FIRST LISTEN: Trisha Yearwood’s New Single “PrizeFighter” Featuring Kelly Clarkson!

Trisha Yearwood and Kelly Clarkson
Two of music’s finest voices have joined together for Trisha Yearwood’s 1st single in over 6 1/2 years, “PrizeFighter”! Written by Jessi Alexander, Sarah Buxton, and Ross Copperman and produced by longtime Yearwood producer Garth Fundis, the midtempo inspirational pop tune features lovely harmony vocals from Kelly Clarkson. No slouch herself (to say the least about one of the finest voices country music’s ever seen!), Trisha Yearwood turns in a beautifully measured and tasteful vocal.

“PrizeFighter” goes for adds at country radio on September 15th. Check out audio of the tune here:

Courtesy kcfc-germany

As previously noted, Trisha Yearwood is well aware of the challenges for women at country radio, and featuring Kelly not only allows her to collaborate (again) with a friend, it also guarantees her new single some extra attention in and outside of the country music world. In addition to promoting the 5th season of her Emmy-winning Food Network show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen and launching cookware and cutlery lines, Trisha Yearwood is about to embark on what will be a three year world tour with megastar husband Garth Brooks – they are set to play 11 shows in Chicago from September 4th through September 14th.

What do you think of “PrizeFighter” and its chances at country radio?

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  1. Trisha really didn’t need Kelly, she sounded great by herself.

  2. Especially since Kelly just harmonized and essentially sang backup vocals.

  3. she doesn’t need kelly, but kelly is a very welcome addition nonetheless

  4. Exactly, anyone could have sang backup. Trisha has an amazing voice and hopefully one day, she will be putting out a new album.

  5. It’s not about needing her. Sometimes friends who respect each others talent want to work together. Kelly didn’t need Vince Gill either. She just wanted to work with him.

    Kelly’s name does bring added attention, which can only help.

  6. Their voices blend together really well. It’s a great song and I think it will be a huge hit.

    And I disagree that Trisha didn’t need Kelly. Kelly hit ALL of the high notes. The song wouldn’t have been nearly as dynamic without her. Plus, she will introduce Trisha to new audience.

  7. And Kelly gets more brownie points with country music for singing with Trisha? OK. I guess that I can see the PR value for each artist in this collaboration, even if I don’t see as much artistic/musical value.

  8. Trisha is quoted in Billboard as saying there were some high notes she could not hit and she needed Kelly to do that.

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