Idol Headlines for 01/19/10

Simon Cowell and Sony Music poised to announce joint-venture deal

Simon Cowell and Sony Music poised to announce joint-venture deal

Sony to swap 100% ownership of Syco for half of new venture – as Simon Fuller guaranteed 10% of American Idol profits for life

Simon Cowell is set to announce his much-anticipated deal with Sony Music that will see the launch of a joint venture, while Simon Fuller has reached a deal to secure 10% of future profits of American Idol for life.

Under the deal, Sony will swap 100% ownership of Syco, the company that controls rights to acts such Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis, for a 50% stake in the new joint venture, the Financial Times reported this morning.

Adam Lambert’s Rise to Fame

Rock star Adam Lambert believes everyone is meant to do something with their lives. His purpose? To entertain.

As a child growing up in San Diego, Adam realized at an early age that performance was his passion. After years of musical theater training and touring with the Broadway musical Wicked, Adam says he realized he wanted more out of life. He decided to take the next step and audition for the most-watched reality TV show in the country, American Idol.

“[I used] positive projection. You know, affirmation. Really imagining what my life could be and what I really want out of it, ” he says. “I wasn’t unhappy, but I was a little like: ‘Is this it? Really?’ I was thirsty.”

Daughtry’s Leave This Town Arena Tour Rolls On In 2010

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Following the success of its nationally televised New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square, Daughtry reveals plans for the second leg of its U.S. arena tour, which is scheduled to begin March 18 in Baltimore, Maryland and will continue into the summer.

For the upcoming shows, singer Chris Daughtry, bassist Josh Paul, drummer Joey Barnes, and guitarists Brian Craddock and Josh Steely will be joined by special guest Lifehouse and opening band Cavo.


The following is a list of cities and dates scheduled as part of the tour:

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Idol airplay: Kelly Clarkson, Kris Allen and more

On USA TODAY’s Hot AC chart, Kelly Clarkson has relinquished the top spot to Owl City’s Fireflies. Here on the Mediabase-powered American Idol airplay chart, though, she’s still Number One, with Already Gone getting nearly double the spins of the No. 2 song, Daughtry’s No Surprise.

Kris Allen gets his first Top 10 airplay hit this week, as Live Like We’re Dying moves to the 10 spot on the Hot AC chart. His single also breaks the top 40 of the AC chart.

USA Today

The Business of Blogging About American Idol

There is a wealth of info out there on the comings and goings of former Idols, success or failure on the radio and sales charts and the ins and outs of running the nation’s #1 TV show. Much of that info can be found at For those of you who might think I’m being a teensy bit disloyal to Rodney by advertising another blog, please rest assured that Rodney himself gets lots of his ideas from mj. mj is a full time blogger out of the state of Massachusetts. She started her American Idol blog about the same time Rodney was getting this blog started. Since then, she has become a trusted source for Idol news. So, if she’s so danged good, you may be asking yourself, why do I stick with Rodney?

mj keeps a tight rein on her blog. Our styles do not “mesh”. I tend to be argumentative. mj hates that. I tend to get sarcastic and nasty to fan-atics. mj hates that, too. However, as Rodney will agree, mj has the time and resources to come up with all sorts of “valuable” information.


Is Ryan Seacrest Headed to the ‘American Idol’ Judges’ Bench?

Following last week’s news that Simon Cowell would be exiting “American Idol” after this season to bring his British program “The X-Factor” over to the States, could host Ryan Seacrest be filling in his shoes?

ET has learned that Ryan has said he will definitely not be sitting in Simon’s chair as an “Idol” judge.


Judge DioGuardi may get tougher on ‘Idol’ hopefuls

There were times last year when Kara DioGuardi felt as if she had — to borrow a phrase — her pants on the ground.

Yes, there was the bikini incident in which, in a prearranged stunt, the then-new “American Idol” judge finished a song alongside a contestant known as “bikini girl” and pulled open her dress to reveal her own two-piece swimsuit (and perfectly toned torso).

But where the now-39-year-old, a songwriter by trade, really felt exposed was being up there week to week in front of the contestants, the thousands in the auditorium and the tens of millions more watching on TV.

Chicago Tribune

Kara DioGuardi Thinks ‘American Idol’ Will Do Well Without Simon

Kara DioGuardi hasn’t had it easy since joining the pop culture giant that is American Idol. She took heat from the show’s fans when she was first added as the fourth judge and the criticism of her only grew when Paula Abdul announced that she was leaving the show. Now, five months later, the show’s signature crabby Brit, Simon Cowell, revealed that the 2010 season of the show would be his last.

Outside of the show, the 39-year-old singer-songwriter is making moves of her own in her personal life. In July, she tied the knot with teacher-turned-general contractor Mike McCuddy, 35 in Maine, where they first met. iVillage talked with DioGuardi about her favorite thing about being a newlywed, bonding with new judge Ellen DeGeneres and her “love-hate-respect” relationship with Simon.

Mary J. Blige: Judging Idol Was “Really Hard”

Judging American Idol is no easy task. Just ask Mary J. Blige.

“It was so much fun, but it was hard, ” Blige, 39, who appeared on the show Jan. 13, told at BET Honors in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

See unbelievable American Idol makeovers

“It was really hard, you know, because you didn’t want to be bursting out into laughter, ” added Blige, who fought laughs a few times. “And you have to be honest. I had to be honest with people.”

US Magazine

What does the breakout star Larry Platt mean for American Idol 9?

“I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit, ” Simon Cowell said during last week’s auditions, after Larry Platt sang his own song “Pants on the Ground.” But perhaps a more horrible feeling might be that it’s American Idol 9’s only hit so far. As the show goes into its third and fourth audition episodes tonight and tomorrow night, there’s little about this season that’s notable except Platt’s made-up song.

Reality Blurred

Patrick’s Power Ratings: ranking the ‘American Idol’ contestants

The biggest star to appear out of Season 9 of “American Idol” so far is clearly General Larry Platt. Of course his fame will be of a far different kind then that which will be thrust upon the winner of the contest in May. UPDATE: The General was on The View this morning, performing “Pants on the Ground.” And on Sunday, Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings sang “Pants” in the locker room.

Starting today, each Monday I’ll be rating the “American Idol” contestants, selecting the singer I believe has the best chance to win the show.

Seattle Times

Joliet product on to ‘Idol’

Jermaine Sellers has two big fans at home as he pursues “American Idol” fame — his parents.

“I was very proud of him, ” mother Marlene said of her son’s advancement in the televised singing competition.

Sellers, 26, passed his “American Idol” audition in Atlanta, and got a ticket to Hollywood.

“He did excellent, but there’s a lot more there, ” said Sellers’ father, James. “We just hope that he gets the opportunity to keep moving forward.”

Suburban Chicago News

‘Idol’ offers a gospel connection

As I was writing this week’s article it was American Idol night on TV.

Did you catch it? Did you see the part with Bryan Walker, a police officer in Sevierville, Tennessee? I missed it but I did catch the results.

You see, Bryan was a former singer with one of the better known southern gospel groups. Yes, he sang lead and sometimes baritone with Ed O’Neal’s Dixie Melody Boys. And to top it off, his dad David Walker also sang with the Dixie Melody Boys and The Singing Americans.

It was back in June 2007 that Ed O’Neal, the owner and manager of the Dixie Melody Boys, announced that Bryan was going to the baritone position of the group as newcomer Rob Shelton came on board as the group’s lead singer. Bryan left not too long afterwards.

Edson Leader

American Idols: Then & Now Photos

Not only does ‘American Idol’ turn ordinary people into chart-topping singers, it also transforms folks of average style into fashion divas and glamor gods. Check out before and after pictures of your favortie contestants and judges and see whose looks have improved the most — and whose haven’t changed at all — since being touched by ‘Idol”s magic wand.

Clay Aiken will host golf tournament

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Clay Aiken will host a golf tournament at The Country Club at Mirasol Febraury 1.

Golf for Inclusion kicks off with brunch, a golf clinic and a round on Mirasol’s Sunset course. The golf tournament will be a scramble format and include contests and prizes. The Event concludes with dinner, a live and silent auction and a performance by Aiken.

Easy to like Elliott Yamin at Birmingham’s WorkPlay, but why such a short set?

Elliott Yamin, Monday night at the WorkPlay theater in Birmingham, Alabama. Review rating: Three out of five stars.

Pros: This was a cool little show with an intimate, laid-back vibe. Yamin and his troupe seemed relaxed and in sync; the sound they created was rich, full and funky. Yamin isn’t the most polished frontman on the planet, but his everyman attitude makes him extremely likable. More important, he has a strong voice with a soulful timbre.

Cons: The set length was much too short, clocking in at 45 minutes plus encores. Yamin was on stage for an hour, tops. OK, so it was a Monday night and there were a couple of opening acts, Ryan Kinder and Matt Brodeur. But with two albums to his credit, surely Yamin has enough material for a standard 75-90 minute set. Why so skimpy, Elliott?

‘Idol’ Winner Fantasia Almost Loses It All

2004 “American Idol” Fantasia says she ready to rebuild her dynasty.

ABC News

Author to Adam Lambert: Try a Little Romance

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) January 19, 2010 — SJ Pennington has been a huge fan of Adam Lambert since the singer first showed up on American Idol. As the singer rode his rocket ship to fame, Pennington thought how wonderful it was that an openly gay man could be accepted into the ranks of superstar without any discussion of his sexual preferences. Then, just as Pennington’s debut novel Cheyenne Love was raking in praise for its thoughtful portrayal of a gay couple, Lambert performed at the American Music Awards.

Lambert’s perceived sins were many. He thrust a male dancer’s face toward his crotch, fondled another, and led two dancers around on a leash. The kiss he planted on another man caused nearly as much concern as the face-to-crotch move. In fact, the media babble repeatedly pointed out that he thrust a dancer’s face into his crotch during rehearsals…which, says Pennington, means ABC execs expect sexualized behavior from a gay man but find romantic gestures unacceptable.

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters delivers a powerful program honoring Martin Luther King

The celebrity guest this year was American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. His versions of “Amazing Grace” and “Footprints in the Sand” showed that he has been refining his talent and technique since he first gained fame.

“Done Made My Vow” had a solemn undertone driven by a round-style delivery of the chorus “I shall go/To see what the end will be” that evoked determination and endurance and perhaps just a touch of fatalism. It was the perfect encapsulation of the spirit of the evening and the concert’s standout moment.


Katharine McPhee Reveals Her ‘Rebellious’ Move

When Katharine McPhee first sat in stylist Peter Savic’s chair last year, the American Idol alum admittedly wanted something drastic, but wasn’t sure what. “I was feeling rebellious. That’s when I knew I wanted something big, ” she tells Shape in their February issue. “So I said to my stylist, ‘Just chop it all off and make me a blonde!’” Katharine’s rash decision may have turned out to be more work for her in the end, but it helped the star bring out a new side of herself. “I felt edgy and playful. I went out and bought new clothes for the new me. It was definitely a good thing to do, ” she says about her first day as a blonde. And her hair wasn’t the only thing changing in her life.

Jennifer Lopez, Stars React to Haiti Crisis on ‘Larry King’ Special

Larry King hosted a star-studded, two-hour special edition of his “Larry King Live” on CNN — “Haiti: How You Can Help” — Monday evening, focusing on the post-earthquake crisis in Haiti and how we can help. From Jennifer Lopez and Paula Abdul to Mick Jagger and Ben Stiller, many A-List stars lent their wattage to help this dire situation.

Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported in from the chaos in Haiti, while Ryan Seacrest, Tea Leoni, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Snoop Dogg, Sarah Ferguson and of the Black Eyed Peas weighed in on how to help.

“The need is immediate, ” said Seacrest. “They need help right now.”

ET Online

Jennifer Lopez May Guest Star on Glee

She’s already played a maid in Manhattan. Now, Jennifer Lopez’s next role may be a lunch lady in the Golden Globe-honored Glee.

Show creator Ryan Murphy said backstage after Glee won for best comedy or musical TV series that he’s hoping the 40-year-old star will accept an offer to make a guest appearance.

“I have a meeting with Jennifer Lopez in a couple weeks, ” Murphy said Sunday night. “She wants to come on. We want her to be a cafeteria lady.”

Susan Boyle talks to Oprah about big breaks and life after ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Susan Boyle, the singer who went from international phenomenon to tabloid target, turns up on “Oprah” Tuesday afternoon to talk about fame.

Boyle appears on the same show, airing locally on WABC/Ch. 7 at 4 p.m., as “American Idol” standout Adam Lambert, to talk about big breaks.

Besides sitting to talk with Oprah Winfrey, Boyle also re-creates the famous “dance” she did during her “Britain’s Got Talent” audition.

Daily News

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