Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Recap (VIDEOS)

Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - L-R: Guest star Bre-Z and Bryshere Gray in the My Bad Parts episode of EMPIRE

Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – My Bad Parts

Tonight’s big moment? ANIKA IS PREGNANT! She finds out, with a knife in one hand, and a pregnancy test in another. For a minute it seems as if she’ll harm herself in some way, but she leaves a message with Hakeem instead. The thing is, he used Anika to get back at his dad. She’s served her purpose. Hakeem is currently head over heels for Laura, the sweet lead singer of his girl group. When she reveals to Hakeem that she’s a virgin, he’s even willing to WAIT for sex, until she’s ready!

After learning she’s preggo, Anika has a chat with Rhonda, who offhandedly mentions that Luscious’ attitude towards her turned completely around after he learned he’d be a grandfather. That gets Anika’s wheels turning.


But when she finally gets Hakeem alone to reveal the big news, he confesses that he’s fallen in love. When Anika leaves Hakeem without revealing the news, and turns to look at him with the evilest look in her eye, you know she’s up to no good. The episode closes with Hakeem, fresh from his battle with Freda Gatz, putting Laura in the car to go home. And there’s Anika in the front seat, blond wig, advising Laura to “buckle up.”

Anika’s turned damn crazy, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It seems a little lazy. I liked her better as a clever schemer. It’s like the writers can’t figure out what to do with her, so they pull out the old Glenn Close Fatal Attraction trope. The show is wasting Rhonda too. To be honest, I miss Andre and Rhonda together as deliciously amoral soulmates. Here’s hoping Andre has a falling out with his pastor, soon.

Empire is always about family, but tonight it was especially. On one hand, there was Jamal trying to bring his parents back together. It wasn’t entirely altruistic! He knows that they both bring out the best in him, but in different parts. An opportunity to do a Pepsi commercial pops up. It’s a huge break for the singer, but he’s got to present a song to the soft drink conglomerate (SUPER DUPER PRODUCT PLACEMENT Y’ALL), which will consider his tune against 10 other artists vying for the spot.

Jamal secretly works on a song with Cookie.  During one session, Lucious drops in unannounced, and Cookie scrambles to hide. Lucious has a song too. When Jamal hears it, he wants to use both, melding Cookie’s sweet and airy R&B joint, with Lucious’ throbbing, edgy beats. Jamal invites both to a studio session, without telling the other, and immediately the claws come out. They attempt to force Jamal to choose between them, and he refuses, insisting he’ll use BOTH of them to produce his album.  He’s thinking about calling it the Black and White album.  A little Fab Four twist going there. Jamal’s song, “Ready to Go,” is fabulous, of course, and Pepsi buys in.  The chemistry between Lucious and Cookie is undeniable. They bicker like a hilarious sitcom couple, and it’s everything. C’mon. You know these two are destined to be together.

Meanwhile, not bringing about harmony, is Lucious who decides to pit his surrogate son, Freda Gatz, against his actual son, Hakeem. It’s really an attempt to strip his wayward child of his pride, show him who is boss. He’s hoping that a wounded Hakeem will come crawling back to the company. Freda’s throw down streams on the internet. “Daddy’s little son acting like a daughter…the king of the jungle’s a lie…you cry to your mother…cause you ain’t as good as your brother…lookit…daddy’s little girl…” While Lucious grins evilly, Becky is about ready to haul off and smack him. “Hakeem’s going to flip out!”

And he does. Hakeem can’t so no to the battle, even if his chance of losing to the formidable Freda is high. It’s about his name! When Cookie finds out, she’s livid. Just as she’s trying to get Lyon Dynasty off the ground, and plan her massive Cookie’s Cookout festival, Hakeem is going put it all at risk. If he loses, he and Lyon Dynasty will be Lucious’ bitches forever. But Hakeem feels he has no choice. When Laz inserts himself into the argument, Hakeem tells him to “go hand out some flyers.”  When they get into a shoving match, Cookie slaps Laz.  “Don’t you touch my son!”  Hakeem insists he’s got this. Cookie is worried that her privileged little suburban child will destroyed by the street-hardened Freda.


When Hakeem gets whiff that Cookie is working with Jamal on the sly, he whines that “Mom always liked Jamal best!” Yeah, that’s probably true. Maybe if you had visited her once in a while in jail, like Jamal did, ya’ll would be closer! He threatens to tattle to Lucious if she doesn’t knock it off.

Cookie and Lucious have hatched a terrible plan that won’t win them a parents of the year award. After they clashed over Jamal’s song, Cookie offers a bet. If Hakeem wins the rap battle, Lyon Dynasty will release Jamal’s album. If Freda wins, Cookie will send Hakeem back to Empire. And if you were wondering if the kids were consulted? NOPE.

In the meantime, there’s a plot involving Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei). Remember when she was all drunk talking to someone on the phone during the three way last week? I have a feeling it wasn’t her girlfriend. She’s pushing Lucious to sign off on the merger with the streaming company run by Jago Locke, even after he jacked up the price subsequent to their initial agreement.

The always financially cautious, Andre, is wary. Empire would have to liquidate too many of their assets to pay. He accuses Lucious of treating business like a rap battle. Unfazed, Lucious orders a call go out to Thirsty Rawlings, to dig up dirt on Jago. If Jay Z has his own streaming company, he’s going to have one too.

But something smells fishy, really fishy. Even Thirsty doesn’t like the deal, or the terms. Mimi is supposed to assume some of the risk personally. She comes waltzing into the meeting late. There’s something going on we don’t know about. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Lucious signs the deal.

Rap Battle Rehearsal


The show ends with the spectacular rap battle between Freda and Hakeem. She hits below the belt early and often, including spitting out homophobic insults at Jamal, and calling Cookie a criminal. Hakeem isn’t nearly as cruel or as clever. But in an earlier brotherly heart to heart, Jamal insists to his little brother that he is better than mere battle raps. Hakeem is a performer. That’s what will win the crowd over. And Jamal is right. In the end, the crowd is chanting Hakeem’s name. In a dramatic turn, Hakeem destroys the half of a lighted up sign that reads “Lyon” and announces he’ll go by a one name moniker from here on out. Hakeem.

Suddenly, Lucious’ thinks back to being a little boy. He’s shivering outside, sleeping alone under a statue of a lion that’s seemingly protecting him. And that’s how little Dwight Walker became Lucious Lyon. Tear.

Hakeem wins the battle, He stays with Lyon Dynasty and Jamal will work with both parents on an album that Cookie will release. See how that worked out? The kids weren’t even TOO upset when they discovered their parents were wagering their livelihoods away.

The post-battle party is interrupted when Cookie’s older sister, Candace, turns up at the club. Right away, it’s obvious they don’t get along. Apparently, she married a rich white dude and turned her back on her roots. Things are serious, though. Their little sister Carol dumped off her kids at Candace’s and disappeared. You might remember it was Carol who found the shooter to knock off the dude in Frank Gathers’ organization whom Cookie mistakenly believed was after her. Carol is in trouble, despite their differences, Cookie and Candace are going to have to team up to rescue their sibling.

Speaking of kidnapping, the last shot is crazy Anika in her wig, driving Lauren away to…we’ll find out next week.

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