Idol Headlines for 10/23/14

ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards announce performers – On November 13, the Inspirational Country Music Association will hold its 20th annual ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards at Cornerstone Nashville in Madison, Tenn. Comedic country mainstay Ray Stevens and “Inside Edition” correspondent Megan Alexander will host this year’s show, and performers include Danny Gokey, Rhonda Vincent, John Conlee, The Roys, T. Bubba Bechtol and John Berry. – Read more at The Tennessean

Jessica Meuse Attends the Waltrip Brothers Champion Dinner

Caleb Johnson performed at the event which took place in Franklin, TN last night.  Here’s Jessica with Season 4 alum, Bo Bice.  Janelle Arthur, Ben Briley, and Bucky Covington also attended.


‘Idol’ alum Abrams going his own way – Fresh from a morning hike in Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon Park, Casey Abrams is now blazing musical trails through a new song. It may not be composed in time for Friday night’s show in the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (7:30 p.m.), but the journey is underway. “It’s about a mystical delicatessen man,” he begins matter-of-factly, as if a song about a mystical deli man makes as much sense as one about a non-mystical one. The inspiration, he notes, comes from just such a purveyor … “this dude I pass by on the way to the zoo who always has the best things to eat for sale.” – Read more at

Aiken defends problematic TV ad – Responding to Boyum’s questions about the ad, Aiken repeated the claim about the payroll tax that the fact check found to be false. “I take issue with anyone telling me it’s off-key, because at the end of the day what’s off-key is implying that $1,000 is not a lot of money to people in your district, and that’s what Congresswoman Ellmers did,” Aiken said. called Aikens claim “a gross distortion of Ellmers’ position.” – Read more at News Observer

TV Runner-up Aiken Seeks Win in NC House Race – Eleven years after becoming a national TV sensation, Clay Aiken still attracts a crowd in central North Carolina. In an hour he could only get a block or so down the street during an old textile town’s fall festival while fans stopped to talk and take pictures. “I can’t believe you’re here!” exclaimed Suzanne Strickland, 23, after she and her mother left their craft booth at Erwin Denim Days. “I saw you watching ‘American Idol’!” Finishing second for Congress won’t cut it for the 2003 runner-up on the Fox show that vaulted him to a singing career and another second-place finish on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Rather, he would just be another Democratic candidate who failed to beat the odds on North Carolina’s congressional map since Republicans redrew it and shifted the delegation’s makeup to the right. – Read more at ABCNews

‘American Idol’ singer Clay Aiken seeks win in first political bid – Polls and pundits suggest Aiken, a Democrat running in a solidly Republican congressional district, could be headed for another second-place finish. Undeterred, he is spending the final stretch of the campaign traveling and living on a bus emblazoned with a “Clay for North Carolina” slogan to tell voters in his native state why he would be an effective advocate for them in Congress. “I can get people to pay attention,” Aiken, 35, said at a town hall campaign event in Asheboro last week. “It’s a benefit of where I came from and how I got here.” About 30 people showed up at an historic courthouse in central North Carolina to hear Aiken speak at the event, a far different scene than his heady “American Idol” days in 2003 when 38 million TV viewers watched him perform in the show’s finale. – Read more at

‘Joseph’ a dream job for husband and wife – DeGarmo and Young come to The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts next week for an eight-show visit with the new national touring production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” The musical tells the story of Joseph — the Old Testament diviner of dreams — exclusively through song via a narrator. Young is the show’s Joseph, and DeGarmo the narrator. They also come here as real-life man and wife, having tied the knot last year. “We’re a bit of an anomaly,” DeGarmo said about their shared experiences. “There hasn’t been a married couple from ‘American Idol,’ ” said Young. – Read more at

Jennifer Lopez Buys $22 Million New York City Apartment Next Door to Chelsea Clinton: Details – No biggie. Jennifer Lopez has reportedly purchased a $22 million pad in New York City, Refinery29 reports. The penthouse, located in The Whitman, a four-unit prewar building in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, is 6,250 square feet and boasts four bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms. Not to mention, two levels of outdoor space with views of Madison Square Park. Even better? Jenny from the Block has neighbors like Chelsea Clinton and NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon to borrow sugar from. – Read more at USMagazine

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  1. for a moment, I thought I was at the Clay for North Carolina website…

  2. But it’s totally worth it for Aiken saying people shouldn’t call him on using incorrect facts because, if the facts had been right, his point would have been really telling.

    Also worth it for Reuters’ juxtaposition of Aiken’s “I can get people’s attention” with the attendance at his campaign event. I’d have thought he’d get more than 30 people just on the basis of morbid curiosity.

  3. Yeah, Clay’s so-called “defense” of the lies in his ads wasn’t a defense at all. He just decided to go with Renee saying that $1,000 wasn’t very much money, which is a mistake, since the website proved that comment was taken out of context. From

    Clay Aiken’s latest attack ad against incumbent Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers hits a couple of bad notes.

    Aiken falsely claims Ellmers “voted against the payroll tax cut because she thought $1,000 out of your pocket is not that much money.” She voted against a two-month extension because it wasn’t long enough, and helped craft a bipartisan bill that extended the payroll tax holiday for one year.
    Payroll Tax

    In his latest ad, Aiken makes the argument that Washington has changed Ellmers.
    “We all hope people go to Congress with good intentions,” Aiken says in direct-to-camera appeal. “But after Renee Ellmers got there, she voted against the payroll tax cut because she thought $1,000 out of your pocket is not that much money.” That’s a gross distortion of Ellmers’ position.

    The payroll tax holiday enacted in 2011 reduced the employee share of the Social Security payroll tax from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent. The temporary recession relief was set to expire at the end of 2011, setting off a contentious round of partisan congressional haggling.

    The Aiken ad cites a Dec. 21, 2011, report on Time Warner Cable Newson the House rejecting a Senate plan to extend payroll tax cuts for two months, with Ellmers joining the Republican majority. But as the accompanying interview with Ellmers indicates, her position was exactly the opposite of what Aiken suggests. In the interview, she explains that instead of a two-month extension, she and other House Republicans preferred extending it for a full year.

    “We’re all about the year extension,” Ellmers said in the TWCN report. “That’s what we voted in the House of Representatives. … We’re just not in agreement that a two-month or eight-week extension, as the Senate has passed back to us, is acceptable.”

    In the interview, Ellmers did refer to the payroll tax extension — which she estimated at $1,000 a year for the average American — as “not that much money for anyone.” But contrary to the Aiken ad’s suggestion that Ellmers wanted to nix the tax cut because it wasn’t that much money, the context of the interview makes clear that Ellmers was saying it was “not that much money” when compared with the comprehensive tax reform changes she and other Republicans envision.

    Ellmers, Dec. 21, 2011: Well, the thing is, the payroll tax extension is not that much money for anyone. For a year, it’s about $1,000 for the average American. … So the point is that this isn’t really the way to go about good tax reform. We just want to make sure that over the year, in the economy we’re in, we’re not taking money out of those pockets. But what we’re working for is good, sustainable tax reform that’s flatter, fairer, that really is much simpler, and this will just lead up to that. So I’m for this in the sense that I don’t want to do any more harm to anyone. But the real goal here is good tax reform that we can all work on.

    Her fuller comments also make clear that Ellmers believed an extension of the payroll tax cut was critical as the country continued to struggle to get out of a recession.

    “We’ve got to give the people of North Carolina that reassurance moving forward into 2012 that they’re going to keep that money in their pockets,” Ellmers said.

    In rejecting the Senate plan, House Republicans were pushing for a year-long extension, and had hoped to include provisions to pay for it with higher Medicare premiums on upper-income senior citizens, as well as a measure to fast-track a decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

    But two days later, House Republicans relented and unanimously agreed to a two-month extension, with the promise of negotiating a longer-term agreement early in 2012. And, in fact, as a conference committee member, Ellmers helped to craft a compromise agreement in February 2012 to extend the payroll tax cut until the end of 2012. Ellmers, of course, voted for that bill.

    The payroll tax holiday was allowed to expire at the end of 2012, with neither Republicans nor Democrats fighting for its inclusion in the so-called fiscal cliff deal reached in January 2013.

  4. I can’t quite decide whether Clay is an idiot or he thinks the voters are. Maybe it’s a mixture of both.

  5. Politics is a tough game as Clay is finding out these days. If you aren’t a student of political science, you should have some, at least one good advisor. Well wish him luck.

  6. I think that it’s a mixture of both. I don’t think Clay is nearly as smart as he thinks that he is (otherwise, why would be so blatantly mislead people on his appointment to the PCIID when it was so easy to expose him?). I also think that Clay is used to dealing with his Claymates many of whom are very far from the sharpest pencils in the box, so he’s used to treating people like they are stupid and have them love him for it. lol

  7. I’m not following Clay’s run (nor am I a fan), but he ran an ad that took something out of context? The horror! No politician has ever done that.

    I would go see Joseph if i were coming here. I don’t think it is. Ace and Diana seem really suited for each other…

    I barely recognized Bo.

  8. It was a tiny room in a tiny town. You can’t compare retail politics to concert venues.

  9. I think Clay was politically naive when he entered this race and still is. My guess all along is that he’s basically looking for a cushy meal ticket since his music career is apparently down the toilet. When he wakes up on the morning of November 5, he’ll likely be facing the hard reality of having to get a job and actually work for his living.

  10. She did say everything he quoted. He even provided the sources. Therefore they cannot be lies.

  11. Please. The cherry picking of statements to give the wrong impression is totally misleading and Clay knows it. If he thought that was mistaken, he should have corrected them, but he didn’t.

  12. He did last night during his TV debate. is a misleading title. They do everything but check facts.

  13. Clay lied about Ellmers’s reason for voting against the stimulus extension. He said it was because she didn’t think $1,000 was a lot of money. She voted against it because she didn’t think the 2-month extension was long enough. She later worked and got the full year she wanted.

  14. The bill was passed eventually but not by her. Kay Hagen did that.

  15. I could only find 2010 stats for Asheboro:

    Population: 25,012

    Registered voters: 11,062
    Democratic: 3,772
    Libertarian: 44
    Non-partisan: 2,805
    Republican: 4,441

    So out of over 11,000 registered voters, Clay only attracted 30 to his town hall? Oh yeah. Clay sure is good at getting people’s attention. lol

  16. Not sure. Clay or Jaymes have not commented on that story one way or the other.

  17. I have to admire your dedication to finding the remotest possible statistics to throw shade on him.

  18. The National Enquirer was nominated for Pulitzer prize for their expose of the John Edwards scandal.

  19. I’m not following Clay’s run (nor am I a fan), but he ran an ad that
    took something out of context? The horror! No politician has ever done

    Pretty much my reaction. lol.

  20. You can’t compare retail politics to concert venues.

    I wasn’t. :-) Thirty people in a town with 11,000 registered voters (and presumably there are other, nearby, towns), for a polarizing figure who ought to draw hecklers as well as loyalists, is ridiculously low. It says people don’t take him seriously enough to bother.

  21. It was in a room that held 30 in a tiny municipal building. It was a full house.

  22. I watched that part of the video and Clay does not defend that part of his ad, and does focus on the “$1,000 is not a lot of money” comment, which clearly showed was taken out of context. So the “Under the Dome” article was correct in its reporting of Clay’s defense.

  23. Reminder:

    Signing up for my site after you’ve been banned 1,046 times will result in your being banned for the 1,047 time. JSYK.

  24. It was in a room that held 30 in a tiny municipal building.

    It was the courtoom of the Old Courthouse.

    The four round-topped windows define the width of the courtoom:,_North_Carolina)

    That makes the courtroom at least 28 feet wide, possibly as much as 40 feet. No way is the capacity 30 (nor would it have been for the county courthouse in 1909.)

  25. Only Clay Haters get to comment here. MJ bans anyone who would try to be a voice of reason.

  26. Clay has a website for people to RSVP that they are attending a town hall meeting.

    The meeting in Asheboro was held at:

    Randolph County Historic Court House, 145-C Worth St., Asheboro, NC 27203

    This building is hardly a “tiny municipal building”. lol

    An interesting history of the RCHCH can be found here:

  27. To be fair, the underpinning of most modern campaigning/fundraising is for pols to treat people like they are stupid and to have them love said pols for it. Heh.

  28. There are lots of fans of various Idols who post on this blog. It’s only the rabid fans who attack people and spread misinformation who are unwelcome.

  29. Completely agree. I said a while ago I think he was very, very naive going into this and likely was banking his dwindling fanbase who once spent thousands at galas for his foundation to throw a lot of money at him to support this campaign and that the whole thing would be much easier for him to handle. Hes totally in over his head now.

  30. Spreading misinformation is your specialty. For all we know you are MJ in disguise so she gets to hate without anyone knowing its her.

  31. lol Yeah, you’re right about that. I wonder how these political “attack” ads are received by the general public. I doubt that many voters take the time or effort to research the claims made in these ads (from all sides), so they may not be as effective as the creators believe.

  32. Since neither Clay or Jaymes responded to this story, it’s not clear if it’s the truth or a lie.

  33. President Obama didn’t respond to the gay allegations in the tabloids. Does that make it true?

  34. I’m sure that MJ is getting a good laugh out of your paranoid suggestion, as I’m certain that she would rather be anyone else in the world except me. lol

  35. She is just as nasty as you. I think she’s cringing because I exposed her. She’ll be along any time now after she polishes off that chicken and she’ll delete my comments and you;’ll look stupid talking to yourself LOL

  36. No, as I said, when there is no response to an allegation or accusation, then it is not clear if it’s true or a lie.

  37. Its a tabloid, its always a lie. Rarely the lie is mistakenly true. Usually not.

  38. Um, would you please go sell crazy somewhere else? Like back to the Clay fan boards where paranoia runs rampant and fans believe whatever they want to believe. Y’all deserve one another. lol

  39. You’re the ass licking gate keeper here. That is why I know you’re MJ. Any other poster would be banned for moderating.

  40. “ass licking”? lol I’m sure that MJ is laughing even harder at that one. You really haven’t read here very much have you?

  41. It took me many years to get banned 1o47, soon to be 1048 times LOL

  42. Which meeting room was it in oh misinformation expert? It wasn’t in the actual courtroom.

  43. Oh yay. Here we have hater in residence #4. The bat signal must have gone out.

  44. Such a “a tiny municipal building”. And I’m the “misinformation expert”? lmao!

  45. Actually it’s the reverse: new moon. But I’ve heard that brings out some strange people as well.

  46. You’re such a good sport for finding it funny that people are laughing AT you. lol

  47. Don’t be too sure. I’m laughing at you MJ in disguise.

  48. 3 out of the 4 resident haters. Where’s Eilonwy? She’s late.

  49. This Deadsite hasn’t seen so much action since 2009. MJ gets paid by hits on her site. She chased off all the fans and screwed herself.

  50. But what’s their excuse when there’s no astronomical reason? lol

  51. So you hate Mjsbigblog, and endorse Clay. I guess your job is done here, right?

  52. I’m only getting started. So many Idols fans were run off. David Archuletta, Taylor, Katharine, Kris, Clay, even Adam’s fans are angry and upset at how they were treated.

    Dumb bitch had it good till she got out of control.

  53. From the attendance at Clay’s town hall, obviously one of the smallest rooms there. lol

  54. MJ: Just having a little fun. I’ll delete my off topic posts now.

  55. Only the dumb ones. If you believe tabloids you deserve to be lied to.

  56. Yeaaaaaaah, she’s the one “out of control” . . . . . .

  57. Signing up for my site after you’ve been banned 1,047 times will result in your being banned for the 1,048 time. JSYK.

    Yes, your the same person from Canada who keeps signing up again and again and again and again.

    FFS You need a new hobby. Seriously. Do you think Clay would care one whit about you? Even an nth of the effort you put into obsessing about him? You might want to consider your life choices.

  58. Standing up to bullying is not out of control. A lot of us are sick of it.

  59. For a minute I thought my favorite blog turned into The Clackhouse..or even worse Clayversity *shudder*

  60. Talk about deadsites. There are no Clay Aiken fans here because nobody gives a flying f*ck about him at this point. Except for the few remaining crazies, who didn’t get the memo.

  61. Renee Ellmers is using’s report on Clay’s ad to raise money:

    In his ad, Clay should have said something positive about what he’s going to do, and then stuck to just airing Renee talking about how she needs her paycheck after voting for the government shutdown. THAT was true, but now, it’s being overshadowed by the other parts of Clay’s ad that are misleading. This was an unforced error by Clay’s campaign, and it coming so close to the election may be a fatal mistake.

  62. Omg yes! It was so long ago but lordy that Claymate lunacy is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m always amused when once in a while Claynuts still come out of the woodwork and still defend him.

  63. Back in the day, they’d be planning revenge. Now there’s just one lone chick posting as Clays one male fan, bombarding you with bad quips.

  64. Yep they do! And back and in the day when the Claymates who use to stalk follow Clay around to all his concerts, appearances, etc and got even the toughest video they were Clack dealers. I wish I was kidding. The Clackhouse had something called “The Vault where you had to pay for access to the superdooperspecial videos. The funny thing is apparently even in this age of YouTube I heard they still charge money for this.

  65. Honestly, the fact that commenters have been talking smack about Clay since he threw his hat in the ring and literally NOBODY has been around to defend him says a lot about the current state of his fan base.

  66. On twitter one of the top trends is Fifth Harmony Big Announcement. Evidently there was some ustream. Anyone know what the big announcement actually was? I tried to look through the tweets with that hashtag but gave up pretty quick because no one actually tweeted what the announcement was, lol

  67. They did that back then too so craycray. Not only that they use to talk about all the men they use to see at concerts (like to say SEE he does have male fans!) when I’m pretty sure these men were husbands of Claymates who were dragged there..

  68. I think that says more about beating a dead horse on a site where it makes no difference. Your observations applies to a lot of fans of less favored former idols.

  69. Looks like new band announcement soon :)

    James Durbin ?@DurbinRock 3h3 hours ago
    Moving forward with 3 band members. But only they know who they are. This is fun!!

  70. I assume it is this;

    Fifth Harmony @FifthHarmony
    GUYS!!! Our next single is #Sledgehammer! Ahh, we’re freaking out….can’t wait for you to hear it!! #5HBigAnnouncement

  71. Like how he gave a snippet of him singing w/(likely these 3?) in a circular setting & yet managed to not actually show any of them (teasing as normal lol). Fans have fun back at him—all good.

  72. That snippet was such a tease. Noticed Hunter banging away on a drum in the foreground, cute.
    Hope he makes the announcement soon so we can all be excited :)

    Heidi Durbin @MrsHeidiDurbin · 8h8 hours ago
    Honestly completely excited about the new band!

  73. I think that says more about beating a dead horse on a site where it makes no difference.

    Nah. At the height of Claymania, the horde swarmed at any place there was even a perceived slight. Nobody was making distinctions like “Oh they’re all haterz over there!” On the contrary, it was all the more reason to defend.

    Your observations applies to a lot of fans of less favored former idols.

    Pretty much beside the point I was making.

  74. I’m still a proud Claymate, and I’m not crazy. Clay is very intelligent and really cares about people. He has earned the backing of the widely-read News & Observer newspaper, the Southern Pines Pilot, and the INDY Week. A win for him isn’t totally far-fetched. As reported by Reuters: “A poll conducted by the conservative Civitas Institute in late September showed Ellmers drawing 47 percent support compared to Aiken’s 39 percent. Fourteen percent were undecided, and there was a 5 percent margin of error.”

    Incumbent Renee Ellmers can’t seem to defend herself or her values and tell the people why SHE deserves to win re-election. In the recent debate against Aiken, instead of responding intelligently to questions, her most oft-repeated refrain was that Clay was “an entertainer” and thought he could win over Congress with a “song and dance”. Meanwhile the Republican party had a member caught removing/stealing Clay’s political signs. Talk about playing dirty! Clay has out-fundraised Ellmers and is lagging by only 8 points.


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