FanGirlIdol’s American Idol Tour 2009 Recap

Warning: this recap is a little Adam-heavy in the beginning. So, I just turned 40 & have been a casual fan of AI since the beginning. Didn’t always agree with who America chose as their Idol, but I lived. Planned not to watch AI this yr, but casually watched Top 36 being whittled down to Top 13. I remember seeing Adam’s Satisfaction performance & while I thought he was good, he was way too shrieky for me (yeah, this Adamtard said it). Anoop was actually one of my faves in the beginning, but he disappointed during the run.

During MJ night, Adam came out & sang BoW & I was hooked. The power & emotion in that perf really got to me & when he was getting all emotional from the judges’ praise, I became an Adam fan. I loved anticipating what he would do each wk. I assumed he was going to win & saw the rest of the season as a run-up to his eventual crowning. But when Kris won (great guy, BTW), that’s when I went BSC. I thought, “How could America have gotten it wrong?!?” and “I will support Adam in everything he does!”. I turned from “Adam fan” to “Adamtard” that night.

Fortunately, my 1st chance to support Adam was during media wk in NYC right after the AI finale. I stood in the crowd at The Early Show & Today Show and pulled strings to get into Regis & Kelly (my fave performance ever). I couldn’t go the the Newark shows because of a family reunion, but when I had to cut the trip short because of work, I was secretly thrilled because now I was able to see Adam sing something besides Mad World :) The Newark #2 show was a blur to me & I’ve had to watch YouTube vids to remember it all, but I do remember that all the Idols were way better live. When Adam came on stage, I started screaming (my throat hurt a bit after that) & my legs hurt because I was on tiptoes throughout Adam’s set. I kept thinking, “Wait, how old am I? Oh screw it… I love you Adam!!!”

So, after reading all the recaps & comments on MJ’s blog, I decided that I needed to see Adam again – this AI tour is the only chance to re-experience the thrill from the show & the newness of him as a performer. I mean, I know I’ll see him on his solo tour, but it won’t be the same. Fortunately, they were going to be in Bridgeport, CT – a 1 1/2hr train ride away for me. So, the night of the concert, my train was delayed & I didn’t get to the arena until 7:30. I figured I had missed Michael & Megan, but imagine my surprise when I heard Michael singing his 1st song! Something didn’t seem right & I thought, “Uh-oh, I think I’m gonna miss my 10:29pm train back to the city”. Got to my seat, 1st row above the main floor. A little far, but great unobstructed view. Here are some thoughts on each performance:

Michael – he’s a good person to start the concert. He was upbeat & just happy to be there. I thought Alexis Grace should’ve had the #10 spot, but I liked his song choices in the concert. His suit seemed a little loose though – like he’s lost weight since the start of the tour.

Megan – didn’t like her on the show, but her duet w/Michael in the finale was pretty good. Love Corinne Bailey Rae & she did it pretty well. Before Tears Dry On Their Own, she asked if anyone was in love & hardly got a response. She looked like she was surprised by the lack of response so she was a little more animated during the next song. Oh, and her hair was awful, I can’t even describe it. Give me Barbie doll hair any day.

Scott – I like Keane & he did a good job on that song. I was bored during the rest of his set, but I did like him better in concert than on the show.

Lil – I agree w/other recappers who say that she can sing, but has no stage presence. She was trying though & the crowd was w/her, waving their hands in the air during No One & Single Ladies. I was distracted by the words on the screen & wasn’t watching her. I was thinking, “Oh, that’s what the words are!”

Anoop – oh, Anoop…loved the Willie Nelson song, Mad & My Prerogative. Why wasn’t he like this during the show? Then the glittery alien wouldn’t have captured me…well, maybe he still would have. Anoop even did a little body roll a la Adam’s “Fame”, but couldn’t compare. The crowd loved him – I got into the act & shouted “Anooooop!”

Matt – I thought he tried too hard during the show. His nerves showed & his vocal riffs didn’t work. He was much more confident this time. His piano playing was awesome & I liked his songs, but for me he wasn’t a revelation like other people have said. I always knew he was good. During his set, he mentioned that quite a few of them were sick but they were going to put on a good show for Bridgeport – uh oh.

I liked the bottom 6 group number especially Lil & Anoop’s rap & the choreography. I had never heard Beggin before but now I can’t get it out of my head.

So during intermission, I asked the ladies around me who they wanted to see. They said they liked them all, but especially Adam. That was good, because I was gonna get up & dance during his set & didn’t want to be the only one. I met up w/GaGaGlambert & chatted for a bit. She was in the 4th row & it was her 3rd concert. Jealous! Then I went to the bathroom & while waiting in the interminable line, I heard someone on the stage. I couldn’t make out what he was saying so I ignored it (of course that was Kris saying he wasn’t going to sing tonight). Got back to my seat just as Allison came on.

Allison – I really really liked her during the show & loved her songs. She mumbles the lyrics, but the power of her voice cannot be denied. Before launching into Barracuda, she usually does the applause-o-meter by mentioning Danny, Adam & Kris. This time she only mentioned Danny & Adam. That was my first inkling something was up (remember, I hadn’t heard Kris’ announcement), but I thought she was short on time or something.

Danny – I wanted to put the “Go” in Gokey during the show. My opinion still hasn’t changed much, but I did like “PYT”. The crowd loved him – no ear piercing screams, but huge roars from the crowd. Who knew Bridgeport would be Gokey-land?

Adam – I was a little fluttery right before Adam’s set (maybe because I was drinking beer on an empty stomach, maybe it was anticipation), but when the sound & light show started for Adam I couldn’t contain my fangirly-ness. He has got to have THE best entrance on any AI tour. The screaming started, people stood up to cheer…and I was the only one in my section to stand up! Total Section 103 fail! One lady next to me started to stand up, but her friends pulled her back down. Guess it really does make a difference where you sit – I was in 20th row main flr for Newark #2 & had a much better experience. He mixed it up (as usual) for WLL – baby (wanted “woman”), emo hair & backdoor man (me likey). I heard the helium effect on Starlight & Mad World which was distracting. I wanted to tell the lame people around me, “No, no, his voice usually isn’t this high!”. Slow Ride was great – he brought out his “little sister”. Nothing picked up by either of them, but he did work a red feather boa during Fame. Then he disappeared from view after Let’s Dance & for me, the concert was over.

At this point, it was 10pm & I was planning to leave during Kris’ set so I could catch my train, but then they launched into DSB. That’s when my niggling fear came true – that Kris was too sick to perform. I really felt bad for him & his fans. But then I thought, “OMG, I just saw Adam close the show!” When Adam came up on the lift, he could’ve owned that entrance, but he didn’t. As if to show how much Kris was missed, he stood in his regular spot on the left & Kris’ spot was empty. Maybe because I’ve seen so many DSB vids, having Adam come up alone was a little sad. But the Idols worked that last song. Adam sang Kris’ parts along w/his own, danced w/Danny & gave us the glory note.

Who knew the Bridgeport concert would be so memorable?

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