FIRST LISTEN: 4 Tracks From The Swon Brothers’s Debut Album, With Guest Vocals By Carrie Underwood!

Swon Brothers Album Cover ArtVoice Season 4 finalists The Swon Brothers recently confirmed the October 14th release of their self-titled debut album via Arista Nashville, and now there are 4 tracks from the album to stream! The album is co-produced by Mark Bright and the Swon Brothers, and led by t15 and rising single “Later On.”

You may hear a familiar voice on background vocals on the poignant “This Side of Heaven” (on which the brothers trade lead vocals) – country superstar and Season 4 Idol champ Carrie Underwood is a college friend of Zach Swon’s and has been rooting the duo on since they turned up on The Voice. They are now labelmates at Arista Nashville and share a producer in Mark Bright. The 4 tunes feature a couple of power ballads about faith and how life can test it – traditionally a common theme in country music but barely on the airwaves in these bro country days – plus a romantic midtempo celebrating the all around appeal of a woman (that’s also featured on the current Danny Gokey album) and a bro-friendly summer song. Check them out here:

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“Pray For You” (Jessi Alexander / Tommy James / Eric Paslay)


“This Side Of Heaven” (Blake Bollinger / Ryan Lafferty / Ben Stennis)


“Pretty Beautiful” (Ben Caver / Megan Conner / Brian White)


“95” (Ryan Hurd / Frank Rogers / Brad Tursi)


Check out the Swon Brothers’s comments on their approach to song selection for the album via People. See the full tracklist for the Swon Brothers’s upcoming album plus live performances of additional album tracks here.

What do you think of these songs, and which is your favorite?

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  1. Thanks so much for the preview clips!
    Loving all of them!
    I think “This Side of Heaven” will be a big hit for them! Amazing song and Carrie´s vocals are a great bonus.
    Overall great effort far IMO- I am looking forward to hear the rest buy their album on Oct 14th. Go Swon Bros!

  2. Pleasant is the word I’d use. No standout songs for me among these four.

  3. Yeah, I don’t hate anything here, and I like the musical approach on Pray for You… but my reaction was “maaaan, there’s no incentive to do anything innovative if you’re dudes in country music.”

  4. Sounds pretty good to me. You guys are tough critics. It’s hard to predict what will be a hit these days. The Carrie collabo will sell a lot.

  5. she sings background vocals. that’s really not a collab in my opinion.

  6. I had no idea Zach and Carrie were friends. Smart move to collab with a big name like Carrie (rather than someone no one’s ever heard of). They seem like nice guys. Good luck to them!

  7. I agree tough critics here but everyone has an opinion. I think they did a fantastic job on the songs and even if none of these become a big hit I wish them all the success in the world and a long career in country music. They truly deserve it! I personally think their album will sell very well. They have great loyal fans!

    Later On is already a hit BTW.

  8. If her name is featured on the track (and I don’t know if that’s the case) it’s a collabo in my book and will boost sales.

  9. Eh, there’s a difference between enjoying songs and thinking they’re great-great-great songs. A lot that’s out there isn’t great-great-great, but if it finds enough people who enjoy it, it’s all good for the artist.

    These dudes seem to be sitting squarely on very conventional country themes and sounds, doing a competent job at it.

    ETA: I know there’s music I enjoy that doesn’t ascend above “medium,” but the parts I like, I like so much that it makes up for the weaknesses for me. Same goes for books.

  10. This sounds to me like Colton is forfright on these recordings whereas I sort a liked Zach’s voice better. Any opinions on this?

  11. Such a nice change from the current batch of male country blah blah blah. I wish them success. Hopefully, air play.

  12. The album is pleasant, I’d agree-inoffensive; yet no stand out to incite me to purchase it. This Side of Heaven is definitely my favorite although I’d never guess it was Carrie in the background if I didn’t know so not sure how big a selling point that will be. But maybe she will pimp her friends on social media :) ‘Later On’ has grown on me, but again, not enough to buy it.

    I don’t like the Pretty Beautiful Song on Gokey or Swon albums. But have to give the edge to Danny after listening to both versions-his pop version is much more melodic than this one-there is something that sounds very ‘off’ to me in the Swon harmonizing-especially in the falsetto range.

  13. Loved “This Side of Heaven” Fantastic song and vocals. And yes I did recognized Carrie Underwood beautiful voice in there. Thank you for the preview. I loved it.

  14. I doubt it will be billed as such. It’s just backing vocals. Similar to Brad Paisley’s High Life from his new album, where you can definitely hear Carrie but without credits on the track title.

    The song is nice though. I’d probably buy it.

  15. I saw them live at a radio event earlier in the summer.

    That was quite enjoyable apart from occasional moments of OTT brother banter or leering at girls lol.

    But I don’t entirely love their recorded vocals in this. A little thin unless it’s just my laptop speakers letting me down.

  16. They already have huge airplay with “Later On”. It s top 15 hit!
    I think they will also get it with their next single too. Loving the songs!

  17. I was a fan of The Swon Bros when they were on The Voice and I like what I hear. Carrie sounds lovely in the background and only wished she was more upfront because I do like the song. I think they’re having a great start and plan to get their album.

  18. Hm, Zach sings lead on virtually all of these songs, with Colton mostly joining for harmonies. The only time in these 4 songs when I hear Colton singing lead is the 2nd verse of “This Side Of Heaven.” Between the 2, I think Zach has a fuller voice which I assume is why he’s mostly the lead. Colton has a thinner, higher voice well suited to harmonies, and he also has more delicate phrasing, which works in his verse of “This Side Of Heaven.”

    I don’t think either brother individually is a great singer tbh though they’re fine individually. Their strength is in their harmonies together. Out of the tracks of theirs that they’ve performed so far, I think “Chasing You Around” will be the best showcase.

  19. Thanks, I just watched a couple of you tube videos and you are right. I think I was a fan of Zach because he was so personable on the show but not sure I am all that fond of his voice off the show!

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