongue Troubles

Kellie Pickler flirty relationship with Simon Cowell during the fifth season of “American Idol” certainly raised a lot of eyebrows, especially when the controversial judge referred to the blonde belle as a “naughty minx.” At the time tabloid reports even suggested that their bonding caused problems with Cowell then-girlfriend Terri Seymour ‘  thus it’s no wonder Pickler is feeling both nervous yet excited about making a guest appearance on the FOX show this Wednesday night.

“I havent seen Paula, Randy or Simon since I was last on Idol, ” Pickler told Tarts on Sunday. “But everyone keeps saying that it easier for me going back on and not being judged, but everybody judges me. It harder ‘  there are higher expectations now.”

Fox News

‘Idolatry’: Let’s talk about Allison, Lil, and (ugh) Kara!

Should Kara DioGuardi be the next singer voted off American Idol? Why can’t Allison Iraheta get any respect from the judges? How come Lil Rounds keeps shouting at me? These are the questions that EW’s very own “On the Scene” Idol correspondent Adam B. Vary and I discuss as we head into Songs From the Year You Were Born Week. Press play below, then post your own thoughts on these all-important debates in the comments section below!


VIDEO: Megan Joy Talks of Blowing Her Chance, Her Bad-Boy Bro & Sneaking Alexis onto Tour

Just hours before being reunited (finally) with her 2-year-old son, Megan Joy came by to discuss her solid run on American Idol.

Reflecting on her exit, she says, “I honestly wasn’t thinking about being eliminated until the day of.” After all, she notes, “They did give me the Wild Card, and they kinda liked me, sometimes.”

Yet in the end, she admits, “I obviously blew it.”


Idolatry: Megan Joy

Megan Joy and Michael Slezak admonish rude judges. Plus, the save sham.

Entertainment Weekly

Jasper’s ‘Idol’ welcomed home

Michael Sarver is “heading straight to the recording studio, ” he told the people of Jasper who came out Tuesday night to welcome him home.

“The great thing about American Idol is it gives you lots of opportunity, ” Sarver said during a short speech at Courthouse Square. “Although I can’t say too much, this has given me a lot of opportunity. I will be heading straight to the recording studio.”

Sarver was back in Jasper after months in Los Angeles singing on Fox’s “American Idol.” He was sent home from the show on an episode two weeks ago and has since been making the rounds of talk shows and media interviews.

Beaumont Enterprise

Alexis Grace Stages “American Idol” Surprise in Memphis

Employees at the Germantown Crye-Leike headquarters got a surprise visitor during a “Crye-Leike Idol” contest and potluck. Memphian and former American Idol hopeful Alexis Grace made an appearance shortly before noon in front of a packed room of realtors and unsuspecting fans.

Before kicking off the Crye-Leike contest — in which employees sang their hearts out in front of a panel of judges dressed-up as Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell — Grace took the mic and answered a few questions from her adoring fans — including one from a realtor who asked, “Will you buy a house from me?”

Memphis Flyer

How An ‹American Idol Story Landed Me At the Gospel Music Network

The last time I was in Atlanta, I was 16 years old and my buddy Josh sister pierced my ear with an old earring shed filed to a dull, dirty point. (Kids, go to Claire at the mall. Trust me ‘  I ended up looking like the Elephant Man for a couple of weeks.)

That trip ended with a group of spring breakers destroying the hotel room Josh adorable grandparents got for us while we were next door partying with a security guard with crazy eyes who called himself …Jake the Snake and who, two days later, ended up getting in a Mace fight with the boyfriend of the two runaway teenage strippers wed befriended. (True story, by the way. I swear.)

Stepping out on his own

THAT adorable little boy whose cheeks you kept wanting to pinch during last year’s American Idol?
Click to see larger image

Well, he’s all grown up.

Amid smiles and candid laughter, Idol runner-up David Archuleta was full of wisdom yesterday when he met reporters at the Ritz Carlton hotel.

He is in town as part of a promotional tour in Asia, and will sign autographs at 7pm today at newly-opened Iluma shopping mall, opposite Bugis Junction.

Fox Low-Key New Boss Is Looking Beyond ‹Idol

LOS ANGELES ‘  When Peter Rice, the newly installed overseer of the Fox network prime-time lineup, paid a visit recently to the live broadcast of …American Idol, the network crown jewel, he took a seat in the bleachers, far from the action and the sightlines of the cameras.

It was a decision characteristic of the low-key approach that Mr. Rice has refined in nearly two decades at the News Corporation, the entertainment conglomerate overseen by Rupert Murdoch.

NY Times

‘Rock of Ages’ makes it hard to hold on to the feeling

American Idol alumnus Constantine Maroulis has the right gawky sweetness for the male lead but doesn’t appear to realize that he’s part of the joke, and not because of his passing resemblance to former Journey frontman Steve Perry. Maroulis’ bombastic crooning and wailing mirror the very excesses that Ages sends up.

Amy Spanger shows a tad more vocal discretion playing his love interest, and her aggressively flipped blond tresses are an authentic touch.

USA Today

‘Rock of Ages’ tours the music of the ’80s

Constantine Maroulis leads a solid cast with an impressively natural performance as Drew, the fledgling rock star. Maroulis displays the sterling voice and easy, engaging presence that made him a favorite on TV’s “American Idol.” He has appeared on Broadway in “The Wedding Singer” and off-Broadway in last year’s production of “Rock of Ages” at New World Stages.

Contracosta Times

Rock of Ages

Narrator, or self-described “dramatic conjurer, ” is sound guy Lonny (Mitchell Jarvis), an ingratiating Jack Black clone who winks at the audience with every hoary contrivance. His star-crossed lovers are busboy and wannabe rocker Drew (“American Idol” alum Constantine Maroulis) and aspiring actress Sherrie Christian (Amy Spanger), a Kansas gal whose name dictates we’ll be hearing both Steve Tyler’s “Oh Sherrie” and Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” before long.


Cowell celebrates ‘historic’ awards win

Simon Cowell has claimed that his double victory at the DS Reality TV Awards last night is “historic”.

Cowell’s TV shows American Idol and X Factor won best reality series and favourite international reality series at the London ceremony.

In a VT message shown at the event, Cowell said: “This is embarrassing for me. To win an American award and a British award on the same night. That’s historic.

“But I’d like to say it not just about me. There’s lots of other little people in the background who really work hard on this show. Thank you once again for making me number one.”

Digital Spy

Dancing with the Stars: Week 5 Results

(S08E09) I was jarred by the beginning of the show. I flip the channels and realize that right after the credits, the show started off with Lil Kim and Derek’s performance. Wait, what? Gilles and Cheryl scored better by three points. No matter.

I’ll admit that I skipped the performance in favor of Adam Lambert. His performance on American Idol was more interesting than five minutes of a dance I saw before. In the recap, we learned that last night Melissa ripped her dress, which is one of the reasons why she was thrown off.

TV Squad

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: Leave, On the Doble

Despite a much-improved dance-off performance, higher judges’ scores, and the glaring fact that he’s a much better dancer than most of the remaining men, David Alan Grier left the Dancing With the Stars ballroom last night in what we can only hope was a slow shuffle peppered with his signature ”peeing dog”-style high kicks and arabesques. I never quite warmed up to the guy in the past few weeks ‘  I’ve enjoyed his comedic acting whenever I’ve seen it, but his stern, non-effusive manner in real life was simply not a good fit for this bright and shiny show. Talent-wise, Chuck, Steve-O, or DAG’s dance-off opponent Lawrence Taylor should have gone home first, but to be honest I’m not surprised it was DAG instead. I think he (unintentionally) made people uncomfortable. I’m sad for the self-proclaimed ”old, wet food stamp” of the season, because he was clearly one of the hardest-working contestants. Looking forward, we can only hope that DAG’s elimination will go down in history as The Night The Powers That Be Finally Realized The Dreaded Dance-Off Was So…Incredibly…Abysmally…POINTLESS!

Entertainment Weekly

Julianne Hough Leaving ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Here is something that is going to disappoint the millions of males who watch “Dancing With the Stars” every week just to get a sneak peak at the stunning swinger/singer ‘  she stepping away.

“I wasn’t planning to come back this season because I wanted to focus on my music, ” Hough told us backstage after taking out the Top New Artist category. “But I went back and it been so much fun to dance with my good friend who happens to be my boyfriend.” (She then motioned to her personal and professional partner, Chuck Wicks, who was patiently waiting to congratulate his leading lady.)

Fox News

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