Haley Reinhart & Postmodern Jukebox Cover Radiohead’s “Creep” – VIDEO


Haley Reinhart’s latest song with the Postmodern Jukebox is a jazzed-up cover of the 90s alternative rock classic, “Creep” by Radiohead.

Decibel Peak // Programmed by Fear ...
Decibel Peak // Programmed by Fear (feat. Twisted Time)

The American Idol season 10 alum has performed vintage covers of pop songs with the band before, notably, “All About that Bass” with fellow Idol, Casey Abrams and Tove Lo’s “Habits.”

The singer has also shared the stage with the band, including a recent concert in London, England.

Check out the cover right here! Click to Download Creep at iTunes.

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  1. Yas!

    Since Haley joined PMJ, Scott Bradlee has done something TWICE he had never done before, covered a song PMJ had already covered. First time was the European Edition of “All About That Bass” that went Viral on Facebook 21 million + views and counting, now “Creep”, which I had the fortune to see performed live and record, at the Indigo O2 in London ( a much more powerful rendition than the studio IMO ;P )


  2. “the very first take”

    From the description:

    “One of the highlights of our recent European tour was Haley Reinhart’s
    masterful interpretation of our vintage arrangement of Radiohead’s
    “Creep” … I enjoyed it so much that I brought Haley into a studio in
    Zurich on our day off to record it… get ready for a truly remarkable performance. Oh yeah- and
    this was the very first take.

  3. IMO, she fits in the category of the best female singers from AI: Carrie, Kelly, and Haley.

  4. Thanks for sharing- this is pretty damn awesome.

    I feel like it took these past four years for Haley to come into her own. This is just the beginning for her.

  5. This is absolutely amazing.

    P.S. I wanna see Joey try something like this

  6. You are talking about success. That is a dumb argument. In Talent, Class and Look categories, is just a subjetive problem.

  7. If everyone liked Haley Reinhart as much as I do she would be a superstar. Does anyone know if she is going to be on the PMJ North America tour? If she is, then I am getting tickets to the Oakland show.

  8. it’s better than the argument you brought to the table which was absolutely nothing… Carrie has had live performances with 30+ million views and is hailed as the best vocalist in country music… nobody outside of idol even knows or cares who haley is.

  9. I was lucky to go backstage after the UK concert and talked to her about how long it’s taken. She said she’s glad she stuck to her guns being patient , though frustrating at times, she’s glad that all she’s been working up to has finally started coming to fruition.

    Her Dad, Harry, told me he’s very excited to see what comes from all the “Irons in the fire” Haley has going… only beginning is right, 2015 has started off very well for her, and she still has the Bill Burr/ Vince Vaughn produced Netflix series. “F is For Family” where she voices the young Bill Burr, coming in the second half of the year, as well as a Ole publishing produced New EP :D

  10. Only show ‘confirmed’ she’ll be attending (by her mother) so far is Chicago. I’ve bought tickets for Seattle in hopes she joins by the last half of the tour, am possibly thinking about going to the US tour Finale in LA at the Nokia

  11. Key word I think you might have missed: subjective.
    Nobody is denying Carrie trumps all in terms of success.
    Subjectively however, I’m sure there are a number of people who prefer Haley or even others over her.
    Specifically, those who don’t like country. Exhibit A being myself.

  12. I found this on haleyreinhartnews.com:

    As for the Postmodern Jukebox U.S. Tour, Haley has NOT confirmed if she will be going yet. She has her EP coming and I’m sure she’s going to be very busy over the next few months. I am sure without a doubt Haley wants to be apart of their U.S. Tour and will try to go, or at least make some of the dates.

    If anyone knows differently, please post the information.

  13. The “All About That Bass” video she made with Postmodern Jukebox went
    a long way in introducing Haley to people outside of the Idol bubble.

    I was never a Haley fan on Idol- as a matter of fact, I couldn’t stand
    her (there was something about her personality I found off putting).
    BUT- I always felt she was immensely talented, and it was just a matter of time before she found the proper venue to display those talents. I’m certain this is NOT the last we’ll be hearing of Haley- and more power to her, because it’s nice to see these kids get a good chance at fame and fortune.

  14. nobody outside of idol even knows or cares who haley is

    I saw her in England, lots of fans there. Fans in Berlin sent me video of her first appearance with PMJ in Europe for me to post on my YouTube, She was a major reason PMJ’s new cover of “All About That Bass” went viral on Facebook with over 20 million views in a week, so factually, you are not correct

  15. that’s fine if you like haley but don’t bash somebody far more respected and successful in the industry to make the point.. There was no need to say Haley is better than carrie… She couldn’t even beat a couple of teenage country kids on her season and you are going to compare her to someone with 7 grammys and 19 number 1 hits.. GTFO with that.

  16. *I like Haley’s music more than Carrie’s.* How in the hell is that bashing? I never used the word “better.” Please try to be less defensive. The numbers don’t matter SUBJECTIVELY. Please try to listen.
    I’m not disrespecting Carrie at all. I understand she’s successful. All I’m saying is that *personally* I would buy jazz music over country music. Hence, I prefer Haley over Carrie.

  17. New York Times review of Haley’s debut album:

    “Ms. Reinhart still isn’t a pop star, but that’s fine…these songs hark back to the 1960s and ’70s, when Motown girl groups were ceding ground to soul-driven rock. It’s singers’ territory that shows off both the smooth power of Ms. Reinhart’s voice and its engine-revving churn.”

    LA Times:

    “The bluesy ingenue’s debut, “Listen Up!” …is one of the stronger
    post-”Idol” efforts…In a post-Amy Winehouse world, listeners are still hungry for retro soul, even if the conversation is dominated by imports like Adele and Emeli Sandé. Reinhart presents a nimble voice that although undoubtedly influenced by current sounds, leans heavily on the sultry harmonies of Lisa Stansfield and En Vogue.”


    “Thank Adele for an Idol album with depth. Thank Winehouse for dusty soul. Thank Reinhart for the pipes.”

    Haley’s music publisher based in Canada:

    “Haley is an amazing songwriter with a great career ahead of her, and
    we’re excited to be on her team as she continues her journey toward
    stardom,” said Leo V. Williams IV, General Manager of Creative (Los
    Angeles) at ole. “While most people know her from American Idol, her songs deserve to be appreciated on their own merits, and we’re happy to provide the exposure they need to catch on.”

    People in the studio working on the EP:

    “This girl is gonna take the world by storm!! @haleyreinhart What am
    amazing 4 day session. There’s nothing better than being inspired by an
    artist and musicians”

    “It’s such a joy to be in the studio listening to this amazing voice all day long. This girl is on the verge of global, lifelong stardom — mark my words.

    Simpsons writer who is writing and producing “F is for Family:”

    “If you don’t know @HaleyReinhart yet, you will!”

  18. u didn’t somebody else did.. Imagine if I said I thought sanjaya was better than adam lambert? you dont think millions of the house mom glambetts wouldn’t come after me within 30 seconds?

    The reality of the matter is the demo on this blog is house moms…

    Kelly isn’t a threat because she isn’t attractive..
    Haley isn’t a threat because she’s not that successful..

    Carrie is a threat because she is both.. I am sick of people bashing her for no reason.. Don’t look down on strong, beauitufl successful women embrace them.

  19. I understand that she’s both.

    But saying that someone is better is not bashing lol.

    I’m 99% sure that the person that said “better” meant it subjectively. Actually he said “In Talent, Class and Look categories, is just a subjetive problem.” Nobody ever denied Carrie.

    Heck, if I say I love David Cook more than Carrie, is that bashing? David got nowhere near to her success, but I like him more than her.

    And if somebody said SUBJECTIVELY they like Sanjaya more than Adam, I would disagree, but I’d leave them to it. Maybe they didn’t like Adam’s performances.

    I feel like a definition of “subjective” would greatly aid this conversation.

  20. “Don’t look down on strong, beauitufl successful women embrace them.”

    Haley was a strong, beautiful woman on Idol and people attacked her. Now you feel she’s fair game because she hasn’t had the “success” of Carrie.

    Well, “I am sick of people bashing her for no reason.”

  21. and thats fine.. I will just enjoy watching carrie on all the awards shows as she makes giant steps toward becoming a country music legend and you can enjoy watching haley in small bowling alleys and on her friends flip phone video cameras..

  22. “WOW so glad they put this up!
    Saw her perform it live at the Indigo2 (in London) and she was incredible!”

    “I saw this live and was absolutely blown away ! Haley is incredible and this arrangement really showcase her voice. I’m so glad I know about her now thanks to pmj ”


    As for flip-phone cameras, I know they’re common among those who listen to country music, but the recording session for Haley’s last EP was recorded with a RED camera:

    “The first Red model was introduced in 2007, and immediately attracted the attention of filmmakers like Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh. Since then, directors have used Red cameras to shoot some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and installments of such blockbuster Hollywood franchises as The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Spiderman.”

  23. LOL at the camera parts.
    You win the internet today, good sir.

  24. Thanks! It’s hard trying to soak up all the positive comments with all the negativity!

  25. Thanks MJ, I tried keeping it short XD
    Now I can get back to listening to the fantastic cover.

  26. I wish she included that AMAZING scatting near the end in the studio version! :O

  27. She currently lives in LA so I’m hoping she tours in California..but she’s busy so you never know!

  28. It would have been better not to have responded at all. Here’s a post devoted to a fav, and a fan has to drag in a negative comparison to another Idol. It’s kind of infuriating, to be honest.

  29. This is incredible! Was talking to a few people on FB about how she got so much crap on AI and she was so fantastic. Have loved following her career

  30. This woman should be a superstar. I can’t believe, still, the rubbish she had to take from Jlo during her season.

  31. Alrighty, I’ll remember that next time
    I tried placating the situation, but you’re right, just ignore it and let you handle it.
    Thanks again

  32. It’s hard to ignore when you feel so passionate about it, but it’s usually better to just not get involved! :)

  33. Oh yeah that’s right, I hadn’t realized it was Postmodern Jukebox’s
    I kinda want her to keep covering them, but I wouldn’t want her to just ride off of their coat tails.

  34. Thank you. The “infuriating” part wasn’t directed at you, btw. The passion for a fav is awesome, especially when the vibe is positive. ;).

  35. So sweet! I’ve watched this a dozen times already. One of my all time favs.

  36. Sorry MJ.I should have stayed out of it too. Mine was a “fly by” comment that, in retrospect, I should just have flown by instead. Apologies.

  37. Haley’s one of those performers that will always sound better performing live, than in her Studio (which sounds great) because as a performer, there’s got to be such a rush to perform in front of thousands as opposed to a microphone and camera in a studio.

    I’ve seen her perform live so many times, it still is a thrilling experience for me. Hearing “Creep” live reached a whole new level, she puts on the gas when she lays it out…. I’m very hopeful she will do most of the shows in PMJ’s upcoming US tour because there are so many faithful fans that have waited for that moment when they can finally hear Haley doing what she does best… People really need to hear Haley sing live to fully appreciate that voice :)

  38. I made a 1/2 hour compilation video of my time to see Haley and PMJ in London, the show my video of Creep was recorded from. It includes clips from many performances (which I posted full video of most of them}.

    The BONUS I added is at the end credits where Casey Abrams, back stage after the show, performs a great impromptu “Amazing Grace” on the melodica :D


  39. JLo? Don’t you mean Randy? I hate when people try to pit women against women. Randy gave her the harshest critiques by far.

  40. Dang! True confession: I really wasn’t all that interested in her during her season. But, this is gorgeous. And I do love seeing Casey back there on the bass!

  41. That’s Adam Kubota on the bass. As close to a regular as PMJ gets.

  42. Wow, I was NOT expecting this! In fact, I had difficulty imagining this song going the jazzy route and wasn’t sure I wanted to click on the link. It’s absolutely amazing and Haley has it all. Somebody tell me, why isn’t she a superstar yet?

  43. Big things ahead in 2015, voice over work on a Vince Vaughn produced Netflix animation show (cruder, ala Family Guy), voicing the main character (also starring Laura Dern) and a new EP, as well as participating in PMJ’s US tour, to ride the momentum from the European Tour, PMJ’s All About that Bass and Creep… Fans are hopeful Haley will tour to support her EP :)

    After the London show, she talked about it not being easy, putting in the work, being patient, but now glad she took her time and her planning is coming to fruition.

    I love that there’s been a slow but strong ramping up of her profile, she’s definitely made an impact on the European PMJ fans

    This is the first time Haley performed “Creep” with PMJ, in Lyon France…. note the crowd reaction at the end :D


  44. Sorry I got out of line and overly defensive earlier ;) .. I do that from time to time.. I actually really do like Haley even though I think she is extremly overrated by the idol community.

    I’m glad she didn’t lay down and die after getting dropped from her record label and is trying to work her way back up. I didn’t care for this cover. I thought it started beautifully but then went downhill fast once the Chorus kicked in. I think with the right song she could potentially one day have a hit.

    Her original music just hasn’t had that right song yet ;/

  45. Yep people always do that.. J lo has never come across as a jealous type of girl to me. She is beautiful and has no reason to be jealous of anyone.

    The only girl judge I ever sensed that with on idol was Paula back in the day. Who clearly favored men.

  46. Haley ALWAYS worked so well doing jazz. Her album should have never been pop, though I absolutely enjoy tracks like Runaway and Wonderland. All of the stuff with PMJ and Casey is must-listen and I’m so glad she’s found such a great group of artists and an awesome forum to hone her craft. The only other cover of Creep I’ve ever loved is Ingrid Michaelson’s (with a like to Street Corner Symphony), so this was a breath of fresh air.

  47. Goose pimples. She is definitely among the elite vocalists today and she deserves the accolades. Can’t wait for her new EP to be released. I’m hoping she releases a single off of it soon to promote its impending release. Also anxious to see what kind of promotion Ole does for her.

  48. Haley will be remembered as one of the underrated stars of the later years of AI. I’d say her Pia, Jessica Sanchez, jena all did not get their fair shake in the industry.

  49. Good grief. That was amazing. I loved it. I’m happy she has so much going for her right now. Goes to show that hard work and not giving up pays off.

  50. Scott Bradlee followed Joey, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joey doing a cover with PMJ after the season’s over. Scott and Melinda Doolittle tweeted about doing something together too :)

  51. I agree that her album never should have been pop, it didn’t work as well as the music she did w/Casey – and now it feels as if she’s found the right groove – always want to hear what Haley does next. This is different enough from the only cover of Creep I’ve ever loved that it’s two separate categories for me – she really works that ending!

  52. iTunes Jazz Charts LOVE Haley and PMJ!:


    2. Creep (feat. Haley Reinhart)
    5. All About That Bass (2015 European Cast Version)
    29. Habits (feat. Haley Reinhart)


    11. Selfies on Kodachrome

  53. So last night this video inspired me to go look at a bunch of Haley’s videos on YouTube. I thought she was an excellent singer on Idol and have certainly been rooting for her, but I have not followed her career closely. I would just read the occasional update on here and other than her PMJ videos, the last video I saw was for the dance song she did with the day glo and hula hoops.

    As good as she was on Idol, she’s even better now. I mean MUCH better. She has some incredible performances out there (much of them from Haley’s Tusk, I assume that is the same Tusk on this thread?). She’s SO SO good. Some of the best ones were with Casey. Those two are like magic together.

    I mean seriously, I think I’m stanning now. Her voice. God, that girl can sing. She’s like Melinda Dollittle, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert good now IMO. This isn’t even the best performance of hers out there.

    If she comes near me, I’m going, no questions asked. To me, it’s only a matter of time before she finds success. She’s that good. Congrats on Haley for staying at it and keeping up the work on her craft, to me it’s paying off big time.

  54. and her pronunciation is absolutely terrible. Something she could work on.

  55. That was my only small complaint about this video too and I thought maybe it was a stylistic choice, so that’s what started me watching her recent YouTube videos last night, I was trying to see if she was always so mushmouth-y. She did not display that issue to that degree in any of the other videos I saw, the most you could say was that she swallows the end of a word or two sometimes but other than that I understood every syllable.

  56. Thank you for creating this video and sharing it here! Haley & Casey were both fantastic.

    Also, the cover of M5’s Maps @ 4:20 is truly inspired – the arrangement, styling, and singing. Much better than the original. In fact it sounds like the original, and M5’s sounds like the remake.

    This group needs to do a retro reworking of Jason DeRulo’s Talk Dirty. The lyrics are quite kitchy and could work well with a retro treatment.

  57. Yet it is at the top of the iTunes jazz chart and was the top trend on Facebook last night. Go figure.

  58. She actually has, and done quite well with it. It is a jazz vocal styling that she uses with PMJ reminiscent of singers from that Era.

  59. You’re welcome, I had the best time, the meet and greet before the show, the show was very entertaining, then I got to spend a couple hours backstage after the show :) #LuckyBugger

    Re: Talk Dirty. You’re in luck, Postmodern Jukebox have covered it, put a yiddish spin on it ;)


  60. She has some incredible performances out there (much of them from Haley’s Tusk, I assume that is the same Tusk on this thread?)

    Yes, that be me and thank you. :)

    I’ve been really lucky these past three + years to have the opportunities and experiences following Haley since Idol, including getting back stage at Carnegie Hall and most recently, back stage at the Indigo O2 in London :D

    My channel, over the years has morphed into not only a place for fans to see Haley’s performances, but also for new fans who just found out about her and want to hear more.

    I even have a 3 1/2 hr playlist of every Haley appearance on her season of Idol which I point to to new fans, because, even though she didn’t ‘win’ her season, her story is chock full of talent, great performances, drama (I included Casey’s save becaseu… Moanin’ ;) ) I’m not sure, but this might be the only full video accounting of any former Idol’s Idol run online :D Look up “Haley’s American Idol Journey” it’s 3-1.25 hr parts in one playlist :)

    Finally, If you want to hear an amazing vocal, check out this video I caught when I got to hang out w/ Haley, her Mom and Irvin Mayfield jr, after hours after their NOLA show. It’s a beautiful, improptu performance of “At Last” by Haley and Irvin. (I had to ask permission because at the start, Irvin jokingly announced that he’ll ‘get’ who ever posts any of that night on the internet, and they all turned to look at me ;) )


  61. 2.070,624 views in eight days. #1 on iTunes jazz chart. #137 overall, one spot ahead of Sia’s “Chandelier.”

  62. Now at 3,072,053 views after 11 days.

    Haley’s debut album, released 3 years ago, is nearing the Top 100 on iTunes pop.

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