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‘American Idol’: On the scene for Top 9 performance night

Sometimes when someone is on notice, PopWatchers, they do something extreme enough to flip back around to the other side and become completely awesome. Such was the case with one Kara “How Many Words?” DioGuardi tonight, and thus does she return to these recaps in a blaze of Young Guns glory.

Entertainement Weekly

Former ‹Idol Finalist Pregnant With Second Child

Former …American Idol finalist Lakisha Jones is expecting a baby with her new husband, financial advisor Larry Davis, Lakisha confirmed to Access Hollywood today.

The couple were married last October in Beverly Hills.

The baby, due in August, will be Lakisha second child. She has a 6-year-old daughter, Brionne, who was the one who initially encouraged her to try out for …American Idol.

Access Hollywood

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‘American Idol’ recap: This…is ‘Bizarro Idol’!

There comes a performance episode in every American Idol season when the closing credits roll, and you feel an acrid cocktail of disappointment and regret sloshing around in your stomach, and you think to yourself: ”I could’ve been reading a book/daydreaming about ponies/watching The Mentalist/[insert your oft-neglected activity of choice here].”

Tonight marked that night for Idol’s eighth season.

Entertainment Weekly

Live from the Idoldome: Follow the banter

Up to now in season 8, the Idoldome which has seen the giants of entertainment vie for ringside seats, has been relatively celebrity free – compared at least to the massive star power which would cram into the arena in previous years. And while seat-filling glitz is not what this deadly serious business of choosing our next pop overlord is about, celebrities do serve as the ultimate canary in the coal mine. There are no friends more fair weatherly than Hollywood stars; no one more likely to sink their tentacles into the hulls of any vessel seen to be the center of the action; likewise there is no one who will make a quicker dash for the exits and race home unfriend you on Facebook at the first sign of failure. Thus, the relative dearth of starpower in the stands had to be taken as some sort of worrying bellweather.

LA Times

Phil Stacey blog: The lowdown on downloaded song night

I cant believe we are already down to the Top 9 on “American Idol” Season 8. The theme tonight was the most popular downloaded songs. The gates were wide open and each contestant had an opportunity to show us exactly what kind of record they would make as recording artists.

I am not absolutely positive, but I believe I saw my dear friend and fellow Season 6 finalist Brandon Rogers singing background vocals…. If so, it sure was great to see him.

LA Times

Ann Powers: Download Week divides and conquers

A paradigm shift defined this week …American Idol competition, and threw a few contestants ‘ and, at times, the judges ‘ for a loop. In a canny bit of cross-promotion, Ryan Seacrest dragged the contestants down to the studio where he records the radio show …American Top 40. Then he announced this week theme: …Top Downloads.

In that moment, the dream of togetherness that radio once represented ‘ lonely souls united across the airwaves by the same hits ‘ gave way to today reality of self-selected, isolating playlists. Anoop Desai even wore his earbuds while Seacrest talked, tuning out the DJ siren call.

LA Times

Vast song choice trips up some ‹Idols

The judges gave the remaining …American Idol finalists a lot of rope this week, allowing them to sing any top iTunes download. That freedom proved to be a mixed blessing, as Tuesday brought some brutal song choices and bizarre looks.

The biggest impression was made by Allison Iraheta. It wasnt her performance of No Doubt …Dont Speak, or the fact that she broke out her guitar that drew notice. Rather, it was her choosing to take the stage dressed like a long-lost member of the Flintstones.


American Idol Fashion: Adam Lambert Goes Pres, Anoop Desai, Megan Joy Corkrey Bomb

Adam Lambert mixed “American Idol” and “Gossip Girl” with his outfit last night, as Megan Joy Corkrey and Anoop Desai were more frightful than delightful with their odd choices.

Last week all the Idol girls looked swell, and some of the boys were, well, more than a little dicey when it came to their fashion picks. Talk about a turn around. This week, the girls bombed, some in more ways than one, while the fellas, except for Anoop, were rather dashing.


American Idol: What You Didn’t See on Last Night’s Show!

While judge Kara DioGuardi critiqued contestant Megan Joy’s performance of “Turn Your Lights Down Low, ” her brother yelled out, “Broken record!” It startled the judge.

During the break, DioGuardi approached him and the rest of her family. At first, she thought he was yelling “broken record” at his sister. When Joy’s brother told her the comment was aimed at her, DioGuardi was taken aback. “I am? Why?” she asked. He then said “packaged artist” could be her “packaged phrase.” Upset, she stormed off with her bodyguards.

She approached Joy’s brother again during the next break, tapping him on the shoulder. She then said to the people around them, “Can you believe what he said to me?”

US Magazine

American Idol’ Recap: Adam Lambert Gets Funky On iTunes Night

This is the point in the “American Idol” competition when it becomes clear who the front-runners are, and who is just biding time before they go home. And on Tuesday night, when the nine remaining hopefuls got to pick from the most popular downloads on iTunes, some ‘  like Megan Joy and Anoop Desai ‘  got tripped up by all that choice and others ‘  like Kris Allen and Adam Lambert ‘  soared.

First up was Desai, singing one of the night’s most contemporary numbers, Usher’s “Caught Up, ” which allowed the lanky vocalist to get back to his up-tempo stage moves. With a lip-curling snarl, some Michael Jackson-esque hand motions and a bit of flirting with judge Paula Abdul, ‘Noop Dogg brought plenty of attitude, but was a bit low-key for the song’s dance-ready pace.


Giraud’s fans cheer on hometown ‘Idol’

Matt Giraud is billed as being from Kalamazoo, but try telling that to students at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti.

Around 80 students from the “American Idol” finalist’s alma mater gathered in the school’s auditorium Tuesday for a special screening of “American Idol’s” live performance episode. Since Giraud’s “Idol” run began earlier this year, it has been a source of pride for Lincoln, and students say his time on the show is proof that with a little hard work, great things can be achieved.

“It’s cool, ” says sophomore Cody Rhodes, 15. “It shows for any person from any little city, if you keep searching out your dreams, anything can happen.”

Detroit News

VIDEO: Michael Advises Remaining Finalists to “Ignore” Simon’s Snark

Though his own fate may have in part been sealed by such snark, Michael Sarver has two words of advice to any fellow American Idol finalists who get slammed by Simon: Ignore it.

Sarver’s Top 10 performance of “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” led Cowell to tell the Texas oil rig worker he had “no chance of winning” the competition. Harsh. What does a singer do when dealt such a dis?

David Cook Has ‘Nervousness’ About Returning To ‘American Idol’

He won the whole thing last year, his debut album went platinum and he is in the midst of a spring tour that’s drawing packed audiences at colleges and festivals across the country.

But, for some reason, David Cook still couldn’t help shake some of those nagging nerves as he prepared to return to the scene of his coronation for the first time since taking the “American Idol” crown last season.


Has Paula Abdul’s Slurring Stopped for Good?

Is it just us or is this year’s Idol way different than last year’s? We’re not just talkin’ about the addition of fourth judge Kara DioGuardi (not yet, anyway). Last year, gay strip-club dancer David Hernandez was ousted too early (and wrongly), and now sometimes drag queen Adam Lambert is a friggin’ frontrunner!

But the biggest change of all: Paula’s acting comprehensibly for once! Holy crap. She’s actually doling out valid criticism instead of critiquing songs that haven’t been sung yet, and she’s engaging Simon’s silly side instead of getting riled up by the Brit’s bastard behavior.

E Online


SITTING in the audience at “American Idol” is a little like going to one of those suburban mega-churches where they worship by the thousands in unison.

You are not allowed to sit quietly in your chair. You are instructed when to scream, clap and otherwise carry on for the contestants, the judges and the host. And you would be surprised at how effortless it all is.

NY Post

This year …American Idol has already seen some serious star traffic thanks to return engagements from three of the show first four winners: Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Carrie Underwood. This week, last season champ, David Cook, is dropping by to sing his new single.

Last week, we asked you who youd like to see back on the …Idol stage and by a huge margin, loveable, dreadlocked season-seven strummer Jason Castro beat out the competition. In fact, Castro stole the show with 45 percent of the vote, easily outpacing the tie for second place between season-three seventh-place finisher Jennifer Hudson (who is rumored to be returning to the show) and season-five sixth-place finisher Kellie Pickler, who each got 13 percent of the vote.


Fox Reality Channel Original Series …American Idol Extra Welcomes Paula Abdul and David Cook Thursday, April 2, at 7 & 10 p.m. ET/PT

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The second episode of Fox Reality Channel Original series, …AMERICAN IDOL EXTRA returns to its regular time slot this Thursday at 7 p.m. & 10 p.m. ET/PT, with an exclusive sneak peek Wednesday at 1 a.m. ET/10 p.m. PT. Tune in this Thursday to see which contestant will sit down with Jillian just moments after being eliminated, for their first in-depth interview.

Paula Abdul will appear on …American Idol Extra, this week to candidly discuss this season of Idol and give her take on why the newly eliminated contestant went home. Co-Host Ace Young will also catch up with last season Idol winner David Cook during his …On Tour With ¦ segment. Cook has been on tour since February in support of his recently released self-titled album. Idol Season 7 finalist Jason Castro will also treat viewers to a special musical performance of his new single, …Love Uncompromised.

Business Wire

Ratings: Obama press conference tops ‘American Idol’ as the week’s most-watched show

Hail to the chief, once again: President Barack Obama’s press conference last Tuesday easily drew the most viewers on broadcast television for the week ending March 29. The commander in chief attracted 29.5 million viewers across the four major broadcast networks, besting American Idol’s performance episode by 3.5 million viewers. Idol, of course, steered clear of Obama’s primetime event, moving its performance episode (26 million viewers) to Wednesday and results installment (23.1 million viewers), which saw Michael Sarver go home, to Thursday.

Hollywood Insider

‘Velvet Teddy Bear’ gets sneak peek at Strand

Ruben Studdard, the American Idol champion who now headlines the touring musical “Ain’t Misbehavin'” came to Dorchester on Monday to check out the Strand Theatre, where he and his fellow cast members will take the stage for four performances starting April 10. Studdard- dubbed the “Velvet Teddy Bear”- said the Strand is the perfect kind of venue for the musical, which celebrates the songs and life of Fats Waller. Ruben spoke with the Reporter’s Bill Forry about the show and the theatre.

Ruben Studdard nixes ‹Idol chatter

Former …American Idol Ruben Studdard doesnt know Adam Lambert from Danny Gokey and he has no idea who will win the top spot in the FOX talent show this season.

…Actually, I havent watched enough to be able to make an educated guess on who I think is the best, Studdard told the Track.

…I never really get into picking a person anyway. I know how difficult it is to be on the show and for people to scrutinize you. I dont want to give them anymore added pressure.

Boston Herald

Hudson overcomes tragedy, brings best to Palace

ALBANY– Magnificent singer Jennifer Hudson has been in the news a whole lot lately, but not because of her impressive voice. Last October, a horrific family tragedy threatened to take her career off course, but in Albany- for the first show of her first tour- she was right on track.

Perhaps the most famous and successful contest from AI, the 27 year-old only finished 7th in 2004. But she was not a loser, garnering an Oscar, Emmy, gold records, and other awards.

Times Union

Jennifer Hudson Wants To Reprise Role Of Louise In ‹Sex & The City Sequel

Jennifer Hudson joined the …Sex and The City franchise playing Louise from St. Louis. But she is very much open to becoming Louise from New York City if the opportunity arises in the movie sequel.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Shaun Robinson, Jennifer revealed she is very interested in reprising her role if executive producers Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker want her back.

…Are you going to reprise your role on ‹Sex and The City? Shaun asked.

…I hope so! Come on Michael and Sarah, Jennifer laughed.

Access Hollywood

Jesse McCartney would sing on ‘Idol’

Jesse McCartney hasnt been keeping up with …American Idol, but he is keeping up with an …Idol winner.

The singer is writing songs for Season 6 champ Jordin Sparks, he told me recently.

…She an incredible talent, he said. …She someone who definitely deserving of a record deal and all the success she has.

McCartney says that despite not watching it this season’ the guy is busy after all’ he thinks …Idol serves a purpose for those lucky winners and he would …definitely perform on the show.

Redeye Chicago

Taylor Hicks Releasing New Album

Hollywood ( – It has been nearly three years since Taylor Hicks became the American Idol of 2006, but he has been keeping busy with a new album and vintage musical. And he has some advice for the current crop of “Idol” hopefuls about the highs and lows of show business.

My Fox LA

‘American Idol’ Alum Kellie Pickler Wishes Her Season Had The ‘Save’

Although Kellie Pickler hasn’t had much time to catch up on the latest season of “American Idol, ” there is one thing she’s heard about that she wishes would have existed back in season five when she was on the show.

“I know they’ve changed a lot. I’m not really sure exactly what all the changes have been, ” she said. “I wish they’d have had [the judges’ ‘save’] when I was there. Maybe I could have got saved!”


Rascal Flatts debuts new album ‘Unstoppable’ online

Fans of Rascal Flatts can preview the band’s sixth studio album, Unstoppable, on AOL Music’s country site in advance of its April 7 release. Today, four tracks went live, including the first single, “Here Comes Goodbye, ” co-written by American Idol season 6 contestant Chris Sligh. Warning: You’ll get excited when you press play and hear something that sounds vaguely industrial, but that is just the sound before the guys’ spoken intro to each song — not country’s pop-iest act spreading its wings into a third genre.

Steve and Holly finally go home on ‹Dancing

The bottom three: The double elimination took us back to a plodding reveal of the bottom three. The dull slow drip made Gilles Marini safe, then Lawrence Taylor, then Shawn Johnson, Chuck Wicks, Lil Kim, Melissa Rycroft, then Ty Murray. Holly Madison and Steve-O had been placed in the bottom three along the way, so this left Steve Wozniak and David Alan Grier. Unsurprisingly, the low-scored Steve was in the bottom three, and the higher-scored David was safe. Of Holly and the two barely-dancing Steves, two were destined to go home.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Recap: End of the Road

”Bummer.” [Long pause.] ”Oh, drats.” Beauty and the Geek bid a fond farewell on last night’s much-touted Dancing With the Stars double elimination. Apple founder Steve Wozniak held back from attempting to break his own world record for Worst Worm, while his partner Karina held back admirably ‘  at least 85% ‘  from demonstrating the art of on-camera scowling. The other eliminee, Playmate Holly Madison, didn’t hold back from doing anything, but I’m not sure she really ever needs to. Both stars wanted to stay, but a strong inevitability factor as well as a very decent results show (yay, ABC!) softened the blow for us viewers.

Entertainment Weekly

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Double elimination

The “DWTS” producers are seriously messing with my universe. First, they introduce the dance-off. And then they bring in sparkly new paddles. But then they take away the new paddles. And then they introduce a midseason double elimination. But then they take away the dance-off. Where is your center, “DWTS”? Youre sending a lot of mixed signals, and Im having trouble following your lead.

At least Tuesday night’s results show ended on the right note, with Girl Next Door Holly Madison and computer genius Steve …the Woz Wozniak going home.

LA Times

Ratings: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ wins again on Monday

No surprise, ABC’s Dancing With the Stars was far and away the Monday night winner with 20.2 million viewers, according to preliminary overnight ratings. The network’s mid-season series, Castle, meanwhile, held steady with 9.8 million fans, same as last week. Over on Fox, a guest appearance by rapper/actor Mos Def helped drive House to a solid 12.2 million. The night was not good for NBC’s Chuck, though, as the series struggled with only 5.6 million viewers.

Entertainement Weekly

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