Glee Season 3 Spoilers – Props – Episode 20

GLEE: Tina bumps her head and sees Blaine (Darren Criss) as Puck in the first hour of a special two-hour "Props/Nationals" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, May 15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Yarish/FOX

May 15 features 2 hours of Glee on Fox! The first hour is “Props” episode 20 the next hour finds the kids heading to and competing in Nationals in Chicago.

Listen to Full Songs from Props/Nationals
Watch Tina Falls Into A Fountain and “Flashdance..What A Feeling”
First Look at Props “BodySwap”

NEW clips from Chris and Jenna’s visits to Live! With Kelly and The View respectively!  See the clips at the bottom of the page  Summary 1st clip: Sue demands Kurt perform in drag at Nationals. Kurt refuses to dress in drag, Mercedes reminds him of his Snooki Halloween costume. Flashback to Kurt as Snooki and Blaine as The Situation trick or treating. 2nd clip: Carmen lectures Rachel after she asks for another chance to audition at NYADA. Tina steps in to stick up for Rachel and help convince Carmen to reconsider.

Spoilers from someone who saw the episodes (BeamOfLight)

  • The body switching is hilarious, everyone is so good at being each other, they just capture the characters so well. – this lands well for the funny before all the emotional stuff to come.
  • Jenna Uzhkowitz performance is outstanding, i’m glad shes finally getting some screentime despite how strange the set up for this is. Her as Rachel is genius, Chris Colfer as Finn too is hilarious.
  • Honestly laughed through everyone’s body switching.
  • Beiste and Puck singing mean. I just can’t. Awesome. The whole storyline with this is fantastic.
  • National’s prep is spot on and has been something i believe most of us have been wanting, focusing on the performance itself as the singing is perfect as it is. It’s pretty silly and lots of fun.
  • People’s individual scenes are really great this week and land very well, some haven’t in previous weeks.
  • I actually like Will this week, he’s back to his normal teaching self. He wants them to win and his passion for these kids makes my heart bleed.
  • I love how all the WMHS staff are going to support them, i have so much love for Sue, Emma and Beiste this week.
  • VA performance…meh…not that great…Boogie Shoes was far better imho.
  • Jesse is back and is back with style, i love his fierceness and his scenes are on top.
  • Christ i cried, ND performances are so well done, the singing, the dancing, all of it is just spot on and perfect.
  • Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton are pretty hilarious, despite me actually not liking either of them usually, I really like their performance in this episode.
  • We already know the winner and its deserved.
  • Great to see Whoppi back too, this scene is fantastic, i’m glad that this bit was put it after how much rage i had from the last one. Opportunity time!
  • The episode’s are really long and there is a lot going on which is great, they have planned this very well. I’m pleased.
  • There’s a lot of nostalgia in these episodes and how they land well to the glee club bonding.
  • I have to say these two are the better of the last few episodes.
  • I don’t want next week, i can already feel the tears.

Check out a snippet of the Script HERE. “America shits itself”

NEW VIDEO: Tina Falls into a fountain at the mall and hits her head as she’s on her phone muttering “I can do anything Rachel Berry can do” she comes out of the fountain transformed into Rachel. Finn and Puck have morphed into Blaine and Kurt as they help her out of the fountain.

NEW VIDEO: Watch a sneak peak of the Glee kids impersonating each other in Tina’s crazy “Body Swap” dream.  Tina enters an “alternate reality” after hitting her head when she falls into a fountain. Watch the Video. Check it out at the bottom of the page.  Plus, Tina and Rachel sing “Flashdance…What a Feeling” as they head to Nationals. Watch  HEREThe Tina/Rachel body swap is not insignificant, as Rachel is essentially “passing the torch” to Jr. Tina.

New PromoThe New Directions practice what looks like a high concept routine for nationals that somehow involves welding and a human centipede. Hm. (watch below).  Sue and the club attempt to incorporate some gimmicks into their routines in order to stand out at Natioanals.

New; GleeZone Description: As New Directions prepares to travel to Chicago for Nationals, Tina expresses her mounting frustration at always performing in Rachel’s shadow. Her rebellion threatens to undermine the team’s chances for a win until she gains a new perspective after finding herself unexpectedly filling her classmates’ shoes. Still reeling from her failed NYADA audition, Rachel resolves to stop at nothing to get a second chance. Meanwhile, imminent drop-out Puck continues his back-slide until the discovery of an unlikely ally leads to a timely and mutually beneficial friendship. (Gleezone)

New: Though it was revealed last night that Quinn (Dianna Agron) can stand and kind of walk now, that doesn’t mean she’s ready to bust out all the sweet moves New Directions usually saves for a big performance. However, as you saw in the promo, she is out of her wheelchair at Nationals, but it’s still a long road (metaphorically speaking) between now and stellar kick ball changes for Quinn. Don’t worry, someone special will be there to help. And then there’s the whole judging panel to worry about, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. EOnline

Song Spoilers:

320 Preview

320 Preview

  • “Mean” by Taylor Swift – sung by Beiste and Puck
  • Flashdance – What a Feeling – sung by Rachel and Tina
  • I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz – sung by Rachel
  • Because You Loved Me – sung by Tina (“body swapped” as Rachel)

FOX Official Photos See the Glee Cast Body switch! Blaine and Puck, Sugar and Quinn, Rachel and Tina, Will and Sue, Rory and Sam, Joe and Mike:

FOX Official summary: ““Props / (Title of Second Hour To Be Announced)” – Two-Hour Event – As the countdown to graduation continues, the kids of New Directions prepare a high-concept routine for Nationals. When Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) bumps her head, the world of New Directions is turned upside down in her eyes.  Then, the New Directions perform at Nationals for celebrity judge Lindsay Lohan (guest-starring as herself), in a special two-hour episode. 

Tina’s  mild head injury, after falling into a fountain at a mall,  results in her entering an “alternate reality” where the kids of New Directions have swapped bodies with each other!  Tina sings “Because You Loved Me” “body swapped” as Rachel.

According to just released photos from FOX, Sue hatches a “unique plan”

The  Beiste/Cooter domestic violence storyline may be picked up again in this episode.  Beiste and Puck sing a duet of “Mean Girls” Dot Marie Jones tells THR, “there’s “a little bit” more coming between Coach Bieste and her abusive husband Cooter (Eric Bruskotter), warning that just because she returned to give him a second chance doesn’t mean that their story is over. “Everything is deceiving, you see something and you never know what kind of life somebody is living,” Jones says. While the football coach didn’t exactly set an example for women to get out of abusive relationships, Jones says not to worry: “That could change in the upcoming episodes.” (Hollywood Reporter)

On April 16,  Glee filmed at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall Check out this phot0 0f the set. Paparazzi photos reveal Mark Salling dressed as Blaine and Cory Monteith dressed as Kurt! Click for more photos.  That would mean Darren Criss would be Puck and Chris Colfer would become Finn.  Chris tells TV Line, ““I really thought I had the hardest one because they were really hard to nail — they’re not over the top by any means. But it was also nerve wracking because I didn’t want to disrespect anybody!”  Mike and Joe Hart, and Santana and Artie and Rachel and Tina also switch bodies. (TV Guide)

An extra at the mall posted on her tumblr:

This is what I know

Kurt(Chris) and Blaine(Darren) are sitting in massage chairs. Tina(Jenna) falls into the fountain. They get up to help her. Blaine says “Oh my god, Tina are you okay?” (or something along those lines). Kurt tries to help her while avoiding getting his clothes wet (of course, lol).

Later, Cory(dressed as Kurt) and Mark(dressed as Blaine) are at the fountain again and a girl (dressed like Rachel, but didn’t look like any of the cast members) falls into the fountain.

There are more photos from the mall shoot HERE HERE and HERE.

On Friday the 13th, Kevin McHale tweeted about the “messiest” day at McKinley ever, and others calling it “freaky” and “fun”.  After a crew member tweeted  these masks that the kids were wearing. (probably the welding masks the kids are seen wearing in the 30s promo below)

Not only does Tina get a solo (according to tweets) but she also sings a duet with Rachel. Hockey player Rick appears in 20.

Also singing a tune in Episode 20, Coach Bieste as Dot Jones tweeted, “I SING AGAIN IN EP #20 WITH ONE OF THE BOYS! SO MUCH FUN”

Sue demands Kurt perform in drag at Nationals. Kurt refuses to dress in drag, Mercedes reminds him of his Snooki Halloween costume. Flashback to Kurt as Snooki and Blaine as The Situation trick or treating.

[hana-flv-player video=”″ width=”480″ height=”270″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” /]

Carmen lectures Rachel after she asks for another chance to audition at NYADA. Tina steps in to stick up for Rachel and help convince Carmen to reconsider.

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” /]

Tina Falls In A Fountain and Transforms into Rachel Berry

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”550″ height=”310″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” /]

New Directions Body Swap! Sneak Peek



  • Lea Michele tweets, “Back at the studio with @alxanders.. Feels so good to be singing so much these days!! 2 songs to record today!” (4/5)
  • Lea Michele tweets “Just recorded a really fun Rachel and Tina duet! @JennaUshkowitz so excited!!!” (4/5)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Rise and shine everyone:) Early morning here on the glee set.. Starting episode 20 today.. Only 3 more to go!”  (4/9)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Just finished a really sweet #Finchel scene by the lockers :) Now getting ready to do another scene w/ my girl @JennaUshkowitz! #tina&rachel” (4/9)
  • Rock Anthony tweets, “Just arrived on set for my first day on episode 20! Of #glee ! Great episode. Big scene today…looking forward to it. :)”
  • Rock Anthony tweets, “@AnaLuisa_Guedes today one big scene…more later in the week :)”
  • Rock Anthony tweets, “@TheRockAnthony are you gonna be in the last 3 :’) Xx – Yep”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Squeezing in a quick dance rehearsal in between scenes with @JennaUshkowitz for our duet! #broadwaybabies” (4/10)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “It’s gonna be such a busy day today! First a group scene then a Tinchel musical number followed by 2 pre records at the studio…” (4/11)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Then back to work for another scene and then last up a big musical number in the auditorium… Wow.” (4/11)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “yes:) RT @KatycatGleek21: @msleamichele busy,busy,busy :)) is that for episode 20?” (4/11)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “Another crazy busy day over here. Running on fumes! @CoryMonteith just finished up, and @MarkSalling just finished. @msleamichele is up next” (4/11)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “After the episode last night, I can safely say that @DiannaAgron and HeMo were back in this morning as well. : )” (4/11)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “Got some really good stuff recorded with @CoryMonteith and @NayaRivera this afternoon. Still crankin’ em out!” (4/12)
  • Harry Shum Jr. tweets, “Beautiful performance by @JennaUshkowitz!! So good! And now time for the weekend with good music and a double dosage of fun!” (4/13)
  • Jenna Ushkowitz tweets, “Loving this day. Can’t wait for you all to see what’s happening!” (4/13)
  • Vanessa Lengies tweets,“@NayaRivera: By far the Best. Day. Ever. On Glee” truth. also you’re dressed as sugar in your profile pic. also #worldssmallesthorse’ (4/13)
  • Damien McGinty tweets, “@JennaUshkowitz was incredible today. A real Gem of the show. Incredible performance. (4/13)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Late night on set on Friday the 13th.. Tinchel scene in the hallway with @JennaUshkowitz :) (4/13)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Doing a driving scene with @JennaUshkowitz in a moving vehicle! Haha so fun!!! (4/16)
  • Jenna Ushkowitz, tweets, “Look! No hands! Haha! So much fun “driving” with @msleamichele (4/16)
  • Mark Salling tweets, “what a fun freaky day on set” (4/16)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Back at work! About to sing a really sweet song in Rachel’s bedroom by Mr A to Z.. Can u guess??? :)” (4/17)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Shooting 2 episodes today.. 20 and 21.. #finchel scene up first:)” (4/18)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “From Finchel to Tinchel.. Singing in the auditorium with @JennaUshkowitz :) 4/18


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