Headlines: Harry Styles Bedtime Stories, Adam Lambert Sells His House

Harry Styles Recorded A Soothing Bedtime Story For The Calm App – Head over to the app and you’ll be able to hear the pop star, 26, guide listeners in falling asleep with a story called “Dream With Me,” which was penned by author Steve Cleverly. The star, who invested in the app’s Series A in June 2018, is the latest in a string of stars to join the wellness platform, including the likes of LeBron James, Laura Dern, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Rowland, Lucy Liu and more. “Sleep and meditation are a huge part of my routine, whether I’m at home, in the studio, or out on the road,” Styles said in a statement. “Rest and recovery is as important as doing the work. Finding a balance has been endlessly beneficial to both my physical and mental health. It’s changed my life. I’m so happy to be collaborating with Calm at a time when the world needs all the healing it can get. Treat people with kindness.” – Read more at iHeart.com

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Trace Adkins Announce Drive-In Concert – Blake Shelton is the latest country singer to announce a drive-in concert amidst the coronavirus pandemic. On July 25th, Shelton will perform with Gwen Stefani and Trace Adkins as part of Encore Drive-In Nights, hosted by the production company Encore Live. Granted, you won’t get to see Shelton in person — the concert will be filmed exclusively for the one-night-only event, taking place at participating drive-in theaters across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to performances, the show will feature interviews and anecdotes from the artists. Tickets go on sale July 14th and start at $114.99 per vehicle. LOL WUT OVER $100 TO WATCH A CONCERT MOVIE IN A HOT CAR? HARD PASSRolling Stone

Adam Lambert unloads Hollywood Hills pad at a loss – Adam Lambert couldn’t quite turn a profit in Hollywood Hills. The “American Idol” alum just sold the modern digs for $2.92 million, or $75,000 shy of what he paid six years ago. The sale arrives about two years after the glam rocker paid $6.5 million for a bigger place in Hollywood Hills West, The Times previously reported. Stark in style, the contemporary home sits above the Sunset Strip and takes in sweeping city views from a balcony. Down below, a resort-style backyard features a spacious covered lounge across from a spa and a pair of reflecting pools. – Read more at LA Times

How Reality Hosts From Carson Daly to Padma Lakshmi Roll With Format Changes – Daly says he specifically wanted to avoid “the ‘Brady Bunch’ boxes” familiar from Zoom conversations. He positioned himself in “a high-gloss area,” complete with a neon lighting package provided by the NBC show, in order to replicate a studio feel. “We had piped and draped and converted the pool house and brought in this beautiful set piece,” Daly says. “We lit it, we had great lighting and they brought in the field ops: They were doing it all from afar.” – Read more at Variety.com

Ryan Seacrest Reveals His Dog Georgia Was a Gift from American Idol Creator Simon Fuller

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  1. Adam has to be relieved to finally get that house sold after two years on and off the market. I’m sure it is even harder to move anything in this climate right now so he must feel really lucky.

  2. The demo that the Blake Shelton concert is aimed at owns TRUCKS. Do you know how many passengers you can fit in the flatbed? Enough to make the price per person reasonable.

  3. I thought using the Drive-in Movie model for live concerts in the time of Covid was a great idea, still do….But that price per car is a bit steep for the amenities, I think…?

    Wonder what the average tariff is for the other cities and locations that are doing them? Some folks without an existing venue to use are just setting up shop in a section of a WalMart parking lot, I have read…Does that have a corresponding *low, low price*? ?

  4. Dillon James has signed a record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville and Hollywood Records!! it was just announced! so excited for him!!!

  5. Blake said he looked at Garth Brooks recent drive-in concert model. It was priced at $100+ & Garth wasn’t in-person. It was a rebroadcast of an old concert.

    I’ve seen different price points & models for drive-in concerts. For example, Scotty McCreery has a scheduled drive-in concert at the end of this month. Scotty will be performing in person. Tickets start at $55 per car. There are $100 tickets for better spaces. This seems like more reasonable price points. Personally, I would still not go to even a drive-in concert at this time. The venue’s safety measures sound good. Here’s hoping they enforce it.

  6. That’s great. Is Hollywood Records under UMG Nashville? Did Arthur Gunn get a record deal (since he was runner-up)?

  7. you should see his instagram post!! he looks so happy!! so excited for him!

  8. it looks like UMG is the major label. don’t know what role HR is. maybe just because of idol and 19..

  9. Happy that he was able to sell his beautiful home. I’m sure he got a nice sum of cash to add to his bank account. Good for him!

  10. If he had rented out the house, and since it wasn’t his principal residence, he could get a tax break for the loss.

  11. 7/10/20 – Pop Culturalist interview with David Cook – music blog out of NYC that asks some really good questions about the new single, “Reds Turn Blue”, and the coming new music…



    P-C: This is a song that you’ve been wanting to write for a while now but couldn’t find the right voice for it. Was there a particular moment last year that helped you get over that hurdle?

    David: I have a small group of people around me that I trust to listen to this before it’s “ready.” I really trust their opinions. They’ll be honest with me if it’s not good or if it’s great or whatever. The response I got on this one was different than anything I’d gotten before, in a positive way. That put some fuel in the tank to move forward. I had to get over the hurdle of feeling like this was something that needed to be hidden. The response I’ve gotten since I’ve put it out has been incredible. I’ve had a lot of people that have told me, “I deal with this stuff too.” That’s been really humbling that they’re finding something for themselves in it.

    P-C: Is it ever scary to be that vulnerable?

    David: It’s constantly scary. I’ve been laughing a lot since Friday about the anxiety that comes along with releasing a song. In this case, I have all this anxiety about releasing a song about my anxiety… …( much more at the link, including a fun little Q&A Speed Round!)


  12. I’m sure Adam knew what he was doing. He’s smart. If he wanted to rent out his home he would have. Also, you don’t have the kind of money he has and not have a tax professional and/or financial planner on board. We already know he didn’t need to sell his first home to purchase his $6.5 Million home so there is that. It’s all good.

  13. I’ve never heard him talk so much, he is so happy and excited.

    ETA: Can you post his IG?

  14. It was Adam’s choice not to rent out his home for whatever reason. But he got it sold so that is great for him.

  15. Great for Dillon! It does not matter where you finish. The important thing is to use the opportunity to capture someone’s attention with your performances and talent. When the contest is over, if someone wants to sign you and support you, they will. Do your thing and waste no time worrying about the other guy/gal, lol.

  16. In recent years, country music has artists (Lady Antebellum or Lady A, Cam, etc.) who has signed under 2 big or known labels. Generally, both labels have different roles. Usually one label is used for anything radio related & the other is used for album promotion.

  17. HA! I guess Blake will get people to pay if they want to. I wouldn’t pay $15 or $20 to see an artist in person that I am mildly interested in, even in better times. But would gladly pay $100 to several hundred to see someone that I wanted to see live. There is supply and demand and people will generally pay to see what they want to see. So if they want to see Blake on screen in a drive thru and this would make them happy for right now, they will pay. However, I would have little interest in a drive thru concert for anyone no matter the cost, lol. So I will need to be patient and wait this thing out.

  18. While I never saw this house in person I loved it. My home was built in 1921 and has some wonderful Arts/crafts features. Adams house shouted at me for many the same reasons. It was my all time favorite celebrity house. I understand his need to sell, but he will never find another house so filled with charm. Imho

  19. Yes. It was beautiful but I like his new home better from what I see in the pictures. But it is his like that really matters, lol.

  20. I just ordered Adam’s “Velvet” in vinyl. HA. I love the album but I don’t own a turntable anymore. Oh well. I have bought all of his music so this will only be for collection like the other vinyls.

  21. This is great! I’ve been tuning in as much as I can over the weekend. They just played Feel Something from Velvet. They’ve been playing songs from all four of his albums plus Ring of Fire and If I Can’t Have You from AI (studio versions), Time For Miracles (movie soundtrack), Can’t Go Home (collaboration with Steve Aoki), Welcome To The Show (ft. Laleh) and QAL’s You Are The Champions. Very nice!

  22. What did Maddie Poppe say on twitter that got “fans” riled up? She finally said about haters “They just make me wanna give up. I’m tired.”

  23. Casey James’ KickStarter album was released late this afternoon. I give it an emphatic thumbs up.

  24. I’m thinking she ended up getting dropped from her label, on her twitter page she used to list herself as “Hollywood records artist” in her bio. A few weeks ago people were suspecting she was dropped because she wasn’t listed on their page anymore, so I checked and as of a few weeks ago she still had it listed in her bio. Not anymore.

  25. Ok, thanks. But after tracking back in conversation threads I think it was something she said about older fans and gifs, because I’m seeing replies to her referencing age and it looks like those replies are to a tweet or series of tweets that have been deleted.

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