Glee Season 6 Casting Rumors Marshall Williams and Max George Joining Cast?


ETA: Tumbler has informed me there are newer photos of Marshall Williams than what I previously posted. In fact, the latest, posted on his Facebook September 11, debuts his new buzz cut. When a fan asked why he cut his hair, he replied, ” Im in LA now for work. Had to do it for this role. I’ll tell you guys as soon as I can.” Hm….

Foster & Borle Talk GILMORE GIR...
Foster & Borle Talk GILMORE GIRLS!

Are you ready for more Glee season 6 scoop? It was announced recently that the series would be adding 5 new cast members to repopulate the McKinley High Glee club, now led by Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

The casting process has not been quick, but I’m hearing rumors that at least one of the parts may be filled.

I’m hearing that Canadian Idol alum, Marshall Williams could be playing Spencer, the studly, take no prisoners football player who also happens to be gay. The out and proud athlete can also sing, of course, and will eventually audition for, and join New Directions.

Twenty-five year old Marshall, was a contestant on Canadian Idol in both 2007 and 2008. His latest project was a Disney TV movie, titled, How to Build a Better Boy, where he portrayed a singing, dancing, football playing robot. Sounds about right for the part, doesn’t it?

More casting rumors: Max George, once a member of the UK boy band, The Wanted (The group’s hit “Glad You Came” was sung by the Warblers in season 3.), recently showed off an Instagram photo featuring pages from a Glee script with the caption, “Only 114 pages to learn! #loveit.”

Adding fuel to the fire, a club in the UK, Tiger Portsmouth, announced that Max would be pulling out of a gig for the second time. “We were told that he has to fly to LA to appear on Glee. Filming was brought forward.”

No word on what part Max has been cast to play. Keep in mind that there will be three show choirs featured in season 6: Rachel’s New Directions Blaine’s (Darren Criss) Dalton Warblers and Will Schuester’s (Matthew Morrison) Vocal Adrenaline. There are many parts Max could play.

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  1. The last couple of EXCLUSIVE! GLEE! spoiler posts have been full of tumblr teens and “I love Blaine,” “I hate Blaine” “I love Klaine” “I hate Klaine” which is what the tumblr teens do. So far it’s the sound of crickets. They must still be in school. Come home tumblr teens! We need entertainment!

  2. I love Klaine!!! – but really, not the point of the article! Interesting casting though – looking forward to seeing if this is true (MJ does say it’s still ‘rumoured’). Please god, no Max George – massive douchbag, and I just can’t stand the idea of him polluting Glee’s final season. My enjoyment of the show just went down a few notches at the mere idea of him being on there!

  3. Well to be fair, the last few spoilers posts were about spoilers that effected Klaine which probably riled them up. Maybe once these rumors pan out or not they’ll deign to chime in.

  4. Marshall Williams looks like a talented choice, though I really don’t want the new cast to draw attention from the story lines of the older ones.

  5. Judging by the storylines they’ve saddled the originals with so far I am completely in favor of the new kids getting all the focus and the alumni just popping up to sing random songs every episode.

  6. I’m friends with Marshall. He’s a great guy and would make an awesome casting choice. Maybe I’ll ask him if he got the role. He’s been away from Toronto for the past or so. Hoping for great things for him! He’s very talented.

  7. Snoooooze. What happened to this being an American Idol blog? Enough of this Glee drivel. No one cares.

  8. Seems someone (you) cared enough to click and comment so I don’t think you can say no one cares. Besides there is still plenty of Idol news here.

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