Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Darren Criss Sings Tom Jones With the Cheerios?

I know. I know. These stupid Glee spoilers kick my ass every time. But apparently, this particular spoiler, a glee fan from tumbler, has spoiled correctly in the past.

First, the Glee premiere is reportedly titled, “The Purple Piano Project, “ and will transition Blaine (Darren Criss) from Dalton Academy to McKinley High.

It’s not official, but I can’t imagine a scenario for Season 3 where Blaine doesn’t somehow end up with Kurt (Chris Colfer) at McKinley. Last year’s split storyline between McKinley and Dalton was awkward, to say the least.

Now, on to the main spoiler from the Tumblr fan:

Okay, so I got a few additional details about the spoilers I shared the other day. It’s a little different than I originally reported.

The dance number to “It’s Not Unusual” is with Blaine and the Cheerios. The rest of ND is there, but apparently they are on the fringes watching, not participating. Darren wears a red shirt and highwater jeans. Lea and Chris are “kind of” in it (Lea is sort of “running around like she’s in a French movie” and Darren does some cheesy wink/thumbs up to Chris during the song).

Quinn is with another group, smoking and watching the performance. At the end of it she flicks her cigarette at the piano and the piano goes up in flames.

…….So yeah. I have no idea of the context, if it’s reality or fantasy sequence, or what. This is literally all I know. I’m sorry for the initial confusion about ND being involved in the number— obviously not intentional, such is the nature sometimes when things are being relayed the way they are!

Alrighty then. Does Blaine become a Cheerio? Probably not, or he’d be wearing a uniform. Maybe it’s his New Directions audition, with the Cheerios along to help make him make a big 1st impression? Hm.

Random Spoilers:

  • I failed to note in my last spoiler post, that recent photos from the set have Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) back in Cheerios uniforms. Guess Sue (Jane Lynch) let them back on the squad? (They quit in the Superbowl episode after Sue wanted to shoot Brittany out of a cannon).
  • Lea Michele recently said “In Season 1, we did a lot of classic rock songs — or not even so much classic rock, but songs you haven’t seen in the top 10 in awhile. I definitely think they’re going to do more of that this year — taking songs that used to be incredibly popular and reinventing them.”
  • Speaking of Lea, she’s been a great source of spoilers on twitter.  “Wow we’ve been dancing our butts off today on the finale number for episode one! It’s a super fun song… but man we’re dancin’ hard! Haha”
  • The gallery photo shoot for Glee was yesterday. Lea tweeted, “Having a working Sunday today.. With the glee gang doing our Season 3 gallery shoot! Very exciting!!” Naya tweeted, “Gallery shoot for Glee today! Having a blast with everyone!
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