Emblem3 on Reality TV: “They Make Me Look Like an Idiot”

Oh gosh! Those boys of Emblem3 sure are chatty! They explain to The Hollywood Reporter how fake reality TV is, and by the way…they suck at it!

Drew Chadwick of Emblem3, for instance, can’t believe “how fake reality TV is.”

“I suck at it,” he said. “I hope I never have to do it again.”

“[They told us to] start talking while we were out there about how this competition compares to catching that big wave,” Chadwick laughed. “Please. Can you get any more cliché? Seriously. The worst part is, I say something inspiring and they won’t use it, but I’ll say something like ‘Carly sucks’ and they’ll use that. They make me look like an idiot.”

Wesley Stromberg chafes at being edited all the time:

“It sucks because I care about how my image is being portrayed, not only physically, but who I am,” he said. “They just use the dumbest most simplest things from everything, but that is a reflection of the people watching the show. Dude, they are not very bright. I’m being real, man.”

Wesley finally admits he’s got some deep Hollywood connections:

“I’d do a movie… that’d be sick. My uncle Robert Stromberg, he is like literally one of the biggest directors on the entire planet, he’s going to find parts for us.” Keaton: “Honestly, I would want to be on HBO. Like a show like Entourage… Just so real… We would kill where we could be ourselves.” Drew: “If we had a reality show about our lives and living in Cali and the whole experience of breaking a band, it would be the dopest show ever…I have a whole philosophy about breaking a band that has the whole package, like us.”

Well. Mkay. Read more quotes from the Top 4 at The Hollywood Reporter

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