Idol Headlines For 03/13/09

‘Tis the Season to be Gay on Idol?

Why does Idol matter to this discussion? Because even though the ratings are slipping, it still the number 1 show on American television. It popular culture at its biggest, shiniest, dumbest, loudest, and blandest. People you know will be talking about it this week, whether you want to participate in the conversation or not. And they will be talking about former Wicked cast member Adam Lambert.


Fox Restructuring Elevates Rice as Liguori Exits

Rupert Murdoch has tapped Fox Searchlight movie whiz Peter Rice to run Fox Broadcasting–a left-field choice that is already prompting speculation that Mr. Murdoch may be grooming Mr. Rice for an even bigger job in the long-term.

In the short term, the appointment has displaced Peter Liguori, the well-liked executive who, until Thursday, had been chairman of Fox Broadcasting. Fox has been the No. 1 network in adults 18-49 throughout most of Mr. Liguori’s four-year tenure at the network, making his firing all the more unexpected.

The move of Mr. Rice to the Fox network was part of a broader, post-Peter Chernin organizational restucturing announced Thursday afternoon by Mr. Murdoch.

TV Week

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New “Idol’ judges” veto divides fans

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A rule change giving “American Idol” judges the power of veto for the first time in the talent show’s seven-year history divided fans and TV critics on Thursday, with some calling it “un-American”.

The “Judges’ Save”, announced Wednesday night, gives the four-person panel on U.S. television’s most-watched show the power to save one contestant from elimination by the public just once during a season.


On The Scene At “American Idol”: You WIll Not Escape The Commercials

So as you may have heard, thanks to a couple of strings being pulled (not by me, I should say), I made it into the taping of last night’s American Idol results show, during which Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez were banished from the ranks and the finalist pool’s overall skin tone got way, way more pale. Come with me as I dissect some of the finer points of the evening’s proceedings.


American Idol: Two More Contestants Found Murdered

So the judges now have one magical veto they can use just once. Deal with it, America! They didn’t use it last night, though. So poor Jasmine Murray and Gloria Estefan were sent home, weeping.

So, first, this new rule. Ryan all skinny and stiff there like an ironing board in his black suit, delivered the news dramatically. “Chris Daughtry… Jennifer Hudson… Michael Johns… Tamyra Gray…” What did all these people have in common? They were all voted off glowing, spinning Sh*t Island too soon. Whatever. Tamyra Gray, honey chile I didn’t watch your season. Michael Johns? No. J Hud? Thank God she didn’t go further, otherwise she wouldn’t have the Oscar. Chris Daughtry? Whatever, dink. I’m glad they showed the brief clip of him looking so shocked when he got eliminated. That was a tremendous Idol moment when it happened, lo those nineteen years ago.


‹American Idol Kids Get Nicknames From Jimmy Kimmel

On Wednesday night ‹Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy gave the ‹American Idol kids nicknames. Kris Allen is …That White Guy, Adam Lambert is …Joan Jett, Anoop Desai is …Anoop, Lil Rounds is …Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre is …The Blind Guy, Megan Joy is …Tattooine, Alexis Grace is …The Parakeet, Danny Gokey is …Okey-Gokey, Michael Sarver is …Pork Chop, Matt Giraud is …Justin Timberfake, and Allison Iraheta is …Kool-Aid Head. Watch the comedy clip below.


The Watcher: Do changes to ‘Idol’ make the show better?

We begged for changes in “American Idol, ” and this season, we got changes in “American Idol.”

But now that we have them, do we want them?

Alarmed by a drop in the show’s still-mighty ratings, the “American Idol” production team gave us a number of alterations, three of them significant. The results are mixed, at best.

OC Register

Singing for survival: A closer look at the ‘American Idol’ 13

By the time you read this, two of the 13 finalists on “American Idol” will have been snatched from the spotlight. I bet they’ve already returned to their hometowns and started picking up the pieces of their former lives as, well, nobodies.

If that sounds harsh, you probably don’t watch much reality TV.

“Idol, ” in particular, is ruthless about creating temporary stars and eclipsing them quickly. Viewers get attached to certain singers, cheering them on during weekly performances, then find their faves dashed upon the rocks of failure.

Who’s gone? Who’s left? And who might be brought back in a startling mid-season twist?

American Idol has a new rule to go with its new finalists.

For the first time, on Tuesday, thirteen contestants instead of twelve hit the big stage to show American what theyre made of. On Wednesday they were back to see who would advance.

…It exhilarating because youre going to perform on the stage and youve got the crowd pumping you up, youve got the judges, you want impress them ‘ you want to lay it down, Season 4 Finalist Nadia Turner explained on the Idol Chatter set. And then you go back home to be like: ‹Dont get to comfy on that pillow, no, no no, because your behind may be going home.

Fox News

Jorge Nunez: ‘Nothing to Be Sad About’

Being one of the first sent home during the American Idol finals is heartbreaking, sure. But Jorge Nuà ±ez ‘  the cool-cat 20-year-old crooner from Carolina, Puerto Rico ‘  is taking it well. He rang up EW to talk about how he’s feeling after the ouster, what he’ll do next, and who he’d like to work with in the future (hint: she used to go by J.Lo).

Entertainment Weekly

Jasmine Murray: ‘I Know Now That This Is What I Want to Do’

No one is surprised that Jasmine Murray ‘  the 17-year-old songbird from Starkville, Miss. ‘  was voted off American Idol after an unexciting performance of the Jackson 5’s ”I’ll Be There” on Tuesday evening. Heck, she doesn’t even seem that surprised, based on our conversation about the whole experience. See below, where she told us about her (non-existent) spring break plans (hey, she’s still in high school!) and her undying love for music.

Entertainment Weekly

This Year’s ‘Idol’ Ringer Singer

Adam Lambert stole the show on Tuesday night when he wowed the audience with a flamboyant performance of Michael Jackson …Black or White. Everyone went crazy, especially Paula Abdul, who exclaimed that it was the best performance in the history of American Idol.

Fox News

‘American Idol’ Finalist Sings for Slain Friend

The latest “American Idol” wildcard is Anoop “Noop Dog” Desai who is fast becoming a fan favorite with his cheerful appeal and moving story.

Desai, “Idol’s” amiable Indian-American contestant, cut through the competition Wednesday night, hanging on as one of the top 11 in season eight of Fox’s ultra-popular singing competition. Despite his much criticized rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” Tuesday, Desai managed to drum up enough fan support to stay in the race, while voters sent Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez packing.

ABC News

David Cook On Tour, Success & Screaming Female Fans

On a phone interview the day before David Cook performed in Pfleeger Hall, Alexandra Harcharek spoke with Cook about his tour, success since American Idol and screaming female fans.

On his college tour, the …Declaration Tour 2009, David Cook revealed: …I think people that watched Idol saw me confident but pretty stressed and pretty apprehensive about the whole process. Now theyll see me crack a few more jokes and see me a bit more relaxed.
On the difference about performing at colleges, he explained: …There a vibe at colleges that you dont find anywhere else. It an under appreciated demographic. Plus if you can impress a bunch of music-snob college kids youre doing alright for yourself. I was a music snob. If I had to go to a school and play for college-version me, Id be petrified.

Carly Smithson — Amateur Butt Cleaner

It’s only been a few months since “American Idol” loser Kimberly Caldwell broke up with David Cook, but she’s already found another “Idol” wannabeen to look after her ass: Carly Smithson.

The A.I. castoffs rolled up to Apple in West Hollywood last night, and before they went inside, our cameras caught Carly cleaning “the fluff” off of Kim’s butt.

Hey, at least she’s got a job!


MAJOR MINOR: David Archuleta, Townes Van Zandt Tribute, Tom Waits, Plan 9

David Archuleta’ teen idol, puppy dog, sock puppet’ he does it all.

Look, when I went up to the Newport last Thursday, I thought the dude was some sort of American Idol second coming of Clay Aiken (whom I found to be a tremendous stylist a couple of summers ago at a Picnic With the Pops). I just wasnt up on the fact he for the 9-year-old set.

Ya learn something new every day.

The Other Paper

Melinda Doolittle leads ‘American Idol’ show at Sunrise

It has been two years since Melinda Doolittle was tearing things up on …American Idol. Jordin Sparks eventually won Season Six, and Doolittle, with her powerhouse voice that seemed tailor-made for old-school soul and rhythm n blues, came in third, behind beat-boxing song n dance man Blake Lewis.

Doolittle, 31, has not been idle (pun intended). Her debut CD, …Coming Back At You, was released last month and is selling well ‘  almost 11, 000 copies in its first week.

Her first tour comes to the Sunrise Theatre on March 15, and it a cornucopia for …Idol fans. Gina Glocksen and Phil Stacey, two of Doolittle fellow Season Six contestants, also will sing, along with Season Seven Chikezie Eze.


Review: ‘Grease’ at the Pantages Theatre

The Soul Patrol meets the high school musical in the latest revival of …Grease, now running at Pantages Theatre. Southern charmer and …American Idol winner Taylor Hicks descends from a giant soft-serve cone for a winning cameo in this high-energy, low-personality revival of Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey classic.

LA Times

Kelly Clarkson Rehearses ‹Saturday Night Live

Kelly Clarkson grins from ear-to-ear as she arrives at her midtown Manhattan hotel
in NYC after rehearsing for Saturday Night Live on Thursday (March 12).

She recently told ET the qualities she looks for in a man: …A confident guy that has his own thing going on. Anyone that can make me laugh. Guys are usually so nervous, they dont talk. Every guy Ive dated, Ive worked with and we knew each other before.

Just Jared

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Love Life

ET is with “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi as she sits down with writing buddy Kelly Clarkson and asks her to set the record straight: “Is she a lesbian?”

“Just because I’m single and don’t date a lot, that doesn’t make me a lesbian, ” Kelly responds.

For more candid conversation with Kelly, including her talking about her weight and relationships, watch the video.

ET Online

Pop goes the ‹Idol

Google Kelly Clarkson …All I Ever Wanted, scroll down to …news results, and take a quick gander at the beaucoup reviews of the …American Idol champ fourth album, out this week.

Several common descriptives pop up repeatedly in the collected reviews, and theyre telling ‘  not so much regarding Clarkson herself, but certainly so regarding the elements deemed praiseworthy in the contemporary pop princess.

Buffalo News

Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted Review

March 11, 2009 – As one of the most likable stars on the pop music scene, Kelly Clarkson is impossible to ignore. While her particular brand of pop may not be the kind of thing that’s in heavy rotation on the playlist of indie music snobs or hip-hop aficionados, the girl has massive crossover appeal. So, don’t be surprised if you flip past Jenny Lewis or the Jungle Brothers on your friend’s iPod and find a seemingly out of place Kelly Clarkson joint wedged in. But you probably wouldn’t be surprised. Because chances are you like her too. C’mon, admit it.

Most obscure ‘America Idol’ albums

Metromix put together the works of 18 “Idol” also-rans that may have even the show’s most loyal viewers scratching their heads and thinking, “Who gave them a record deal?”

To find out which former American Idol contestants should never have released albums, click here.

Odd man out? It’s Simon

How ironic. When Kara DioGuardi was added as the fourth ”American Idol” judge, virtually all the buzz was about a possible rivalry between DioGuardi and Paula Abdul.

Now we learn Abdul is ”totally cool with” DioGuardi, but Mr. Edgy himself — Simon Cowell — ”really can’t stand her, ” said an ”Idol” insider Wednesday.

Chicago Sun-Times

Michael Jackson ‘pursued by Simon Cowell for X Factor appearance’

Cowell, the lead judge on the ITV1 series, has made it a priority to persuade Jackson to appear on a live show during its next series this year, according to The Daily Mirror.

Jackson will be in Britain for long stretches of this year and next while he plays a 50-date residency at the O2 in London.

Appiphilia: iPhone finally gets an American Idol app

Whoever said that dreams don’t come true just doesn’t know the “American Idol” spirit.

I had a dream that one day iPhones and iPod Touches everywhere would have an application that tapped into the unstoppable and inspiring marketing monster that is AI. It’s finally here.

LA Times

Maks: Dancing with Denise Richards Isnt Complicated

She may have her own reality show titled Denise Richards: It Complicated, but Dancing With the Stars pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy says working with the former Bond girl is anything but.

…She is so kind, Chmerkovskiy tells PEOPLE. …I am not a morning person ‘- our rehearsals are early for me, at 9 a.m. Denise brings me a fresh cup of coffee to practice every day. Sometimes shell make a nice sandwich for me and bring it from home.


Steve Wozniak Struck by the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Curse!

The injuries on “Dancing with the Stars” continue to mount — and ET has the latest.

Holly Madison and Melissa Rycroft stepped in to replace two injured celeb dancers, Gilles Marini suffered a separated shoulder and now Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak is snapped wearing a cast.

The “Dancing with the Stars” competitor, who is partnered with Karina Smirnoff, was spotted with a removable cast on his left leg, allegedly due to a foot fracture.

The good news: ET has confirmed with an ABC spokesperson that Steve will still be competing. His doctor has advised caution and he is to wear his cast as much as possible and rest his foot whenever he can.

ET Online

Denver busts a move Crowds line up for ‹So You Think You Can Dance auditions

Busy Downtown experienced a little more movement than usual yesterday as dance-star hopefuls took over the Colorado Convention Center for the season five …So You Think You Can Dance open casting call. The chosen dancers will move on to take part in a 12-week dance competition to win the title of America Favorite Dancer. Last season winner, Joshua Allen, received $250, 000 and a role in …Step Up 3D.

The line to audition wrapped around the Convention Center in the chilly morning hours. Doors opened at 8 a.m. but opportunity drew hundreds to wait in line overnight. Ashley Rehder, 23, and Amanda Igaki, 25, didnt mind the line or the weather.

…Weve only been here since 4:30 a.m., said Rehder. They laughed in unison, dressed in grass skirts and leis like it was no big deal. The two hula dancers had nothing but fun leading up to the casting call.

Denver Daily News

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