EmoElvisSpikeyMessyElvis’ American Idol Tour Newark, NJ 08/08/09 Recap

So as promised, here is my daughter’s take on our concert experience (taken from her social network page, with her permission, so pardon the teenagerisms in the speech pattern – this is not her formal speaking vernacular).   I went to the Newark show with my 21 and 16 year old daughters and this was written by the younger sibling for her friends.   I have redacted references to names, etc. by bracketing [   ] the quotes and  I will call  my daughter “Debbie” for this post.


I will say that I was slightly apprehensive about going to an A.I. concert but it turned out to be a great experience and not just for the singing; the fans were friendly and it was a great bonding time for me and my girls.   I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed all the contestants and also at how much better they sounded and LOOKED in person.   It was a given that Megan and Adam are beautiful but the others are gorgeous people also.   Especially, Sarver, ANOOP and Kris.  Danny’s set was very entertaining as well and he is great looking.   Did I say how cute Anoop is, and Kris is not cute – he is  hot! and  I enjoyed his set as well.   TV and photos do not do justice to these folks at all.   (ETA:   Katy is pretty and tiny.)


So here is Debbie’s recap – remember that she is writing to her non-AI friends so please ignore explanations that you are already familiar with:





So yea i said i would do this ages ago, but alas, things came up….constantly. now sitting here, bored, i’m just gonna do it. For those of you who paid attention to my statuses on tuesday and wednesday nights during the school year, or are close enough to me that i wudn’t shut up about it, know that i was extremely obsessed with a one adam lambert from american idol this year. it’s not my fault, it’s all his, i swearz it =P. anyhoo, if possible, my mom was more obsessed than i was, and since she’s the one with the dinero, she came through and got her, my older sis, and me awesome tickets to the idol tour (oh why oh why can’t she love the jonas brothers this much??!!)


 from the moment we got the tickets, i’d been anticipating august 8th like it was a new pair of converses or something. again, if you were paying attention to my statuses late july, i couldn’t say “gud nite [social network]” without first saying “i’m gonna see adam lambert!!!!!!” august 7th was an awful day, lemme tell you.  lmao. so anyhoo, now that you’ve got the back story, let’s get this show on the road.

like any concert, a big part of the experience (at least for a girl) is wat you are gonna wear. thankfully, the idols took care of that for us, partially. each idol had a fan color, usually a favorite color or something. Adam being….well, adam, lobbied for his favorite color pallette (black, hues of blue, silver, and sparkle) and mhm, to mr. lambert, sparkle is a color. so i knew from the get go i was wearing a blue top and black bottoms, but wat was my sparkle? A little after my birthday, i went to the city with my mom.    first to her work place, then out after. We were in this store called zara, i wasn’t really looking for, or, at anything. Then i turned the corner, and on the rack, there was this bejeweled beautiful jacket of awesomeness. It was one of those moments where trumpets sound and angels sing from the heavens. it was THE jacket, and i was gettin it, and i was wearing it!

so day of concert, my mom does my hair (fabulous!) i do my eye makeup (awesome!) then put on my outfit (legit). We take a few pics before we go, then we hit the road around 5 ish. The whole way to the concert venue we play the CD we created from songs he did on idol, some of his broadway material, and a few of his more risque songs he did with a band he used to be in (limewire, thnx). the CD alone made me feel teary, i proclaimed that i was gonna cry that nite, since i was gonna see the real thing. We pull into the parking lot, window rolled down, blasting the awesomeness that is adam lambert, vibes pourin’ out the car. The parking lot employees are all smiles, they know the deal. Walking to the prudential center (which was across the street) we took the time to figure out fans by what they were wearing. It was adam, danny, and kris fans everywhere. although there was a whole family in red (scott’s color). We got inside bought adam’s picture (hott!) and that’s when i realized kris’ eyes were this intense shade of warm brown (from his picture)..   scared me for a bit since i didn’t expect it, came off all vegetarian vampire-y lmao. [Twilight reference; the good vampires take animal  blood (instead of human)  hence are called ‘vegetarians’. After they imbibe the blood, the vamps’ eyes become a very warm caramel brown color.]


We talked to this girl that had a shirt that said “lamb-skank” on the back. we got our food, then headed to our seats.   While descending the stairs i began to get jittery. we were insanely close to the stage. yeah row 7 sounds close, but not as close as it actually is. Just sitting there in my seat i’d squeel every few seconds cuz i knew that’s how close i’d be to adam lambert. we see lamb-skank (as we coined her) talking to a couple of her friends who have 3rd row seats. And that’s when we realize we have no idea where the barricades are (after the show, the idols sign autographs and such with the fans behind midriff-height barricades). So my mom went and asked the friends of lamb-skank if they knew, and surely, they did, and just said as soon as the lights came up, they were gonna book it, so we should follow them. While waiting we jammed to some ford commercials they were replaying from the idol season, and screamed everytime adam’s face came up.

finally it was time for the show to start. The opening introduction was tight, it got you amped. They counted down from 10, showing the face of the idol in the order they were eliminated. (yes the room did erupt at the #2 face ;])

First Up, #10: Micheal Sarver: He’s a handsome dude. his performance was nice, and actually rather good, not something i was expecting. he did a good job of getting the crowd amped up.

#9: Megan Joy:…meh, lolz, like seriously. it was…meh. she’s beautiful tho *shrug* =/

#8: Scott Macintyre: he plays piano beautifully. and his singing is alright except for the occasional awkward note. i loved the songs he sang, one of them being 1000 miles, or w/e it’s called by vanessa colton (if that’s how u spell her name). me and [my sister] were laughing a bit throughout that song because of the movie

White Chicks. Scott also says a funny joke in between a couple of his songs. It’s hilarious, but it’s the same every night so if i go again it won’t be that funny. He’s generally a funny guy tho.

#7: Lil Rounds: her set was poppin!! well, literally. lmao, her single ladies was on point. And she managed to still sound good while moving a lot around the stage, always have to give props for that.

#6: Anoop Desai: Shout out to [a school friend with the Desai surname]!!!! lmfao. anyhoo, this dude is soooooo sexy it’s like…idk, but he’s hott lolz. I like his singing voice. And My perogative was hotttt. Idk who taught that boy how to wine [gyrate]  like that, but it made his set that much better.

#5: Matt Giraud: Mattaaaaaaaay!! I love this dude, he’s like ultra amounts of funny. His introduction was cool, it was him beat box’n, which he’s really good at. His whole entire set was fiyah. If he doesn’t get a recording deal, the music industry should get smacked in the face. His version of You Found Me by The Fray (if that’s the name) is awesome. and Georgia is beautiful.

Group Number Before intermission: AWESOME!! I might find the youtube video and grab the audio for my iPod. their version of Beggin’ is on point. Scott’s little dance move is the cutest thing, i think if he cud see he’d be an awesome dancer. Matt has mad soul, lolz. Lil’s rapping was cool, and Anoop’s rappin was like woooooord, you can do thaaaat? lmao.

So now it’s intermission and i’m bouncing in my seat cuz we’re that much closer to seeing adam. (oh btw, i hadn’t sat down since the beginning of the concert, and this is the last time i sat the whole night =/) We already took care of our bladders and such before the concert started because we knew there was going to be a line and we weren’t having it. And during the concert people with sucky seats were standing in the aisle to get a better view, but it was blocking us from seeing, and we knew that was not gonna work for this half of the show, so we stood in the aisle during the intermission (20 mins) and talked to some ppl who were doing the same. Just so that when intermission was almost over, the security guards tell us to go back to our seat. My mom was like, “Ok, just make sure people don’t do it during the show”. Then The Show Is Back on.

#4: Allison Iraheta: Alli!!! I love this girl, her personality and her singing. And yes, she has a record deal. so i will be purchasing that album. All the songs she sang were awesome. they were like old rock & roll songs that usually only the originals could execute, but allison killed it, and i definitely liked her version of Barricuda better than Heart’s. I was sad when her set was over, it seemed too short.

#3: Danny Gokey: he’s a handsome dude too, altho i already knew that. I just don’t happen to like the guy, and it’s too much to go into right now since you are not as wrapped up in season 8 idol as i am. but yeah i just don’t like him, so yes, i must admit, his set is good. I just wasn’t quite paying attention. not out of forced disrespect, i was just freaking out. Adam was next, and i had really close seats, so my brain was fried at that moment. The more songs danny went through the more nervous and impatient i became. Maria Maria was alright, PYT was ok, idk wut he sang after that and i didn’t care by that point.. then i swear to bejesus he sang this 30 minute inspirational song and i wanted to rip my eyes out. it was like helllloooooo, we’re waiting for someone here, cud you hurry it up? lmao, nah jk jk, that’s o.d. rude, but that song was legit about 6-7 minutes long. Alright so danny finishes, and by this point, my mom, my sister and I are already in the aisle, at about row 5 (originally row 7 seats). Then the lights go out and the energy in the place sky rockets.

#frikkin 2 my donkey: ADAM LAMBERT a.k.a. the reason i’m here: His introduction was so dramatic, it made you insane with anticipation. Then this man finally gets his bum on stage, and it’s like earsplitting screams everywhere, but it doesn’t bother you, cuz you’re screaming too. I gotta break this down song by song, and hell yeah i know the order.

[[Click for youtube videos, tell me if i’m lying =P]]
Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin): O.O this man is sexy jesus, i swearz it. That poor mic stand, i believe it did not ask for all of that. but it sure got all of that. between the riffs, and the mic rape-age and the self rape-age and  his first song, we’re already emotionally and physically exhausted. but we don’t care, bring it adam!

Starlight (Muse): I like what he did with this. the notes he took were mind-shattering (forget blowing). especially the last note, which they echoed (they’re trying to kill us, i kno it) don’t get me wrong, i will always love the muse version no matter what. because they sing it in 2 different styles, so it’s all good. It’s during this song that i get this awkward feeling that he’s looking at me, but i figured he was just staring in that general direction of the crowd.

Mad World (Tears For Fears): Now this song on the other hand, is forever his. Nobody else can sing it now. he’s pwned it too hard for that. it was in this song when he hit a certain note, and i blinked, and my eyelashes hit water, i realized i was crying =/ told ya it was gonna happen. yay for waterproof mascara!!

Slow Ride (idk =/): Allison is back =]. I think she is the only one with the ability to sing with adam and not get overshadowed. Their voices blend so nicely, and i do believe they are going to record something together once they get the chance. Although their performance makes me kinda scared. It’s already a risque song, and you tell yourself he’s 27, she’s 17, and he’s gay, so we’re in the clear, right? We would be if adam was a regular gay guy, but folks, he’s not, lmao. as [my sister] said pertaining to the way adam was looking at allison on the stage, she said it was like Alli was cooked food, and he was on a diet. XD we lol’d for a long time after she said that. but it’s true, and idt allison minds. *blink blink* *insert dramatic pause* =/ anyhoo, this performance is always fun to watch because people begin to throw things on the stage. things like underwear and whips. our night tho, idk, someone had a brain fart or something, and threw what looked like a pink tassle which you use to hang curtains and such. It elicited a “wat the fff is this?” from adam lmao. you can see it in the vid.

Bowie Medley (well, david bowie, duh): *dies* no seriously, it was too good. i can’t even really explain it, but i mean after 4 songs of insane awesomeness, he hits yuh with this stuff, and it’s just like, ur gonna kill us, seriously. And that awesome jacket he was wearing, i repeat, awesome!, he strips that off and it’s like “holy mother of christ!” And then it is in this song where i believe for sure he was staring at me. You can kinda see it in the video when he’s staring into the crowd from about 1:27-1:42 and even gives me a little smirk at about 1:37 (i was smiling at his dance moves and then i was like, did he just smile back? O_O). and then he looks in my direction again at around 1:54-1:56.  it was my jacket, he likes sparkly things, and my bejeweled shoulder kept on getting hit by the stage light (i reitterate that i was close to the stage). It is now that i am thankful i did not get a closer spot in the aisle, becuz i wud’ve collapsed. i was already close to it when he wudn’t stop looking. lolz.
So then adam is finished *insert bawling here* and we return to our seats, and that’s when i realize, it’s hot in here, lmfao.

#1: Kris Allen: Alright so he gets on stage, and i’m like aww, he’s so cute and tiny. And he walks to the other side, and i’m like ooo, bootay lmao. During his first song (Heartless) i’m repeatedly fanning myself, the Adam effect still has not worn off yet. It didn’t go away until about the end of Kris’ second song. There’s this song he does, called Bright Lights, i loves it. By this point my legs wanted to shoot me because i’d been standing all night, and i also managed to hurt my ankle (how, i really don’t know) during adam’s set. i think i was bouncing too much, idk, all i knew was my legs were tired. but it’s the rudest thing to sit at a concert like this. It’s like shouting “i don’t like you!!” so i stuck it out and stood. He finishes with Hey Jude, it’s a nice sing along song, and the rest of the top 10 come out again for some nananana-ing. So adam’s on stage again, and i die a little…again.

Group Finale Song: Don’t Stop Believin’: I liked the way they did it. it’s also a really good sing along song. I got some great pictures of kris and adam because i was determined to get a good one, seeing as my hands were too shakey during adam’s set to get anything decent. They do a little jig, but not their full kradam dance (youtube it if you care or are curious). So they finish, and you think that’s it right? noooo, i gotta go to the barricades and see these mofos up close. In case u have no idea what i’m talking about, i’ll explain. The top 10 is accustomed to signing autographs and such after the show, with fans behind about midriff high barricades. and if you don’t sprint ur donkey there, you won’t get a good spot.

So we immediately locate the girls from earlier, and begin the sprint. We sprinted through an empty row of chairs, then went up stairs. but the line of people were moving slow, so we sprinted to the other line of stairs that was moving faster except there was a barricade blocking it off. So we had to jump that, then we said eff the stairs, and we climbed over seats. and then re-entered the line closer to the top, as soon as we were out those doors, we began to weave and serpentine in between people, then instead of taking the clogged way, we took the emergency stairs, and sprinted down those too. Once outside the building, we jetted to the barricades and got some decent spots. mission accomplished.
So the wait was nerve racking, because you’re tired as hell but don’t wanna admit that to yourself, and you’re not even sure if the people you want to see are going to come out. because sometimes they’re too tired to deal with it too, or their family is with them. anyway we had some fun talking to the people around us, and while talking i realized i somehow managed to crick my neck, and that my cheeks hurt from intense amounts of smiling, and my throat hurt from crazy amounts of screaming. lmfao!! then the idols finally started to arrive.


first was anoop!!! he is one awesome piece of human. my mom said to him she enjoyed his set, and he looked her dead in the eyes and said thank you, she was speechless for a bit, lmao. then was allison, coolest girl ever, and her hair is awesome. then came micheal sarver, who was even cuter off stage, i said, eff my tv, or else i’d be able to see this cuteness  more often. Then megan, who was gorgeous. Lil, we told her we got our single ladies on, and she said something along the lines of “go head girl” lolz.. Then was danny, who was cuter in person too, and i told him i liked his glasses (that i wanna steal) but he didn’t hear me because [my sister]  said hi, and he did the peircing stare thing too, and said hi back, lolz. Then came matt. And i was smiling, cuz he’s one of those people that even when you just think about them, you gotta smile or laugh or something.Then scott ran past with his younger brother todd guiding him, they’re both cute, and todd’s hair moves a lot lolz. Then came…blake lewis. i really don’t know why he was there, but everyone was like *shrug* ok, and his hair is pretty darn cool. and then *drum roll please* adam came, and it was like nirvana without dying lmfao. We weren’t going to overhsadow the two girls in front of us who obviously probably went through the same things to get their spot, plus we didn’t want him to look us dead in the eye, which is what he wud’ve done if we were talking to him, so we all stayed silent (well [my sister] was saying something, idk wat, but he had earplugs in (previous venues have screamed the bejesus out of his ears, gave him migranes, but this venue wasn’t bad at all)) and we just stared at his beautifulness and locked the memory up in a treasure chest in our brain, at least i did.


Then it was getting late and they have to be back on the tour bus by 12, so kris allen just ran passed. and my first reaction was to exclaim “he is ciiiyyyuuute”. which is an understatement. TV just sux, period. while heading towards the parking lot we meet back up with the girls we sprinted to the barricades with (we cudn’t stay together or else we wudn’t’ve had good spots). and one of the girls got her boob signed by adam, no lie. But this is how it goes, she says “adam can you sign my boob” because of the earplugs he can’t hear her, so on purpose he gets real close to her face and says in a seductive  tone  “what, i can’t hear you?” she stutters out the question again and he goes “left or right?” XD, she says “you choose” and this *excessive quotation marks here* gay guy goes “alright, lemme dust it off first” *blink blink* *dramatic pause* may i please just ask you, do ur boobs get dusty? cuz mine don’t, so idk wat he was talking about, he just wanted some reason to touch ’em lmao. so she goes, “are you serious” and i’m sure he made a “b*tch please” face, and molested her a bit then signed her boob, lmfao. i love this guy, he’s too awesome.

so we finally left the venue, all dazzled and discombobulated. [my sister] cud hardly read the directions to get us back home, mom cudn’t understand wat [she] was saying, it was tough work just leaving new jersey with our heads on. and then we listened to the adam CD again, except this time we cud actually imagine his face singing it to us, so it wasn’t any help getting us to unwind.. we bought some food, then reached home. but neither me or my mom could sleep, too hyped up on AI. we went on blogs and such until like 5 in the a.m. then finally hit the sac. the first thing i thought when i woke up the next day was “kris is cute” lmfao. it was an experience that i’ll never forget.. and time and money allowing, we may just go again.

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