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New Glee preview!

GLEE Music Video - 'Dancing Wit...
GLEE Music Video - 'Dancing With Myself'

Will Schuester shows the fellas how it’s done, as he “Busts a Move” Check out his old-school b-boy moves! Pretty awesome. Question: Why does Kurt look pissed, and who dumped a slushie (or something!) on Finn?

Plus, cast members who have not yet had the chance to show off their vocals stylings sing solos this week.

There’s a cover of “Sweet Caroline” sung by…Puck!!!! and Emma Pillsbury sings “I Could Have Danced All Night.” Also, the Glee kids sing “Thong Song”.

Can’t wait for next week!

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Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Oh, Will… *dreamy sigh*

    Kurt’s face and body language is so emotive. I want that kid to sing a solo sooo badly.

    But Puck and Emma?! I’m ridiculously excited for next week now!!

  2. I don’t know of it is this episode, but Kurt and Rachel fight over a solo on one of the shows.

  3. LMFAO @ Kurt’s face… that kid is comedy gold.. he could have his own show and I’d watch every episode!!

  4. Kurt’s solo is coming guys…and its gonna be EPIC. look at the track list for the Glee Season 1 album. Kurt and Rachel will both be doing…”Defying Gravity”…CAN’T WAIT!

  5. Ohemgee, that’s only my favorite guilty pleasure tune EVAH. So, who could recite every word along with Shue?

    *raises hand* *looks around, wonders why she’s all alone…* Don’t just stand there people. Bust a freakin MOVE.

    So, I’m suddenly 12 again. It happens. I am crushing on this show hard.

    Also…more PUCK! Yay.

  6. WOW!! I’m so stupidly excited right now it’s not even funny!!

    And yeah count me in for one who was singing along….

    I hope a video of Puck singing pops up soon, I know I can’t hold out til Wednesday!! And Emma singing too?!? I’m all giddy right now :P

  7. Wow, Will really can bust a move.

    and Sweet Caroline… great. That’s gonna be stuck in my head forever now. BAH BAH BAHHHHHHHHH.

  8. Ohemgee, that’s only my favorite guilty pleasure tune EVAH. So, who could recite every word along with Shue?

    *raises hand* I’m with ya there.

    So loving this show. One of the major highlights of my week.

  9. Ohemgee, that’s only my favorite guilty pleasure tune EVAH.

    Why be guilty? it’s a fun song, great to bop to. I’m a proud lover of that song. So much so that while I don’t normally check out the sneak peeks, I had to look at this one. Fun number, but yes, Kurt looks pissed. Awwww Kurt.

  10. Have not watched Glee yet – have been watching Modern Family instead but will try to catch a few shows.

    I loved the original Bust a Move – danced many a dance to it and loved this new version of it. His dance moves were great. I kind of found myself wondering how Eminem would sound singing it!!

  11. The amount of cheesiness makes me smile/laugh. oh I love this show.
    Wil can bust a move!

  12. i love lea michelle. i would love to see a closeness develop between puck and rachel..only to get finn insanely jealous.

  13. Oh, Will…he is definitely my new TV crush, hahah.

    I cannot wait! to hear Emma sing, especially that song, it will be adorable, hehe.

  14. crap is it WEDNESDAY yet? Can’t wait to see more Kurt he is my absolute fav. Is it ok to say Will can turn me on when he moves?

  15. JJ you beat me to it!
    Soooo excited!!!! Ahhhhhhhh

    Actually. I was gonna post something different. Lol.
    It’s Puck singing Sweet Caroline!

    EDIT: Oh, wait. It is the same thing. Whatever. Can’t wait for next week!

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