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Adam Lambert To Share ‘Tonight Show’ Stage With Sarah Palin

Adam Lambert will perform on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on March 2, NBC has confirmed to Access Hollywood – the same night former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will appear on the show.

Audiences will be curious to see how Palin, the 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, who is not a supporter of LBGT issues, reacts to the racy performance style of the openly gay former “American Idol” runner-up.

As previously reported by, Adam stated on his Web site that he would be performing his track “Music Again” on the episode. Adam had previously announced his appearance before it was officially confirmed by “The Tonight Show.”

Access Hollywood

Paula Abdul Not Heading To Oprah Winfrey’s Cable Network

Despite the rumor, Paula Abdul isn’t heading to the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Earlier this week, the National Enquirer reported that Oprah gave her “personal go-ahead” to film a pilot for a talk show starring the former “Idol” judge for OWN. The paper reported that Paula was going to have celebrity guests and regular people “telling inspirational stories.”

But, when contacted by Access Hollywood, a rep for OWN said on Tuesday that there was “no truth to the rumor.” Additionally, a rep for Paula could not confirm the rumor.

Access Hollywood

‘American Idol’: Meet the men

The men of American Idol get their shot at semifinals glory Wednesday (Fox, 8 ET/PT). But the dream ends Thursday for four singers (two women, two men) at elimination. USA TODAY chatted with the Season 9 hopefuls to gain a few insights.

USA Today

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‘American Idol’ Contestant Katie Stevens Wins Hometown Fans

MIDDLEBURY – There was no question at the Albini residence who turned in the best performance Tuesday on “American Idol”: obviously it was Katie Stevens.

Of course, Ray and Penny Albini are partial to the 17-year-old Pomperaug High School student: they’re friends with her parents, their three children are friends with Stevens, and their house has become “American Idol” headquarters for a close circle of family friends, who attend viewing parties every time Stevens is on the show.

“She put our little town on the map — this is the least we can do for her, ” Penny Albini said.

Local dancers out $50; Upset at American Idol semifinalist

Hall — now one of the top 24 contestants on the current “American Idol” TV show — has left parents of aspiring dancers across the country angry and looking for reimbursement.

Dozens of children who auditioned at Spotlight weren’t reimbursed their $50 participation fee when the musical — planned for last August — apparently was canceled, said O’Neal-McQueen.

“No one has gotten their money, ” she said Tuesday. “I had gone online and checked out the Web site (for the musical) and the auditions they were having seemed reputable.”

O’Neil-McQueen said she had been asked by the audition organizers to help advertise the event and institute the $50 fee.

“It doesn’t reflect well on me, ” she said. “I didn’t get paid, but it was my studio they used.”


Lilly Scott: “Idol’s” manic-pixie dream girl?

I sure hope the country is ready for Lilly Scott, the offbeat nerd girl who rocked “American Idol” Tuesday night. The 20-year-old former street musician has white-blond hair, razor-cut bangs and a mesmerizingly awkward stage presence. Let’s just say, she’s no Carrie Underwood, and thank god for that. Guitar in hand, she wowed the judges with a jazzy, soulful rendition of the Beatles’ “Fixing a Hole.” She’s a heady mash-up of Feist, Lilly Allen and Zooey Deschanel, and she has all the peculiar intrigue of Adam Lambert.

Who Is Lilly Scott?

(MYFOX NATIONAL) – Bringing an indie classic rock feel to season nine of “American Idol” is platinum-haired Lilly Scott, who hails from Littleton, Colo.

The 20-year-old made no secret of the fact that she thinks people need something else to “listen to besides Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears.”

Before auditioning for TV biggest show, according to her Facebook fan page, the musician had been playing in her folk rock indie band, Varlet, for years.

My Fox Boston

American Idol: Afraid of Andrew Garcia’s YouTube Past?

No American Idol contestant enters the game without a past — the lucky ones just hope that it won’t get them disqualified, as with Frenchie Davis in 2003 for a topless photo shoot, and this year’s Chris Golightly, who had a previous recording contract with a boy band. That could be why semi-finalist Andrew Garcia has gone dark on YouTube.

The 24-year-old performer from Moreno Valley, Calif., was cited today by the New York Times as being “the most plainly relevant contestant this season” — not because his overall life story particularly captures the cultural zeitgeist, but because Garcia has been uploading acoustic guitar covers of pop songs to YouTube since June 2008 — just like hundreds of other aspiring musicians who might one day yearn to be Idols. Garcia’s past covers include Keri Hilson, Neyo and Kanye West’s Knock You Down and a Michael Jackson tribute that’s topped 1.2 million views.

‘American Idol’ Reject Phonied Documents?

Chris Golightly was booted from the show because he had a record deal when he auditioned in Hollywood last year.

At a news conference today, Golightly produced a document showing he had been released from his record deal before he auditioned at “Idol.”

But a few minutes ago, Lawrence D. Franklin, CEO of Dream Project Entertainment, told TMZ after Golightly got disqualified, he approached Franklin and together they phonied a document, backdating the release of his contract to June 7, 2009.

Why did Franklin come clean if he was in on the deception you ask? Franklin tells us … he belatedly wanted to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Chris’ people say Franklin is full of it.


Former Idol contestant Jamar Rogers drops out to pursue music aspirations

WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE – One performer you won’t see on American Idol is Milwaukee native Jamar Rogers. If that name is familiar, it’s because Rogers is Danny Gokey’s best friend who tried out for Idol with Gokey. Rogers tried out again for the 2010 season, but dropped out before the idol judges could make their decision.

“I made it all the way to the judges and I decided to opt out at that point, because I wanted to work with Phil.” Phil Ramone is the Grammy Award winning producer who signed Rogers before he could hear a decision from the Idol judges. “He’s worked with everyone from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and he saw me singing and said young man I wanna work with you and that’s who I’m working with right now.”

Now, Rogers is concentrating on writing music, getting his name out and getting ready for a modeling career.


Monkey See And NPR Music Team Up To Size Up The ‘Idol’ Top 24

Linda: Okay. ANYWAY. We’re down to the Top 24, and this is traditionally the moment where we try to figure out who’s going to win. I should add that at no point last year did either one of us think that there was any chance that eventual winner Kris Allen would win, so that’s the context.


Howard Stern: ‘I’m Turning Down ‘American Idol’ “

The long saga of whether or not Howard Stern will take the fourth judge’s chair on ‘American Idol’ may be coming to a close, if recent statements by the shock jock are any indication.

According to the Stern fan site, on this morning’s installment of the Stern show the caustic radio host claimed that he had never put his hat in the ring for Simon Cowell’s soon-to-be-vacated job. He also reportedly said he’d only be interested in the gig if he was going to take home a nine-digit payday for a few months of work. From the site’s summary:

Evil Adam Lambert slams sweet Susan Boyle? Not exactly

What is it with celebrity interviews lately? Must everyone take things out of context?

Adam Lambert spoke with U.K. magazine Gay Times for its March issue, in an interview excerpted here. Yes, he criticizes Susan Boyle’s album. But does he “slam Susan Boyle”? Was the point of the interview to trash her album and extend his “15 minutes of fame”? Has he “gone on the record to tell everyone what he really thinks” and blame SuBo’s album for his failure? Hardly.

LA Times

Danny Gokey, CRS

Former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey is singing in Music City this week, but don’t expect to get tickets to see his performances.

Gokey had a private performance for a small group of CMA Executives as part of Country Radio Seminar week.

This week brings DJ’s and Radio Stations from across the country to town so they can meet, hear and interview country music singers.

This Thursday, Gokey has another big performance with CRS attendees.

FOX 17

Jennifer Hudson’s Baby Son: A Singing Wrestler?!

“One of his favorite things is to hear the piano, ” Otunga tells me. “Jennifer will play the piano or sing to him, and he will calm down immediately. We had a guy over once tuning the piano and he was pecking the keys, and David started trying to sing and imitate the notes. It was the most unbelievable thing.”

Also kinda unbelievable is Otunga’s burgeoning wrestling career…

Otunga is one of eight rookie professional wrestlers on the World Wrestling Entertainment’s new reality show, NXT, premiering tonight on the Syfy network.


‘Idol’ Alum Jason Castro Visits Hilliard Darby

HILLIARD, Ohio—Chicken patties. Socializing with friends. A live music performance.

While it isn’t the typical scene in the Darby commons, it was reality when American Idol alum Jason Castro visited for an exclusive show Feb. 1.

In town for a concert at the Basement that night, Castro was promoting “The Love Uncompromised.“

Students were treated to short acoustic sets throughout fifth period and had the opportunity to buy merchandise, take photographs and get autographs.

Beforehand, Castro sat down with the Panther Press for an exclusive interview.
Q: How long have you been singing and playing guitar?

Pop voice pipes up for gays

RALEIGH — Clay Aiken will take the stage at the convention center Saturday night to do something he has never done before: deliver a speech about gay rights.

But don’t expect him to pound his fist and scream for the right to get married.

“There are people who are loud and make noise, and there are people who are deliberate and slow and steady, ” Aiken said during an interview this week at a downtown coffee shop. “Right now, at this point in my life, I feel like a slow and steady person.”

Sarasota’s Syesha Mercado offers advice to her fellow Tampa Bay area American Idol contestants

Since the Tampa Bay area has a couple of singers with ties to the area competing in American Idol ‘s Top 24 tonight and Wednesday, I asked Sarasota-raised singer Syesha Mercado, who made it to the Number three spot on Idol back in 2008, to offer some advice.

Her email came too late for inclusion in today’s stories I wrote for the Times. But Mercado, who has been performing in a touring version of Dreamgirls, offered some interesting insights, so I’ve placed the email here. Catch up with her online here.


McKay, Cumming, Jones, Pascal et al. Play Feinstein’s in June

This coming June, Broadway veterans Nellie McKay, Alan Cumming, LaKisha Jones, Adam Pascal and Aaron Lazar will be headlining concerts at Feinstein’s at Lowes Regency.

Nellie McKay will be appearing from June 1st to the 12th. Tony Award winner Alan Cumming, McKay’s co-star in The Threepenny Opera, will play Feinstein’s from June 15th to the 26th. LaKisha Jones, recently of The Color Purple, will be playing on June 14th. Adam Pascal, famous for originating the role of Roger in Rent, will be appearing June 20th and 21st. A Little Night Music’s Aaron Lazar will be closing out the month at Feinstein’s on June 27th.

For more information on the performers and about Feinstein’s itself, visit

Broadway World

Simon Says: No Marriage Without Pre-Nup

Simon Cowell has proven to be many things, but foolish has never really been one of them. So it should be no surprise that as things get more serious with his new girlfriend, Simon won’t even consider walking down the aisle unless there’s a pre-nup in place. Way to protect your hundreds of millions, Simon!

“Simon has made it clear to Mezhgan that he will not be walking down the aisle unless a pre-nup has been signed, ” a friend of Simon’s tells me. “He is in love, he hasn’t lost his mind.”

Ellen scrambling to make her mark on ‘Idol’

Ellen DeGeneres is wasting no time trying to make her mark on “American Idol.” According to multiple sources involved with the show, DeGeneres feels that she has to come out of the gates exceptionally strong, especially in light of Simon Cowell’s imminent departure.

“She signed on for ‘Idol’ thinking Simon was going to be there for the long haul, ” said one source. “She had no reason to think he’d be leaving. What happens her first day at work? He announces he’s gone after this season. What does Ellen do? She starts panicking that she’ll be left at the helm of a sinking ship once he leaves. She’s not going to let that happen. She’s going to prove she has influence and makes good decisions now, in case anyone tries to blame her for lower ratings next year.”


‘Dancing’ Star Finds Himself in Britain’s Version of Tiger Woods Scandal

In case you don’t follow British gossip, there’s a massive infidelity scandal going on between a sports superstar and his drop-dead gorgeous wife … sound familiar? Soccer (err, football) superstar Ashley Cole and his pop star wife Cheryl are going through a nasty time right now after she found racy texts on Ashley’s phone (again … sound familiar?), and other reports claim he was sleeping with the woman he was texting — and possibly many others. (cough cough Tiger Woods)

So while it’s juicy and salacious, just how does this affect us in the United States? Well, it didn’t really — hey, we’ve got our own pants-dropping sports stars, thank you very much — until a new man emerged in the life of Cheryl Cole: None other than ‘Dancing With the Stars’ blondie Derek Hough.

Pop Eater

Dannii out of X Factor auditions

Dannii Minogue says she won’t be judging The X Factor auditions as she’ll be in Australia having her baby.

But the 38-year-old singer-turned-TV-star, who is expecting her first child in the summer, insisted she still wants to be a part of the show.

Dannii wrote on Twitter: “I have not quit The X Factor – if possible I would love to be a part of the live shows and continue to fly the Team Minogue flag.”

She told The Daily Mirror at the Elle Style Awards on Monday: “When the live auditions will be happening I will be in Australia giving birth, so I’m not being able to do that, unfortunately.

Press Association

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Golightly-gate continues: Former manager speaks out

More details are coming to light about circumstances surrounding Chris Golightly’s dismissal from “American Idol’s” Top 24. Dream Projects Entertainment Chief Executive Lawrence Franklin released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying the orphaned contestant was signed to a contract with his company. In fact, Golightly had re-upped his commitment to the boy band Dream 5 in May 2009, two months before he tried out for “Idol” at the Rose Bowl. Golightly had claimed he was released in June of that year and held a press conference earlier in the day during which he showed proof of a release document signed in June 2009 (Franklin states he did agree to back-date the document).

Franklin also alleges that Golightly got into “a physical altercation” with one of the Dream 5 group members and, on the day he auditioned for “Idol, ” had lied about his whereabouts by telling them “he had been incarcerated during that time period.”

LA Times

Adam Lambert Dishes On Donning Corsets And Shoulder Cages (VIDEO)

If Adam Lambert had to describe his style in three words, they’d be “glam, ” “chic, ” and “playful, ” the singer told Pop Couture. He talked about fashion and music, working with stylists on videos and some of the crazier outfits he’s had to wear including shoulder cages on American Idol and corsets and a leather trenchcoat by Gaultier in his music vids. He also reflects on his pre-style days and his do-it-yourself projects.


Who Is Paige Miles?

MYFOX NATIONAL – Paige Miles’ family hadn’t heard her singing voice before the top 24 finalist, who hails from Naples, Fla., auditioned for “American Idol.”

It wasn’t that she was shy, she is a self-proclaimed “closet singer, ” according to .

Miles said she only knew she could sing a little when she sang along to the radio and TV, and on her blog says it was Kelly Clarkson who inspired her to audition.

Now the energetic, self-dubbed homebody will be singing in front of up to 30 million viewers.


Ordway announces 2010-2011 season

The Ordway knows its audience. The newly announced 2010-2011 season features a number of well-known shows, old favorites, and a healthy selection of world music and local talent.

In addition to “Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat” with American Idol finalist Anthony Fedorov in the lead role which will open December 7th and run through the holiday season, “Stomp” (above) returns in March. There is also “The Gospel at Colonus, ” the show opening the season in August, which wowed Guthrie audiences almost 25 years ago during the Garland Wright era. “Guys and Dolls” and “9 to 5: the musical” will be summer offerings in 2011, rounded out in May by “Next to Normal” which was a Broadway hit in 2009, winning three Tonys.

Minnesotta Public Radio

Ellen DeGeneres’ Live ‘American Idol’ Debut: Experts Weigh In

Another avid “Idol” blogger, MJ Santilli of, said despite her years of stand-up experience and copious TV work, DeGeneres appeared a bit nervous and jumpy at times. “But I think she did pretty well for her first night out — certainly no worse than the rest of the panel, who tend to repeat themselves and talk in clichés, ” she said, adding that despite her misgivings, it felt like all the judges seemed to raise their game a bit during the performance night.

As for comparisons between DeGeneres and the kooky-but-nurturing Abdul, Santilli said there is none. “So far, Ellen is nothing like Paula, ” she said. “She tends to make sense, and she’s not afraid to offer negative critiques. I’m not sure replacing Paula is that important. The contestants might miss Paula’s soft touch, and the interest she took in their careers, but I don’t think the viewers are going to miss having a super-mama on the panel.”


LaBelle: Some ‘Idol’ judges aren’t qualified

NEW YORK — Patti LaBelle thinks some people shouldn’t be on American Idol— and she’s not talking about the contestants.

Says Labelle: “Some of the judges, I don’t think they’re qualified to even judge.”

The 65-year-old singer wouldn’t say which judge she thought was lacking on the hit Fox show, which has Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres picking America’s top singers. Tuesday’s Idol episode saw 12 female semifinalists competitng during “Hollywood Week.”

Labelle — who said she was asked to be a judge on the series before Paula Abdul— feels like the judges’ comments to the contestants are too mean.

USA Today

Carrie Underwood shows love for dogs during Franklin visit

FRANKLIN — Carrie Underwood spoke about the importance of dog adoption today during a press conference with Franklin-based Mars Petcare.

The award-winning country music singer has joined the sixth annual Pedigree Adoption Drive, which was started by Mars Petcare to help feed dogs in shelters.

During the press conference, Pedigree presented Underwood with a check for $50, 000 to help build an animal shelter in her hometown of Checotah, Okla.

Who Wore It Better?: Adam Lambert Vs. Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz

Sugar and spikes and everything nice… Apparently, that’s what lil’ boys are made of. Well, boys like Adam Lambert and Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz, at the very least.

I’ve heard of shoulder pads but I’ve never heard of shoulder spikes. Is this a new trend I should be aware of? Someone get Andre Leon Talley on the phone for me.

Glambert was first seen sporting this look during his infamous live performance at the 2009 American Music Awards, while Kaulitz recently rocked this similar style at the 60th San Remo Music Festival on February 19th in San Remo, Italy.

Does this qualify Kaulitz as a copycat—or, a “nachmachen glit nicht!” as translated into his native German. In your opinion, who wore it better?

Simon Talks ‘X-Factor’ and Who Should Replace Him on ‘Idol’

Simon Cowell dishes to “Extra’s” Terri Seymour about leaving “American Idol, ” the future of “X-Factor, ” and his new girlfriend.

What can people expect from the US version of his show “X-Factor?” Cowell says lots of people have expressed an interest in being a judge on the show. “It’s over a year away and a lot can happen in a year. I’ve always made it clear with Paula [Abdul] I would love to work with her, so we’ll see what works out. It’s not just my decision.”

“What about Mario Lopez?” Terri asked. “Tell Mario to call me. I like Mario… he’s good, ” Cowell replied.

Now that he’s moving on from the “Idol” judge’s chair, lots of names have been thrown around as possible replacements, including that of shock jock Howard Stern.


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