Idol Headlines for 03/26/09

‘American Idol’: On the scene for Top 10 performance night

I wish I could say it has been too long since I’ve been back in this spot, PopWatchers, but my god, has it really been just short of a year since I last set foot in the Idoldome? Can it be true that I was but a wee youngster of 32 last time I parked my car at the Grove and stashed my assorted electronic devices/gum in the glove compartment to avoid their inevitable confiscation, then walked that agonizingly short block to the gates of CBS Television City to enter the gaping maw of our nationwide obsession? It seems like literally yesterday. And yet, I think back on the musical experiences I’ve had since last we spoke — Pearl Jam at Bonnaroo, Rage Against the Machine at Lollapalooza, Prince at the Avalon, Metallica at SXSW — and I…

Entertainment Weekly

‹Idol Group Numbers: Not So Live After All

Manfred Westphal, a spokesman for FremantleMedia North America, which produces …American Idol for Fox, at first denied the charge, saying on Tuesday: …The Idols dont lip-sync, period. But on Wednesday, in an e-mail message, Mr. Westphal said: …Due to extensive choreography and to balance their voices with open mikes against a screaming audience, the Idols do sing along to their own prerecorded vocal track during the group performances only.

He added that the contestants solo performances never use any recorded music or vocals, although the contestants do record their weekly song choice before the performance competition so that it will be ready for release on iTunes after the show.

NY Times

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Motown week on ‘American Idol’

Motown Week on “American Idol” is a lot like the “required repertoire” part of a classical music competition.

The hits that mogul Berry Gordy’s coterie of geniuses delivered, mostly in Detroit in the 1960s, are to aspiring Idols what Chopin à ©tudes are to concert pianists: They truly (and dependably) test a singer’s dexterity, timing and gift for real self-expression. The Motown songbook is familiar enough to put everyone sampling from it on an even field, but these family-gathering favorites are harder to sing well than they seem — as Wednesday night’s two hours of frantic moves and commanding victories clearly showed.

LA Times

Phil Stacey Blog: Motown hits and Misses

American Idol ended up at Hitsville, USA aka Motown to experience the history of the label’s 50 years. Smokey Robinson mentored the Idol in a solid showing of all things Motown. It took me a while to get into tonight show though. I think the producers grouped most of the strong contenders at the end of the show. And two hours seemed too long tonight!

The two big winners tonight were Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. Allison was my pick of the night with her amazing 16 year old pipes singing …Papa was a Rolling Stone. She is one of my favorites and really forced herself back into the game this week.

LA Times

The Rushfield Review: Handicapping the field

On the Idoldome stage Wednesday night, we saw the first signs of weariness began to show on the ten remaining gladiators of song vying to become the next American Idol. Until now, their giddiness from the heady experience of being on this fabled stage has sustained them even through the nerve-wracking highs and lows ‘ and so far this season most of them have seen far of the former than the latter.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ Recap: The Mo(town), the Merrier

Earlier this week, I found myself feeling particularly disenchanted about the current incarnation of American Idol. For starters, I was still reeling from Alexis Grace’s too-early departure from the show ‘  girlfriend never even got the chance to break out her guitar! ‘  and what’s more, I couldn’t muster up any excitement about the impending Motown Night extravaganza. (Not even repeated YouTube viewings of Fantasia tearing it up on ”Superstition” could prime my pump for another round of Idol’s most played-out theme.)

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert’s ‘Tracks Of My Tears’ Steals Show

A couple of things became clear on Wednesday night as the “American Idol” top 10 celebrated 50 years of Motown: The night’s mentor, label legend Smokey Robinson, is one of the nicest look-on-the-sunny-side guys in the world, and, more importantly, no one is safe. As if last week’s Grand Ole Opry round didn’t prove that some of this season’s favorites are a bit vulnerable, Motown week practically leveled the playing field.

A pair of singers who were expected to kill it and cement their front-runner status, Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey, got middling to not-great remarks, and the one singer whose over-the-top, pseudo Broadway metal sound seemed least fitting for the soulful smoothness of Motown, Adam Lambert, drew gasps (and the season’s first standing O from judge Kara DioGuardi) with a heartfelt, restrained ballad.


American Idol Geeks: Chat with MJ & Jim ‘  03/25/2009

Thanks for joining our chat with MJ from MJ Big Blog and Jim Cantiello of MTV Detox and American Idol in 60 Seconds on Rickey TV!

So it has been established: It the Wild Angels against the world! LOL

Were Live-Blogging ‹American Idol Motown Week!

Jim Cantiello Resident …American Idol expert Jim Cantiello brings you a minute-by-minute recap of every episode right here! Keep checking for updates throughout the show, and dont miss out on his previous live blogs and other …Idol news.

It time to live-blog another …American Idol performance show. But it a Wednesday! Usually we watch a performer dreams get crushed on Wednesday. Thanks to our …Idol-hating President, were going to watch ten singers (well, nine singers and one blind dude) compete tonight instead. This is the second time that Obama has toyed with our beloved …Idol schedule this season. Economy my ass! Doesnt he understand that we like watching …Idol to forget that we have no money? He would have been better off leaving …Idol alone and issuing a press release. Or better yet – I cant believe Im about to say this – he should have taken a page from the Bush II presidency and just appeared on …Idol!


Adam dazzles with new style on Motown night

Wednesday night was …American Idol annual salute to the music of Motown, and the standout performer wasnt one that most would have expected.

The prospect of Adam Lambert singing …Tracks of My Tears brought back memories of last week, when Lambert entertained the audience but stunned Randy Travis into silence after his unique take on …Ring of Fire. After rehearsals, which saw Lambert strip down the song and make it slower and sweeter, guest mentor Smokey Robinson said, …Ive never heard it sung like that, which isnt necessarily a good thing.


American Idol” Takes A Good Look At The Top 10’s Faces

Last night’s American Idol was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Motown, a fine music-historical moment to commemorate, of course. Smokey Robinson was on hand, but even he couldn’t save some of the contestants from lousy song choices and even worse performances. (Dear Megan: I will never forgive you for what you did to one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs.) Rundown and ratings after the jump!


Idols avoid getting stuck in the middle

A wise sage once said — well, actually it was Canadian Idol judge Jake Gold, but bear with me for a sec — that the secret to surviving the early rounds of American Idol is to not be the worst singer of the night.

Never mind trying to be the best singer: That will come later. For now, the trick is not to be the worst. “Sound, ” advice, right?

Well, tell that to Alexis Grace, the pint-sized 21-year-old single mom from Memphis, Tenn. who wowed the Idol judges two weeks ago with her soulful take on Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You), ” but who was merely average last week, when she tried to put some soul into Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

American Idol Fashion: Adam Lambert Slays ’em But What’s Up With Scott MacIntyre’s Pink Pants?

Adam Lambert’s Elvis look was drop-dead gorgeous, Megan Joy Corkery looked stunning in sapphire blue and Anoop Desai stayed preppy — but the mystery over Scott MacIntyre’s pink pants may have stolen the fashion spotlight on American Idol.

It raining men on American Idol. Seven of the remaining 10 finalists are of the male persuasion and the show stylists are trying to help the boyish Idol wannabes differentiate themselves from one another with mixed results.


Ashley Tisdale Gets Starstruck Over ‘American Idol’ Singers

America is obsessed with “American Idol, ” and this obsession doesn’t just consume the lives of everyday people. On occasion, celebrities even get sucked into the world of “Idol.” One of those celebs is “High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale.

“I vote for them, ” she told MTV News of her favorite “Idol” contestants. “My friend was making fun of me, ’cause I was voting for them.”

Is Adam Lambert the only reason to watch ‹American Idol?

Driving into work this morning, I turned on the radio and the hosts were mid-squawk about Adam Lambert.

Not …American Idol. Just Adam Lambert. It Motown night tonight, so they were imagining what he might sing.

Eight of the top 10 Idols were in Detroit to try out songs (Megan Joy Corkrey and Michael Sarver were sick), and it was there that Lambert said Marvin Gaye was his favorite Motown act.

So that set people off, imagining a Middle Eastern sitar take on …Sexual Healing or some wild Broadway showstopper of …Let Get it On.

Paula on Stalker — My Chihuahua Helped Me Cope

Paula Abdul knows a little something about stalkers — and last night outside Koi, she had some advice for Shawn Johnson: Surround yourself with family, friends, security … or even chihuahuas.


VIDEO: Alexis Grace Speaks Out about Her Too-Soon Sendoff

Alexis Grace, in all of her 4-foot-11, 98-lb. glory, came by the offices this week to reflect on her run on American Idol, which many believe ended too soon.

We presented Alexis with the poll in which 89 percent of the voters agree that a singer lobbying for the Judges’ Save should be able to encore any past performance, rather than their most recent one. Impressed by the consensus, Alexis says, “It makes a strong point … [though] there are arguments to be made for both sides.”


Simon Cowell wants Obama to appear on ‹Idol

Simon Cowell and “American Idol” have the power and popularity to enlist plenty of big names to appear on the show. But can they pull in the biggest name of all ‘  President Barack Obama?

According to, Cowell told Absolute Radio that “we’re trying to get (Obama) to do a show at the moment.”

It didn’t escape Cowell’s notice that he received a mention from the commander in chief on the “Tonight Show” last week, reported.


Conquering pop hero David Archuleta returns home for concert

Rumor has it there’s a fellow out of Murray by the name of David Archuleta performing in Salt Lake City this weekend. Apparently, he’s gained quite a following.
Oh, so you’ve heard of him?

The 18-year-old “American Idol” alumnus with the Mouseketeer charm and the set of crooner pipes that can have teen girls fainting in five notes or less will be singing for the home crowd at the E Center in West Valley City on Friday, with Amie Miriello and Benton Paul as openers. The show will be his final appearance on his first solo tour, which began late February in Virginia Beach, Va.

“There’s nothing like singing to a home crowd!” Archuleta wrote in an e-mail interview. “The energy is so different, and the feeling is so welcoming from them. The only thing is that I feel like the expectations are set a little higher at home for me, but I still can’t wait to perform for my friends, family and neighbors.”

Herald Extra

Archuleta brings out fans’ youthful side

I’ve attended my fair share of concerts, from N*Sync to My Chemical Romance, but I’ve never seen a crowd quite like this.

Perhaps the group of young women from a local LDS Church ward was to be expected at the Boise concert, but the group of college students dancing and drinking was a surprise.

I never thought I would see two women in their 40s have a catfight in front of hundreds of people, but that happened when one wanted to take the other’s spot in the crowd.

There was yelling, screaming, pushing, shoving and threats of further violence.

I also never thought two women in their 70s would cut in front of me while waiting in line for a concert.

Deseret News

David Archuleta’s all about sharing the love for pop music

We interrupt our regular Season 8 programming with an update on Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta, who is currently wrapping up a very successful solo U.S. tour.

I attended his show in Reno, Nev., last Wednesday at the Grand Sierra Theatre (formerly the Reno Hilton). The 2, 000-capacity venue was sold out and the line to get in (it was general admission) wound through the casino and down one side of the building outside.

Seattle Times

Archuleta returns home

Since he finished second on last year’s “American Idol, ” David Archuleta has headlined shows in Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and Idaho.

But never in Utah, his home state. Until this week.

Archuleta performed Tuesday in St. George, and Friday he performs in West Valley City at the E Center, his last U.S. stop before heading to the United Kingdom in April.

The Murray native was resting his voice from the demands of his first headlining tour, so Archuleta recently answered Tribune interview questions via e-mail.

Salt Lake Tribune

Ruben Studdard Reconnects With ‘Love Is’

When 2003 “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard returns to the show this week (March 26), he will perform his new song, “Together.” The Stargate-produced track is also the lead single from Studdard’s fourth album, “Love Is.” The set will be released May 19 through Hickory Records/19 Recordings Ltd. and distributed through RED.

Featuring additional production by veteran hitmakers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis — and writing by the “Velvet Teddy Bear” himself — the album repairs what Studdard calls a “big disconnect” with his fans.


A Special Cause: Vote for ACMA Entertainer of the Year

I need your help. The Humane Society of the United States is working to vote Carrie Underwood in as ACMA Entertainer of the Year to launch her as a better spokesperson for their agenda to abolish animal agriculture. Im challenging everyone to head over to the ACMA website and vote. Read the following excerpt, and tell me you dont want to stand up for agriculture today! It only takes a minute to register, and I voted for George Strait because he is a great singer, a PRCA member, a team roper and a true friend to agriculture! You should too! Word-of-mouth is definitely agriculture best marketing tool, no? Make a difference and cast your vote today!


VIDEO: Idol Confessions with David Hernandez

Season 7’s David Hernandez talks about life after “Idol” and what he’d do if he weren’t singing.

LA Times

Review: Kellie Pickler at the rodeo

I had misconceptions about Kellie Pickler going into her Friday show at the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo.

I was expecting a ditzy, talentless Carrie Underwood wannabe wearing her best pair of red high heels. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by Pickler respectable 14-song set, which was also enjoyed by more than 4, 500 of Pickler biggest fans, mostly tweenage girls clad in sparkles and pink.

Kelly Clarkson talks about steamy new video

Kelly Clarkson latest single may be called …I Do Not Hook Up, but judging by her sexy video shoot, she may not be following her own rules.

…I go into fantasy mode, Clarkson told Access Hollywood Billy Bush. …So the girl that a good girl, in her fantasy, she always hooking up. Im throwing guys around.

And despite the title, the song isnt just about not hooking up.


Jordin Sparks: Cruising With John Mayer & Touring With the Jonas Brothers

John Mayer and the Jonas Brothers have the same new woman’ Jordin Sparks!

The American Idol winner is performing with Mayer tomorrow night at the One Splendid Evening benefit for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation aboard the Carnival Splendor cruise ship in Los Angeles. And she’ll also be hitting the road in June to tour with the JoBros.

I caught up with Sparks earlier today just before she began her first rehearsals with Mr. Mayer…


Q&A: Constantine Maroulis

Constantine Maroulis isn’t the first …American Idol contestant to reach Broadway, but he may be the most successful. He’s played a supporting role in …The Wedding Singer, toured in …Rent and delved into the darker …Jacques Brel is Alive and Well ¦ in an Off-Broadway production. The New Jersey native has helped make …Rock of Ages an Off-Broadway smash and now leads the cast to its new Broadway home at the Brooks Atkinson in Times Square. We caught up with Constantine via email between rehearsals.

Tuesday Dancing: What You Didnt See

I Woz Spared: Computer whiz Steve Wozniak was the surprise hit of Tuesday night show. The Woz got the shock of his life when he and partner Karina Smirnoff were declared safe from elimination ‘  to the delight of the studio audience. When the show went to commercial following the announcement, the couple was surrounded by the cast of pro and celebrity dancers offering up congratulatory hugs. The crowd continued to applaud and Wozniak wiped away tears of joy from his eyes. …I watched the audience and there was a huge response and even the other dancers were so nice and responded so nicely, Wozniak said after the show. …It was the biggest emotional shock I can remember. All the air comes out of you. I couldnt believe it.


Alleged Stalker of Shawn Johnson Arrested Near DWTS Set

A man alleged to be a crazed fan of Olympian Shawn Johnson was arrested Tuesday near the set of Dancing with the Stars. Police later found two loaded guns in the man’s car.

Robert O’Ryan, 34, allegedly jumped a fence at CBS Studios in L.A. where the show was filming, but was caught by security. Johnson’s mother, Teri, requested and received a temporary restraining order from the L.A. Superior Court on Wednesday.


With so many celeb injuries – how dangerous is ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Steve-O and Steve Wozniak are safe ‘ for now.

America voted to save the two hobbled Steves last night on “Dancing with the Stars’ ‘ sending Denise Richards packing instead ‘ but how much longer the pair can dance through the painful injuries they’ve suffered is another story.

With so many celebrity dancers injured ‘ five this season alone ‘ you’d think they were training with Ultimate Fighting champions instead of professional fox trotters. So what gives? Just how dangerous is the elegant world of ballroom dance?

NY Daily News

Denise, Maks talk about tough ‹Dancing days

Denise Richards said goodbye to …Dancing With the Stars on Wednesday night, alongside professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. But, after all the footage shown of the pair during their difficult rehearsals, is Richards relieved she no longer has to dance with Chmerkovskiy?

…Oh I love him, Richards told Access Hollywood after she was voted off the show on Tuesday night.


Sheen camp not crying over Richards ouster

If youre among the …Dancing With the Stars fans happy to see Charlie Sheen ex-wife Denise Richards out of the competition, you arent alone.

According to a source close to Sheen new wife Brooke Mueller, Mueller friends were actively rooting against Richards.


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