Headlines: Noah Thompson Rumors, Camila Cabello on Blake Shelton

Noah Thompson Reflects on His Emotional Carrie Underwood Moment — Taste of Country Nights, On Demand – For Carrie, talking to Noah was very emotional for her, she really connected with him. For Noah, he was telling me how nervous he was just to be talking to Carrie, and on top of that, he was still feeling sick from COVID. We chatted about everything from his and HunterGirl’s friendship, to how the boys from the construction site treat him now that he has won American Idol. – Read more at Taste of Country

Grace Leer Drops a Cookbook

American Idol season season 18 alum Grace Lee has dropped a cookbook, Taste with Grace, to accompany her new self-titled debut EP. Grace writes alongside a photo on Instagram, “You can download your copy of ‘Taste with Grace’ NOW at the link in my bio. I paired each song off the EP with its own recipe, so be sure to listen along while you cook! Because these recipes are so dang good, I just HAD to chef them up for y’all. Check out my first cooking vid on YouTube now too! We’re making dirty martinis.”


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Ashland Craft is the ‘Travelin’ Kind’ who has learned lessons on road to success – “Getting people to care about the music, just like Hank, that’s the ‘Honkytonk Blues,’ I guess,” she says. Though she’s sitting in one of music’s most legendary venues, some things have changed for her since leaving South Carolina, including success on “The Voice” five years ago and signing with Big Loud Records in 2020.She’s cognizant now of the resilience borne of surviving the “hustle and bustle” of frequent touring that’s required to excel in mainstream country music. – Read more at The Tennessean

Carrie Underwood Says Balancing ‘Normal’ Life For Kids & Tour Can Be ‘Tricky’ – Carrie Underwood is headed out on tour with fellow country star, Jimmie Allen, and the pair is giving Access Hollywood an exclusive look at what fans can expect. While sharing if their kids will be joining them as they travel, Jimmie, who is the dad of 2, and Carrie, who shares two sons with her husband, Mike Fisher, opened up about the challenges of bringing their families on the road. “That’s where it gets tricky, you’re like ‘I want them to be in school and you know ‘normal,'” Carrie said.

Camila Cabello Shares Footage of a UFO and Grills Jimmy on His Beard | The Tonight Show – Camila Cabello shows some footage of a UFO, dishes on working with Blake Shelton on The Voice and grills Jimmy on his shaving his beard before playing a game called Songmojis.

Kenny Lattimore Talks New Album &#3...
Kenny Lattimore Talks New Album 'Here To Stay' on Celebrity Myxer

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  1. Camilla Cabello is surprisingly good on the Voice. I’m happy for her doing so well. She was always the star in fifth harmony.

    Also, noah and hunter posted clips of their new songs on Instagram. Like much better ones. Prepping for the tour I suppose. I think hunter is actually signed. Not sure Noah is. Either way, will be fun to see them on the road. It’s as close as we are probably ever gonna get to an idol tour again.

  2. I noticed Laci Kaye Booth is releasing a new single soon – pre-save up but no release date yet. Since she was dropped by her record label I am assuming she is still with 19 Recordings and they are putting out the single for her.

  3. Since Leah Marlene started her Patreon she doesn’t post as much on social media like Tik Tok and Instagram anymore, other than posting tour information. I’m assuming she is interacting with her 133 Patreon members on a regular basis with song clips and updates, etc., but that is kind of sad for those of us who wish to still follow her but don’t want to pay a monthly membership for content. And I can’t imagine that is good for her career. I mean I know she is dependent upon her Patreons right now, but IMO she should still be posting new song clips (or even covers) on social media like she used to, especially Tik Tok, to try to attract new fans. It seems like the best way to attract a record label these days is by getting something to go viral on Tik Tok, so it feels like she should be trying to do that but she hasn’t posted anything there in a month.

  4. How does an artist get more Patreon members if they never post outside of Patreon? 133 followers can’t be earning her that much revenue.

  5. Michael Orland mentioned he is doing something with Adam next, so I think he is accompanying Adam on JHUd’s show next week.

  6. Celebra https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6a9801c6183d3f3fafd3808b88f7ad9e9c1df993d1374759a7ec9acfd075f53.jpg ted Blake ‘s Voice departure finally seeing Sarah Potenza after 7+ years when he eliminated her . Also saw Katie Kadan and another lovely singer named Emily Braden ! Sarah was the only one who came out after and she was just lovely as hell and approached me asking if I was my IG handle and how I’ve been asking for her to come to Philly forever ? Got some videos too https://youtube.com/channel/UC9gQzPAaU7a-XdazOZDaM3w

  7. Wtf. I love Leah but that’s dumb . I’m on JLHs Patreon . All we get is a monthly stream and some beautiful art/lyrics and personal video once and a postcard every few months apparently (only got one so far since joining back in May when he got rid of the stream only subscription from his site ) . She needs a social media coach !!!!

  8. I joined it for a month and still apart of her Discord chat and you aren’t missing much. She just hasn’t been too active in general lately other than occasional IG stories.

  9. I joined it for a month and still apart of her Discord chat and you aren’t missing much. She just hasn’t been too active in general lately other than occasional IG stories.

  10. Saw this teaser on Michael’s IG:


    Should be fun. Can’t wait to watch!

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