‘Fantasia For Real’ Season 2 Debuts on VH1

Did anybody watch the Fantasia For Real season opener on VH1 last night?

Watch SUBMISSIONS ONLY - Episode 1
Watch SUBMISSIONS ONLY - Episode 1

I did. The episode begins with Fantasia boasting that she’s finally kicked all her relatives out of her house. Now she’s ready to do things “her way” whatever that means. Considering the events of the past few weeks, I don’t think I want to know.

There were plenty of contrived situations to remind me of why I hate celebrity reality shows: Fantasia and her Aunt Bunny go pole dancing. Aunt Bunny drops in on brother Teeny so she can lecture him, Fantasia’s manager warns her that the London concert she’s got scheduled isn’t selling very well (but magically the hall is filled when she gets there!). Eh.

Fantasia hasn’t overdosed yet. The show producers are probably saving that “money shot’ (and the scenes with her married boyfriend Antwuan Cook) for upcoming episodes.

At one point, Aunt Bunny and ‘Tasia’s mom confront her about Antwuan, resulting in Fantasia crying alone in her bedroom.

The entire episode will eventually be posted at Vh1.com. Or, you can catch on of the re-runs. There are a couple of Web-only bonus clips available–watch them after the jump.

Bunny and Fantasia go pole dancing

Fantasia Prepares for Her London Concert

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  1. MJ – sounds like an hour of your life that you can’t get back. ;)

  2. I’m glad you watched it mj. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  3. I love Fantasia, but reality tv makes me physically ill, so thanks, but I won’t even watch the clips.

  4. negativo:
    09/20/2010 at 2:55 pm
    Ho bag.

    Just checking to see whether we had a real Fantasia thread started yet. And it seems we have. Heh. *waves at negativo*

    Rev’s House may be the only reality show about celebrities I’ve enjoyed watching (well, based on the few episodes I saw). Evertything else makes me feel simultaneously disgusted with the celebs for selling out their privacy like that and disgusted with myself for watching. Skeevy. And Fantasia’s reality show is something I wanna stay several miles away from.

  5. LOL… the whole thing sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. I think I’ll pass on watching that hot mess.

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