Glee Picked up for a 2nd Season, Olivia Newton John Set to Appear, Plus Casting Search for 3 New Roles Will Be Televised in A Multi-Part Special

Chris Colfer (Kurt) just tweeted the great news! Glee has been picked up for a second season! Fox must have faith in the program–it’s unusual for a series to be renewed for another season this early.

Plus, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Olivia Newton John is set to appear on Glee.   She and Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) will be performing a duet of John’s hit “Let’s Get Physical”.     OMG so much win in that paring!’ awesome.

Plus, Kristin Chenoweth will return as the talented, but hard-partying April Rhodes in one of the next episodes. And of course, there’s that all-Madonna episode coming up.

Producer Ryan Murphy tells ET, “I wrote her a letter saying, ‘We really want to do a tribute to you’ and she wrote me back and said ‘okay, let’s do it.’ … She gave us access to her whole catalog.”

Glee comes back to FOX for 9 more episodes beginning Tuesday, April 13.

Also, from a FOX press release–The producers will begin a nationwide search in February to fill three new roles that will be added to the show’s second season.

Auditions will be open to amateurs as well as professionals between the ages of 16-26. All hopefuls will be able to submit auditions online.

This unique casting search will be chronicled in a multi-part special that will air leading up to the series second season in Fall 2010 on FOX. The new cast members will be revealed on the premier episode.

Now, that’s a genius idea! Producer Ryan Reynolds really knows how to think outside of the box. Kudos to Fox’s marketing of Glee so far. They haven’t missed a step.

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  1. “Glee” coming back…..that was a no-brainer for Fox. (though one can’t take anything for granted when it comes to show business!) Yay for us, the viewers!

  2. It’s no surprise they renewed them for a second season. They’d be stupid not to. The show is a breakout hit and pure fun.

  3. This unique casting search and process will be chronicled in a multi-part special that will air leading up to the premiere of the series’ second season in fall 2010 on FOX, and the new cast members will be revealed in the premiere episode.

    NBC needs to learn from FOX’s programming common sense. I love that they’re going to essentially combine Glee with a reality show to find the new cast members! Should add another element of fun to the season.

  4. Dude, I should audition for Glee! That would be freaking AMAZING! but lols i’d be as bad as Kris at acting. Actually, I think I’d be better (still love ya Kris).

    But if they can auto-tune Cory Monteith there’s nothing they wouldn’t be able to do with me right?! RIGHT?! And it’s not like I can’t carry a tune either, I’m a karaoke hit! Plus I could be the new male stud. Move over, Puck!

    Seriously it sounds kinda fun.

    And that Sue Sylvester/Olivia Newton-John pairing will be AMAZING.

  5. This is a fun show. Looking forward to Idina Menzel’s run.

    Go for it, jammasta!

  6. Although it’s pretty funny to think of Ryan Reynolds producing GLEE, it’s actually Ryan Murphy.

    I wonder if any ex-Idol types like Ramiele or Danny Noriega or the blondes who got cut early (Kady was maybe one of them? And the other one cried buckets. Alana? Alaina?) and Alexandrea, who was Archie’s friend, and Asiah, who has an apostrophe in a weird place, and Colton, who looked like Ellen… There seemed to be a lot of youngsters that year who could pass for high school kids.

    And then there are the dancers from SYTYCD, since we know they end up in dance numbers for the competition. I would LOVE to see Jason and Janette and Jaime show up as actual GLEE people. No Mollee, though.

  7. (Kady was maybe one of them? And the other one cried buckets. Alana? Alaina?)

    Kady Malloy and Alaina Whitaker. Funny how every contestant you mentioned was in season 7.

    Me and some friends/family are considering this, but it’s mostly for the LULZ. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna make a mockery though :P.

    Anyone else excited to see Kristin Chenoweth return?

  8. so what’s the criteria in being casted in glee? clearly you don’t need to singe since autotune does that for you…haha! i would like to see some past idols/sytycd’ers take part in this though. that’d be neat!

  9. Although it’s pretty funny to think of Ryan Reynolds producing GLEE, it’s actually Ryan Murphy.

    And this is the second time mj has done this, I think maybe someone has a wee bit of a crush on Ryan Reynolds.

    I keed and sorry mj, I make mistakes/typos all the time, so just joshing ya.

    On the other hand, the thought of Ryan Reynolds abs…hmmmm. Not a bad thing to be reminded of on a slow Monday afternoon. So hey, that’s a win as far as I’m concerned as well as Glee being renewed.

    Can’t wait to see Kristin Chenoweth as April again. But not sure how I feel about the audition as show thing. Seems like it might be a bit too much to me and it might be oversaturation. But we’ll see.

  10. I am so excited to see the new episodes of Glee! It will be great to see Olivia Newton-John appear on the show. Kristin Chenoweth is also a great star. I don’t know how this auditon thing will go, but 26 seems a bit too old, unless it is a teacher’s part.

  11. Quinn and Puck are already 27 playing teenagers. soo…

    It’s too bad they couldn’t get Idina and Kristin in the same episode and do a couple of play on words about Wicked. Idina will be leading the ‘bad choir’, right?

    I’m looking forward to it, it’s such a fun show.

  12. I hadn’t remembered that! Anything is possible, just so the show is as much fun as in the past.

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