Headlines: American Idol Premieres, Carter Rubin Opens for Blake Shelton

The Voice Season 19 winner Carter Rubin will Open for Blake Shelton

Teen singer Carter Rubin won The Voice season 19 in 2020 on Team Gwen Stefani. Now, he will open for her husband Blake Shelton on Saturday March 12 at his bar, Ole Red Orlando. He’ll also play an acoustic sut on Sunday March 13. The singer recently dropped a single, “Horoscope” on Republic Records.

Adore Delano teases ‘balls to the walls’ punk-party fantasy (and new music) on Party Your World tour dates – Adore Delano who competed on American Idol season 7 as Danny Noriega, announces her Party Your World tour dates. “We’re going balls to the walls,” Adore tells EW of the tour’s vibe, which she’s been “vision-boarding” throughout quarantine as a way to “release all of this pent-up energy” she’s had across the last two years. “I want it to be a nostalgic fast-forward into tomorrow’s scene. I want to include things the kids can sing along to, but also some covers and new stuff as well. I’ve been writing a lot of poetry, hopefully, I’ll have some new songs by then to surprise the children.” Adore also competed on two seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. – More at Entertainment Weekly

Meet Danielle Finn, the Modern Orthodox high schooler bringing her voice to ‘American Idol’ – Danielle Finn is the American Idol hopeful whom Katy Perry battles over with Luke Bryan in recent season preview. Her audition will air on tonight’s (Feb 27) American Idol 20 premiere. In this piece, Danielle shares about competing on a singing show as an observant “modern orthodox” Jew. “I’m Modern Orthodox. I love my school because it’s a place where you can learn to be your own Jew and person. For example, they let me sing the national anthem at a basketball game. It was definitely a question, because there were a lot of other religious schools there that don’t accept it [a woman singing alone in front of men]. But they made an announcement and anyone who wanted to leave the room could. They said that this was something that we do in our school and we don’t want to hide from that. So they let me sing. I think it’s super fun to be able to do that.” Read more at STL Jewish Light

The Hollywood Reporter posted a series of interviews with American Idol judges and host Ryan Seacrest:

‘American Idol’ at 20: “Name One Person That’s Come Off of Another Competition Show” – With so many reality competition shows on TV, why do you think Idol has stood the test of time? PERRY Because name one person that’s come off of another competition show. Can you name any other contestant and/or remember any of them? And I think we can name almost 10 bona fide stars who are household names who are in the industry, creating change and [getting] nominations and Oscars and Grammys. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Ryan Seacrest: “As Long as There’s TV, There Will Be an ‘American Idol’” – “Yes, the audiences are fragmented and there are fewer of them in one place, but I really feel like this is the kind of show that has a home somewhere for as long as people want to produce it and make it — as long as people want to audition for it. I don’t think there’s any shortage of young talent every year that’s looking for a big break who just don’t know how to get to an audition in Hollywood or Nashville or Austin or New York. That will never run out, and therefore I think this format and this series has the opportunity to live with generations and have other generations grow up watching it to try to be the next winner.” Read more at Hollywood Reporter

The Real Way to Win ‘American Idol’ Is by Not Even Winning – “We tell them it’s not about the number, it’s what do you do with this experience and how fast can you move forward building on what we’ve given you,” says judge Lionel Richie of the advice he gives to the contestants. “It’s not about winning American Idol; it’s being on it somewhere around the top 20. From that point on, you have a shot at a career that’s unbelievable.” What separates those who do and don’t have thriving post-show careers, though, comes from those next steps and taking advantage of the fact that TV fans “still have a bit of investment in them, whether they won or didn’t win,” says showrunner Megan Michaels Wolflick. “The show’s a springboard, but you still have to get in the water and swim. I think there are people who want it.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Carrie Underwood and Her Stylist Share All the Details Behind Her Las Vegas Residency Wardrobe – American Idol season 4 winner Carrie Underwood is about to return to her Las Vegas residency at Resorts World. People magazine has a behind-the-scenes look at her glittery outfits. “For REFLECTION, it is all about more rhinestones and more fringe. That was my main directive for the wardrobe and Emma and her team took it to the max. We wanted to combine the glitz and glamour of Vegas with the iconic style women of country have rocked for years. We could definitely do more with the sets, wardrobe and special effects for my residency than we are able to do for a touring production that has to be loaded in and out every night.” – Read more at People

Inside American Idol Star Kellie Pickler’s Private Nashville Life – American Idol season 5 alum Kellie Pickler looks back at her Idol journey and shares what her life is like now. “”I’m such a simple girl honestly,” she said, noting she tries to be as authentic and present as possible. “I love gardening. My friends call me the fifth unofficial Golden Girl. I’m that 104-year-old trapped in a 35-year-old body. I love puzzles. I love good conversations. I love to sit on the front porch in my rocking chair. I just like to be in good company.” – Read more at E News

Simon Cowell shares his thoughts on the death of AGT contestant Nightbirde – ‘Extra’s’ Terri Seymour spoke with Simon Cowell about ‘America’s Got Talent’ breakout star Nightbirde, real name Jane Marczewski, who lost her battle with cancer over the weekend. They also talked about how he recently broke his arm in an electric bike accident, his engagement to Lauren Silverman, and the launch of “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.”

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