Fantasia Performs Her New Single ‘Even Angels’ On Oprah

Fantasia appears on the Oprah show today, and here she is,   performing her new single “Even Angels”.   I’m sure there was a sit down with Oprah–as soon as that video is available, I’ll post it here.

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I’m not all that crazy about pop Fantasia–I like her all wild and crazy. But, I can’t begrudge her a chance at a pop hit, which this pretty ballad could give her. Yeah, it’s a little generic, but I’m hearing hit potential. What do you think?

ETA: Watch Oprah’s interview with Fantasia in two parts after the jump. And if you haven’t yet, check out her performance of her new single,   “Even Angels”.

The producers of The Color Purple, including Oprah, weren’t happy when Fantasia began missing shows near the end of her Broadway run. At the time, Fantasia was not communicating with anybody about her health and family problems. Now that Oprah understands what Fantasia was dealing with, all is forgiven. Interesting to hear them both talk openly about what they were feeling at the time.

Also, got another look at Fantasia’s performance of her single “Even Angels” on my TV, and although I’m not crazy about the song, Fantasia got to me when she teared up at the end of her performance… (Fantasia can elevate any song, even her crappy coronation single, which became transcendent in her hands…)

You can catch Fantasia’s reality show Fantasia For Real on VH1.

Video after the JUMP…

Even Angels:

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

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  1. I’m hearing hit potential as well. I don’t think Fantasia is trying to forget her R&B roots I think she just wants to diversify herself in her music. It’s a good song and this performance actually made me like it a little more than when I heard it the first time. So I don’t see it as much as a full switch to Pop music but just trying new things. I’m pretty sure her new album will still remain on the R&B side which I love but I love this side of Fantasia too.

  2. Aww, Fantasia being so teary at the end got me all verklempt!

    For most of the song I felt like the song was caging her in but in those last few moments where she let us see how much the song means to her, it made sense. She needs to do this with a live band and not a track.

    The performance was OK. It reminded me that Fantasia’s got a beautiful voice. I wish she sang most of the chorus instead of adlibbing right out of the gate. Maybe it’s just me but the backup singers sounded a little off for parts.

    Hit potential, definitely – urban AC should like this. I don’t see it crossing to pop other than AC though. Maybe she can get some Christian AC play too.

  3. Yeah I don’t know if this is a big hit but this will certainly do good on the r&b charts. Fantasia singles normally do very well on the r&b charts. Yeah I’m use to seeing Fantasia all wild and funky so this is odd, lol but I do like this side of her. Considering this is going to be her first single I just wish it was a little bit stronger than this song.

  4. Alas, this song shows off the same old vocal flaws and delivery problems of Fantasia. She simply is not meant for ballads until or unless she can get some real vocal coaching. I like Fantasia and her potential has always been there….something just never lets here get to the next level.

  5. Aww, I love Fantasia. I’ll take that subdued song if she’ll give us some funky Fantasia, too. It’s a pretty song, I hope it does well for her.

  6. No thanks. I can’t take her voice … it’s something akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.

  7. Reality check: This kind of big ballad rarely becomes a pop hit anymore, and Fantasia’s voice (at least on this cut) is too unusual for pop radio. Plus the lyric, while inspirational, is too insipid for pop radio. “Even angels learn to fly” might fly on country radio, but not on pop. Maybe 20 years ago when “Wind Beneath My Wings” was a hit, but not now…

  8. Hmm, this has the inspirational message as Jordin’s One step as a time and the rhythmic ballad sound like Beyonce’s Halo. Plus, her unique voice. It will probably do just fine on the urban charts.. hopefully Top40 gives it a shot.

  9. She doesn’t look at all natural, all done up and ladylike. That’s not the real Fantasia but Jive just persists in trying to make her into something she isn’t. Hood Boy was a sucky song but at least I believed her when she sang it.

  10. Hmm, this has the inspirational message as Jordin’s One step as a time and the rhythmic ballad sound like Beyonce’s Halo.

    Exactly what I was thinking. I thought of “Halo” instantly.

  11. An awesome performance from Fantasia, as usual. I’ve believed it since Season 3, and I still believe it. Nobody can perform and emote a song like Fantasia can. She is a performer, and while I love funky, old school Fantasia, the subdued Fantasia is beautiful and elegant also.

  12. I’m watching her on Oprah right now. This is a great interview. She is coming across so well. I’m not crazy about the song, but I am SO impressed with her right now!

  13. Odd, Fantasia really bugged me on Oprah, but for some reason she always has. Just can’t get with her program… guess I forget how young she is. These interviews are just so self-serving…all of them.

  14. I certainly wish her all the best and hope that she truly has learned to be in control of her own life. I’m not a fan of her music, though. The one thing that I saw of hers was a tribute to Patti Labelle when she sang “Lady Marmalade”. That was great!

    Lady Marmalade

  15. Wow Nina1, are you me? I can’t get on Fantasia’s wagon either. I try, but I fall right off. Interviews like these are a little fake and political for my taste. But it’s clear Fantasia has some angels out there, realllly giving her a fair share of chances. Good for her.

    In comparison(small comparison) – Tyson’s interview made me see him in a more positive light…this one, not so much.

  16. Musically, this song does absolutely nothing for me. Its sounds like a formulaic inspirational song that is done in a subpar way. It just sort of limped along for me, all with good intentions of course. Sorry Fantasia. ‘Caged’ is exactly the word I thought of when listening to this. Like a wild bird chained inside a cage.

    I did not hear anything close to a hit. Of course, that was live. Maybe with the power of autotune, they worked miracles and it came out sounding like a hit.

  17. I think Fantasia is perfect for Broadway: this type of music doesn’t suit her personality. She’s bold, crazy and energetic. When she goes off, a fun time is had by all, whether you like it or not !

  18. I have a soft spot in my heart for Tasia. Loved her on Idol and picked her as the winner early on that season. When I watch her like in the Lady Marmalade video, I see why Adam picked her as his favorite Idol. She doesn’t hold back. I’d like her to get control of her life and family and get her career back where it should be with all that raw talent.

  19. I’d like her to get control of her life and family and get her career back where it should be with all that raw talent.

    I agree on the raw talent being there. My point is that by now the talent should be a lot less raw and it simply isn’t. It is a shame.

  20. Well at least Fantasia is back where she belongs, on a reality TV show where she can cash in on her tragic back story once again in order to jump start a musical career. I know that sounds harsh but after seeing this interview I am bot buying into “Tasia’s” big bag of BS!! She didn’t tell anyone from the Color Purple about her health problems that were causing her frequent absences? Seriously?? That’s totally irresponsible. Millions of dollars of tickets had to be refunded and no one knew what was happening? Give me a break. Fantasia is 10% talent and 90% sob story.

  21. The song’s okay, if you like r&b ballads with the typical backup singers and same sound. It might chart on top 40 too. It sounds like some of the r&b ballads from the past, to me. I don’t like it myself. Don’t like that sound, or songs about angels, but it should do well.

    Fantasia looks nice, all glamorous and dressed up for Oprah, what’s wrong with that? Nothing. You can’t put someone in a box and say they can only look funky, or never sing ballads. Let her experiment a little.

    I sympathize with her for the poor upbringing she had, but I can’t watch her show. I tried it but after forcing down the 1st episode I couldn’t stomach the 2nd. The brother is a lazy user and the mother enables him. Clearly Fantasia didn’t learn good work habits in that family and no wonder she missed 50 shows. No way do I believe it was due to illness. She’s been given another chance with the firm caveat that she can’t miss any shows this time. That’s what she said on the show, anyway.

  22. Yep, Fantasia has some angels, for sure.

    Fantasia seemed to be playing to the audience in her Oprah interview. I could appreciate her more if she focused on on her music, not her backstory. The best backstory is the one unsold.

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