Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Premiere, Glee Project Arcs & More (UPDATED)

More Glee spoilers from reporters who attended a screening tonight of the Glee premiere “Purple Piano Project” directed by Eric Stolz.  It airs on September 20 at 8 pm on FOX.

Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy revealed details to reporters on how the Glee Project winners and finalists will fit into the  Season 3 story arc. (Via Hollywood Reporter)  Plus, lots more spoilery goodness from reporters who attended the screening.

Samuel Larsen will be introduced probably in “episode 10 or 11, ” and will be a relative of Puck (Mark Salling).”(!!!)

Lindsey Pearce will appear first, in the 1st episode. (She sings “Anything Goes”)  “The part had already been written” before he realized that Lindsay would be a good fit for the part–a leader of another singing group.

“It was a little weird because we were shooting it before the final episode of The Glee Project aired, so we built that big conference hotel set on the stage and sort of cloaked her under a blanket — not actually, but we were nervous about that getting out, ” Ryan says, “So we kept delaying it. Once we thought of that, I made the number bigger.”

Ryan says there’s potential for seeing more of Lindsay’s character.  She’ll likely be seen at sectionals for her second episode. “One of my favorite moments in that episode, ” says Ryan, ” I love where she gets in Lea [Michele]’s face. I believe people would love to see catfights between them onscreen between Lea and Lindsay.”

Those who have been following the spoilers know that Damian McGinty began his 7 episode story arc with the Adam Shankman directed  Episode 4 which is being shot right now.

Ryan says, “He is a foreign exchange student who is shacking up with Brittany and she of course believes he is to be a leprechaun with magical powers.”

“On his first day, he was shoved into a locker 25 times, but without saying what the song is — his first take in his first song, the crew gave him a huge ovation. He did great with the acting, ”  Ryan reports.

The other top four finalist Alex Newell, “will also be used sort of like Lindsay, ” he shared, adding that he “will come in later” in the season.

Read a detailed recap of the premiere from the Futon Critic

Spoilers from TV Guide:

  • Ryan admits it was a mistake to reveal which contestants would be leaving the show. He was really pissed, but now he’s over it. The spinoff is shelved for now, but it may be back in a different form (not necessarily with Kurt and Rachel heading to NYC)
  • Shelby (Idina Menzel) will be reunited with her daughter Rachel and will also have a “juicy” storyline with her baby daughter’s birthmom, Quinn.  Shelby arrives in Episode 2 to teach and coach a rival glee club.
  • Not only will we meet Mike Chang’s (Harry Shum Jr.) parents, but we will FINALLY HEAR HIM SING. By the 4th episode, he will have performed 4 numbers.
  • There are two juniors in New Directions. We know Tina is one. We’ll find out the other on Tuesday
  • Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) isn’t gone. She may be in fewer episodes, but later in the season, she has a major story line with Kurt (Aw. They’re besties in real life, so they’re probably both happy about that)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow could be back. Maybe
  • One tribute episode–a 2 hour special in the spring with an act they’ve been trying to license for a long time.

Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly mostly confirm what we already know

  • Santana is kicked out of New Directions (But she’ll be back)
  • It features 4 musical numbers, including “We Got The Beat” performed in the cafeteria, and a Blaine (Darren Criss) solo (“Not Unusual” with the Cheerleaders spoiler confirmed)
  • Blaine transfers to McKinley (spoiler confirmed)
  • Rachel (Lea Michele) & Kurt (Chis Colfer) check their egos when they realize entrance into a performing arts college won’t be so easy (spoilers confirmed)
  • Quinn dyes her hair pink, smokes and vows never to sing again (spoilers confirmed)

More Spoiler Tweets from Reporters At the Screener:

Mark Malkin of E Online: “just saw first episode new season of #glee…Kurt and Blaine doing real well. like really well. Darren criss looks hot in red pants. I swear. #glee back to basics of first season. gonna be an emotion…they sing go-go’s, hairspray, more. Lindsay from glee project major number. Rachel freaked outlets start glee-bombing! mentioned on 1st episode: robert pattinson, Janis Joplin, bangles, nunsense, vagina monologues, among others #glee” Mark mentions drama between Quinn and Rachel and Finn not knowing what he wants to do with his life.

Jarett Wieselman of ET and Extra: “Good news Gleeks, just watched the season premiere and it’s a glorious return to form. Super funny. Bodes VERY well for season three!”

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