Hartford, CT AI Live! Show – Clessor’s Recap

Clessor got to meet the Idols three times the day she attended the show. She spent most of the day with Jack, whose re-cap I posted a few days ago. Here’s her very detailed account of her after-party experience.

My group of five people sat down in the area they put you in, in front row. Jack and I had a plan to go to the Idol who had least or no group around them first. We waited a good half hour until we were let inside. My mom had been asking all day, over and over again, what exactly an …after party is. Each time I would tell her, but it took Jack to explain nit to her for her to finally …get it.

At about 10:30pm, they allowed us into one of the worst organized rooms I had ever been in. The three of us were first in the line. As we got into the room, I kinda just stopped and paused ‘ I had to look to my left to see the Idols. I glanced at Jason on his phone, and saw Brooke (who looked like a Barbie Doll at first glance) and then I saw Michael turn around at the group of odd fans coming towards him. Meanwhile, Jack was behind me and said …Callie! Kristy! and we walked over to her.

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My aunt got a phone call, so my mother trailed behind us for the first half. I got to Kristy first and said …Hi! ¦.. nothing from her. I mentioned that she smelled like bubble gum. Nothing. …Can you sign this? She said …yeah sure! I said …thank you! Then Jack and Michelle got their stuff signed. My mom took my camera to take pictures of the night before hand. I asked Kristy if I could have a picture together and she did so, but put her arm around Jack a well, so I said …Wanna just do a group picture? My mom took it, we said Thank you ¦and off she went. Like ‘ she ran away from us. We were the only ones who got to her. It’s a shame, too, because I actually liked a few songs she sang on the show AND at the tour. Whatever. She looked like a clown with all her makeup anyway.

Brooke was the one who was closet to Kristy, so we jumped into her line. Jack got his things signed. She was the first to say …Hi! to him. Jack said …Hi! Can you using this? He handed her a photo of just her that they were selling and she laughed. …Actually, can I use that to do this? And she grabbed his tour program to sign the photo. …And who am I making this out to? Jack: …Jack! She handed him the photo back and he said …Actually, can you sign this for my friend, too? She did so, took a picture with him, then it was my turn. …Hi! I said. Brooke: …Hi! Me: …Can you sign this? Brooke: …Sure! What your name? Me: …Callie! Brooke: …Kelly? Me: …Callie! Brooke: …And how do you spell that? Me: …C-A-L-L-I-E. As she was signing, I told her …I have no idea what to say to you guys. She was fantastic and said …You just say ¦.whatever you can think of! I said …Aw, okay. Can we take a picture? Brooke: …Sure! And she put her arm around me and we have a fabbbbulous photo together. I really wanted to tell her that shes SO nice ‘ it never came out of my head though. We said thank you to her, and tried to jump into Syesha line. We heard stories that she kind of a Diva, so we didnt want to miss her before she bolted. But her line was long-ish, and We all ended up in Jason line.

When we were in his line, people kept pushing us out of the way and kept getting things signed. Lyn friend, in her cute little voice, asked …Hey Jason! How about a three way? I must just have a dirty mind, hahahha. Eventually people finally got out of the way and it was Michelle turn. She looked at him and said …Hey Jason shyly. I dont know what she said to him, but I guess eventually she asked him to sign her poster and he told her that he waiting on a pen to sign things. To speed things up, I told Michelle that I had a pen. Jason just stood there waiting, and I told my mom that in my bag was a pen. She got it out, I handed it to Michelle, and she said …Here Jason, I have a pen. He took it and said …a marker works better than a pen. Well, Gee, I was only trying to help, LOL. I really didnt care. Jason just touched my pen. Woo! ‘fan girl scream- An ywho. Jack went next, and I told my mom that I have no idea what to say to these people. She whispers to me, …Tell Jason that he needs to check his zipper. I laughed and it was my turn. …Hi Jason! He said …Heyyy. I asked if he could sign my notebook, he did so, and then I quickly said …And, um, my mom said that your fly is unzipped. He got SO embarrassed, LOL. …Oh! Hey! Would you look at that. It okay. It happens. And he laughed nervously. We took a picture together, laughed, and then we turned to Michael because Syesha took off on us. Jason said to my mom …Is it hot in here, or am I just embarrassed?? and waved his hands in front of his face to cool down. Hahahahah. I cant believe I just did that.

While waiting for Michael, I got all giggly again. We said hello to each other, I did my usual …can you sign this? question and he did. I was going to show him the list of emails in front of the notebook, but that never happened, haha. I said to him, lik e a few others, that I didnt know what to say to people. He said …Oh. You can just say ¦hey. I smiled and said …Oh okay. Well. Hey. And he laughed. I asked Michael if we could take a picture together, and my mom did a nice job with it. I had this whole plan beforehand to ask him to SHOW HIS TEETH in the picture so it didnt look like he was mad, but I forgot! I said thank you ¦again ¦and took pictures for Jack and Michelle. His group started to get less and less, so I stood there with Lyn and chatted with her while he tended to fans. Apparently some girl saw him the day before and got out of her car to say hello. He joked around with her for a second. At this time, Jack and Michelle left to go get Ramiele autograph, but I wanted to stay and chat with him a little more. For a moment, he had no one but me and Lyn, so he came back and chatted with us. Well, mostly Lyn, I just stood there like a fool and listened, haha. He did mention that all the Idols were jealous of his computer, he has the most amazing fans (he really does seem like he grateful for all of you being so fantastic to him and his career), and then some girls came by and he turned to them.

He signed more stuff then turned back to us and started chatting. …So there are some producers that are looking to make a documentary about my life for the past five or ten years. Lyn said …Oh really? Michael said …Yeah, about how Ive tried to make it in the music industry. Pretty cool. I wanted to say …oh that really cool! but it never came out. More chatter between him and Lyn. He asked her for a second time where she was from in CT and if it was far. He also said thank you again for the laptop and mentioned that all the Idols were so jealous. He started bragging about how great his group of fans are. It was cute, haha. Another group of young girls came by and he turned to them. They werent ready, so one of the gals said quickly …Oh no, were not ready. She just has to get something! She can go right now and pointed to me. I said …Oh, no, Im just listening! and smiled. Michael looked at me and walked toward me but I waved my hands no, lol. I think he said something but I dont remember.

Jack came back to me and said that Carly was out. We started walking to her, but I remembered that our goal for the tour was to get a JALLIE and MARLY photo. Michael walked back towards the group of girls because the other one returned, and I said loudly …OH WAIT! He looked up and I said …Can you do me a huge favor!? Though, I think that came out really jumbled up and stupid. …Can we take a picture of me, him, you, and Carly? Michael asked …With Carly? and I said …Yeah, were HUGE Marly fans. He looked at me, smiled, and said …Marly and shook his head, laughing. He said …Sure! and yelled across the room …Hey Carly! and walked to her to go ask with one of those little girl tour programs in his hand. I looked at Jack and smiled SO big . He walked back and asked …Do you want to do it here, or over there? I told him …Whatever easiest! and he told us to follow him. We cut in Carly LARGE line to get our flipping Marly picture. Oh. My. Gosh. When we got there, Carly said something that I dont remember. I walked to her and ENDED UP ON THE WRONG SIDE. Lmfbo. Jack a big Carly fan, but ended up next to Michael as I stood next to Carly for the photo. It saddened me. Boo. Any who. She was really tiny. But Michael smiled and showed teeth in this photo!! Yay! Jack and I said thank you, and MJ walked back to his little group.

Jack and Michelle went to Archie line, which I believe they just cut in to, haha. I joined them, anyway. My mom and I kinda just stood to the side while Jack and Michelle got their things signed and pictures. I think it was either Jack or my mom who said something like …He really not that big ¦to which I replied …well, he ONLY 17! Heh. Awkward moment. I was looking around while waiting and saw Dad Archuleta talking to Michael ‘ it looked like Mr. Archie needed a haircut. Anywho. My turn came after I took Jack picture. We said Hello, can you sign this, and while he was signing my notebook, he was so cute and tried to start a conversation with me. He asked …What going on over there? I answered him and said …I think Carly over there. She wasnt out earlier. David replied …Oh really? and I said …Yep! with my hands on my hips. He gave me my notebook back, we got a picture, and my mo msaid …Aw! Now there a GREAT couple! Hah. Well, Archie, I may have not liked you a single bit during the show ¦but feel free to call me. Cuz, you know, were only seventeen, and itd be okay.

Jack and Michelle were waiting in Carly line, so my mom and I walked over and cut the whole line ¦again. We were waiting for others to go, and the last two ladies went, asked someone …responsible to take their picture ¦and went away. Michael wasnt too far, so I kinda just twirled around to be near Marly. My aunt said …Shed be like a little kid in a candy store ‘ if she ate candy! while I twirled. But Mike left to run an errand and shouted to people who were waiting for him …Be right back!

Michelle turn, then it was Jack. Oh! When it was Michelle turn, I think, Carly was signing her things and looked up at our passes we were wearing. She saw …MJ at the top. She looked at Jack and asked …Did you really get Michael a computer?? Jack says …Oh no! Im not his fan ‘ Im yours! Which was really kind of awful to say because it was like he was using Michael ‘ but I guess he was just in shock still. I quickly piped up and said …He didnt ¦I did. Which now that I think about it, Carly probably thought I was talking about me, personally. So ‘ sorry about that. à ¯ Ã…’ Jack turn. He told her that he and his friend heard that the girls of the tour dont get many presents, so they made Carly a god awful ugly shirt. Carly said …For me?? Aw, thank you! She held the shirt up and said …Seven?! I thought I was six?! Jack laughed and said nervously ‘ …No, season seven. Carly said …Oh okay. I was gonna say! He then gave her a necklace and she said …I have a shirt that matches this perfectly.

My turn with Carly was like the same as others. The usual hello, can you sign this, thanks! *takes picture* But it was fun. Carly is SO tiny! She also crouched down in my picture. I laughed to myself, thinking, …Im really not THAT short!

We didnt stick around Carly too long because she still had a large line, so I walked over to others were Syesha had already left, Cookie wasnt out and neither wa s Chikezie. Michael came back from where Lyn sent him (she asked if he could get Cookies autograph for her friend) when I was with Carly, but I really wanted to tell him thanks for the extra passes. He paused or stopped talking all together when me, Jack and Michelle were closer. He walked over to us in an …hmm ¦can I help you? sort of way. I said …Before you go, I just wanted to say Thank You SO much for the extra passes. He started to say …aw, youre welcome. It was no trouble and put his hand on my shoulder. I kept talking and said …It made my day SO much easier. Michael said …Oh, it was no problem. Im here to make you happy. I said …well, you can do that any day! and smiled foolishly. After saying it, it seems so stupid to say. Arg. Im kicking myself for not saying something better to him.

By this time, Carly and Michael were the only ones left in the room. Michael left my group and Jack said …You should record with Carly! He looked back and sa id …I am! Hah ‘ and Jack said …No, like the same song. Together. Michael said …we are! and he and Carly left.

And my Michael experience is over. But oh my gosh it was fan-freaking-tastic. My posse walked to the elevators where we were made to go. Lyn and her friend were there, looking super tired. We ended up being the last seven people to leave in a super gross and smelly elevator. Which reminded me of going on the Tower of Terror in Disney because the guards just push the button and you go up alone. Scary.

We got out and I showed Lyn my pictures. I told her my mom had more pictures and that Id post everything the following night when I got back to Vermont. It was then time to part ways. As we were leaving, I thanked Lyn a thousand times more for letting me tag along for the day. It definitely wouldnt have been the same without being with her!

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